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‘Apocalypse’ Krugman Ignores Keynes And Comrade Lenin’s Warnings

Krugman says that the recent concern about “debts and deficits” was a “false alarm.” He attempts to paint those who were concerned about the debt crisis as scare mongers. He sarcastically says that “the debt apocalypse has been called off.” When it comes to the apocalypse, Krugman likes to have his apocalyptic cake and eat it too.


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I can say that Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. The presidential jet was there at 16:21 Moscow time and the Malaysian aircraft – 15:44 Moscow time,” a source told the news agency on condition of anonymity.
“The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the coloring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical“, the source added.

Meanwhile, the WSJ reports that US Intelligence detected a surface-to-air missile launch and tracked the explosion of the plane, confirming that MH-17 was in fact shot down.

Click here for more on whether Putin was in fact the target of the missile that took down MH17:

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It is finally happening in full view, in unmistakable manner, in a way that the awake, the aware, and the conscious can perceive in alarming stunning terms.
The central force of Europe, the industrial juggernaut, the stable core, has begun to pivot East.
The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds.   For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to abandon the corrupt US-UK crowd.   The bank wreckage, the market rigging, the endless wars, the sanctions which backfire, the sham monetary policy, the economic sabotage, the spying, the gold gimmicks, it has finally reached a critical level. 

Germany has begun to move East in full view.   Only the deaf dumb and blind cannot notice, and they will probably never notice. They are fodder. 
The awaited signals seen by the Jackass have finally arrived.
Berlin is outraged by clear USGovt spying, and in process of conducting a Gold audit among their population. Germany is building motives to split from the Euro Monetary Union (common Euro currency) by forging stronger open ties with Russia & China. The justification is becoming plainly laid out, in four perceived indictment charges. 
Germany will break from US/UK and its USDollar fiat currency regime over four primary thorny issues:

Click here for the latest Hat Trick Letter on Germany breaking from the US/UK & joining BRIC alliance:

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Pope Francis Warns Risk Of “Economic Collapse”

The Pope based his warning on the belief that the world economy has fallen into the sin of idolatry, not of a golden calf, but for dollars, euros and pounds. “We discard a whole generation to maintain an economic system that no longer endures, a system that to survive has to make war, as the big empires have always done,” he said. (more…)

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shockedIn Part 2 of his most EXPLOSIVE interview ever, Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie was on fire, dropping numerous new BOMBSHELLS for SD listeners:

  • Dead Petro-Dollar Event Coming- Saudis set to announce the acceptance of ANY CURRENCY for oil, ALL OPEC Nations to Follow!!
  • US Economy in Free-fall- stark evidence screaming full collapse ahead as monetary velocity plunges to 20 year lows!
  • QE has been a dead-weight millstone on the neck of the US economy- true purpose is to collapse the US economy and institute global fascism!
  • And Willie’s MOST SHOCKING CLAIM EVER: Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, & Germany are preparing to turn against the US, & join the Chinese/Russian Alliance!

Click here for Jim Willie’s full MUST LISTEN interview on the coming US allies shift to Russia!

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willieIn the first of two EXPLOSIVE interviews with SD,  Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie gave some of his BOLDEST & MOST SHOCKING PREDICTIONS EVER for SD listeners:

  • Willie dissects the Holy Grail Gazprom gas deal, which he states is an OPEN DOOR for the dumping of Treasury bonds in exchange for energy
  • Russia Liquidating T-bonds through Euroclear in Belgium to acquire gold
  • Big Surprise Coming for London Boys: Frankfurt to Become Financial Hub For All of Europe & Asia- Willie reveals insider details
  • Large sovereigns (Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia) now working together to source massive gold reserves for gold-backed USD replacement
  • China & Russia Have Accumulated Over 40,000 Tons of Gold Reserves for USD Replacement!!

Click here for Jim Willie’s Full MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc:

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Gold Vulnerable To Manipulative Sell Off In June – Bargain Hunters Delight

June is seasonally a poor month for gold and technical damage means gold could be manipulated lower again before half year end … As one astute commentator said on Twitter this week, being able to acquire cheaper gold given the state of the world today is “like being given discounts on life-rafts on the Titanic … “

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,254.00, EUR 921.04 and GBP 749.33 per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,254.00, EUR 921.04 and GBP 749.82 per ounce. (more…)

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Faber On Gold: “I Buy More Every Month”

“People think they know what the future holds… and what Central banks are up to.. they don’t… I will never sell my gold and I buy more every month… I would not be short gold,” Faber said. Faber adopts the prudent strategy of dollar cost averaging or gradually accumulating a position over time rather than investing a large lump sum at once. (more…)

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Geopolitical Earthquake As China Russia Sign Historic Agreement

China and Russia signed an historic agreement in Shanghai this week – the ramifications of which have yet to be appreciated … Reserve currency status does not last forever. Empires rise and fall. The world is constantly changing and evolving.Nothing lasts forever … (more…)

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India’s Futile ‘War On Gold’ Ends – Demand To Rise

The easing of the import rules is bullish for gold bullion and the gold sector. Shares of jewellery companies surged after the RBI allowed banks to provide gold loans to the sector.  The moves by the RBI, is likely to increase demand for gold. Curiously, gold prices saw little gains after the announcement. (more…)

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Global Gold Demand Steady Despite Indian Repression; Stealth PBOC Buying Not Factored In

Another important caveat to the figures is the ‘elephant in the room’ that is demand from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

The PBOC does not declare their monetary gold purchases to the IMF or release the data. However, most market participants accept that they have and are quietly buying significant amounts of gold as part of their foreign exchange diversification programme and as part of their strategic goal to position the yuan as a rival reserve currency. (more…)

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“We have to be very careful not to hurt ourselves more than we hurt the other side”

Stacy Summary: As Liam Halligan warned many weeks ago on Keiser Report, the Russian market is hugely important to a wide variety of European manufacturers and businesses. Imposing sanctions on Russia was always likely to cause as much damage to the European economy as to Russia.

U.S. Plays Down Russian Industry Sanctions Over Retaliation Risk

“We have to be very careful not to hurt ourselves more than we hurt the other side,” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said yesterday in a speech in Brussels, echoing comments made last week by U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew.

In France, just one deal with Russia has provided 1000 jobs (see helicopter deal below). SocGen, the second largest bank in France, has already been slammed by write downs in Russia following sanctions, the economy is probably in depression, many of the young have fled the country seeking work . . . is buffoon Hollande willing to shoot the nation in the foot? Doubtful.


France won’t cancel warship deal with Russia: sources

France will press ahead with a 1.2 billion-euro ($1.66 billion) contract to sell helicopter carriers to Russia because cancelling the deal would do more damage to Paris than to Moscow, French diplomatic sources said on Monday.

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