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SOLD OUT: US Mint Suspends Silver Eagle Sales Until 2017!

Buy Silver coins at SDBullionWithout Any Prior Warning, the United States Mint Informed Their Authorized Purchaser’s Friday That The Mint is Suspending Silver Eagle Sales, & No Further Coins Will Be Available Until 2017 Silver Eagles Are Released  at Some Point in January…

Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins Us To Discuss the Impact On Precious Metals Markets, HISTORIC Moves in the Bond Markets, & India’s Currency Reset.

The Fund Manager’s Thoughts On Gold Smashed & US Silver Sales Halted?
“They’re Doing This Ahead of Something REALLY UGLY Coming…Just Like in 2008…” 

Click Here For Full Coverage On SD Weekly Metals and Markets: 

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Is There A Silver Shortage? David Morgan Presents the Cold, Hard Data

silver shortageThroughout 2015’s Severe Retail Investment Silver Shortage, Skeptics Claimed That Silver Itself Was In Abundant Supply & the Shortage Was Merely a Production Issue. 
Is There In Fact A Massive Shortage of Physical Silver Metal Developing in the Market? 
Renowned Silver Expert David Morgan Joined the Show to Present the Cold Hard Data:

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Supply Side Shift: How Retail and Wholesale Gold and Silver Dealers Are Responding to the Great Silver Shortage of 2015

Buy Silver coins at SDBullionGATA Chairman Bill Murphy Returns to the Show For a Critical Update, Discussing:

  • Something’s Changed: I’ve Never Seen Gold Trade Like This
  • Supply Side Shift: How Retail and Wholesale Gold and Silver Dealers Are Responding to the Great Silver Shortage of 2015
  • Is $100 Silver Really Possible?When It Starts to Move and They Lose Control Over It…

Click Here For The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With GATA Chairman Bill Murphy:

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COMEX silver bar inventories just completed an epic CLIFF-DIVE.
The SHATTERING Of The Comex is at hand:

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Silver Eagles Likely to Stay in Allocation Indefinitely Warns US Mint AP!

Buy Silver coins at SDBullionWith the Financial System in Chaos, TFMetals’ Craig Hemke Joins the Show to Break Down All the Action, Discussing: 

  • US Mint Authorized Purchasers Warns 2016 Silver Eagles Likely to Remain in Allocation INDEFINITELY:
    “The allocation from the US Mint which we received today was smaller than we expected….
    I believe it’s now likely that the Mint will stay in allocation for Silver Eagles for the foreseeable future.  Perhaps throughout the entire quarter.”
  • Will Deutsche Be 2016’s AIG??  Hemke Warns “Deutche Bank Could Bring Down EVERYTHING
  • Currency Wars: Commodities Currencies in Free-Fall, China to Turn AroundGold Prices With Yuan Devaluation?
  • Craig Explains Why Cartel Are Capping Gold & Silver Prices at Critical Moving Averages
  • STRONG Physical Demand for Gold, Silver & Platinum as Financial Crisis Apparently Underway2016 Platinum Maples Sell Out in 10 Minutes!

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and Craig Hemke is Below: 

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Silver Shortage Reaches New Level: RCM Turns to Sunshine Mint for Help

The physical silver shortage just turned surreal…

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James Turk: Next Collapse Won’t Be a Market Collapse, It Will Be a Dollar Collapse & Hyperinflation!

fireWith gold and silver rallying and physical shortages worsening, expert James Turk joins the show this week, discussing: 

  • SOLD OUT: World’s Largest Physical Silver Wholesaler’s Inventory Down to 3 Items- All Shipping in 6-10 Weeks!
  • Wholesale Silver Eagle Premiums Skyrocket to $5/oz- Premiums Likely to Reach 50% Within Next Few Weeks
  • Supply Side Implosion: Australian & Canadian Silver Production Down a Stunning 28% (11 M oz) Jan-June 2015 vs 2014! 
  • James Turk: We’re Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel at These Prices
  • You May Not Get a Liquidity Event With Next Lehman Style Crisis: May Wake Up With Silver $5 Higher Overnight! 
  • After 4 Year Correction, Turks Explains Why a Meaningful Rally For Gold is Overdue
  • Turk Warns: Next Collapse Won’t Be a Market Collapse, It Will Be a Dollar Collapse & Hyperinflation!

Click here for the SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and James Turk:

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David Morgan: 5 MILLION OZ Investment Silver BACKLOG

shortageWith gold and silver hammered again Friday and gold briefly breaking below $1100, Silver Expert David Morgan joined the show, discussing: 

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Inside Look at Silver Shortage With CEO of US Mint’s Silver Eagle Blank Provider

sold outSkeptical that a REAL SHORTAGE is developing in the physical silver market? 
SD welcomed Sunshine Minting CEO Tom Power for a special Exclusive interview to ask: 
What’s Going On at the US Mint and Silver Eagle production, and Are We Looking at the Potential For an Extreme, 2008 Style Shortage in Silver? 

Click here for the Power Packed Show On the Status of the PHYSICAL Silver Market with Sunshine Minting CEO Tom Power:

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No Shortage? Then Who Needs Immediate Delivery of 35 Tonnes oz of Silver in a Non-Delivery Month!?!

panicWith gold surging all week and the DOW on the verge of all-out free-fall after plunging over 500 points Friday, The Doc & Eric Dubin Break Down All the Action, Discussing:

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Wholesale Silver Shortage…CONFIRMED

In lieu of Metals & Markets this week, we bring readers CONFIRMATION that a WHOLESALE SILVER SHORTAGE is in fact developing…

Click here for Full Coverage of the Developing WHOLESALE SHORTAGE in Silver:

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Just a Minting Shortage? “There IS A WHOLESALE Shortage!” -Sprott’s John Embry

embryIn the wake of historic movements in the gold and silver markets this week, Sprott’s John Embry joined us for a power-packed show, discussing:

  • Metals Drive-By Shooting As $2.7 Billion Notional in Gold Dumped in Nanoseconds: “This is financial repression at its finest!
  • CAPITULATION Bottom In Progress– Absolute OBLITERATION in Mining Sector!
  • Manipulation & MOPE Went Into Overdrive! I’ve never seen such a coordinated attack on gold in the media!
  • Sunshine Mint SUSPENDS SALES OF ALL SILVER BARS AND ROUNDS, & the RCM SHOCKS Distributors Friday By Announcing 90% Decrease in Silver Maple Allocations! 
  • Embry Explains Cartel Gets Aggressive Because “We Are Getting VERY CLOSE TO THE END
  • Just a Retail/ Minting Shortage? “There is a WHOLESALE SHORTAGE!…There’s so much misinformation in the markets!

    Click here for John Embry’s MUST LISTEN Analysis On Metals Capitulation & Shortage:
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