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HUGE Gold & Silver Break Out Ahead | Golden Jackass

After several years of refusing to make predictions on the price of gold and silver, Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie is ready to make a BIG ONE…

Click Here For Golden Jackass Jim Willie’s Thoughts On Gold and Silver:

$20 Silver This Week?

If you own gold and silver coins or miners, I’ll be short and sweet, with 2 words.
GIFFEN GOOD… (more…)

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China Gold Bullion Yuan Trading Opens…Gold & Silver Promptly Go Vertical!

Y-Day is here! We’ve waited for years for the Chinese and their Shanghai Gold exchange to offer a competing Price “fix” to the existing structure out of London…and it all starts NOW!
How will this impact the gold market?  At what price will the Shanghai Fix come in?
If this morning’s massive short squeeze is any indication…

Click Here For More On Gold & Silver Short Squeeze As Chinese Gold Bullion Market Opens:

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When You See THIS…The World Will WAKE UP to Gold & Silver!

thisWith Gold and Silver Hammered Ahead of the Holiday Weekend, Harvey Organ Joined the Show to Break Down All the Action, Discussing:

  • Why A Raid HAD To Come!  
  • On the GLD: Someone’s Buying 2 Tons of Gold & the Price Gets Slaughtered!?!
  • “How This Game Ends”: END GAME Will Happen “This Year” 
  • China Threatens US Gov’t With MASSIVE Yuan Devaluation
  • Is the Cartel About to Roll Back Gold & Silver’s Entire 2016 Bull Move?

Click Here For the SD Weekly Metals and Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and Harvey Organ:

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“It’s Terrifying…$1400 Gold Could Happen Quickly” -Alasdair Macleod

Buy Silver Kookaburras at SDBullionWith Draghi dropping a bomb on global financial markets Thursday, Alasdair Macleod joined the show to break down the implications for the markets, gold, and silver:
On Draghi’s Bazooka QE: “It’s actually quite terrifying…
On Gold:  There is a Golden Cross Underneath a Rising Gold Price, as well as a Pennant Formation!  We’re looking at a minimum gold price of $1400, and it could happen quite quickly…
Click Here for the Full MUST LISTEN Metals and Markets With Alasdair Macleod:

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Return of the Gold Standard Is UPON US! – Jim Willie

The quickening has begun in earnest. 
The end game has begun.
The following are major events and factors in the Global Currency RESET IN PROGRESS.

The sequence of future events might become frightening, as the new financial structure comes into view.
The potential for disruption to the USDollar- based supply chain and inventory system remains a high risk.  
The onset of the return of the Gold Standard to trade, banking, and currencies is upon us…

Click Here For Jim Willie’s Full Hat Trick Letter: Return of the Gold Standard Is Upon Us:

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“The Whole System Can Blow!” BIG Moves Ahead For Gold & Silver?

“The Whole System Can Blow!” 
In This Week’s Metals and Markets, Doc & Dubin Break Down the Golden Sombrero, & The Mechanics of a Major Gold and Silver Price Raid-
Is the Trading Action Signalling a Small Correction Followed By Another BIG MOVE Higher, Or Are We Witnessing the Early Stages of a MASSIVE Raid That is Just Getting Underway?

Click Here for More on BIG Moves Ahead for Gold & Silver:

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CNBC Allows GATA’s Bill Murphy On LIVE TV, Shocking Silver Discussion Ensues

After years of black-balling the GATA Chairman, CNBC invited Bill Murphy onto its SquawkBox program for a LIVE interview, which spun out of control rather quickly for the financial pundits when Murphy took the conversation to silver, and specifically where the white metal is headed when the banksters lose control of their price manipulation scheme: 
Silver is their Kryptonite.  If they lose control of silver, the game’s over! If the price of Silver takes out $18.50, its on its way to $100!
Click here for the GATA Chairman’s Full MUST WATCH Interview:

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Two Gold Charts Western Central Banks Are Worried About

There’s been a SIGNIFICANT trend change in the gold market and it has the Western Central Banks worried. 
To get an idea just how significant the trend change of net physical gold investment has been over the past several years, I created the chart below:


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Silver and Gold Analyst Warns Collapse of PM Manipulation At Hand!

“The Perfect Storm in Silver is Coming.  Demand Could TOTALLY OVERWHELM SUPPLY in 2016. The Real Value of Gold and Silver Will Be RELEASED By the Bankers Once They’re Out of Their Positions.” -Steve St. Angelo

Is the Collapse of the Paper Gold and Silver Market at Hand? 

In This MUST LISTEN SD Metals and Markets, Expert Gold & Silver Analyst
Steve St. Angelo of the SRSRocco Report Makes the Case:



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Fund Manager Shocker: LBMA Silver Fraud Fix Was Cartel’s Last Gasp Effort to Grab Physical Silver!

1559111On a Week Which Saw Gold Explode For its Largest Gain in 16 Years & the Global Financial Markets on the Brink of Complete Contagion, Dave Kranzler Joined the Show to Break Down All of the Action: 

Click here for A MUST LISTEN SD Weekly Metals and Markets:

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50 Years Ago The Coinage Act Debases US Coinage, Replaces Silver With Clad


When Lyndon B Johnson told the American people that the US government would replace the currently circulated silver coinage with clad coins, most people didn’t think anything of it. After all, in his speech, Lyndon B. Johnson had assured nobody would hoard the coins and that there was still plenty of silver, just not enough coins. So, on July 23, 1965, the US Coinage Act passed as law of the land, and the silver from the dimes and quarter dollars were stripped totally. (more…)

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