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Bail-Ins Approved By EU Yesterday – Deposits Over €100,000 Vulnerable

“Bail-in” means that the bank’s owners – the shareholders, and creditors –  the bondholders and now even depositors, will be in line to absorb losses banks will incur, before outside sources of finance may be called upon. (more…)

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Palladium, Gas And Wheat Surge On Russian Supply Fears

Wheat, gas and palladium surge 3.3%, 2.4% and 1.7% respectively. Palladium surged for a fifth straight session to its highest since August 2011 on growing fears that supply would be hurt by more U.S. sanctions on top producer Russia and prolonged labour strikes in world number two producer, South Africa.


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A global clash of nations is underway in full gear.   The time is finally right. The urgency is acute.
The banking system insolvency is widespread. The illiquidity has reached the surface. The geopolitical chessboard has busy movements of many pieces, even with a delayed check in Ukraine after a devious capture of the Cyprus castle but not the Syrian knight. The Saudi support via OPEC for the Petro-Dollar has fallen out of view, dragging its pummeled chin on the desert sands. The Eastern superpowers are marching arm in arm, ready to challenge the West. It seems the Western leaders, in particular the robot sock puppets of the Untied States, see the end of the USDollar.  They appear to wish to lay blame on Russia for the death of the dollar.
The global rejection began with the Iran sanction workarounds, where India bought Iran’s oil & gas, but paid with Turkish gold, delivered to Tehran banks. The global rejection will achieve escape velocity with the acceptance of Russian Rubles for its energy products. The global rejection will achieve additional escape velocity with the acceptance of Chinese Yuan payments for Saudi crude oil (then all OPEC oil).
Coming is the launch of both the gold-backed Russian Ruble and the gold-backed Chinese Yuan. The global rejection will be final, and the funeral will be announced.

Click here for the latest Hat Trick Letter on the USDollar Funeral:

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Gold and Oil Rise As U.S. – Russia Relations Deteriorate Sharply

Symbolism is important and Putin may be sending the U.S. a message in the aftermath of JPMorgan unilaterally deciding to block an official Russian wire transfer, regarding how they might use gold as geopolitical weapon should economic and currency wars deepen. (more…)

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According to reports from Russian media, Putin appears to have sent the west a golden message in the aftermath of JPMorgan unilaterally deciding to block an official Russian wire transfer, as the Central Bank of Russia has introduced a new logo, which just happens to be a gold ruble.

Officials stated on the new logo: Golden Badge of the Russian national currency, officially adopted by the Central Bank of Russia, will symbolize a sign of stability and security of the ruble gold reserves of the country.

Click here for more on Putin’s Golden Message to the West:

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UK Accounting “Radical Overhaul” Turns UK Into “Nation Of Savers” … “Instantly”

Accounting tricks and manipulation of economic data is taking place globally and will contribute to people being misled regarding the actual true state of national economies and the global economy. The false sense of security seen before the global financial crisis has returned …    (more…)

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Russia Raises Gold Holdings By 7.247 Tonnes To Over 1,040 Tonnes In February

Many analysts are ignoring the important context of today’s new geopolitical backdrop. Russia alone has some $400 billion in foreign exchange reserves – mostly in U.S. dollars. If they were to diversify just 5%, worth some $20 billion, of those reserves into gold – it would be equal to nearly 500 tonnes of gold or nearly 25% of global annual production. (more…)

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Iraq Buys Massive 36 Tonnes Of Gold In March

The Central Bank of Iraq said it bought 36 tons of gold this month to help stabilise the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies. 36 tonnes is a lot of gold in tonnage terms and Iraq’s purchases this month alone surpasses the entire demand of many large industrial nations in all of 2013. (more…)

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The 2013 Cyprus depositor bail-in should have proved a stark warning to the Russian people over the risk of holding paper assets in any bank with ties to the West and the IMF.  Those in Ukraine who failed to heed the warning are likely regretting the fact now, as Ukrainian officials have reportedly proposed a new tax plan, bailing in depositors with assets exceeding 100,000 hryvnia, and banning (read fully confiscating) any foreign currency deposits.  
DIESELBOOM strikes again.

Click here for more on the impending Ukrainian bail-in:

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Russian Sanctions May Create Serious Supply Shortages For Platinum and Palladium

Any sanctions imposed by the EU and the U.S. on the export of Russian palladium group metals would create a serious supply shortage that may be difficult for industries to replace. This year will show the third consecutive deficit year in global palladium supply, according to a Bloomberg Industries  survey of analysts. (more…)

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