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Singapore’s Gold Fix Plan Is Still in Process – SBMA

New research from the Portola Group shows that currency debasement by the U.S., China, Japan and the Eurozone has increased the yearly money supply by a whopping $50 trillion in one year.


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IMF Proposes 10% Wealth Tax/ Gov’t Bail In for EU!

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In this week’s SD Weekly Metals & Markets The Doc & Eric Dubin discuss:

  • Thou shall NOT see gold as safe haven;  whenever there’s a crisis, TPTB attack precious metals;
  • Connecting the dots between GOFO going back into the negative, gold premiums rising in Asian markets, the debt limit “crisis” and visible paper raids in gold and silver;
  • IMF gov’t bail-in proposal:  Fix sovereign dept problems with a “one time” 10% wealth tax
  • Importance of physical assets as a hedge against escalating global financial crisis, coming capital controls

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