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The Kernel: Max Keiser talks Bitcoin, MaxCoin and fugue-like states of rage

Max Keiser talks Bitcoin, MaxCoin and fugue-like states of rage

"Did you say Jamie Dimon!?"

“Did you say Jamie Dimon!?”

In person, Max Keiser is everything you want him to be: sharp, articulate, and narcissistic. He slips into hysteria like other people slip into a bathrobe. Just mention JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, and he’s gone.

“Fuck you, Jamie! Fuck you!” he screamed to an empty studio audience on set at Keiser Report, at the mere utterance of his name.

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Iceland jails four ‘banksters’ in financial fraud case

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High Bitcoin Prices Drive Gold Demand

Goldbugs skeptical of Bitcoin might be able to start to like the crypto-currency

Bitcoin For Gold

after this anecdote: high Bitcoin prices drive gold demand. To the left, Google Trends shows how interest, above $250, from bitcoiners in gold, increases exponentially.

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BitPay World’s First Zero Transaction Fee Payment Processor

According to its website, BitPay will join CoinBase as a payment processor with zero fees. Currently, Coinbase is using the model towards a merchants’ first one million sales, after which merchants will pay 1% fees. BitPay’s new model, however, asks for $30 per month per merchant, with zero additional fees. This is unprecedented in payment processing space, and will certainly send shockwaves through various payment processing spaces.

Both BitPay and Coinbase represent the world’s first zero-fee payment processors, driving home how revolutionary modern payment methods are.

To be certain, the news is bullish for the Bitcoin price, and will likely not make the impact it should via mainstream financial channels.

Visionaries who invested in BitPay include Trace Mayer, Peter Thiel and Max Keiser.

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Peter Schiff & Max Keiser talk of greatest Ponzi of our time

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