[KR572] Keiser Report: Never-ending Baltimores

We discuss the winter of our discontent as neoliberal policies and relentless fraud by banks results in never-ending Baltimores. In the second half, Max interviews Satyajit Das, author of Extreme Money, about how this debt addicted world could go the way of the Mayans.

How Chinese Oligarchs Used Fake Trade Invoices to Launder Almost $1 Trillion Globally

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There have been several studies looking at how illicit foreign money is laundered globally, but a report from Global Financial Integrity (GFI) released last December points out that fake trade invoices, i.e., misinvoicing trade transactions or trade-based money laundering, seems to be the primary vehicle used, especially by the Chinese.

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‘Shame on Saudis’

‘Saudi adventurism’ had invariably been clandestine until Yemen was shelled and razed to the ground over the course of a fortnight. The Arab world had never witnessed such a ruinous calamity, and the so-called human rights organizations just like any other time in history shamefully turned a blind eye to it.

It stands out a mile that such blatant ferocity could have certainly been averted had Arab stooges done their American masters less bidding. With the benefit of hindsight and by looking back on history, what we may construe is that those nations that kindle the starting flames of war are well aware of its repercussions and yet unbeknownst to the fact that, as the saying goes, “what goes around comes around.” The disastrous consequences of such a political karma will definitely have its toll on this fledgling warmongering tyro in the Middle East.
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Endangered Species: The Self-Employed Middle Class

Including the professional class, perhaps 3% of the workforce is truly independent.

Being self-employed (i.e. owning your own small business that does not require employees) is an integral part of the American Dream. Many start out dreaming of a corner office in Corporate America, but as they move up the ladder, many become disillusioned by the process and the goal: do I really want to spend my life making big-shots even wealthier?

Bureaucracies (government and corporate) are safe sources of employment, but at a cost: they’re often soul-deadening.

Many dream of making a living doing something they actually care about, and that often means striking out on your own, i.e. self-employment.

This raises an interesting question: how many self-employed people in the U.S. actually earn a middle class income? Since all the government statistics have a line at $50,000, and $50,000 might support a minimal middle class lifestyle in areas with a low cost of living, let’s use $50,000 in annual income as our minimum.

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Do Dreamers, Artists & Creative Types Have A Place In Bitcoin?

Okaybitcoin.com recently summarized an interview with Blake Anderson by one of the top Bitcoin news websites on the web.  The wide-ranging interview considers numerous disparate topics relating to Bitcoin, and Blake Anderson gives some bearish price analysis for the immediate future of the Bitcoin. Check out the Okay Bitcoin summation below:

Having recently moved from St. Paul, Minnesota to San Francisco, California, Blake Anderson is serious about bringing Bitcoin to the commanding heights of technology and finance.

His experience as a math based security project manager at a Fortune 50 bank opened his eyes to the truth about modern finance. It’s obsolete. He predicted the JP Morgan Chase hack and, as he told Crypto Coins News, “continue[s] to believe that it was much more severe than they are willing to admit. My experience in cryptography is that it keeps getting better but isn’t able to be implemented correctly in most legacy situations.” Read more ›

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New UKIP logo by Sketchaganda


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Bitcoin hard fork arguments come to forefront again

Gavin and the Hard Fork - IHB News™

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Fears rising Iran deal may kill dollar

Concerns are rising in US media over a much-feared shock to the dollar once Iran and P5+1 reach a deal over the Iranian nuclear energy program.

The dollar is getting perilously close to losing its status as the world’s reserve currency, and the nuclear deal with Iran could push it over the edge.

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The Casino: Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway

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Charlie Munger may be laughing, but the average middle class taxpayer is not.

Financial Terrorism In Ireland

Jean Claude Trichet  (ex ECB chief) and the late Brian Lenihan’s (Irish Finance Minister) stories are diverging over Irish banking bailout, the biggest act of financial terrorism in Irish history to date. We have had other financial terrorist attacks of various hues  in recent history. The PMPA, ICI and Quinn Insurance companies that had to be bailed out as well as the Allied Irish Bank and Beef scandals.

Lenihans go to war over Trichet ‘slur’

In the eighties, PMPA and  ICI  hit the rocks. ICI was a wholly owned subsidiary of AIB. It collapsed in 1985 with losses of over £200 million. When it was discovered in November 1984 that ICI was operating below the statutory reserve ratio, a request for further capital was made to AIB — ICI had returned a profit of £80 million the previous year. AIB themselves have been implicated in other dodgy shenanigans over the years.

Beef baron, Larry Goodman, has been doing ‘well’ on post crash deals.  Ordinary farmers are angry at the Goodman Group who allegedly influence beef factories to discourage those same ordinary farmers  from competing fairly in beef production. Having access to National animal  data bases, factories keep changing  the goalposts for animal age at slaughter to attain prime prices. Somehow Larry always knows when to sell for circa 10-20% more than his competitors. Miraculous predictive powers no doubt?

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The money we use is a fraudulent token of wealth

The world is about to go through a transformation, an awakening, a realisation on a grand scale that our whole financial world is made of lies and propoganda. When this awakening starts to accelerate there will be no way to stop our entire world economic system crossing the event horizon, although we may have already crossed it some time ago. Just as you experience an acceleration when being sucked into a black hole, we will experience the same acceleration towards the end of fiat money. While the consequences of this would be devastating it is enivenatble and necessary.

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How the American Psychological Association Supported and Provided Cover for the C.I.A. Torture Program

Those who preach a “New Order” which is no more than a projection of the tendencies of the last forty years, and who can think of nothing better than to imitate Hitler.  It is, indeed, those who cry loudest for the New Order who are most completely under the sway of the ideas which have created this war and most of the evils from which we suffer.

– F.A. Hayek in The Road to Serfdom

In a story that sounds like it could’ve come straight from the archives of Nazi Germany, a new report has just been released claiming that the American Psychological Association (APA) collaborated with the George W. Bush administration to justify the C.I.A. torture program.

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Harvey Organ On The Signal That Gold is Going Through the Roof

With gold & silver taken to the woodshed once again while China was closed, Harvey Organ joined us for an explosive 100th Episode of Metals & Markets, discussing:

  • Metals Smash All About Options Expiration With China Closed On Holiday!
  • 3 Separate MASSIVE Derivatives Messes Could Each Send the System to SMITHEREENS!
  • Why Hypo Bank’s derivatives could take down the entire system
  • Greece On the Brink Of Default- the $5 Trillion End Game is Unfolding!
  • Harvey Reveals the Signal to Watch For That Will Indicate Gold is Going Through the Roof!

Click here for the SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Harvey Organ:

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