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TRUMP, DEBT COLLAPSE, & GOLD: Jim Willie Asks, Is The End Near?

Jim Willie Joins Us For An Explosive Interview, Discussing:

How Will Trump Affect GOLD
The Italian banking system is on its last leg ►3:07
The media’s lies about Trump ►17:07
Will the Fed sabotage the Trump administration? ►27:53

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Before the election, the financial sector was sending the signal Trump would be a disaster for the economy.
But Trump has won, and the market commentary has reversed.
The stock market is trading at all-time highs while the gold price is falling. What is going on?
GATA Chairman Bill Murphy reveals TPTB are manipulating people’s perceptions in order to avoid a chain reaction in the markets, and it’s working – at least for now…

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Forget Trump – Is Deutsche Bank The First Domino of the Next Economic Collapse?

The FIRST DOMINO of Contagion: 
Will Deutsche bank be the catalyst for the collapse of the European banking system?

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Donald J. Trumptrumpcrushesestablishment has STUNNED the world.  Will Cuffs and Nooses Be Next?
The media and political establishment are SHELL-SHOCKED As Globalism Has Been Set Back 50 Years!
When the results came in, Dow futures collapsed LIMIT DOWN and gold skyrocketed.
But now the markets have reversed dramatically.
Rob Kirby says the ONLY explanation for market reversal is market interference.
Trump will not allow this kind of market manipulation..

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Jeff Berwick  joins SD to discuss the coming economic collapse. Berwick believes TPTB realize the system cannot survive and are going to engineer a collapse.
He says governments around the world, international organizations, and billionaires realize the writing is on the wall & are preparing for the coming crisis…

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Jim Willie Warns Dollar Collapse Has BEGUN – US Treasury Bonds Being REJECTED At Ports!

In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Jim Willie Makes a Shocking Claim - US Treasury Bonds Are Being REJECTED As Payment in These Port Facilities.
Has the Long Anticipated Dollar Collapse Begun?

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The COLLAPSE Of The Western Banking System | Jim Willie

In this Exclusive Interview, Jim Willie warns that with US T Bonds already selling off, the banking system will be caught on the wrong side of the trade when it comes to derivatives on interest rate swaps.
As the U.S. banks collapse, Here’s What Happens Next:

Click Here For Parts 1 and 2 Of Full Exclusive Inteview With Jim Willie: 

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Jim Willie Sounds the Alarm: UNPRECEDENTED US BOND DUMPING – Dollar Collapse Ahead!

A Dollar Collapse is Coming…

Has a MASSIVE foreign dumping of US Treasury Bonds begun? 
Legendary Gold and Silver Analyst Jim Willie Warns A FIRESTORM Is About to Begin:

Click Here For FULL Coverage With Jim Willie:

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$300 Silver & The Case for $11,000 GOLD | Gold Money’s Alasdair MacLeod

 SD-Alasdair-MacLeod-Thumbnail-300x169When it comes to precious metals, Gold Money’s Alasdair MacLeod says gold will continue to rise to account for the expansion of the paper currency supply.
Based on how much the dollar has been inflated, MacLeod calculates gold should rise to $4,000/oz – $11,000/oz.
MacLeod predicts the correction in the precious metals is over.
He sees gold testing its all-time highs in 2017, and silver breaking through into the $30 range.

Click Here For Full Coverage On The Case for $11,000 Gold:

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Dollar Collapse Ahead – Gold Backed Currency Next?

China is buying MASSIVE amounts of gold…for one very specific reason.

As a result, price manipulators are losing control of the gold and silver markets.
The economy is not on the road to recovery, Hall says. The Fed, European Central Bank, and Bank of Japan are holding together a failed system by papering over the cracks in the system without fixing the fundamental problems.
he Powers that Be cannot hold the system together much longer.

Click Here For Full Coverage:

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US Dollar On the Brink of COLLAPSE | John Embry

John Embry, senior advisor at Sprott joins us to sound the Alarm –
The US Dollar Is ON THE BRINK of Collapse:

Embry explains what has led us to this shocking tipping point in America’s history.
He says going off the gold standard resulted in massive money printing and an explosion of U.S. government debt:
“The prospect for something going seriously wrong that can’t be corrected is enormously high.”
He believes any rise in interest rates could break the debt bubble.

How should investors prepare for such a crisis?  Embry suggests investing in gold and silver.
While many people argue gold and silver are overvalued right now, Embry says gold bars and silver coins have never been cheaper relative to the amount of debt in the world.

Embry points out that by and large, average investors have almost no gold and silver exposure.

He says there is so much money invested in other assets, that when investors start moving toward gold and silver, the coming rise in the precious metal bull market will dwarf the 1980’s gold and silver bull run.
“I think the upside potential in both these metals is beyond most people’s comprehension.”

Click Here For Full MUST LISTEN John Embry DOLLAR COLLAPSE Interview:

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New Highs Coming for Gold & Silver | US Mint AP’s Roy Friedman

The President of US Mint Authorized Purchaser Manfra, Tordella, & Brookes (MTB) joins Silver Doctors to discuss how the recent pullback in the precious metals markets is impacting wholesale investment demand for gold and silver.
Friedman says investors who were waiting on the sidelines are now PLUNGING into the market.
Demand is increasing dramatically for both gold and silver, but especially for silver:

Click Here For Full Inside Interview From the President of US Mint AP MTB:

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