[KR934] Keiser Report: Market Freak Show

We discuss the housing market ‘freak show’ put on by central bankers. In the second half, Max interviews Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb of Bitgold.com/Goldmoney.com about their unique gold platform and the latest in the gold market.

$20 Silver? James Turk Says Real Bull Market Doesn’t Even Begin Until Silver Takes Out $50 High!

gold bullWith Gold and Silver Prices Breaking Out In a HUGE Upside Move, London Analyst James Turk Joins A Crucial Metals & Markets to Break It Down:
You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet – Real Move Begins After Silver Takes Out the $50 High…

In the Final Blow-Off Top, You Won’t Sell Your Gold and Silver For Dollars…

  • $20: We’re Very Close to Breaking Out Here in Silver.  Is it Time to Pile In?
  • Deutsche Bank Trading at 25% of Book Value- What is the Market Pricing In?
  • THIS is Why You Want to Maximize Your Exposure to Gold and Silver
  • James Turk Explains Why He Is “So Bullish On Gold and Silver Here, Particularly Silver Bullion” 
  • Silver Will Ultimately Take Out $50 High, That’s When the REAL Silver Bull Market Begins!  


  • STAGFLATION – The Worst of All Possible Worlds Is Where We’re Headed
  • We’re Very Close to a 2008 Type Situation- But It Will Be More Cataclysmic 
  • In the Final Blow-Off Top, You Won’t Sell Gold and Silver Coins For Dollars!


With the MASSIVE panic into physical gold across the market in the wake of BREXIT, wholesalers and Authorized Purchasers SOLD OUT of 2016 Gold Maples and 1 oz Gold RCM Bars, but 2016 Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo coins have largely remained readily available across the market. 

In Silver:

The US Mint sold 723,000 2016 American Silver Eagle coins this week, bringing the Mint’s June sales to 2,562,500 coins, and overall 2016 sales totals to 25,975,500 Silver Eagle coins.  This is up from 500,000 coins the previous two weeks, but still less than the Mint’s production of approximately 1,000,000 coins – fairly disappointing sales numbers for the week following BREXIT and the market chaos that ensued. 

We anticipate physical silver demand to increase if silver is able to clear $18.60 and mount a rally towards $20/oz, bringing some excitement back into the silver market. 

The Week’s Top Silver News Stories

The Week’s Top Gold News Stories

Jim Willie Warns SD BREXIT Could Detonate Deutsche Bank

LIVE and Historical Market Data, Charts, and PM Prices:

silver chart



Meet the General Who Tried to Pressure Obama Into World War 3 with Russia

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.52.45 AM

Meet retired U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove. A man who back in 2014 relentlessly tried to get Obama to start what would have been World War 3 with Russia…

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$20 Silver TODAY? A Hell of A Run For Silver Has Begun– Eric Sprott

Will we see $20/oz silver prices TODAY?
The Admiral of the Silver Market Eric Sprott Warns the Fun Is Just Beginning For Silver.

“It’s Just Going To Be Crazy How Far Things Can Go…”

Click Here For Eric Sprott’s MUST LISTEN Silver Update As Silver BREAKS OUT:

Brexit and the Crisis of Capitalism

Thousands of commentaries have been issued about Brexit in the past week. I’ve written four myself. Most discuss Brexit as the result of immigration issues, class war, political theater, a reaction against the European Union’s bureaucratic power, sovereignty, etc. Other essays focus on the potential upsides or downsides of Brexit.

What few if any commentators present is the idea that Brexit is a symptom of the Crisis of Capitalism.

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Police Called to Elementary School After 3rd Grader Makes ‘Racist’ Comment About a Brownie

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.11.55 PM

On June 16, police were called to an unlikely scene: an end-of-the-year class party at the William P. Tatem Elementary School in Collingswood.

A third grader had made a comment about the brownies being served to the class. After another student exclaimed that the remark was “racist,” the school called the Collingswood Police Department, according to the mother of the boy who made the comment.

The boy’s father was contacted by Collingswood police later in the day. Police said the incident had been referred to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency. The student stayed home for his last day of third grade.

Yes, this really happened.

Read the rest here.

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EU Commission-CETA Ratified by July 5th

Junker and EU commission are set to exclude National Parliaments from any say in the ratification of  CETA, which is basically TTIP by the back door. US companies can register in Canada and these horrible legal entities which favor corporations over democratic parliaments come into existence. Junker wants it done and dusted by July 5th.

‘Yesterday, however, Mr Juncker gave his long-awaited opinion, stated that the EU would NOT include national parliaments in the ratification process, claiming that this all-encompassing deal (it goes far beyond mere trade, would have serious implications for lawmakers both national and European to legislate purely in the interests of its own citizens, but would instead would give big business major influence in a range of areas) is an area of exclusive competence for his Commission.’ Luke Ming Flanagan Twitter

‘Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker reportedly told EU leaders on Tuesday (28 June) that the Commission considers the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) being an “EU-only” agreement and would propose next week (5 July) a simple approval procedure.’ …… Defending the executive, Juncker said that he repeated at the EU summit what he had clearly said at the G7 “where no European leaders contradicted me.”euractiv.com

‘EU-Canada deal CETA (Comprehensive Trade and Economic Agreement) is one of a series of secretly negotiated ‘new generation’ trade deals which undermine democracy and destroy basic rights. This briefing from War on Want explains how CETA’s ‘corporate court’ ISDS mechanism will enable North American corporations to sue EU governments for policy decisions affecting big business profits, lead to the locked-in privatisation of public services, and give big business the power to destroy new regulations before they see the light of day.’ waronwant.org

Below find info on CETA and another article on this topic.

Here’s what Irish MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan said after the Plenary  session  –


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Silver Price Surges to $18.50 – Move to $20/oz Next?

silver pricesSilver has surged to nearly $18.50 this morning placing new post-BREXIT highs as the market seems to be suddenly pricing in massive new stimulus by The Fed, ECB, and BOE…

Click Here For Full Silver Market Update:

The Elites Have Lost the Right to Rule – Part 2

While the Trump and Brexit movements are indisputably fascinating merely as public indictments against the greedy and criminal status quo, they are equally meaningful from another perspective.

The reaction from many in the media to both Trump and Brexit have betrayed their ulterior motives by exposing dangerous, antidemocratic biases. Now this has nothing to do with whether or not you are in favor of either Trump or Brexit. Personally, I think Trump is a very unwelcome reaction to the destructive trends going on around us. He’s extraordinary divisive (even amongst people who hate the establishment), has no regard for civil liberties, and displays obvious authoritarian tendencies. Despite this point of view, I don’t focus obsessively on all the negative aspects of Trump in my posts, because I acknowledge that Trump is a symptom of a much larger problem, not the root cause of it. Dealing with symptoms can keep things settled for a time, but the problem will invariably return in far worse form should the underlying causes remain unresolved. People are acting as if it can’t possibly get worse than Trump. Believe me, it can get a lot worse.

Read the rest here.

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Brexit, a Step in the Right Direction: The Optimistic View

In the conventional narrative, Brexit is about immigration, escaping the EU’s bureaucrats of Brussels, class war or political theater. It may be about all of these, but beneath these surface issues lies a deeper dynamic: a recognition that the entire system is broken and a new arrangement of power, responsibility and risk is required.

In this view, Brexit is a positive step in the right direction, away from centralization and central planning and towards decentralized arrangements that enable more dynamic, localized solutions.

Longtime readers know that I focus on scarcity as the source of value creation: what’s scarce generates value, profits and high wages, and what’s abundant declines in value due to supply and demand.

Correspondent Ron G. views Brexit as a systemic step towards solving existing scarcities. Scarcity is not limited to goods and services; agency and autonomy can be scarce; responsibility that connects risk and return can be scarce; level playing fields can be scarce; rule of law can be scarce; opportunity can be scarce; entrepreneurial drive can be scarce; self-reliance can be scarce; social innovation can be scarce; social capital can be scarce, and the willingness to accept losses and the risks required to change the power structure can be scarce.

Political expediency can be over-abundant, as can protected privilege.

Ron submitted this photo and commentary on Brexit and scarcity:

Here are Ron’s comments:

“Mankind’s fundamental quest is to survive and prosper by solving scarcity.

BREXIT is simply a modern example of an old pattern of behavior that seeks to resolve scarcity, (the shrinking pie of economic opportunity and ownership), through reconfiguration of relationships to reallocate resources to enable more equitable equilibrium in supply and demand.

As a prelude to BREXIT, housing in Britain, in particular, had become out of reach for those that have labored under the assumption that hard work, education, and a good job would lead to an ability to own a home, which many young Britons now find economically out of their reach; many Britons blame the government’s monetary policy of zero percent interest rates for inflation and unaffordable housing

In another sign of frustration, a few years ago a graffiti sign expressed a sentiment of the youth in Britain, one of them posted at Bell Lane near Liverpool St. Station, it read: ‘Sorry, the lifestyle you ordered is out of stock.’

The Bank of England has continued policies that have contributed to the exasperation expressed through the referendum, this along with the burdens of having an open country and economy that increased labor supply which in turn increased demand for housing and available credit to driving the asset bubble.

This type of scarcity, being seen in Britain, is very common throughout history and is generally driven by the confluence of interests that connects and drives centralized, unified policies between bankers, merchants (in today’s world global corporations) and governments.

Turning back the clock a bit, I would like to include a couple of quotes by an amazingly brilliant and eloquent commentator in economics, Fredic Bastiat in his writings from 1850:

“I do not dispute their right to invent social combinations, to advertise them, to advocate them, and to try them upon themselves, at their own expense and risk. But I do dispute their right to impose these plans upon us by law – by force – and to compel us to pay for them with our taxes.”

“Self-preservation and self-development are common aspirations among all people. And if everyone enjoyed the unrestricted use of his faculties and the free disposition of the fruits of his labor, social progress would be ceaseless, uninterrupted, and unfailing. But there is also another tendency that is common among people. When they can, they wish to live and prosper at the expense of others.”

While old tools based in centralized control have held the power bases together, and have been useful to the management of empires, they have have become outdated and are an inadequate means of resolving the complexities of bringing equilibrium in supply and demand and the distribution of power.

New forms of social connection for production and consumption have emerged and are replacing centralized models; distributed models, even in formally centralized systems of energy and water, are coming online at a rapid pace.

These systems are fueled by the realization of democratic economy and autonomy, connected through a digital technology template; more distributed and socially self-aligning, this combination of digital conduits and marketplace opportunity fit lock and key into humanity’s biological need for autonomy and dignity of choice.

To those like me who have been compelled to study foundations and dynamics in human systems as a means to understanding better choices, BREXIT is not a surprise but simply an the most recent public demand to bring about a more acceptable outcome.

BREXIT is a symptom of an inadequate system for meeting human needs, driven by many converging factors, factors shared by all modern economies: underlying complexities growing due to connections to a more globalized world, and an inability to resolve scarcities through centralized systems of management and control. This underlying complexity will only continue to grow.

Centralized control by any domain keeper are but a delusion, as I believe there will be no wresting back control from the decentralized solutions that are growing in a scale and complexity beyond their toolsets and bandwidth.

I believe we have entered a critical but wonderful age, the age of reemergence of decentralization and decentralized governance; may we preserve this opportunity for the gift that it is to life, liberty and property.”

Thank you, Ron, for placing Brexit in a more expansive and insightful context.

A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All is now available as an Audible audio book.

My new book is #14 on Kindle short reads -> politics and social science: Why Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform ($3.95 Kindle ebook, $8.95 print edition) For more, please visit the book’s website.


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[KR933] Keiser Report: Governments hate Keynesianism

LOL, the title RT gave it will cause knee-jerk reactions, but do please try to watch it before commenting.

We discuss student debt slaves and municipal debt burdens. In the second half, Max interviews bond market expert Cate Long about the latest on the debt situation in Puerto Rico.

The Brexit Psyop: Greenspan Falsely Blames the Brits for the Crash and Chaos to Follow


This Jubilee Year is advancing just as I have predicted, with all the major elements of a worldwide catastrophe now in place. Read more ›