Gold Glimmers as Global Market Fear Grips Investors

Today’s Gold Prices: USD 1,154.25, EUR 999.35 and GBP 730.56 per ounce.
Yesterday’s Gold Prices: USD 1,153.50, EUR 1,005.93 and GBP 734.34 per ounce.

Gold in USD - 1 Year

Gold in USD – 1 Year

Yesterday, gold rose initially prior to selling in the futures market saw gold fall $6.30 to $1153.10 in New York and ended down just 0.5%.  Silver slipped 50 cents to $14.78 per ounce.  Gold in euros and sterling fell by slightly more but still outperformed falling stock markets.

Gold performed well considering the stock market bloodbath yesterday. The fact that it is was only marginally lower despite market carnage bodes very well indeed for the coming months.

Frequently, gold is correlated with equities in the very short term and can fall when stock markets suffer sharp one day corrections. However, over the month and the quarter, gold has an inverse correlation with equities.

Gold appears to have once again anticipated the crisis and is acting like a safe haven in recent days – just at the moment when western investors need a safe haven and wealth preservation most.

We appear to be on the verge of new bear market in stocks and as we have been warning for some months now there is a real risk of a 1929 or 1987 style crash.

It is time to take stock and reduce allocations to equities and increasing allocations to cash and gold bullion.

Gold Glimmers as Global Market Fear Grips Investors
Gold last week broke above its 50-day moving average as a fresh round of negative news from around the globe rekindled investors’ interest in the yellow metal as a safe haven.



“Frequently, gold is correlated with equities in the very short term” said GoldCore  – MarketWatch
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China share plunge smacks world markets; S&P, Nasdaq in correction – Reuters
Chinese Stocks Crash Again to Extend Biggest Plunge Since 1996 -Bloomberg


Gold Glimmers as Global Market Fear Grips Investors – Forbes
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[KR801] Keiser Report: Fraud in Miami

On the beach in Miami, we ask Reggie Middleton whether Miami really is the fraud capital of America. In the second half, Max continues his interview of Steve Dibert of about mojitos, fraud arbitrage and whatever happened to Mers.

Denver Police Arrest “Jury Nullification” Activist for Passing Out Informational Pamphlets

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.06.59 PM

Most of you will be familiar with the concept of jury nullification. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are not. This is precisely why Mark Iannicelli set up a “Jury Info” booth outside the Lindsay-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver. In a nutshell, jury nullification is the idea that jurors can “can ignore the law and follow their conscience when they believe the law would dictate a miscarriage of justice.” In other words, jurors have the right to judge the law as well as the facts. As you will see in the video at the end, this concept has centuries of precedence in these United States behind it.

When you recognize the vast power that such a concept holds, you recognize why it would be so hated by statists and authoritarians across the land. That is precisely why Mr. Iannicelli was arrested and charged with handing out information…

Read the rest here.

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Dow Collapses 1,000+ Points on Open: Shemitah Shock Continues


And we are off to a blazing start on “Shemitah” Monday!

The Dow was down more than 1,000 points (1,089.42 to be exact – or nearly 7% – again with the 7’s!) within minutes of the opening of trading. This came after Black Monday had already occurred in the rest of the world with the Chinese Shanghai Composite Index down 8% on Monday and stocks in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Australia all posting big losses. Stocks are also down significantly in major European markets. Read more ›

The stock market crash of 24 August 2015

Are we seeing market capitulation? Wall Street joined the China crash party last friday. Not only China, also US stock market had become detached from the reality of our economy. People who sold their houses to invest in stocks, they’re finished! This crash is not a capitulation, it is the beginning of the end of many banksters. We see evidence that the economy is slowing relatively fast. People have chosen to get out of the market. But why this happened? Here is a list of the factors that led to the stock market crash of 24 August 2015: The factors that led to the stock market crash of 24 August 2015

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“Gold And Silver Will Be Your Only Lifeboats” Warns Jim Sinclair

  • As for gold and silver, these markets are both REALLY tight if you want the physical metal. If you are trading paper metal …oh well, can’t help you.
  • This is the Great Credit Unwind and as such, currencies of all sorts, including the dollar, will take turns crashing. Watch the various sovereign treasury prices and yields (also CDS credit default swaps) as a clue to which country is experiencing an “attack du jour”.
  • Gold and silver will be your only lifeboats as they are no one’s liability in a world where everything including the money in your pocket is someone else’s liability.”

Gold and Silver Lifeboat

Jim Sinclair is one of the most respected experts on the gold market in the world and he released this important warning to his community over the weekend. 

The full note to his readers can be read here.

Gold in USD - 1 Week
Today’s Gold Prices: USD 1,153.50, EUR 1,005.93 and GBP 734.40 per ounce.
Friday’s Gold Prices: USD 1,149.35, EUR 1,021.33 and GBP 732.75 per ounce.

Gold in USD – 1 Week

On Friday, gold rose as high as $1161.67 in New York and ended with a gain of 0.64%.  Silver slipped to as low as $15.14 and ended with a loss of 1.29%.

Gold was 4% higher for the week and made strong gains in all major currencies. Silver was also higher, but by just 0.41% for the week.

Gold stayed close to its highest level in almost seven weeks today as worries over a slowing Chinese economy pushed investors away from risky assets such as equities and into safe haven assets.

Asian equities tumbled to three-year lows, the U.S. dollar retreated and industrial commodities from copper to oil slid to their weakest since 2009. The Chinese stock market collapsed another 8.5% and the Nikkei was 4.6% lower.

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The credit bubble has been identified, recognized and “pricked”, the equity markets are only a symptom. Do not be fooled by any strength this coming week, it should be used to raise cash.
As September moves in, the September-October time-frame looks like a disaster.
What may start out as circuit breakers being hit now, will ultimately be the plugs yanked out over the next couple of months. I believe a market closure is in our near term future.

Gold and silver will be your ONLY lifeboats…

Click here for full Collapse Alert from Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter:

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Is It Time to Get into Crash Positions?

With stock markets diving around the globe, a pressing question arises: is it time to get into Crash Positions?

In case you forgot how to get into Crash Positions, here’s a reminder:

Read more ›

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No Shortage? Then Who Needs Immediate Delivery of 35 Tonnes oz of Silver in a Non-Delivery Month!?!

panicWith gold surging all week and the DOW on the verge of all-out free-fall after plunging over 500 points Friday, The Doc & Eric Dubin Break Down All the Action, Discussing:

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Making Sense Of The Sudden Market Plunge


The global deflationary wave we have been tracking since last fall is picking up steam.  This is the natural and unavoidable aftereffect of a global liquidity bubble brought to you courtesy of the world’s main central banks.  What goes up must come down — and that’s especially true for the world’s many poorly-constructed financial bubbles, built out of nothing more than gauzy narratives and inflated with hopium.

As we’ve been warning for a long time, you cannot print your way to prosperity, you can only delay the inevitable by trading time for elevation.  Now, instead of finding ourselves saddled with $155 trillion of global debt as we did in 2008, we’re entering this next crisis with $200 trillion on the books and interest rates already stuck at zero.  We are 30 feet up the ladder instead of 10 and it’s a long way down.

Click here to read the full article

[KR800] Keiser Report: Competition Coming from Cuba

We discuss Miami’s fear of that good old capitalist thing – competition – coming from Cuba. The city is struggling to find sand in order to compete with the finer beaches of their new friend and competitor. In the second half, Max interviews Steve Dibert of about mojitos, fraud arbitrage and whatever happened to Mers.

Bill Holter: We Are Witnessing a Credit Collapse: Monday Could Be a DISASTER!

The credit BUST is here! Markets all over the world are crashing and the U.S. is now losing control.
After breaking down yesterday, today looks to be another bad day.  If the PPT cannot get any traction today,
 Monday could be a disaster.
The failure will be spectacular. 
In as few words as possible, we are witnessing a credit collapse.

Click here for full coverage from Bill Holter on why the Credit Collapse HAS BEGUN:

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