[KR737] Keiser Report: Deadly Sales

We discuss the hell (of a profit) to be made by killing a man – and his family – as Lockheed Martin assures analysts from Deutsche Bank there is enough fear of war to maintain its deadly sales. In the second half, Max interviews Swiss banker, Egon von Greyerz about QE, gold and the economic and financial disasters wrought by central banks.

You Wanted “Protect & Serve”, You Got “Enhance The Quality Of Life”

We’ve all heard “cash is king”, but according to Federal Reserve Chair Yellen, “Cash is not a very convenient store of value.”  The inconvenient truth is that cash is being paved over entirely by the information super highway and The Road To Serfdom is paved with broken social contracts and the gradual withdrawal of the consent of the governed.


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[video] @maxkeiser rips up £ note in front of Hoxton News: “Fiat money is dead. Give me my free @start_coin”

Complacency Reigns Supreme–Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Right?

So by all means, buy the dip now that the VIX soared in full-blown panic from 12 to 17.

One of the more remarkable features of the Bull market in stocks is the ascendancy of complacency and the banishing of fear. Take a look at this chart of the “fear index,” the VIX–more properly, a measure of volatility:

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Right track


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Artist taxi driver with Russell Brand: the TREWS HOXTON NEWS @StartJOIN | @StartCOIN

Will Cash Always Be Trash, Or Will It One Day Be King?

When the phantom wealth evaporates and risk assets go bidless, cash will once again be king, for the simple reason there will be so little of it.

Occasionally it’s a good idea to step away from the daily grind to consider the larger issues we all face–for example, the future of the money we earn and the bits we invest in something we hope holds or increases its value.

At present, cash is trash: cash earns almost no yield, and in some countries it now earns a negative interest rate, meaning it costs you to park your cash in a bank.

Even cash equivalents such as one-year Treasury bonds pay almost nothing.

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SRSRocco: “What Happened to Ammo Will Happen to Gold & Silver!!”

ammo2Expert PM analyst Steve St. Angelo (SRSRocco) joins the show this week discussing: 

  • How long can the bankers manipulate the price of gold & silver? Can it continue another decade or two?
    Steve explains why the price of silver is poised to rise EXPONENTIALLY
  • Steve explains why When the Light Bulb goes on (for global investors), you’re going to see see a MAD RUSH into precious metals, and crazy prices! 
  • With the oil price cut in half over the past 6 months, is Peak Oil a Myth of the past, or is it closer than ever- and what are the implications for gold & silver?
  • Steve believes the numbers indicate that Silver investors are becoming complacent in 2015- the time to buy insurance is BEFORE your house burns down and its TOO LATE!
  • We’re going to see convulsions in the market- by 2020 the world will be a totally different place, and it will be difficult to obtain physical precious metals!
  • “What happened to Ammo will happen to Gold & Silver!”

Click here for SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & SRSRocco:

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Ain’t campaigning hell by Sketchaganda

Boris Johnson connects with the working class as he starts his election campaign.Getsome

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Why we need Bitcoin despite its flaws

“In a potential future ‘cashless society’, I want Bitcoin to exist. I want something that feels roughly like electronic cash, something that can exist as a marginal counterpower outside the walled gardens of mainstream payments… And like coins, I expect Bitcoin will never become a dominant payment system. I expect it will, at most, account for 1 per cent of transactions. But that is fine. 1 per cent privacy is going to be a lifeline in any future world of 99 per cent bank surveillance.”

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