[KR592] Keiser Report: Zombie Banks, Debt Schools

We discuss how with a university education, one may steal the whole railroad but will also leave the student heavily in debt with tumbling starting salaries. In the second half, Max interviews Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company about China’s gold, international payment systems, bail-ins and Getting REAL.

Meet AISight – The Artificial Intelligence Software Being Installed on CCTV Networks Globally

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg.

It has been reported that the average British citizen is recorded on camera over 300 times every day. Why this is just the tip of the surveillance iceberg…

If you thought that CCTV cameras tracking your every move in public was bad enough, you’re going to just love AISight (pronounced “eyesight” of course). The invention of a Houston, Texas based company called BRS Labs (which stands for Behavioral Recognition Systems) is headed by former secret service special agent John Frazzini, and this Orwellian surveillance platform brings artificial intelligence to all of those creepy cameras that have been installed everywhere around you.

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While many precious metals blogs and investors have proclaimed an imminent COMEX default since 2008, we have long maintained that the COMEX is more likely to fade into irrelevance than to outright default on gold or silver bullion as physical Asian demand would facilitate the development of physical exchanges in the east.  
It appears that the CME decision makers have seen the light and agree with us, as Reuters reports this morning that the CME plans to launch a physically settled gold futures exchange…in Asia.

Click here for more on the CME’s plans to launch a physically settled gold exchanges in Asia:

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Record $6 Million worth SafeCoin Crowd Sale by MaidSafe in 5 hours

I Have Bitcoins Record 6 Million worth SafeCoin Crowd Sale by MaidSafe in 5 hours

Safecoin is the crypto currency of the Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) network. The initial sale of Safecoins by MaidSafe, creators of the fully decentralized platform SAFE, began Tuesday, 22nd of April via purchase of a proxy……Read More >>>

‘Feed the troops, motherf*****!’ Angry locals ‘bomb’ RT report at Slavyansk

Neil Mullarkey of London’s Comedy Store Players on 1980s UK alternative comedy

“In the 1980s, when the Comedy Store Players did corporate gigs and asked for suggestions from the audience, I was shocked by the level of filth the audience would shout out. These were people in front of their boss! But those were the days when there was an unlimited bar, so all social convention went out the window.” - Read my latest daily blog here

• SO IT GOES – John Fleming’s Blog

Bitcoin and Maxcoin will take down the banks!

  • The global financial crisis which started in 2008 was, of course, caused by the banks. Because of their irresponsible policy a global economic crisis started. Banksters and Banks will be punished by Maxcoin and Bitcoin.
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Putin Silver 1 Kilo Coins Minted In Russia

Silver coins with the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin are being minted in Russia. The coins weigh one kilogram (1kg – 2.2lb) and are being launched … Read more ›

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The Keiser Interviews: Andreas Antonopoulos

The interview with Andreas Antonopoulos from episode of episode 558 of the Keiser Report. Andreas is Chief Security Officer of Blockchain.info and the discussion focuses on bitcoin.

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NY Times Caught War-Mongering Again (another embarrassment for Americans)

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