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Gold Flows East – India and China Import Massive Quantities of Bullion from Switzerland

Gold Flows East – India and China Import Massive Quantities of Bullion from Switzerland

– Singapore, India and China continue to import staggering volumes of gold from the West
– U.K. exports of bullion to Switzerland increase 6 fold to a very large 97 tonnes
– Gold exports from Switzerland to both China and India doubled in March
– Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) becoming most important centre for physical gold trade
– LBMA says London gold trade will not move to exchange
– Gold price languishes at all time inflation adjusted lows despite robust demand …
– Gold will protect Asian peasants and western middle classes …


In what future generations will likely see as a major, potentially catastrophic blunder of monetary policy, the West and particularly the City of London continues to hemorrhage huge volumes of gold which is flowing Eastwards to Singapore, India and China from London via Switzerland.

“Gold exports to China from the refining hub of Switzerland almost doubled to 46.4 metric tons in March”, up from 23.6 tonnes in February” according toBloomberg. India’s gold imports from Switzerland doubled to 72.5 tonnes in the same period. (more…)

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“Secret Scheme To Manipulate The Price Of Silver” – Lawsuits Against Banks Proceed

“Secret Scheme To Manipulate The Price Of Silver” – Lawsuits Against Banks Proceed

The lawsuits against banks that alleges they engaged in a secret scheme to manipulate the price of silver bullion is proceeding.

Gold fixing in London at NM Rothschild and Sons began in September 1919

Manipulation of the silver market was covered in a recently released ‘Get REAL’ Special on Silver presented by Jan Skoyles. Mark O’Byrne of was interviewed and the interview was an in depth look at this silver market today. 

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Scotland Says “No” – Fallout May Impact Pound


The result of the Scottish independence referendum was announced early this morning, with 55.3% of voters wanting to stay in the United Kingdom (UK) and 44.7% wanting Scotland to become an independent nation.

Voter turnout was exceptionally high at nearly 85% (about 3.6 million people), which was not surprising given the importance of the referendum.

To some extent a cloud of economic and currency uncertainty that was hanging over Scotland and the rest of the UK has now been lifted.


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Shanghai Becoming Global Gold Hub And Gold Price Discovery Centre

China is moving closer to positioning itself as the physical gold trading hub of the world and the world’s gold price discovery centre. It is a natural progression for the largest economy in the world and for the world’s largest gold buyer, importer and indeed producer.

Gold Bust (2.8 Kilogramme) of Deng Xiaoping (Reuters/Bobby Yip) (more…)

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The Battle Royale continues as the cartel has hammered gold back under $1300 once again  with a last of $1293, and silver has been knocked under $19.50 to $19.45 on the first day without an official London Silver Fix.

Click here for more on the PMs raided the first day of the new electronic silver fix:

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New ‘LBMA Silver Price’ – Still Not Transparent

The Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) and those concerned about price manipulation will allege that the LBMA and the western bullion banks are engaged in a rebranding and repackaging exercise in order to maintain a cosy gold and silver cartel of bullion banks and ultimately control over precious metal prices. (more…)

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Gold To Rise On “Systemic And Geopolitical Risk” As Price Fixing Ends

“It lacks transparency, which means prices can be rigged to benefit banks, at the expense of producers, traders, investors, jewellers and other market participants,”  “The market could return once more to such levels if the fixing system is overhauled. We believe that a more transparent and reliable fixing could lead to higher gold prices as we suspect that prices are artificially low at this time and do not reflect the delicate supply demand balance in the physical gold market … Nor do they capture the degree of systemic and geopolitical risk in the world today.” (more…)

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Source: Nanex

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

In this EXCLUSIVE, MUST LISTEN interview with The Doc, Eric Sprott dissects the fundamentals in the gold and silver markets, coverage of manipulation finally reaching the mainstream, and reveals his updated outlook on gold & silver. 
Eric discusses why the precious metals options markets always expire at MAX PAIN for the customers, and why he urges all PM investors to STAY OUT of the futures options markets, and simply accumulate physical metal.
Sprott explains how PM manipulation shifted from being conducted solely by the Central banks to the dealers active daily participation that we see now, and discusses how much he personally lost when a Barclays trader manipulated gold down into the London fix.  

Regarding his price outlook for the metals, with silver trading under $20 and gold trading near $1250, is Eric still looking for new highs in 2014? 
His answer might shock you.

Click here for the Doc’s full Exclusive interview with Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management:

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PM Fund Manager: Smoking Gun on The Fed’s Money Laundering T-Bond Purchases

gunPrecious Metals Fund Manager Dave Kranzler joins the show this week to discuss:

  • Cartel capping gold at $1300 and silver at $20
  • London silver fix to end in August- is the end of the silver manipulation at hand?
  • Kranzler discusses the Smoking Gun on The Fed’s money laundering US Treasury purchases through Belgium
  • We break down Ted Butler’s claims that JPM is buying all the Silver Eagles– is Jamie Dimon suddenly attempting to corner the ASE market, or is the American public finally waking up?

Click here for the SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:

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Western banking interests have forcibly removed London gold and utilized Swiss refinement of Gold bars taken from other accounts, to rectify two decades of seized gold bars from unallocated accounts.   The improper usage was done to create the entire fraudulent foundation for the Euro Monetary Union itself.
The fraud is unspeakable, and might account for over 40,000 tons of misused (stolen) gold bars.  The shift is toward the East as financial center of gravity, altered by the extraordinary movement of Gold bullion from London and Swiss banking centers.
A sequence soon to unfold appears to be rather predictable, since once a key event occurs, the pressure is enormous and gathers to force the occurrence of the next event.  Think like falling dominos, the pieces actual elements of a fence to defend the USDollar regime.It is falling apart. One fence section topples the next.
The barbarians are not only at the gate, they are making their own fortresses.

Click here for more on 40,000 tons of gold rehypothecated by the West in the latest Hat Trick Letter:

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Gold Gains Over 7% Between January And April

March gold trading volumes were up 6.2% to 1.9m ounces according to LBMA statistics.   Gold transactions up 9.1% to an average daily value of $25.3 billion, the highest since August 2013. (more…)

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Gold Price Rigging Fears Put Investors On Alert – FT

Global gold prices may have been manipulated on 50% of occasions between January 2010 and December 2013, according to analysis by Fideres, a consultancy. Pension funds, hedge funds, commodity trading advisers, futures traders and ordinary investors are likely to have suffered losses as a result. Many of these groups were “definitely ready” to file lawsuits. (more…)

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