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[KR692] Keiser Report: Debt Meteor Approaching Earth

We believe that ‘something’s gotta give’ as the real world continues to tumble while equity markets continue rising – and not everyone is ‘lovin’ it.’ We also compare the debt curse to the oil curse. In the second half, Max interviews equity crowdfunding pioneer, Simon Dixon of, about the latest in CrowdFunding 2.0 as both the political and financial space is disinter mediated.

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this is the encryption #StartCHAT will be using with the telegram open source platform.



Full article here 


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Get #Maxcoin in 15 minutes

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The collapse of USA is set to occur

The collapse of USA is near. Would anyone buy Maxcoins, Bitcoins or even Startcoins? Of course! Does someone want to have dollars in the pocket? Of course not! (more…)

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Bitcoin will replace everything

“The Bitcoin Big Bang” by Brian Kelly (a investor and contributor to CNBC’s “Fast Money”) asserts that Bitcoin some day will replace:
– the whole global financial system,
– doing the job of banks,
– insurance companies,
– credit card issuers and
– even trusts.

Read more about “The Bitcoin Big Bang” by Brian Kelly.

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Your Art: It’s not me. It’s you.

Your Art: It’s not me. It’s you.’ is an art project I am crowdfunding through Max Keiser’s startJOIN platform. I had the idea whilst I was compiling my previous art-book, Your Face, with the sentiment that it would be cool to compile an art-book of other, everyday, people’s art (like some kind of guerrilla curator). Your Face, also crowdfunded through startJOIN, gave me the opportunity to publish a book of my own artwork and I want to be able to provide such an opportunity for other artists – “Why should they publish their art through you and not do it themselves?” I hear you say: Well, some artists that I have already been in contact with regarding this project are not so computer literate and need a “middle-man” to publish their art; others would just like to be part of a collective alternative to the already established artists and art-books (Russell Brand is always banging on about collectivism these days and he is right, we do need to find our own collective alternatives; this is one of them). The word ‘established’ can be read as the already popular artists or as the establishmented (made up word, I know), the artists that are funded by the war machine itself, by oligarchs and royals and art galleries sponsored by corruption. The Tate Modern and Tate Britain, for example, are sponsored by AIG, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Morgan Stanley, to name but a few – When I was coming up with this idea, a successful artist cousin of mine said that “there are so many artists out there who would love to have their work published in a book” and this gave me the motivation to actually try to realise the thought. However, I can only realise this with the essential help of my fellow artists (whilst I’m on the subject, I must say how honoured I am to be mentioned in The Artist Taxi Driver’s recent video, ‘Westmonster: The artists are coming for you!’, and if you don’t sponsor my project, please please please sponsor his ‘Westmonster: The Movie’ project. It is essential! The artists really are coming for you, Westmonster.)

Westmonster: They Live You Kip

Artwork by Mother Shipton for The Artist Taxi Driver

So, please, realise that art is essential in any revolution and the establishment is afraid of the artist because of this; for their insight, for their free-thinking and provocation. We do need to collectivise, and for the artist to collectivise, that is a very beautiful, and potentially powerful, prospect. The sooner artists move away from big business and big benefactors, the better – Fuck that shit!

Artwork by Mother Shipton for Sean Fahey

Artwork by Mother Shipton for Sean Fahey

… Here comes the bit where I ask for your money ;-) Not in the way that they beg for you to vote for them on The X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent or whatever, run by huge corporations, hosted by amoral human beings, loved by countless millions, no. In this way: Please support my art project, Your Art: It’s not me. It’s you., if you want to. All I’m asking for is £1 and I will include your art in the book (£1/JPEG) – I accept Bitcoin and Startcoin. If I don’t receive enough support this time around, I’m sure that this book will be made sooner or later because this is the way forward for art, so it might as well be now. Art is releasing itself from the stranglehold of the rich, as is society. Is art a reflection of life? Or is life a reflection of art? (to quote Oscar Wilde). You decide.

Your Art: It's not me. It's you.

Your Art: It’s not me. It’s you.

As is the way of the internet, I expect to receive some negative comments on this post and in anticipation of that, I say – in the words of The Prodigy – “People like you just fuel my fire!”


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Kilkenomics being broadcasted next year ? StartJOIN it!


Kilkenomics 2015 will be a tremendous event to broadcast/stream for the world to see.

StartJOIN has been helping allot of good projects come to light.

The potential that startJOIN crowdfunding platform has as a gateway to major distribution.

maxkeiser kilkenomics

Not only are there suggestions about starting a project on StartJOIN raising funds to stream sessions from next year’s Kilkenomics Economics and Comedy festival in Kilkenny Ireland.

Full story

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One Year After Silk Road Seizure, Silk Road 2.0 Is Seized, Other Marketplaces Go Down


Original article appeared at Bitcoinomics.Net

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The Operator of Silk Road 2.0 – Dread Pirate Roberts 2 – has been charged in Manhattan federal court.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said: “As alleged, Blake Benthall attempted to resurrect Silk Road, a secret website that law enforcement seized last year, by running Silk Road 2.0, a nearly identical criminal enterprise. Let’s be clear—this Silk Road, in whatever form, is the road to prison. Those looking to follow in the footsteps of alleged cybercriminals should understand that we will return as many times as necessary to shut down noxious online criminal bazaars. We don’t get tired.” (more…)

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[KR675] Keiser Report – CRASH! BOOM! POP!

We discuss ‘American Psycho’ type banker murderers roaming the streets beheading prostitutes. While in the central banks, we see ‘corporatism’ as defined by the World Bank in the 80s and 90s – and that is a balance sheet greater than 25% of GDP. In the second half Max interviews Professor Steve Keen and artist Miguel Guerra about their new crowdfunded graphic novel series – CRASH, BOOM, POP – where economics will be fun to learn. Professor Keen promises Max a naked Margaret Thatcher to keep with the genre. They also discuss the godzilla in the Japanese central banking consuming any debt the population throws at it and where this might lead for the final global debt showdown.

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Thoughts on Election Day: Relax—Both Parties Are Going Extinct

Decentralization vs. Centralization is the defining battle of our time. Midterm elections 2014 are a sideshow…

Read the rest here.

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This Mayoral Candidate Wants To Nullify Legal Tender Laws & Promote Bitcoin


Listen to the podcast here. (more…)

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Did FinCEN & SEC Just Destroy Bitcoin’s Future In The US?


Originally appeared at Bitcoinomics.Net

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Two government agencies came out with new rulings and requests for the Bitcoin community, and many in the Bitcoin community see this as a possible end for Bitcoin-related businesses in the US.

Ultimately, while the actions have implications for Bitcoin businesses, bitcoin use among individuals will largely remain unchanged, and the actions will push the community towards further decentralization and less dependence on few players in the space.

The US Securities Exchange Commission sent out letters to upwards of hundreds of bitcoin-related companies asking them to hand over documentation regarding their crowdsales of what the SEC views as unregistered securities offerings. (more…)

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