3-Year-Old London Child Deemed “Extremist” and Placed in Government Reeducation Program

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Never fear good citizens of Great Britain. While your government actively does everything in its power to protect criminal financial oligarchs and powerful pedophiles, her majesty draws the line at toddler thought crime.

Unfortunately, this is not a joke.

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Gold “Extremely Rare” – All World’s Gold Fits In Average Four Bedroom House

- Gold is extremely rare and all gold ever mined would fit in giant bar the size of a four bedroom house
- Gold is a tangible asset which always retains value – unlike paper assets
- Growing Chinese, Indian and Asian middle class provide “fundamental pillar of support” to gold
- Jewellery is not a suitable vehicle for gold investment due to high mark-ups and VAT
- “Something romantic about gold” and a “premium product” said Bobby Kerr
- Risk of further weakness in short term but buying opportunity presenting itself
- History and academic research shows gold a “hedging instrument” and safe haven asset

Research Director and founder of GoldCore, Mark O’Byrne, was interviewed by Bobby Kerr on Newstalk’s “Down to Business” on Saturday morning. A range of aspects pertaining to gold and the gold market were discussed including the rarity of physical gold; the enormous demand for gold from China and India and gold’s proven safe haven qualities.

All the gold in the world in a giant gold cube (0.9999 pure)
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Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble: When Authorities Buy Assets to Prop Up Markets

The actual line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth is double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble but for the purposes of analyzing what happens when authorities prop up market bubbles by directly buying assets, bubble, bubble, toil and trouble is also appropriate.

China’s authorities seem to have chanted Shakespeare’s magical incantation nonstop this year, as the Shenzhen and other Chinese stock market indices have more than doubled. This chart illustrates what the Chinese authorities were aiming for: a bubble that just keeps expanding and never pops:

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Deflation Is Winning – Beware!


There is growing evidence that deflation is winning the day. If deflation does indeed take over and swamp the official efforts at damage control, quite a lot of fantasy wealth in today’s stock, bond and real estate markets will be destroyed.

This means investors want to be positioned away from risk-based financial assets right now — with stocks and low & junk grade bonds are right at the top of that list:

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How does America print money to pay interest on money they just printed and not have revolution?

The Disguised Theft Of Our Future Prosperity: IHB News™

“Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States.”

Former Senator Barry Goldwater

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[KR788] Keiser Report: Property Bubble

We discuss the property bubble as a liberty-sacrificing delusion. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Michael Krieger of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com about #BankersLivesMatter and the two-tier justice system in America in relation to bankers and their crimes. They also discuss how it is that Colorado’s economy is booming.

Bnk To The Future, Bitcoin Capital and @start_coin – part of new show, “Crowd Factor”

Just a Minting Shortage? “There IS A WHOLESALE Shortage!” -Sprott’s John Embry

embryIn the wake of historic movements in the gold and silver markets this week, Sprott’s John Embry joined us for a power-packed show, discussing:

  • Metals Drive-By Shooting As $2.7 Billion Notional in Gold Dumped in Nanoseconds: “This is financial repression at its finest!
  • CAPITULATION Bottom In Progress– Absolute OBLITERATION in Mining Sector!
  • Manipulation & MOPE Went Into Overdrive! I’ve never seen such a coordinated attack on gold in the media!
  • Sunshine Mint SUSPENDS SALES OF ALL SILVER BARS AND ROUNDS, & the RCM SHOCKS Distributors Friday By Announcing 90% Decrease in Silver Maple Allocations! 
  • Embry Explains Cartel Gets Aggressive Because “We Are Getting VERY CLOSE TO THE END
  • Just a Retail/ Minting Shortage? “There is a WHOLESALE SHORTAGE!…There’s so much misinformation in the markets!

    Click here for John Embry’s MUST LISTEN Analysis On Metals Capitulation & Shortage:
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Artists are now able to leverage blockchain technology

What is ArtByte? : IHB News™

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Is the Echo Housing Bubble About to Burst?

Speculative bubbles that burst are often followed by an echo bubble, as many participants continue to believe that the crash was only a temporary setback.

The U.S. housing market is experiencing a classic echo bubble. Exhibit A is the Case-Shiller Housing Index for the San Francisco region, which has surged back to levels reached at the top of the first bubble:

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Real time and historical blockchain visualizations

Bits Blockchain Visualization: IHB News™

Watch it Live!