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We have well documented over the past few months the unprecedented flows of physical gold and silver being drained out of Western vaults and shipped East.
SD reader Chichura, an American currently residing in China, has provided a boots-on-the-ground first-hand account which substantiates our recent claims that spiking silver premiums on the Shanghai Gold Exchange indicate a shortage of the physical metal in China.

“3 months ago, when I inquired about buying some more bars, they said that I would have to wait a month.
So, yesterday, I stopped by the shop and was told again that I would have to wait a month. 
The affordable investment grade bars are in shortage.”

Click here for Chichura’s first-hand account of the developing shortage of investment grade silver in China:

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Failure to be able to see what’s coming in these perilous times will result in being left with nothing. 
So, buy physical my friends, whoever you are, if you are seeking to protect yourselves against the economic collapse just around the corner.  
I raised the buy flag last week.  I do not mean these are the lowest prices that will be seen, however, ANYTHING below $20 is a great bargain and the time is quickly coming when I will raise the buy flag to an alarm level because the collapse is about 1 year away.
Stay thirsty my friends” AND start building your dry powder (physical precious metals) from your paper investments cause they ain’t going to be around much longer…Click here for more on the latest gold & silver COT- & why investors should stay thirsty for physical:

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SD Weekly Metals & Markets: Is a Re-Test of the June Lows Dead Ahead?

On this week’s show, we’ll cover:
- Gold & silver smashed on Fed minutes TAPER MOPE Wednesday – same old story
– Caution for next week as metals close near the week’s lows- is a retest of the June lows dead ahead?
– China’s policy shift on currency reserves;  most miss angle about Chinese growth & inflation
-Goldman advises clients to sell gold…while acquiring 1.45 million oz of Venezuela’s gold reserves
– JFK: An American coup d’état- Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has testicular fortitude to speak truth to power
– The Doc’s physical metals market trends report- ASEs continue to show supply constraints: shortage looms with silver under $20
Click here for the SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc & Eric Dubin:

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SD Metals & Markets: More Evidence US Mint Stopping ASE Production Due to Silver Shortage

In this week’s Metals & Markets Wrap The Doc & Eric Dubin discuss:

  • Yellen & TPTB preparing to taper talk of taper as the market forces The Fed to d/c the propaganda, and admit MOAR QE is coming
  • As Comex Registered Inventories Continue To Plummet, Gold signaling a change in trend- higher lows a positive sign the market may be finally turning, and Asian investors are eager to buy the dips
  • JP Morgan Twits Tweet:  Epic marketing failure
  • Retail silver shortage developing once again- 1 month wholesale delays on Sunshine Mint products- the mint that supplies the US Mint with silver blanks

Click here for The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc & Eric Dubin!

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Is A Massive Chinese Order Causing a Silver Shortage in Europe?!

One of my contacts with one of the largest European precious metals brokers told me this morning that they could not find any silver.  All the refiners they contacted could not take their orders and could not give any delay. “Call us next next month”, they said.  This is the first time that such an event has occurred.
On Wednesday, he attempted to source a ton of silver (32,000 oz), from the three main Swiss refiners. Two of them refused to take the order entirely, and the third refiner stated delivery would take 2 weeks.
The refiners claimed they had been very busy during the last month trying to fulfill an “enormous” Chinese order.
Click here for more on the developing European wholesale shortage of silver:

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