[KR588] Keiser Report: Bliss of Ignorance

We discuss how ignorance could, indeed, be bliss for all of us if the ignorant would just STFU. From geopolitics to cryptocurrencies, those who know least are the most likely to seek the use of force. In the second half, Max interviews crypto whale, Karl Gray, about the future of crypto and his plans to crowdfund the $300 million Statue of Responsibility, a companion to the Statue of Liberty to be built off the West coast of America.

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Innovation without Permision: Antonopoulos on Bitcoin

I Have Bitcoins Innovation without Permision Antonopoulos on Bitcoin

The news of the volatility in Bitcoin in recent weeks had us recounting excellent speeches made by some of Bitcoin’s strongest proponents. Andreas Antonopoulos, speaking to students at Athens made …..Read More >>>

How the CEO of HFT Firm Virtu Financial is Demanding a Taxpayer Bailout in Florida

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg.

By now, pretty much everyone in America knows about Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys, which exposes the high frequency trading (HFT) industry for the money-sucking parasite it is. However, what will really get your blood boiling, particularly if you live in Florida, is how the CEO of one of the biggest players in the HFT space, Virtu Financial, is looking for taxpayers to bail-out his poorly performing investment in the Florida Panther NFL hockey franchise. This takes having “some nerve” to a whole new level of absurdity.

Read the rest here.

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A 23 yr. old Bernini in 1622 sculpted this

Wiki: Gian Lorenzo Bernini


Euro is a time bomb! Switch to Bitcoin and Maxcoin!

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Amount of maxcoins which will be created is limited

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Best commentary on Ukraine anywhere: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


Matt Taibbi on the number of people prosecuted by Obama DOJ relating to 2008 financial crisis (starts with “z”)

Maxcoin: are we seeing a triple bottom?

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Developers working hard to keep Maxcoin safe

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Bitcoin, Gold, Cigarettes & Paper Money

I Have Bitcoins Bitcoin Gold Cigarettes Paper Money

Due to the recent, and probably the largest loss of bitcoins ever, because of the ongoing Mt. Gox scandal, there has been a lot of speculation on the stability of bitcoins. Though the technicalities of the working of bitcoins is something I am totally unqualified to explain, the evolutionary trend…. Read More >>>

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