Sean Nolan’s Joke Manifesto: Ideals & Systems of Value for Stand Up Comedy


“I re-post it in its entirety, even though there is no mention of knob gags nor of Asperger’s Syndrome, surely two comedy ‘bankers’.”Read my latest daily blog in full here

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Congrats to this week’s @Start_Coin rewards winners. Next week we give away 5,000 START to top pledger!!!

Mystery solved: #MH17 Passengers Died For Joe Biden’s Son

Just logged onto @startJOIN today and saw I had 25 FREE Startcoins, the crowd funding site that PAYS!

You Can’t Taper a Ponzi Scheme: Time to Reboot

One thing to be said for the women now heading the Federal Reserve and the IMF: compared to some of their predecessors, they are refreshingly honest. The Wall Street Journal reported on July 2nd:

 Two of the world’s most powerful women of finance sat down for a lengthy discussion Wednesday on the future of monetary policy in a post-crisis world: U.S. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde. Before a veritable who’s-who in international economics packing the IMF’s largest conference hall, the two covered all the hottest topics in debate among the world’s central bankers, financiers and economists.

Among those hot topics was the runaway shadow banking system, defined by Investopedia as “The financial intermediaries involved in facilitating the creation of credit across the global financial system, but whose members are not subject to regulatory oversight. Read more ›

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Maxcoin and Startcoin to be added to the Nxt Multigateway

Centralized exchanges have always carried the risk of losing your coins. This can happen in different ways. Sometimes the security of the exchange just isn’t good enough, or the person running it is not trustworthy. Within the world of cryptocurrency, needing the trust a third party with your coins has often been an uneasy alliance, and sometimes a distaster.

Enter the Nxt Multigateway, an innovative new exchange platform that uses the possibilities offered by the Nxt Asset Exchange. The Multigateway has used the possibilities of multisignatures and the Nxt Asset Exchange to create a peer to peer trading platform to allow decentralised trading with no fees.

The Nxt Multigateway is a brainchild of jl777, also the issuer of the jl777hodl Asset. This Asset is the first one to be listed on an external exchange, Poloniex, under the name JLH. This means that Assets on the Nxt AE are now able to move outside the Nxt ecosytem into the larger cryptocommunity, making it possible to attract a much larger range of investors.

Maxcoin and Startcoin are already listed on the mobile payment system TxtCoinsNow, where Nxt will be the default currency.NEWONE

Now, the Nxt Multigateway is proud and happy to expand on this by adding Maxcoin and Startcoin to its trading platform, that currently supports BTC, LTC and Nxt, with DRK and DOGE being added soon. We hope you will join us in being the first to trade on a fully decentralized exchange, and take the first big step in trading without middlemen.


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Gold, crude oil, hogs, coffee or condos?

What would you guess has performed best over the past 10 years?



Manhattan condos?


Or gold?


If you only read the mainstream blogosphere and financial news, you’d be forgiven for thinking your cognitive bias had destroyed your returns on gold and that, in fact, you’re down or have performed the worst of all asset classes. When, in fact:

In terms of returns, gold topped the list with a compound annual growth rate of 12.91% over the past 10 years. West Texas Intermediate crude-oil futures came in second, rising 11.02% annually; coffee rose 9% over the 10-year period, and hog futures rose 5.34%.

By comparison, the S&P 500 stock-market index saw a 5.56% compound annual growth rate over the past 10 years.

Oh, and that Manhattan condo?

Meanwhile, those who invested in Manhattan residential real estate 10 years ago have seen values rise 6.5% over that time period

I’m not sure if that counts the property tax . . .

But Wait, There Are A Few Differences Between Amazon and the US Postal Service

Money-losing Amazon is Exhibit A of how the Fed’s free money for Wall Street and corporate mastodons is destructive to the rest of the economy. It creates unfair competition.

Read…..  But Wait, There Are A Few Differences Between Amazon and the Postal Service

Are We Addicted to Failure?

Like all addicts, Central Planners are confident they can manage the monkey on their back. But this is a self-serving illusion.

Addiction is many things, but beneath its complexities it is a self-destructive expression of the desire to avoid or suppress pain. The pain might be physical or the stuff of the mind, memories or inner demons or tortured misgivings about one’s choices, soul and life.

Though the self-destructive aspects of the addiction are painfully visible to observers, to the addict they represent a solution: perhaps not the ideal one or even a good one, but a solution nonetheless.

Fear plays a big part in many addictions–fear of life without the addictive salve. The fear in an addict’s eyes when the fix is not forthcoming is haunting to all who witness it.

To the non-addicted observer, addictions are not successes; they are failures of one kind or another, and those who care about the addict seek some way to extract the addict from the grip of his/her addiction, and from the fear that often drives it.

I have recently been wondering if America is addicted to failure. 

Read more ›

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Get REAL: Silver

Stacy Summary: Sponsored by Mining Maven; Jan Skoyles interviews Mark O’Byrne about the latest in the silver markets.

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Who is the newish UK comedian most likely to become successful?


“It’s him compulsively going over whether or not he has been a good person, looking back at memories of when he found himself being ashamed of something. It’s about him kind of descending into insanity.”Read my latest daily blog in full here

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Gold Lockdown Until Options Expiry Monday – New Singapore Gold Contract Threatens Manipulation

Singapore’s plans to become a gold and precious metals hub took a key step on Thursday. Jim Rogers, Jim Sinclair and Marc Faber have extolled the virtues of owning physical coins and bars in Singapore. “Individuals are making a mistake if they’re holding all their assets in one country.…I still have the majority of my gold in Switzerland, but I am already moving gold to Asia,” Faber recently said.

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