[KR724] Keiser Report: Can Bitcoin Save Greece?

We discuss the impossible demand from the Greek voters that both austerity ends and that they remain in the euro as currently arranged. They also look at a parallel ‘future-tax’ crypto currency as a possible answer to Greece’s problems. In the second half, Max interviews Liam Halligan, editor-at-large at BNE.eu and columnist at the Telegraph, about the latest on the unpayable debt crisis in Greece. Liam suggests a Grexit will happen but that Greece won’t be the first European nation to leave the euro.

Annaly’s CEO Accurately Compares Central Bankers to Witch Doctors; Possible “Blood-Letters”

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One of my greatest frustrations during the post-financial crisis period has been the unwillingness of the rich and powerful to call out central banking for what it is: financial slavery. While I accept that many are simply ignorant or brainwashed, there are plenty who know exactly what’s going on and are merely trying to make as much money as possible from the Federal Reserve created scam before the music stops. For those with influence in society, this is a highly immoral choice.

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China and the Dragon Tail of Marx

The dragon tail of Marx’s end-game of overcapacity and finance capital is about to shred China’s fantasy that the state can micro-manage both capitalism and financialization with no contradictions or consequences.

Longtime readers know my one expertise is annoying the entire ideological spectrum in 1,000 words or less. Today is one of those days, so strap on your blood pressure monitor and prepare for full-spectrum annoyance, regardless of your ideological leanings.

Marxism is typically considered discredited outside of a few protected fiefdoms of academia which tend to engage in obscure debates over the labor theory of value and other signifiers of membership in the inner circle of deep Marxist thinkers.

Outside these cloistered academic circles, Marxism is dismissed for two basic reasons:

1. the predicted final crisis and implosion of capitalism did not occur

2. the vaguely outlined post-capitalist incarnation of a stateless worker’s paradise not only failed to materialize, but was used to justify destructive, murderous totalitarian regimes.

But those egregious failures of Marxist theory should not blind us to the value of his critique of capitalism.

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Greece Buys Gold Sovereigns as New Greek Drachmas Unveiled

Greece Buys Gold Sovereigns as New Greek Drachmas Unveiled

- Greece warns may default on IMF loan next week

- Greek bank runs continue and deposits flee

- German Bundestag votes for bailout extension

- Syriza agree to a bailout extension of four months, in return for concessions yet to be approved by the EU

- Questions over Syriza negotiating a weak deal despite it’s strong position

- Greece and EU buying time to arrange orderly “Grexit”?

- Greece has printing presses poised to print newly designed Greek Drachmas

- Greeks buying gold bullion

The Euro Working Group discussed Greece’s imminent funding problems yesterday amid mounting concern about how the country will meet its massive obligations.

Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations Alekos Flambouraris suggested yesterday that Greece might delay payment to the IMF if it cannot find the necessary money.
Greece is due to pay the IMF 1.6 billion euros next month but the Greek Minister said that Athens might ask to delay this payment for two months.

Proposed New Greek Drachmas

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Rage in Toronto?

Your thoughts in the comments section below.

“Gontareva is a financial terrorist”

In Kiev, where clearly the Keiser Report has more influence on opinion than John Kerry:

Time To Toss The Playbook


Global capital flows are taking on heightened importance in today’s bizarro market environment. As the system become more unstable, capital seeks safety — and that can lead to non-intuitive outcomes, at least in the short term.

The analysis and understanding of these capital flows may well be more important than any other factor in determining investment performance during this next phase of the markets. As they say: Follow the money.

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Hillary Clinton Exposed Part 2 – Clinton Foundation Took Millions From Countries That Also Fund ISIS

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Of all the idiotic wars that the dangerously inept American politicians propagandize the public into accepting, the latest ISIS conflict is the most Orwellian and terrifying. Not only was the emergence of ISIS the direct consequence of the chaos left over by the Iraq war — which in itself was based on lies and inaccurate information — but the primary funders of the latest existential terrorist threat du jour are America’s Persian Gulf allies.

The Gulf monarchs didn’t attain absolute power by being teddy bears. They are devious, ruthless experts in playing one side against the other. Incredibly, many of these same countries allowing funds to flow to ISIS were simultaneously padding the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

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UK’s top, @maxkeiser, came runner up to @SteveCase as the world’s most influential Twitter person for #crowdfunding!

“Emperor Has No Clothes” – EU Warns of Debt Dangers Facing Ireland and EU

“Emperor Has No Clothes” – EU Warns of Debt Dangers Facing Ireland and EU

- High “structural” unemployment, high levels of public and private debt and a still vulnerable banking sector are weighing on the Irish economy

 - Report further casts doubt on the “recovery” narrative being touted by governments, banks and vested interests across the world

 - Levels of spin and denial not seen since before the crash of 2008

A report by the EU to be published today reviewing the economies of European countries has identified various problems in the most European economies – including Ireland.

In-depth reviews initiated by the European Commission (EC) found no “excessive macroeconomic imbalances” continue in 16 countries, identified in November as experiencing “macroeconomic imbalances”.


The EC on Wednesday sent a strong signal to Member States to carry out structural reforms and to continue consolidating their public finances. Read more ›

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Sióga Éireannacha ag Imirt Poc Fada le Méadair Uisce


An  Poc Fada is a variation of a game played by Irish Hurlers (Gaelic Game). The objective is to hit a ball as far as you can over a number of mountains. Whoever hits it furthest and thus the least times, crossing the finish line first, is declared the winner. Mischievous Irish  fairies are playing a variation of the game countrywide, ‘An Poc Fada le méadar uisce’. It’s the same game played with misappropriated water meters. Irish Water personnel, Gardai and householders alike are dumbfounded. Only the evidence of their shenanigans is left behind. Unlike the GAA it appears na Sióga (the fairies) are not in talks with Sky over exclusive TV rights.

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