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Bix Weir joins Silver Doctors to give an update on the gold and silver bullion market. Weir says the markets are 100% rigged.
He predicts physical silver coin and bar shortages to appear soon since the artificially low prices will cause demand to outstrip supply.
He also predicts the price manipulation is coming to an end and reveals why:

Click Here For Full Coverage From Bix Weir:

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Bullion Buyers “Shellshocked” As Gold & Silver Prices Jump Higher

With Gold & Silver SCREAMING Higher On the Worst Jobs Report in Half a Decade, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined the Show, Discussing:

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Banksters Buying Gold? – Shocking Jim Willie Interview

Goldman & The Morgue were handed $ TRILLIONS in printed fiat digits during the last financial crisis by the Fed.
Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair’s original $50,000 forecast for gold was not arbitrary, but was a calculated prediction.
In his latest interview, Golden Jackass Jim Willie discusses whether the banks are preparing to buy gold in an EPIC WAY…

Click Here For Full Coverage From Jim Willie:

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BOMBSHELL: Saudis Forcing U.S. Navy to Use SILVER BULLION to Pay For Fuel! – Jim Willie

“The dollar devaluation is right around the corner!…The US Navy in the Persian Gulf is already being forced by the Saudis to use SILVER BULLION to purchase fuel!“
Hat Trick Letter Editor Jim Willie joins the Power Hour for one of his most shocking interviews EVER on this Absolute Game Changing Development for the Dollar.

Click Here For Full Coverage By Golden Jackass Jim Willie:

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Is There A Silver Shortage? David Morgan Presents the Cold, Hard Data

silver shortageThroughout 2015’s Severe Retail Investment Silver Shortage, Skeptics Claimed That Silver Itself Was In Abundant Supply & the Shortage Was Merely a Production Issue. 
Is There In Fact A Massive Shortage of Physical Silver Metal Developing in the Market? 
Renowned Silver Expert David Morgan Joined the Show to Present the Cold Hard Data:

Click Here For Full Coverage on SD Weekly Metals & Markets: 


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China Gold Bullion Yuan Trading Opens…Gold & Silver Promptly Go Vertical!

Y-Day is here! We’ve waited for years for the Chinese and their Shanghai Gold exchange to offer a competing Price “fix” to the existing structure out of London…and it all starts NOW!
How will this impact the gold market?  At what price will the Shanghai Fix come in?
If this morning’s massive short squeeze is any indication…

Click Here For More On Gold & Silver Short Squeeze As Chinese Gold Bullion Market Opens:

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Celebration Of Fire: Jim Willie Warns China May Upend Dollar With Gold In APRIL!

What an incredible insult to the banker cabal, replete with Satanists like uber-leader Rothschild, if the fiat paper currency system centered upon the USDollar is upended by China during mid-April! 
Any wresting of control within the Gold market would enable the price to rise.
Refer to a doubled Gold price and a tripled Silver price suddenly.
The Chinese attack within the Gold market could hit Satanist bankers where they live, in the fire of mid-April…

Click Here For Jim Willie’s Latest Hat Trick Letter- Celebration of Fire: 

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When You See THIS…The World Will WAKE UP to Gold & Silver!

thisWith Gold and Silver Hammered Ahead of the Holiday Weekend, Harvey Organ Joined the Show to Break Down All the Action, Discussing:

  • Why A Raid HAD To Come!  
  • On the GLD: Someone’s Buying 2 Tons of Gold & the Price Gets Slaughtered!?!
  • “How This Game Ends”: END GAME Will Happen “This Year” 
  • China Threatens US Gov’t With MASSIVE Yuan Devaluation
  • Is the Cartel About to Roll Back Gold & Silver’s Entire 2016 Bull Move?

Click Here For the SD Weekly Metals and Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and Harvey Organ:

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END GAME Is Underway, Gold & Silver to $10,000 & $400 By End of 2017! – Jim Willie

Many gold and silver investors have been waiting and preparing for the Great Financial Collapse along with a revaluation of gold and silver prices ever since 2007. 
You might not have to wait much longer.
In His Latest Exclusive Interview, Jim Willie Warns the Final END GAME Has Now Begun:

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“The Whole System Can Blow!” BIG Moves Ahead For Gold & Silver?

“The Whole System Can Blow!” 
In This Week’s Metals and Markets, Doc & Dubin Break Down the Golden Sombrero, & The Mechanics of a Major Gold and Silver Price Raid-
Is the Trading Action Signalling a Small Correction Followed By Another BIG MOVE Higher, Or Are We Witnessing the Early Stages of a MASSIVE Raid That is Just Getting Underway?

Click Here for More on BIG Moves Ahead for Gold & Silver:

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CNBC Allows GATA’s Bill Murphy On LIVE TV, Shocking Silver Discussion Ensues

After years of black-balling the GATA Chairman, CNBC invited Bill Murphy onto its SquawkBox program for a LIVE interview, which spun out of control rather quickly for the financial pundits when Murphy took the conversation to silver, and specifically where the white metal is headed when the banksters lose control of their price manipulation scheme: 
Silver is their Kryptonite.  If they lose control of silver, the game’s over! If the price of Silver takes out $18.50, its on its way to $100!
Click here for the GATA Chairman’s Full MUST WATCH Interview:

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Silver and Gold Analyst Warns Collapse of PM Manipulation At Hand!

“The Perfect Storm in Silver is Coming.  Demand Could TOTALLY OVERWHELM SUPPLY in 2016. The Real Value of Gold and Silver Will Be RELEASED By the Bankers Once They’re Out of Their Positions.” -Steve St. Angelo

Is the Collapse of the Paper Gold and Silver Market at Hand? 

In This MUST LISTEN SD Metals and Markets, Expert Gold & Silver Analyst
Steve St. Angelo of the SRSRocco Report Makes the Case:



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