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MAJOR Operation Needed to Stop the Next Bank Run on Gold – London Analyst

Can the Banksters Stop the Next BANK RUN ON GOLD??

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“LISTEN CAREFULLY: I KNOW This About JPMorgan…” – Harvey Organ

Gold & Silver Analyst Harvey Organ Joins the Show This Week For A FASCINATING Conversation:

  • These TWO Things Are Coming Together For Gold
  • Harvey Explains THIS Is When the Fun Begins
  • Dubin On the Coming Debt Ceiling Battle: It’s Gonna Blow People’s Minds
  • Harvey Provides An Update on the ABX & PHYSICAL Gold Demand in London: Is the System FINALLY Near A Tipping Point?
  • Will Gold, or SILVER Be the Catalyst That Takes Down the Banksters’ Paper Game?

Physical Silver Update:

Sales of US Mint Silver Coins remained subdued this week at 220,000 Silver Eagles, bringing year to date Silver Eagle sales to just 6,842,500 coins 2.5 months into the year.  (In 2016 the Mint sold nearly 6 million coins in January alone). 

Premiums on 90% silver bags stabilized this week after jumping last week, as the .50 jump in silver spot prices freed up additional silver bag inventory. 

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Counter Party Risk in the Bullion Market

With Gold & Silver Prices Pounded Relentlessly This Week Ahead of a Fed Rate Hike, Doc & Dubin Break Down the Action, Discussing:

  • Is the PAIN OVER For Gold & Silver?
  • Bullion Market Black Swan?  Bloomberg Reports FBI & DOJ Investigating One of the Largest Bullion Firms in US Over Alleged Illegal Gold Smuggling
  • Counter Party Risk: How Entire Physical Gold & Silver Bullion Market Could Be Affected

A MUST LISTEN SD Metals & Markets Begins NOW:

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John Rubino Warns We’re In The Calm Before the Storm

A STORM Is Coming…

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Bill Murphy Exposes Silver MASSACRE: “We Know WHO Did It, & WHY They Did It”

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Joined Us To Break Down Today’s $2 BILLION Paper Silver Massacre:

Murphy Reveals Shares Were Slaughtered Ahead of Today’s Silver BOMBING, and This Is Leading To Something Spectacular In The Silver Market…

Click Here For More Coverage On Today’s MASSACRE In the Paper Silver Market:

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Is This The END Of GOLD MANIPULATION? – Jim Willie

Are We About to Witness THE END Of Gold and Silver Price Manipulation?


Click Here For Part 1 On the Approaching BREAKOUT POINT For Gold & Silver:

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Gold & Silver ROAR Back After Smash, Is A Commercial Signal Failure Be Next?

We suspect today’s trading action in the metals was NOT what the bullion banks had in mind, particularly after building up ALL-TIME-RECORD short commercial short positions in silver.
Will A Commercial Signal Failure and A Massive Short Squeeze Come Next?


Click Here For Full Gold & Silver Midweek Market Report:

Gold and silver prices have been under attack over the past 48 hours as the Fed is suddenly hell-bent on forcing a March rate-hike narrative down the market’s throat.  Odds of another rate hike by the Fed in March have surged from 20% last week to over 82% today. 

After breaking through the 200 Day Moving Average and reaching $1263 early Monday, Gold prices traded as low as $1237 this morning, but have rallied this afternoon all the way back above $1250! 

Silver was knocked from $18.55 Monday down to $18.15 last night, but has amazingly retraced the entirety of its losses in today’s session, with a last of $18.50!

Both metals’ refusal to break down in the face of what now appears to be an imminent Fed rate hike in March, along with Trump’s $1 Trillion in Infrastructure Spending comments in his Speech to Congress Tuesday evening are impressive, and signal that LARGE buyers are now buying ANY and ALL dips in gold and silver

Today’s trading action in the metals also gives validation to London Trader Andrew Maguire’s comments last week that a physical floor has been placed under the gold and silver markets due to massive outflow of physical bullion, and that the system faces a heightened risk of a price reset over the next 90 days.   Maguire went so far as to say that should $1232.30 becoming support materialise and gold head back towards $1250, such a stair step rise in PHYSICAL support poses a serious threat that threatens a commercial signal failure.

We suspect today’s trading action in the metals was NOT what the bullion banks had in mind, particularly after building up ALL-TIME-RECORD commercial short positions in silver.

Will a commercial signal failure and a massive short squeeze come next?

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As Gold and Silver Burn Higher,
Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Reveals The Cartel’s BIGGEST FEAR: 


Click Here For Full Coverage:

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President of US Mint AP: Trump Tariff Could Divorce Physical Silver From Spot Prices!

Roy Friedman, President of US Mint Authorized Purchaser Manfra, Tordella, & Brookes Joined the Show This Week For A Fascinating Discussion On the Inner Workings of the US Physical Silver Bullion Market.
Friedman Discusses The Coming Asset Reallocation, Physical Silver Bullion Shortages, & Trump: Could The Donald Be the Catalyst That Finally Separates the Paper and Physical Silver Markets?

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Launch of GOLD STANDARD Imminent? – Jim Willie

The Chinese Are Putting in Place a Link Between Oil and Gold.  
The Petro-Dollar has almost completely vanished.
The Gold Standard is Emerging…


By Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie:

The Gold Trade Note is gradually coming into view, its form within structured contracts is taking shape as components. the Petro-Dollar has almost completely vanished. The Petro-Yuan is essentially here in its infancy, in rudimentary form. the leap to the Gold Trade Note will be easy, once the pieces are aligned and in place. This new note for usage in secure trade settlement is in the inception process. It will be structured within existing trading vehicles and platforms.

The Russians and Chinese appear to be forming the basis for the payment vehicle within the oil trade. Consider it as a formal reflection of the Iran-India gold for oil trade.

Bilateral Oil for RMB Sale + Shanghai Gold Exchange = Gold Trade Note

This triangle is precisely what China and Russia are doing now. Russian oil & gas is being sold for Chinese Yuan, and then Yuan is traded for Gold at the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The trade is not complex at all. Oil for RMB for Gold, creating a transaction payment in gold terms. The part unclear is posted margin to confirm and seal the transaction. The immediate implication is that the Chinese RMB will have a quasi-gold link. The original model used might have been the Iranian oil sales to India, with payment completed using Turkish gold. Such gold for oil trade appears to have been commonly executed from 2006 to 2010, and likely beyond that date.

The Jackass has been expecting that the Gold Trade Note would be structured in a clever way, using swap contracts in major global commerce. It might be taking form in the triangle cited as the working template. Oil is the biggest commercial trade item. Soon comes the RMB-based contract for crude oil, traded in Shanghai. It will surely cause big waves, a major disruptive event.


The Petro-Dollar system has stood for 45 years. It has decayed into tatters. Its derivative foundation is being liquidated, a long painstaking process. A new disruptive model was forged in 2014 when Iran sold India oil, which was paid in gold, but delivered from Turkey. Gradually emerging is the Gold Trade Note, first in oil payment then later in general payments in shipped goods. It is evolving within the Chinese market from Russian energy sales, all conducted outside the USDollar sphere.


Click Here For Full Hat Trick Letter Analysis From Jim Willie:

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Market Chaos: The REAL Fireworks Begin When Trump Turns Attention to China!

chinaCraig Hemke Joins the Show For A Powerful Analysis of the Trump Administration & Global Currency Markets, Discussing:

  • Death By China: When Trump Turns Attention to China…The REAL Fireworks Begin!
  • Declaring China A Currency Manipulator Will Put An After – Burner On Precious Metals!
  • Will China Pre-empt Trump & Announce A Shocking Yuan Devaluation? 
  • Gold: The REAL THING Continues To Move East & DISAPPEAR 
  • Deja Vu All Over Again – Why 2017 Is Shaping Up to Be A Great Year For Gold & Silver

Click Here For Full Coverage:



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GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Sounds The Alarm:
JPMorgan May Be About To LOSE CONTROL of the Silver Market…

Click Here For Full Coverage & Analysis:


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