[KR684] Keiser Report: Financial Engineering

We discuss the fact that there are no fundamentals, only financial engineering which is too bad for a real world with a real environment and real people who need to eat. In the second half Max interviews author and journalist, Robert Chalmers, about the corporate lynching of Gary Webb, the journalist who uncovered the CIA’s role in the drugs trade.

Teather aims to break Bitcoins volatility

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Stacy Summary: In today’s Keiser Report we interviewed Robert Chalmers about the corporate lynching of Gary Webb. In case you haven’t read it, here is his interview with Webb’s widow ...

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After 46 years, Jim Rogers is bullish on Russia

Stacy Summary: This is an interesting interview with Jim Rogers who has finally gone long Russia. Partly because everyone in the world hates it. Partly because he thinks the Kremlin is finally doing the right thing. And mostly because they have no debt, huge foreign currency reserves and a convertible currency. Of course, we interviewed Liam Halligan last year and he said the same re: the reasons why Russia is a good place to invest. It was, however, at that time, missing the crucial ingredient of deep hate. Emotions are how investors lose money – that’s why psychopaths and sociopaths do so well.


U.S. Drone Strike Math – 41 Terrorists Targeted, 1,147 People Killed

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I strongly believe that the reason so many Americans blindly support the widespread use of drones is due to the mistaken belief that they are precise and result in few civilian casualties. It’s important to get some of the facts out to the public in order to have a more informed debate on the matter…

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Nothing Has Changed–and That’s the Problem

Playing monetary games has done nothing to eliminate moral hazard.

If we step back and look at the past six years since the global financial meltdown of 2008, we see that in terms of financial and political power, nothing has changed–and that’s the problem. If nothing has changed structurally, then none of the problems that caused the meltdown have truly been addressed.

All that’s changed is the vast expansion of monetary games has masked the dysfunctional reality that the same old vested interests that had a death-grip on wealth and power in 2008 have tightened their death-grip in the past six years.

Here’s the problem facing every nation and trading bloc:

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You-Know-Who and the Irish Water Protest

An alleged Irish business magnate owned fuel company a while ago won a lucrative Irish government contract worth 20m euro. On the board of the company, now known as Topaz (previously traded under the Statoil and Shell brands), sits ex (allegedly drunken) prime minister Brian Cowan.

It’s worth noting that nowadays the peaceful civil disobedience grass roots water rebels have boycotted the same company, leaving forecourts of these petrol stations without their full quota of customers. This is because the same alleged magnate won a major contract for part of the installation of the hated water meters and had 300,000,000 written off on three deals which saw him acquire Topaz, Siteserv (parent company to GMC Sierra water meter installers) and The Beacon Private Hospital for 230 million euro. This person is said to be not tax resident in Ireland but has however had the (IMO dubious) honour of being on the stage close to Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the ringing the Wall Street bell.
The same businessman has an interest the lions share of privately owned media outlets in Ireland under the Independent News and Media brand and rumour has it that he may even threaten legal action against lowly internet chat rooms who take his name in vain. As a journalist one quakes in one’s boots at the prospect of mentioning his name.

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FT’s Tett: Gold “Tangible” and “Clear”; People “Unnerved” About “Money” in “Bottomless Cyber Space”

FT’s Tett: Gold “Tangible” and “Clear”; People “Unnerved” About “Money” in “Bottomless Cyber Space”

Gillian Tett, markets and finance commentator and an Assistant Editor and former U.S. Managing Editor of the Financial Times, looked at the increasing concerns about money today and the benefits of gold in an important article on Friday.

Gillian Tett, FT Assistant Editor

The article’s introduction pointedly states

“Ordinary people are unnerved about how money works in a bottomless cyber space. Gold seems tangible, clear and timeless”

She refers to numerous examples of how finite gold is taking a more prominent place in the public consciousness as a monetary asset and as money.

She mentions the Swiss gold referendum which will take place on Sunday and how at least a very large minority of the Swiss population prefer gold-backed currency to fiat. She also mentions Rand Paul of the U.S. Republican party who favours greater use of gold as currency.

She makes some important points regarding gold being tangible and finite in a world of trillion dollar central bank experiments and a risky “ethereal” or intangible cyberspace:

“Most ordinary people have no idea what central banks are really doing, with their trillion-dollar experiments. They are unnerved about how money works in a bottomless cyber space. But the beauty of gold is that it seems tangible, clear and finite. It also seems timeless, creating an impression of permanent, intrinsic value.

Of course, this image is – ironically – also an illusion. You cannot actually do anything practical with gold (as you can, say, with a lump of coal). Its value, like that of fiat currency, depends on social convention. But culture, as Greenspan now recognises, is a very powerful thing – especially in a world of finance that is rushing more deeply into ethereal cyberspace every day.”

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Public debt as a percentage of GDP for 54 emerging economies

Stacy Summary: If you only had the FT and the Economist to go by, you’d have thought that this list would have been topped by Russia . . .

Navy Veteran is Fired from Hotel Job and Called a “Terrorist” for Posting Pictures of DHS Vehicles on Facebook

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You probably haven’t heard of Mark Paffrath, the 28-year-old Navy veteran, and former employee of the Drury hotel chain, who was fired from his job and called a “terrorist” for taking pictures of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) vehicles and posting them to his personal Facebook page…

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Global Business Outlook: “Darkest Picture since Financial Crisis.” US Deterioration “of Greatest Concern”

The plunging price of oil since June has been a leading indicator: global economic growth is in trouble, despite six years of unprecedented central-bank free-money policies that caused asset prices to soar but has accomplished little else. This scenario has now been confirmed by businesses that help drive the economy forward – not by economists and Wall Street hype mongers: their outlook for the next 12 months has plummeted to the worst level since crisis year 2009.

Read…  Global Business Outlook: “Darkest Picture since Financial Crisis.” US Deterioration “of Greatest Concern” 

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