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Will Trump’s Border Tax Unleash CHAOS in the US Silver Market?

silver-trumpIn This Week’s Metals & Markets, Doc Presents A Potential Black Swan For Silver Bullion Entirely Off the Radar:
Could Donald Trump’s Border Tax Plan Unleash Absolute CHAOS in the US Silver Market?


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TRUMP, DEBT COLLAPSE, & GOLD: Jim Willie Asks, Is The End Near?

Jim Willie Joins Us For An Explosive Interview, Discussing:

How Will Trump Affect GOLD
The Italian banking system is on its last leg ►3:07
The media’s lies about Trump ►17:07
Will the Fed sabotage the Trump administration? ►27:53

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Before the election, the financial sector was sending the signal Trump would be a disaster for the economy.
But Trump has won, and the market commentary has reversed.
The stock market is trading at all-time highs while the gold price is falling. What is going on?
GATA Chairman Bill Murphy reveals TPTB are manipulating people’s perceptions in order to avoid a chain reaction in the markets, and it’s working – at least for now…

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London Analyst Warns It’s Only A Matter of Time: THIS Is What Will Cause Gold Prices to Move in 2017

Will STAGFLATION Arrive in 2017, Sending Gold & Silver Prices SOARING?

“If The Fed Has to Hike Interest Rates to Control Price Inflation, It’s GAME OVER!”
Gold Money’s Expert Analyst Alasdair MacLeod Joins Us From London to Warn
Its Only A Matter of Time – THIS Is What Will Cause Gold Prices to Move in 2017:

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$300 Silver & The Case for $11,000 GOLD | Gold Money’s Alasdair MacLeod

 SD-Alasdair-MacLeod-Thumbnail-300x169When it comes to precious metals, Gold Money’s Alasdair MacLeod says gold will continue to rise to account for the expansion of the paper currency supply.
Based on how much the dollar has been inflated, MacLeod calculates gold should rise to $4,000/oz – $11,000/oz.
MacLeod predicts the correction in the precious metals is over.
He sees gold testing its all-time highs in 2017, and silver breaking through into the $30 range.

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US Dollar On the Brink of COLLAPSE | John Embry

John Embry, senior advisor at Sprott joins us to sound the Alarm –
The US Dollar Is ON THE BRINK of Collapse:

Embry explains what has led us to this shocking tipping point in America’s history.
He says going off the gold standard resulted in massive money printing and an explosion of U.S. government debt:
“The prospect for something going seriously wrong that can’t be corrected is enormously high.”
He believes any rise in interest rates could break the debt bubble.

How should investors prepare for such a crisis?  Embry suggests investing in gold and silver.
While many people argue gold and silver are overvalued right now, Embry says gold bars and silver coins have never been cheaper relative to the amount of debt in the world.

Embry points out that by and large, average investors have almost no gold and silver exposure.

He says there is so much money invested in other assets, that when investors start moving toward gold and silver, the coming rise in the precious metal bull market will dwarf the 1980’s gold and silver bull run.
“I think the upside potential in both these metals is beyond most people’s comprehension.”

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New Highs Coming for Gold & Silver | US Mint AP’s Roy Friedman

The President of US Mint Authorized Purchaser Manfra, Tordella, & Brookes (MTB) joins Silver Doctors to discuss how the recent pullback in the precious metals markets is impacting wholesale investment demand for gold and silver.
Friedman says investors who were waiting on the sidelines are now PLUNGING into the market.
Demand is increasing dramatically for both gold and silver, but especially for silver:

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Bix Weir joins Silver Doctors to give an update on the gold and silver bullion market. Weir says the markets are 100% rigged.
He predicts physical silver coin and bar shortages to appear soon since the artificially low prices will cause demand to outstrip supply.
He also predicts the price manipulation is coming to an end and reveals why:

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Is The US Mint Manipulating Silver Eagle Coin Sales?

silver-eagle-coins-sd-bullionWith Silver Prices HAMMERED Nearly 15% This Week, Physical Demand EXPLODED, As the US Mint Reports Silver Eagle Coin Sales of 1.4 million coins.
Based On Our Conversations Over the Past 24 Hours With the CEO and Head of Trading at 2 AP’s However, We Find This Number EXTREMELY Hard To Believe…

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Bill Murphy Unleashes EPIC RANT, Warns Gold & Silver Prices Don’t Have A Chance Until Cartel Blows Up

With Gold and Silver Prices Smashed Again Friday Afternoon, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Mic Was SMOKING…

Doc, Dubin, & the GATA Chairman Break Down the Market Action, Discussing: 

  • Could the Saudi’s Dump Treasury Bonds This Weekend?
  • Friday’s Gold & Silver Price Smash: The Same Thing Over & Over & Over! 
  • Murphy Believes Gold and Silver Prices May NEVER Go Up Again Until the Cartel BLOWS UP
  • The GATA Chairman Explains Why EVERYTHING CHANGED For Gold and Silver
  • It’s Going to Happen Out of Nowhere: Cartel WILL BLOW UP, and Silver’s Going to $100!

    Click Here For Full Metals and Markets With GATA’s Bill Murphy:

Eric’s Market Commentary:

All things considered, the trading action doesn’t look terrible.
Silver started to catch a bid towards the end of our show and gold has been in a tight range.  The cartel hasn’t been able to do much of anything with gold, today, other than keep a lid on it.  Miners, on the other hand – sheesh.  That’s partly speculators giving up the ghost and fresh shorting.  I’m sure you saw AG (First Majestic) yesterday.
That looked like AG was outright being targeted by the cartel to use AG as a sentiment trigger.   The “silver signal” as expressed through silver miners was loud and clear, yesterday…and today.

But again, all things considered, while it doesn’t feel like it, I don’t see today’s moves as proof we’re going down next week. That silver is catching a bid now is an example of those strong hands, picking up the cartel-induced bargain, and the buying is happening at a technical point that one would expect to serve as a trigger for paper traders.  Those mega-strong paper longs are visible, in the market, TODAY. 

They were VERY visible in the Asian-London-pre-FOMC session, as I was documented.  That accumulation pattern was the footprints of pros, and they were taking on the cartel in advance of the FOMC release.  That too, is different from typical patterns, previous years.  “Our camp” is winning this war.
It just doesn’t feel that way.
I think there’s a very strong probability that next week, given the lousy performance that Hillary will produce, precious metals will catch a reasonably strong bid and silver WILL get back over $20, within 48 hours after the debate.  
We’ll see…….  But I’d give this 70% odds, as far as scenarios go.  I know Hillary is going to bomb.  That much is clear!  It’s also very clear how the markets will respond to that!  What isn’t clear is what the PTB will do to manage expectations.

Gold bullion sales remained strong across the industry this week.

The US Mint sold 18,000 1 oz Gold Eagle coins, bringing monthly Gold Eagle sales to 53,000 coins, and year to date sales to 661,000 oz. 


In Silver:

Retail silver demand remains steady, picking up Friday as silver dipped back to  $19.50.  SD Bullion’s 10 oz Silver RCM Bar Flash Sale drained wholesale inventories of the Mint’s flagship silver bar, but outside of that product, wholesale inventories and premiums remained steady throughout the industry.


No changes in wholesale premiums or availability on 90% Junk Silver Coins this week.

Sales of 2016 Silver Eagles reported by the US Mint came in weak again at 305,000 coins this week, bringing September sales to 1,255,000, and year to date Silver Eagles sales to 30,155,500. 

The US Mint released the 30th Anniversary 2016 Silver Eagle Proof Friday, with special 30th anniversary text along the rim of the coin, a first for the mint.
The Silver Eagle proofs are expected to sell out quickly due to the unique feature. 

The Week’s Top Silver News Stories

The Week’s Top Gold News Stories

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Jim Willie On End of Fascist Business Model and Return to the Gold Standard

The Fascist Business Model incorporates all the worse elements of Keynesian economics, a broken fallacious school of thought. The model also integrates a vast system of economic heresy, put forth as public address dogma. All their messages are wrong. They are instead aligned with support of the power structure where big banks conduct self-dealing and print money for themselves.

Consider many of the Fascist Business Model messages, laced within the endless din of propaganda. Their messages are all false, in support of the existing power structure in place. The Jackass privately calls it Reich Economics, a truly broken appendix to the demonstrably broken Keynesian chapters of heretical economics. The West has followed the methods of John Maynard Keynes, who also held disdain for the Gold Standard. In doing so, the West has destroyed the financial platforms, eroded the capital formation devices, polluted the business arenas, and put the entire USEconomy at risk of systemic failure.

The only success of the model is preservation of power, which soon will come to an end.

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Consider the many primary tenets of what the Jackass disparagingly calls Reich Economics, the phony standards of destructive economic and financial practices. They are all embedded in heresy. The public and financial professionals are coerced to accept the heresies as dogma, passed on by the high priests at the USFed and Wall Street banks. They are all highly destructive, yet widely accepted as valid and firmly in place.



Quantitative Easing, the USFed initiative of bond purchases, is considered stimulus. It is not. Instead, it undermines the entire sovereign bond market. It encourages legitimate investors to dump USTreasury Bonds to the USFed itself, while other legitimate investors refuse to buy USTBonds. The effect is to force hedging against the hyper monetary inflation, to raise the cost structure, and to eliminate the profit margins. Entire businesses and business segments shut down, retire their capital, and slash jobs. QE saves the big banks by providing liquidity to insolvent financial structures. At the same time, by saving the Too Big To Fail banks, QE destroys the integrity of the entire USEconomy, if not the entire Western Economy.


Zero Interest Rate Policy is considered as a kick-start to the USEconomy, another stimulus. It is not. Instead, it distorts the price of money, distorts the financial market, and results in tremendous misallocation of capital. It also encourages a vast casino, whereby investors try to profit from anticipating the USFed itself. The nation has thus lost its way, unable or unwilling to pursue the correct fruitful path of capital formation, business creation, product development, job hiring, and profit generation. Worse, the entire industries of insurance and pensions are systematically destroyed, from the ultra-low interest rate. They cannot sustain their business models without the proper income from their books of business. Lastly, the ultra-low rate does not reward savers. Little known, the volume of consumer loans is much less than the volume of certificates of deposit at banks. Therefore, low rates slow the USEconomy, not stimulate it.  Silver Half Dollars As Low As $1.99/oz Over Spot!


The jobless rate is reported to be low. It is not. The actual figure for the Jobless Rate is taken directly from the state unemployment insurance rolls. When the Obama Admin two years ago stopped the 99-week extensions for recipients, the result was an immediate reduction in the jobless rate. Millions of people fell off the rolls, and were no longer considered unemployed. The Labor Participation Rate is the more accurate measure to follow. It is falling tragically, and supports the premise that the Jobless Rate is well over 20%.


The USEconomy is always reported to be in a sluggish recovery. It is not. By all accounts, it appears illegal for economists to claim a recession is in progress. They lose their jobs. The same goes for financial reports in the press and television broadcasts. They lose their jobs. Guests who mention recession are cut off. The reality is horribly painful. The USEconomy has been stuck in a vicious recession since 2007, of magnitude minus 4% to minus 6% every year on the Gross Domestic Product. The fiscal policy and monetary policy both contribute to the deterioration.


War spending is considered to lift the USEconomy with trickle down benefits. It is not. In fact, war spending is probably an order of magnitude more destructive than simple welfare payouts. The trickle down effect is destructive at every step. In a health environment, capital formation and development of products and services promotes a positive trickle down effect with streams of suppliers and efficiencies integrated. In war spending, explosions and killing are the name of the game. The trickle down is of destruction, ruin, and misery. The argument on reconstruction that follows the wartime activity is laughable. To be sure, some reconstruction takes place, but not sufficient in volume. Besides, the funds set aside for rebuilding are usually stolen by the Elites (see Kissinger, Clinton Foundation) while the Senators enjoy kickbacks.


The Too Big To Fail banks are considered essential to preserve. They are not. They are universally financial crime centers and criminal organizations. They are preserved at the expense of the USEconomy. The big US banks are in control of the USGovt, thus kept in positions of power. While the big US banks are kept in operation, the cost is heavy, since the USEconomy is permitted to degrade, deteriorate, and decay. The mantra should be that we save the big banks but killed the economy.


Federal deficit spending is considered to sustain long-term economic growth, and to avert recessionary spirals. It does not. Deficit spending is an accumulating disaster. In bad times, the deficits are enormous. In good times, the deficits remain sizeable. Over the long stretch of time, the deficits have made $20 trillion in unpayable debts which will never be repaid. The portion of foreign held USGovt debt went above the 50% level several years ago. Since the Lehman failure, foreign creditors have been secretly calling the shots, making many hidden decisions. The other hidden effect of the staggering federal debt is pressure to maintain the prevailing interest rate near zero. A normal rate of 5% would mean $1 trillion in annual borrowing cost alone. No discipline whatsoever exists in managing the deficits. Systemic breakdown and federal debt default are the result.


The sanctions imposed against Russia and Iran are reported as removing bad elements from integrated involvement in the Western Economy. It does not. The sanctions are designed to prevent the removal and abandonment of the USDollar as global currency reserve and global trade payment standard. The sanctions are motivated to sustain the King Dollar Court and to retain its global usage, which permits continued $trillion thefts by the banker cabal. To attempt a cutoff of Russia and Iran, two former historical empires, is both ambitious and impossible. They will both be integrated with the European Economy, as gas suppliers. The upshot will be more blowback against the United States, for its exception power plays and engrained corruption.


The central bank franchise system is considered as promoting economic growth, assuring financial stability, and encouraging employment. It does not. The system endorsed fake money, a debt based complex extravaganza of corrupt money. The system enables monetary creation by the bankers, ruin of the system by their invalid structure of money, then confiscation of assets by the creators of fake money. The central bank system sustains the banker power, which since 2001 has grabbed both the White House and the USCongress with its tentacles. The consequence of their century of rule with central bank pillbox controls has been Western Economic destruction and widespread big bank insolvency. Their continued plans are being interrupted.


The War on Terrorism is reported to keep America safe. It does not. The architects are the primary perpetrators of terrorism. They employ hidden tools with numerous mercenary groups, or simply hire the Mossad like in Paris, Brussels, and Nice. The fake war is to provide adequate smokescreen for rampant narcotics production, distribution, and integration within banking operations.


Expansion of the USDollar money supply is considered to lift the USEconomy and to enable its development. It does not. The bitter fruits of the Fascist Business Model cannot be seen more clearly in the fast falling Money Velocity graph. It is down almost 50% since QE was installed. The USD money supply has risen easily by double, yet the USEconomy is in tatters. In a most perverse manner, the new USDollars generated are a type of anti-matter in a financial sense. The pure unadulterated inflation is acid and destructive of capital and wealth engines.



In time, expect an eventual refusal by Eastern producing nations to accept USTreasury Bills in payment for trade.The IMF reversal decision assures this USTBill blockade in time, and might accelerate the timetable. The United States Govt cannot continue on five glaring fronts of gross negligence and major violations. These violations have prompted the BRICS & Alliance nations to hasten their development of diverse non-USD platforms toward the goal of displacing the USDollar while at the same time take steps toward the return of the Gold Standard.

The New Scheiss Dollar will arrive in order to assure continued import supply to the USEconomy. It will be given a 30% devaluation out of the gate, then many more devaluations of similar variety. The New Dollar will fail all foreign and Eastern scrutiny. The USGovt will be forced to react to USTBill rejection at the ports. The US must accommodate with the New Scheiss Dollar in order to assure import supply, and to alleviate the many stalemates to come. The United States finds itself on the slippery slope that leads to the Third World, a Jackass forecast that has been presented since Lehman fell (better described as killed by JPM and GSax). The only apparent alternative is for the United States Govt to lease a large amount of gold bullion (like 10,000 tons) from China in order to properly launch a gold-backed currency. Doing so would open the gates for a generation of commercial colonization, but actual progress in returning capitalism to the United States. The cost would be supply shortages to the USEconomy, a result of enormous export increases to China.

Click Here to Continue Reading Jim Willie’s Latest Hat Trick Letter:

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Silver CEO’s Inside View: Big Money Using This Correction to Enter Precious Metals

With Gold and Silver’s Correction Continuing, Top Mining CEO Keith Neumeyer Joined the Show For An Insider’s Perspective On the Early Stages of a Major Bull Market:

  • “No One’s Ever Done This” Neumeyer Reveals How He Paid “Virtually Nothing” For Gold and Silver
  • First Mining Finance – Keith Neumeyer is So Convinced Gold Prices Are Going Higher He’s Built a Company to BANK In Ground Gold Bullion
  • The CEO Reveals Big Institutions Are Using This Correction to Enter the Gold and Silver Bull Market

The Doc, Dubin, Tyler, & Neumeyer Also Discuss:

Goonspeak: The Fed All Want to Be Movie Stars! 

Keith Believes Institutions Have Billions In Cash On the Sidelines Preparing to Enter Gold and Silver Markets

Bull Markets Don’t Go Straight Up – Neyumeyer Explains Why It’s So Hard to Stay On the Bull! 

Triple Digit Silver? – “I Get Criticized Because I’m One of the More Aggressive Guys Out There”

Industrial, Monetary, or Something More?  “Silver is a Strategic Metal – It’s As Exciting As Anything!”

Neumeyer Explains Why Silver Has to Go SUBSTANTIALLY Higher…

Click Here For Full SD Weekly Metals and Markets With Keith Neumeyer: 


Gold bullion sales remained strong across the industry this week as gold prices rallied throughout the first half of the week, then sold off with renewed fears of a September rate hike by the FOMC. 

The US Mint sold 12,500 1 oz Gold Eagles, bringing monthly Gold Eagle sales to 17,500 coins, and year to date sales to 620,500 oz. 

In Silver:

Retail silver demand was subdued for much of the week as silver spot prices climbed back above $20/oz before plunging over $1 on Thursday and Friday.
The dip brought strong demand back into the market. 

Wholesale premiums on 90% Junk Silver Coins and 90% silver halves remained stable this week. 
2016 Silver Eagle sales reported by the US Mint came in at only 170,000 coins this week, a big decline from last week’s 410,000 number, and back down to the approximately 150,000 coins/week sold throughout most of July and August.   As the majority of the week’s retail business was done on Friday’s big market dip (along with Monday’s Labor Day holiday), expect next week’s sales numbers from the US Mint to be much stronger. 

This brings year to date Silver Eagle sales numbers to 29,210,500 coins. 

The US Mint is set to release the 30th Anniversary 2016 Silver Eagle Proof next Friday, which will likely be one of the most highly sought after Silver Eagle proofs in recent years.

Click Here For Full SD Weekly Metals and Markets With Keith Neumeyer: 

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