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Gold’s Sweet Spot – Strongest Months Are August, September, November And January

Gold frequently see seasonal weakness in May, June and July. This has been the case in recent years and since gold became a traded market in 1971 (see tables). The data is compelling … Gold’s traditional period of strength is from early August into the autumn and early winter.

Gold Seasonal – Monthly Performance and Average (10 Years) (more…)

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“Gold Could Go To Infinity” – Ron Paul

“But long term…and economic law says, if you keep printing a lot of paper money, the value of that dollar and currency will go down, and things and most prices will go up and indeed gold always goes up against that currency” – Ron Paul


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Russia Buys 18.6 Tonnes Of Gold In June – Currency Wars Intensify

Aggressive buying of gold and particularly silver by Russia will likely lead to defaults on the COMEX gold and silver futures exchanges and potentially an international monetary crisis. As sanctions, economic war and currency wars intensify we expect Russian and Russian ally buying of gold reserves and selling of dollars to intensify … (more…)

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Silver Manipulation To End; $150 Per Ounce Possible – Video

Manipulation of the silver market was covered in a just released ‘Get REAL’ Special on Silver. Key topics discussed in the interview include *The fix is in: Old boys, pints of beer, big cigars and top hats, *the risk of manipulation through HFT, computer trading and ‘dark pools,’ * “Meet the new boss; same as the old boss,’  *The importance of owning allocated and especially segregated silver.  (more…)

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Get REAL: Silver

Stacy Summary: Sponsored by Mining Maven; Jan Skoyles interviews Mark O’Byrne about the latest in the silver markets.

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Gold Lockdown Until Options Expiry Monday – New Singapore Gold Contract Threatens Manipulation

Singapore’s plans to become a gold and precious metals hub took a key step on Thursday. Jim Rogers, Jim Sinclair and Marc Faber have extolled the virtues of owning physical coins and bars in Singapore. “Individuals are making a mistake if they’re holding all their assets in one country.…I still have the majority of my gold in Switzerland, but I am already moving gold to Asia,” Faber recently said.


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EU Bail-Ins – Retrospective Bail-In Ignoring State Guarantee

The EU and global drive toward bail-ins continues unabated. Bail-ins are coming to financial institutions and banks in the EU, UK, U.S. and much of the western world – with painful consequences for unprepared investors and savers. (more…)

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‘Apocalypse’ Krugman Ignores Keynes And Comrade Lenin’s Warnings

Krugman says that the recent concern about “debts and deficits” was a “false alarm.” He attempts to paint those who were concerned about the debt crisis as scare mongers. He sarcastically says that “the debt apocalypse has been called off.” When it comes to the apocalypse, Krugman likes to have his apocalyptic cake and eat it too.


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[KR630] Keiser Report: Goldfish Cryptocurrency

We remember George W. Bush in 2008 saying Wall Street got drunk, needs to sober up and stop playing with fancy financial instruments as today those ‘fancy financial instruments’ go downmarket with subprime loans on used automobiles. In the second half, Max interviews Jan Skoyles, CEO of the Real Asset Company, about bitcoin, silver and gold and the new service of offering gold on the blockchain!

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Gaza And Ukraine: Pawns In A Deadly, Grotesque Geopolitical Game

Ukraine, Gaza, Iran, Isis, Syria and Turkey are all just pawns in a grotesque geopolitical game. All sides have their narratives. But in all cases, innocents must die …Today we  highlight David McWilliams, Global Macro 360° author, broadcaster and economist who shares his unique perspective on the global economy.


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BOE’s Carney Leads Push For Bail-Ins – China and Japan Against

Officials led by Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor, are attempting to bridge sharp differences among leading G20 countries as they prepare a landmark set of proposals aimed at tackling the problem of “too big to fail” banks according to the Financial Times today.

Talks under the auspices of the global Financial Stability Board (FSB) over the summer are approaching a key stage as officials aim to clinch an agreement on bail-ins and the bailing in of creditors including depositors of banks. (more…)

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‘Archduke Ferdinand’ Moment? Drums Of War Grow Louder In Ukraine and Middle East

Geopolitical risk is very high today. The problem with war is that no matter how well the plans are made, strange things happen in war and there are many tragic unintended consequences. Political and financial complacency reigns today as it did in 1914 … (more…)

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