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Faber: Gold Good Value, Diversify With All Precious Metals – Safest To Store In Singapore

Faber discussed the importance of not owning gold stored in the U.S., why Singapore is safest for gold storage, the risks of bitcoin & how small countries should revert to national currencies. The interview can be watched here … (more…)

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“Bail-In” Of Banks Likely – New Rating Agency

“Banks are still too big to fail, the only difference is that somebody else will pay to avoid a failure, and that somebody else is the creditors …”  It is important to realise that not just the EU, but also the UK, the U.S.  and most G 20 nations have plans for bail-ins … (more…)

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Faber – “How Could You NOT Own Gold?”

Jim Rickards said that gold should remain an essential part of diversified portfolios and Mark Faber pointed out that the question should be “how could you NOT own gold?” Faber has said that he favors owning gold in fully allocated gold accounts in Singapore and Switzerland. (more…)

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UK Budget Allows Bank Accounts To Be Raided

Shockingly, HM Revenue & Customs will be able to directly access taxpayers’ bank accounts in order to recover unpaid tax, under little noticed measures announced in this month’s Budget speech. The significant HMRC legislation change was buried deep in the Budget document and comes amid preparations by the Bank of England for bail-ins. (more…)

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Dr Marc Faber: Entering Terminal Phase Of Fed Bubbles

Dr Faber warned that the Middle East is a tinderbox and will go up in flames.  Punctuated by his usual dry wit, flashes of humour and dire warnings, it was a sober message and the attentive audience lapped Faber up.  Register today for our webinar with Dr Faber this Friday. (more…)

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Faber Favours Physical Gold, Silver and Platinum To Bitcoin

The Baltic Dry Index,  a measure of commodity-shipping rates, has collapsed 39% in just the nine trading days of 2014. It has fallen from 2277 at the end of December 2013 to 1370 today (see chart). This key indicator of global economic health is a warning signal for the global economy in 2014. (more…)

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