[KR779] Keiser Report: Greece pivoting from debt slavery

We discuss the Greek referendum, the 50 ways to not pay their creditors and the future for the “demerging” economy in which debts are repaid “parametrically.” In the second half, Max interviews Simon Dixon about what Bitcoin could do for Greece and whether or not, as Citi’s global chief economist says, it is the stupidest idea since Caligula made his horse a consul. They also discuss StartCOIN and StartJOIN.

Bitcoin versus the Federal Reserve and Ron Paul is angry

Bitcoin vs the Federal Reserve: IHB News™

A comparison between Bitcoin and the Federal Reserve Bank to help you understand why Bitcoin is quickly becoming the cash of the future.

“The greatest threat facing America today is the disastrous fiscal policies of our own government,
marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve currency devaluation.

Ron Paul

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The people have decided. NO!


And the Germans are angry:

Tomorrow: War? Or resolution?

In A World Of Artificial Liquidity – Cash Is King


The following article from Nomi Prins details out the growing threats to the liquidity that sustains the modern global banking system, and why it’s more crucial than ever for people to consider extracting a portion of cash from their bank accounts.

As existing liquidity streams dry up (as they are beginning to around the world), increasingly desperate banks will turn to the largest and most convenient source they know of: the collective cash savings we have on deposit with them.

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Luke Rudkowski: Tear Gas, Long ATM Lines and How Greeks Will Vote Sunday @Lukewearechange

“German capital dominates Europe and it profits from the misery in Greece,”

Google trends data for bitcoin points to German apathy IHB News™

Said Manolis Glezos, Greek left wing politician, best known for his participation in the World War II resistance. The same war that Greece claims claims Germany owes them 279 billion euros, or $303 billion. Emotions are running high as many Greeks …

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Another joint in Las Vegas decides to accept Bitcoin

IHB News™ reports about a Hot Dog vendor who accepts Bitcoin

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Alasdair Macleod: There Will Be a NEW WORLD Monday Morning!

collapseWith Greece on the Brink, Alasdair Macleod Joined the Show to Provide an Inside Look at the Crisis, Discussing:

  • What is the Greek Referendum REALLY ABOUT? Will the Greek debt be written down?
  • The Contagion Will Happen– Expect Banks to Remain Closed on a No Vote!
  • There Will Be a NEW WORLD Come Monday Morning! 
  • Is Gold Still in a Bear Market, or Has a New Bull Leg Begun With a Massive Consolidation?
  • Retail Physical Shortage Developing in the US- Market Changing Flow of Demand Has Hit the Market
  • The Lid is Going to Come Off the Gold Market!

Click here for Alasdair Macleod’s Break Down The Greek & Chinese Crisis on SD Metals & Markets:

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Escape From Amerika: 35 Percent Of Americans Want To Leave The Land Of The Free


CNBC reports: “A recent online poll of more than 2,000 adults by TransferWise, a peer-to-peer money transfer service based in the United Kingdom, revealed that 35 percent of American-born residents and emigrants would consider leaving the United States to live in another country.”

This may come as quite a surprise to many patriotic Americans who still for some reason believe they live in the “land of the free.” It comes as no surprise to us. We think this number may double or even reach near 100% by the time all is said and done with the collapse of the US dollar (along with the faux economy and social infrastructure).


First we should point out that it was a very small survey and done by Transferwise.com which has clients who wish to transfer money internationally outside of the banking system. These are clearly not your typical, insular Americans. Read more ›

Max Keiser Interviews GoldCore’s Mark O’Byrne

- Gold price has been flat but interesting developments bubble under the surface
- Emergence of new tech is undermining existing banking cartel and will make owning and trading gold easier
- Gold price my rise if current shortages cause COMEX to fail to deliver physical gold
- Texas gold “repatriation” is highly significant development being ignored by mainstream
- Financial illiterates driving NATO and IMF policy











Goldcore Research Director, Mark O’Byrne was recently interviewed by Max Kaiser in London. Although gold prices have been flat for a number of years there have been some very interesting developments in that time. Read more ›

Prostitutes are now teaching each other about Bitcoin

Bitcoin for Backpage: IHB News™

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has probably hurt women more than he his helping them, but this could be the best thing for bitcoin yet.

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