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Greece Buys Gold Sovereigns as New Greek Drachmas Unveiled

Greece Buys Gold Sovereigns as New Greek Drachmas Unveiled

- Greece warns may default on IMF loan next week

- Greek bank runs continue and deposits flee

- German Bundestag votes for bailout extension

- Syriza agree to a bailout extension of four months, in return for concessions yet to be approved by the EU

- Questions over Syriza negotiating a weak deal despite it’s strong position

- Greece and EU buying time to arrange orderly “Grexit”?

- Greece has printing presses poised to print newly designed Greek Drachmas

- Greeks buying gold bullion

The Euro Working Group discussed Greece’s imminent funding problems yesterday amid mounting concern about how the country will meet its massive obligations.

Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations Alekos Flambouraris suggested yesterday that Greece might delay payment to the IMF if it cannot find the necessary money.
Greece is due to pay the IMF 1.6 billion euros next month but the Greek Minister said that Athens might ask to delay this payment for two months.

Proposed New Greek Drachmas


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Gold Demand Explodes as Volatility and Fear Stalk Market

Gold Demand Explodes as Volatility and Fear Stalk Market

Although the extent to which the surprise move by the Swiss National Bank last week has damaged financial institutions will not be apparent until the end of the month, it is already clear that enormous damage has been wreaked on many businesses exposed to the foreign exchange markets.

On Thursday the SNB unpegged its currency from the euro without warning. The peg was put in place three years ago during the height of the euro crisis to prevent the Swiss franc from rising too much relative to its EU neighbours and damaging its exports.

Swiss Franc images by MadGeographer

The shock move caused the Swiss franc to rally almost 30% against the euro and 28% against the dollar. To maintain the peg, the SNB had been forced to accumulate around €500 billion leaving it very vulnerable to a euro devaluation.

It would seem that the move was not coordinated with the ECB or the Fed and may be endemic of a new low phase in global central bank communications. Many times throughout the financial crisis central banks have coordinated efforts to stabilise market volatility and to manage stimulus programs in concert. (more…)

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Swiss ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Gold Initiative Campaigns Compete at Launches in Bern

Swiss ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Gold Initiative Campaigns Compete at Launches in Bern

– Introduction
– ‘Yes’ Campaign Launch
– Paper Decays, Gold Holds Its Value
– ‘No’ Campaign Launch – Alphabet Soup
– Unsaleable Gold Like an Unusable Fire Extinguisher?
– Swiss Electorate 5.2 Million
– Double Majority Including Cantons
– Referendas by the Dozen
– Sometimes There are Shock Results


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Prepare for Global Gold Confiscation and Orwell’s 1984, Warns Rickards

Prepare for Global Gold Confiscation and Orwell’s 1984, Warns Rickards

We do not believe Rickard’s prognostications for a “New World Order” will come to pass. “How would that happen? The G-20 meetings struggle to agree on a final communique. How could they agree something like that?” asks Arabian Money in their review of Rickards’ article. We do see potential for a major crisis in the financial and monetary system along the lines that Rickards describes. And with this in mind we emphasise once again the prudence of storing gold and silver in fully segregated and fully allocated accounts in ultra-secure vaults in the safest jurisdictions in the world. (more…)

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U.S. and UK Test Big Bank Collapse – Risk Of Bail-ins

It is now the case that in the event of bank failure, your deposits could be confiscated. Let’s be crystal clear: The EU, UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand all have plans for bail-ins in the event of banks and other large financial institutions getting into difficulty.

Are your deposits safe?
Are you prepared for Bail-Ins?
Special Report on Bail-ins Here


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Ebola and Global Recession Risks Send Stocks Sliding

All the focus has rightly been on the medical implications of the disease and the tragic human consequences. So far, there has been little attention on the financial and economic consequences of a pandemic.
Global economic growth remains weak and vulnerable and the global financial system remains very fragile. The ebola virus has the potential to be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back.
The outbreak and spread of Ebola is a worrying development and should remind people and companies, the world over, to be aware of the risks and be prepared.


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Currency Wars Deepen – Russia, Kazakhstan Buy Very Large 30 Tons Of Gold In August

Kazakhstan now has the world’s 23rd largest holdings, just behind the Philippines which has 194.4 tonnes of gold reserves.

Currency Wars: Bye, Bye Petrodollar – Buy, Buy Gold


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Cry for Argentina: Fiscal Mismanagement, Odious Debt or Pillage?

Argentina has now taken the US to The Hague for blocking the country’s 2005 settlement with the bulk of its creditors. The issue underscores the need for an international mechanism for nations to go bankrupt. Better yet would be a sustainable global monetary scheme that avoids the need for sovereign bankruptcy.

Argentina was the richest country in Latin America before decades of neoliberal and IMF-imposed economic policies drowned it in debt. A severe crisis in 2001 plunged it into the largest sovereign debt default in history. In 2005, it renegotiated its debt with most of its creditors at a 70% “haircut.” But the opportunist “vulture funds,” which had bought Argentine debt at distressed prices, held out for 100 cents on the dollar. (more…)

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US Equity Markets are Overbought, Gold Looking Solid

In our chart  you can see the RMI is at an ear splitting 90.567.


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‘Euphoric’ capital markets are out of step with reality, warns BIS

Even now the global economy is struggling to escape the shadow of the crisis of 2007-09, capital markets are “extraordinarily buoyant”, the Bank of International Settlements said, in part because of the ultra-low monetary policy being pursued around the world notes The Financial Times. (more…)

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Pensions ‘Cash Negative’ By 2016 – ‘Timebomb’ Looms


Today’s AM fix was USD 1,264.50, EUR 932.18 and GBP 745.45 per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,281.75, EUR 947.34 and GBP 755.35 per ounce.

Gold fell $5.20 or 0.36% yesterday to $1,271.70/oz. Silver slipped $0.07or 0.41% to $19.63/oz.

After five days of gains, gold fell yesterday and is seeing weakness again today as some traders see the recent move higher as an opportunity to take profits. There is also increased risk appetite as while Asian stocks were mixed, European shares have eked out tentative gains.

Oil prices fell 0.5% but remained near nine month highs as Sunni militants have seized a large part of northern Iraq. U.S. President Barack Obama did an about turn yesterday and has announced that nearly 300 U.S. troops will enter Iraq and base themselves in Baghdad to protect the U.S. embassy and strategic interests. U.S. and Iranian officials held talks to stabilize the region, which has been roiled by the advance of Sunni rebels toward Baghdad.

Russia cut off gas to Ukraine on Monday after not being paid for gas supplied for many months. This could disrupt supplies to the rest of Europe and set back hopes for peace between the former Soviet neighbours and a decrease in tensions between Russia and western powers.

Gold in U.S. Dollars – 5 Years (Thomson Reuters)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its growth forecast for the United States on Monday and said the economy would not reach full employment until the end of 2017, allowing interest rates to be held near zero for longer than financial markets expect.

We have expected this for some time and it is bullish for gold and should be supportive in the coming weeks and months.

401 (K) Pensions ‘Cash Negative’ By 2016 – ‘Timebomb’ Looms
America’s sprawling 401(k) pension system will turn cash flow negative in 2016, threatening disruption for asset managers and selling of equities, according to analysis by Cerulli Associates, a research house.

The $3.5 trillion system attracted fresh contributions of $300 billion in 2012, with $276 billion either withdrawn as cash by retirees or rolled over into individual retirement accounts (IRAs), Cerulli estimated according to the FT. The IRA market is already larger at about $5.4 trillion.

However, by 2016 it forecasts that inflows will be $364 billion and outflows $366 billion, with the deficit only widening year on year after that as the core of the baby-boomer generation retires contributing to the pensions timebomb.

“This has significant implications for asset managers and other financial services providers,” said Bing Waldert, a director at Cerulli. “It is going to be a disappointment for a lot of fund managers that have put a lot of effort into the DC [defined contribution pension fund] market.

The largest managers in the 401(k) market are Fidelity Investments; Canada’s Power Financial, which owns Great-West Financial and Putnam Investments; TIAA-CREF; Vanguard; ING of the Netherlands and Prudential Financial of the U.S.

Funds run by such managers are typically among 10 to 20 options available to 401(k) savers, but when money is rolled over into an IRA, they face far stronger competition.

In IRAs you do not only have access to expensive funds run by asset managers, you have access to investments globally. There is more freedom and flexibility as there are insurance-based products, ETFs [exchange traded funds] and individual securities. In recent years, there have seen a large increase in allocations to gold in IRAs as investors seek to diversify into the safe haven asset.

The combined value of the U.S. pensions system is some $9 trillion. The total market valuation of the global bond market is now over $100 trillion. By comparison, the total market value of all the gold in world is estimated to be just over $1 trillion.

The decision to apportion retirement savings into gold and other precious metals is being taken by an increasing number of U.S. citizens who understand that the value of the U.S. dollar is being silently eroded by inflation.

Self-directed pensions, including IRAs, permit a wide range of gold investments to be included. SIPPs in the UK and self directed pensions in Ireland also allow allocations to gold.

Although one should be cautious about investing in any paper gold product as it is very different and more high risk than owning allocated and segregated physical gold. Paper gold includes gold futures, gold futures options, some gold ETFs, certain forms of unallocated gold ownership, pool accounts, contracts for difference (CFDs), spread betting contracts, gold stocks and gold options.

Self-directed retirement schemes with a gold and or precious metals allocation are a prudent retirement planning tool. Considering the continuing financial malaise affecting the U.S. and much of the western world, they will continue to protect and grow pension wealth in the coming years.

Pensions throughout the western world are in peril due to the pension Ponzi scheme. Powerful forces of both the inflation caused by 100 years of the Federal Reserve debasing the dollar and a possible deflationary crisis due to massive levels of debt globally will be a double whammy which will hit traditional investments such as stocks, property and bonds. Without an allocation to gold, you are not going to have a comfortable retirement ► Putting Gold Bullion In Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

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IMF Warns Of Housing Crashes- World Bank Says ‘Now Is The Time To Prepare For Next Crisis’

Yesterday, the IMF and World Bank issued warnings about rising interest rates, housing crashes and the global economy. The World Bank’s chief economist is offering important advice to investors and savers when he said that “now is the time to prepare for the next crisis …”

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