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Purchasing power of dollar is falling: why still use it?

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Maxcoin will replace Bitcoin and dollar

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Perth Mint Gold Coin And Bar Sales Advance in October On Price Dip

Gold sales from Australia’s Perth Mint, which refines most of the gold bullion from the world’s second largest producer, rose in October as a drop in prices to a three month low led to increased demand and the mint filled a backlog of orders. (more…)

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Turkey’s Gold Imports In 2013 May Surpass Record Over 269.5 Metric Tonnes

Gold is gradually being remonetised again in Turkey and this trend will soon be seen globally. Turkey’s regulators have been discussing planned legislation to enable customers to buy or sell gold at bank branches or transfer gold into other accounts, according to an Aug. 29 report in Milliyet, a daily newspaper.  (more…)

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