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Keiserman by Sketchaganda


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WARNING! Low flying bankers by Sketchaganda


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Russell Brand & Max Keiser: Trews Awning Unveiling at Hoxton News

Support the Trews Awning project. Make the sun set on the Sun!

You can check out the inaugural Trews awning at Hoxton News, 207 Hoxton Street, London N1. Tell the owner, Mo, that the Trews sent you!

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Russian people have more economic liberty than those living in USA

  • You can criticise Vladimir Putin all you want but at least he understands economics, which is more than can be said for the senior government officials in the USA and Europe today.

Read more >>> Russian people have more economic liberty than those living in USA

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Is Maxcoin Max Keiser’s coin?

  • Is Maxcoin Max Keiser’s coin? No! Maxcoin is not Max Keiser’s coin like bitcoin doesn’t belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • Maxcoin is an open source project that was created by a team of computer science undergrads from Bristol University in the United Kingdom.
  • Today Maxcoin is embraced by tens of thousands. Maxcoin is a community, a big community.
    More >>> Is Maxcoin Max Keiser’s coin?
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Max Keiser on the BitcoinUK Podcast

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[KR625] Keiser Report: Time to Fake US Manufacturing?

We discuss the fact that when falling off a cliff, it is only the last few feet that hurt. They apply this to the collapsing US economy where they’re going to fake manufacturing till they one day make it, but Max suggests that, just as you cannot taper a ponzi scheme, you cannot recalculate your way out of economic collapse. In the second half, Max interviews former CIA case officer and co-creator of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, Robert David Steele, who has authored a new book, The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth and Trust. They discuss anarchy, panarchy, true cost economics and Max asks whether crowd-sourced answers to national intelligence questions will be met with a military-style response similar to what happened to Kim Dotcom.

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Max Keiser’s Stand Up Rage at ‘Wake Up Manchester’ – 31 May 2014

This is the first half of the audio of Max speaking to the Wake Up Manchester crowd on 31 May 2014. Second half tomorrow.

Download here


For more download & listening options, visit Archive dot org

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[KR596] Keiser Report: China Kicks US Buck

We discuss the $1 trillion humanitarian budget in America and the Roman precedent for it. We also discuss the new World Bank purchasing power parity estimates which see China’s economy surpassing America’s later this year, knocking the US economy off the top where it has been since 1872. In the second half, Max interviews Nafeez Ahmed about Tony ‘Blood for Oil’ Blair and the real reason for the American ‘humanitarian’ military missions to Europe, Asia and beyond.

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The Kernel: Max Keiser talks Bitcoin, MaxCoin and fugue-like states of rage

Max Keiser talks Bitcoin, MaxCoin and fugue-like states of rage

"Did you say Jamie Dimon!?"

“Did you say Jamie Dimon!?”

In person, Max Keiser is everything you want him to be: sharp, articulate, and narcissistic. He slips into hysteria like other people slip into a bathrobe. Just mention JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, and he’s gone.

“Fuck you, Jamie! Fuck you!” he screamed to an empty studio audience on set at Keiser Report, at the mere utterance of his name.

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Iceland jails four ‘banksters’ in financial fraud case

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High Bitcoin Prices Drive Gold Demand

Goldbugs skeptical of Bitcoin might be able to start to like the crypto-currency

Bitcoin For Gold

after this anecdote: high Bitcoin prices drive gold demand. To the left, Google Trends shows how interest, above $250, from bitcoiners in gold, increases exponentially.

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