[KR656] Fear-mongered Scottish NO voters

We discuss the United Kingdom waking up to a new motto: “IT’S NOT WORTH THE RISK,” following the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. We also look at the breakdown on who voted for independence (the under 54’s) and who didn’t back independence (the over 55’s) so as the taxpayer owned Royal Bank of Scotland said of the result, “It’s business as usual.” In the second half, Max interviews an investor, who unlike 55% of the population of Scotland, truly has no fear about taking risks, Brock Pierce. Max and Brock discuss bitcoin as the internet 2.0 and what the future holds for the technology.

Video of the Day – This is What Happens When You Try to Exercise Your Constitutional Rights in Illinois

The following video documents an encounter by American pleb and DeKalb resident, Ryan Scott, with the Illinois State Police . While it starts off slow, make sure you watch it all the way to the end. While one of the the police officers is reasonable, the other one can’t stop yelling and seems to derive a particular pleasure from repeatedly informing the citizen he supposed to “protect and serve” that “driving is not a right, it’s a privilege.” See for yourself…

Watch video here.

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The Counter-Intuitive Rise of the U.S. Dollar

As things get dicier globally, assets in periphery nations typically get dumped as mobile capital flees risk and migrates to lower risk core nations and currencies.

I received many thoughtful comments on Why the Dollar May Remain Strong For Longer Than We Think. Given the many weaknesses of the U.S.–ballooning social-welfare and crony-capitalist liabilities, free money for financiers monetary policies, etc.–a strengthening dollar (USD) strikes many as counter-intuitive.

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Fitch Warns on What Happens to the US as Dollar’s ‘Pre-Eminent Reserve Currency Status’ Erodes

The dollar’s erosion as the pre-eminent global reserve currency is very inconvenient. It would deprive the US of much of the “financing flexibility and debt tolerance” that it has so enormously benefitted from up to now, ratings agency Fitch warned. Turns out, the inevitable end of the dollar’s hegemony has consequences.

Read….. Fitch Warns on What Happens to the US as Dollar’s ‘Pre-Eminent Reserve Currency Status’ Erodes

Subscription Keiser: Accounting Fraud at Tesco

Stacy Summary: As per the headlines below, the world’s second largest retailer, Tesco, has admitted that they have cooked the books by at least £250 million. The information has emerged ...

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Tesco: an “accelerated recognition of commercial income & delayed accrual of costs” – aka ‘accounting fraud’

Stacy Summary: Tesco got caught doing what every government and nearly every individual does to delude themselves that all is getting better: “there was an “accelerated recognition of commercial income and delayed accrual of costs.” If wishes were knishes, we’d all have fat profits at no cost at all.

Tesco suspends four senior staff, as £250m misaccounting scandal sends shares sliding


Analysts continue to express shock over the latest problems at Tesco.

Crawford Spence, a professor of accounting at Warwick Business School, reckons Tesco’s management succumbed to temptation to play around with its numbers to cover up the full impact of falling sales.

Spence added that Tesco will probably be fined, but may avoid a court appearance over the issue.

Marshall Swing: Silver $17 Handle: BUY NOW. Period.

I have written several times previously my absolute BUY signal is $18 and below…
We now have a $17 handle in silver. 
If you have the ability to buy with all your cash then I fully recommend buying physical now and not waiting a minute more for a lower price. 
I highly recommend liquidating all equities, bonds, anything of paper value to buy physical silver right now.

Click here for more from Marshall Swing on $17 Handle Silver: BUY NOW. PERIOD:

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China Moves To Dominate Gold Market With Physical Exchange

In all aspects of the Chinese gold market, be it the commercial sector or the official sector, the importance of gold as an investment and as a backing to a future currency is being explicitly signalled by the Chinese authorities.
The rest of the world should take note that when the Chinese decide on a plan, they almost invariably see it through. For gold, the Chinese are still planning big and the next phase of this plan is worth watching. These important developments in the Chinese gold market are bullish for gold in the long term and should reassure jittery investors after recent price falls.

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VIDEO: Why the US is deeply insolvent


America is deeply insolvent. We’re just not admitting it yet.

Perhaps not surprisingly, official statistics leave out our unfunded liabilities when calculating the net worth of the nation. Once these liabilities are added back in, America’s net worth plunges into the negative tens to hundreds of $trillions.

Our vast debts alone place an unfair and immoral burden on future generations, and realistically can and will never be pad off. Factoring in the unfunded liabilities just makes the situation beyond absurd.

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Subscription Brock

Stacy Summary: The Isle of Man CryptoValley Summit was actually quite interesting. While nothing will compare to the first bitcoin conferences which were filled with anarchists, hackers and other free-spirited ...

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Jim Willie: The Crash Heard Round the World- Saudis to Reject USD for Oil Payments

Putin kicked out the Rothschild bankers from his country.  Putin interrupted the USGovt heroin trade supply routes out of Afghanistan. Like Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago, the elite banker chambers wish to remove Putin and to suppress Russia, but the sprawling nation has joined at the hip with China.  Thus Russia cannot be isolated any more than a bear can be bear hugged.  The nation spans 12 time zones and is a top supplier of numerous important commodities. The Russia & China bond is growing and will result in a marriage, the consummation being a baby called the Gold Trade Standard.
The King Dollar is being displaced, kicked off its throne.  Its squire the Petro-Dollar is undergoing demise.  The Ukraine War is the USDollar Waterloo event.
The Saudi rejection of the USD in exclusive oil payments will be the crash heard around the world.
The marriage between the Saudis and Chinese is a process well along, with each month featuring yet another high level conference. The Saudis will make the announcement in the coming weeks or months, as a genuflection before the Chinese, with a hat tip to the Russians. Soon the crude oil price will be set by the Russia-China tag team, priced in YuanWhen the Gold Trade Standard is entrenched, the diversification away from USTreasurys in the global banking system will become a torrent. Bank system practices will follow trade payment practices. When installed, it will cause prosperity in the East and havoc in the West.
The Crash Heard Round the World is coming.  The USDollar will be rejected, and replaced by the Gold Trade Standard.

Click here for the latest Hat Trick Letter on the CRASH HEARD ROUND THE WORLD:

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Silver Slaughter- Are We Headed to $15?

With silver smashed to a new bear low breaking long term support at $18/oz Friday, Alasdair Macleod joined the show to break down the trading action in precious metals, discussing: 

  • Friday’s silver slaughter- is the bottom finally in, or are we looking at a silver bloodbath on the Globex open Sunday night and a drop to $15? 
  • SGE international gold trading platform goes live- Alasdair discusses the long term implications, stating that the Gold market is being wrested from the West
  • September COMEX silver futures set to break new all-time volume record, shattering May 2013′s previous record
  • Physical silver demand EXPLODES as SDBullion records highest single day sales total ever Friday, physical silver shortages return to US wholesale & retail markets- is a silver premium spike next? 
  • A classic example of Madness of the Crowds: Alibaba US IPO overtakes Walmart market cap- legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair on why Friday “is a day that should be memorized
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French Vegetable Farmers Burn Down Tax Office Because Sanctions on Russia Have Caused Falling Prices

French Vegetable Farmers Burn Down Tax Office After Sanctions on Russia Drive Prices Down


The farmers in Morlaix are upset because of falling prices on their products after Russian embargos on European foods shrunk their export market.

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