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Why America’s Healthcare (Sickcare) System Is Broken and Unfixable

Here’s a two-word summary of why the American healthcare system is fundamentally broken and cannot be fixed with policy tweaks: perverse incentives.

If you type sickcare in the custom search box on this site, you get 10+ pages of articles. I have covered healthcare/sickcare in depth for many years. I have many correspondents within the sector (doctors and nurses), and have paid the unsubsidized costs of insurance as an employer or as a self-employed worker for 30+ years.

Here are two charts and three stories of many I’ve published over the years:


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Sorry, Fed Inflationistas: Technology Is Deflationary

Technology, like Nature itself, has no emotional stake in what is creatively destroyed.

We all know the Federal Reserve is terrified of deflation, because they keep telling us that deflation is the equivalent of death and inflation is the equivalent of oxygen. What they fail to mention is that inflation is only oxygen for debtors barely able to service their debt and those who profits from debt, i.e. bankers and financiers.

For everyone earning a wage or salary, inflation is the equivalent of death by a thousand cuts and deflation is the elixir of life. When prices decline, our money goes further, i.e. our purchasing power increases.


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Greed + Cartels = U.S. Sickcare/ObamaCare

Sickcare/ObamaCare is fundamentally broken at every level.

The incremental nature of change makes it difficult for us to notice how systems that once worked well with modest costs have transmogrified into broken systems that cost a fortune. Exhibit # 1 is higher education: 40 years ago, four-year public universities were affordable and two-year community colleges were almost free. Now students have to borrow $1 trillion to pay for the exorbitant privilege of higher education.

Longtime correspondent Ishabaka (an M.D. with 30+ years experience in primary care and as an emergency room physician) responded to this article with an insider’s account of what happens when greed and cartels take over healthcare.After reading What’s wrong with American hospitals?, a scathing deconstruction of for-profit healthcare, Ishabaka submitted this commentary:

I could have told you what was wrong with our hospital system by 1989 – nobody would listen to me back then.


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What’s Real? What’s Fake?

Is the unemployment rate real or fake? It is obviously fake, but we want to believe the fake is real for a variety of reasons.

We like to think we know the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. When we’re fooled by a fake Rolex watch purchased for $20 on some humid Asian street corner, we shrug it off: it’s no big deal because the fake isn’t harming anyone.

And when it’s difficult to discern the fake from the legitimate, as in fine art paintings and financial policy, we rely on experts to differentiate between the two.

But what if the “experts” are as clueless as the rest of us? What if they’ve been corrupted by easy money to authenticate the fake as legitimate? Consider ObamaCare, an extraordinarily complex policy that “experts” assure us is a phenomenal advancement that is “working well.”

But what if ObamaCare is a fake? What if it is really not insurance at all, but a giant skimming machine designed to enrich and solidify the power of the state-cartel that operates the sickcare system?


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Liberty Rising Radio: Dr. Dave Janda on “ObamaCare”: Feds Can Jail Docs for “Inappropriate Treatments”!

ObamacareWelcome to the launch of Liberty Rising Radio!
We’re going to have great fun producing this show, and we’ll make every effort to bring truly insightful guests and cover topics with a depth of analysis that’ll leave the “Lame Stream media” in the dust.
On today’s show, we’re pleased to have Dr. Dave Janda join us to discuss ObamaCare.  Dr. Janda is an orthopedic surgeon based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He’s also the host of “Operation Freedom,” a popular radio show airing on Ann Arbor-based WAAM Talk.
Dr. Janda discusses what Obamacare represents.  We dive into some of its mechanics.  For instance, Dr. Janda’s thesis is that Obamacare enables the rationing and denial of health care services, a basic fact that the mainstream media attempts to spin and obfuscate.  He’ll unpack how in fact rationing will happen.  We also explore how dangerous Obama Care is to civil liberties, and even the little known fact that doctors could end up in jail for rejecting federal government dictates doctors deem as inappropriate treatments.
Ultimately, Obamacare should not be seen in the context of the framing the mainstream media would like you to perceive.  This issue is not about a “left versus right,” Democrat versus Republican or tea party debate.  It really boils down to a question of freedom and liberty versus greater centralized government involvement in all of our lives.
Click here to listen to the first broadcast of Liberty Rising Radio with Dr. Dave Janda:

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