BBC Referendum Bias – Glasgow Rally & Orange Order

Banking on bitcoin?

This is Channel 4 News’s recent coverage of bitcoin (11/09/2014). Apparently, the Bank of England are getting behind the crypto-currency now. What is the agenda?

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“It’s no longer possible to dismiss bitcoin as a wet dream for techies or anarchists when one of the world’s leading central banks has decided to take it seriously.

Having monitored developments in the world of bitcoin for a year, the Bank of England has now delivered its verdict on a currency that was only created five years ago.

When I spoke exclusively to the Bank’s Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland, she was keen to say the Bank doesn’t want to dismiss bitcoin. It is watching how it develops and wants to be seen to be taking it seriously.

Perhaps she has a vested interest in keeping an eye on this rival currency. As Chief Cashier, her signature will start appearing on every new bank note from next Spring – a flourish that won’t be required if we all switch to digital.

But I wonder if the Bank is still not taking bitcoin seriously enough.

Rapid growth

It’s keen to emphasise just how small demand for the currency is right now. It calculates there are perhaps just 300 bitcoin transactions in the UK every day and only 20,000 people who have a digital wallet.

Victoria Cleland told me: “At the moment, there isn’t much evidence of the general person in the street really wanting to move to bitcoin”.

Then again, things on the internet have a habit of starting small and getting very big very fast.

Nicolas Cary of the BlockChain website points to the experience of PayPal, saying they “went from doing zero … transactions to doing a couple of million to doing 10 million to doing 100 million. Bitcoin now does 200-300 million dollars-worth of transactions a day, and the speed at which it got to that point is an order of magnitude faster than PayPal.”

He believes bitcoin could match VISA and Mastercard in size – possibly within just a few years.

But even if the Bank is right about bitcoin’s limited appeal in the UK, I suspect there are two other groups that might drive its usage – two groups at the opposite ends of the economic spectrum.

Billionaire banking

One is the super-rich. Many of them are exactly the sort of techie geeks who love the idea of bitcoin – including some who have made millions through investing in bitcoin itself. One such billionaire told me he’d consider holding 10 per cent of his wealth in bitcoin in future.

If that commitment gets repeated by other wealthy entrepreneurs, then bitcoin will become an important part of the financial infrastructure, and fast. It’s not the volume of bitcoin transactions that will matter but their total worth.

Alongside the super-rich will be the super poor.

Financially excluded

Billions of people on the planet have no access to bank accounts and, frankly, the banking system has shown no interest in them.

Already, mobile phone technology has moved in to fill the gap – by creating a whole new payment system that allows people to move money by text. The M-Pesa system in Kenya is the most developed example. In that country, 12 million people use a text message system developed by Vodafone to make transfers – that’s more than a quarter of the population.

Here in the UK, bitcoin allows anyone with a smartphone to effectively operate their own bank account, moving money for almost nothing.

You might not have a bank branch in a hundred miles, you might not trust the banks anyway, and you might not trust your nation’s currency either. Bitcoin will allow you to circumvent them.

As the Bank says, one of the main attractions of the currency is that it “minimises the degree of trust participants need to place in any third party”. It also, cuts down on commission fees charged to people trying to send money home.

So is bitcoin the future?

The internet is littered with next big things that disappeared back into the ether. Think MySpace or Friends Reunited. But the idea doesn’t tend to die, it evolves. With even the Bank calling bitcoin “the internet of finance”, it seems this idea may be here to stay.”

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Get Max To The Trews!

[KR563] Keiser Report: Global Ponzi Scheme

We discuss the ‘sans dents’ as the new ‘sans culottes’ as the bubbles will continue until morale improves. They also discuss inflation without compensation. In the second half, Max interviews David Smith of the Geneva Business Insider Blog about the Swiss Gold Initiative, the impact of sanctions and the wave of anti-EU sentiment spreading across Europe.

Max Keiser – Stand Up Rage in Glasgow

Performed at the Yes Bar in Glasgow on Friday, 12 September.

Goat dragging and mounted girl chasing near inevitable climax at the World Nomad Games


“The not-fully-explained Toguz Korkool, as far as I can figure out, is something akin to a ‘board game’ played in a field of pits with 90 goat droppings.” Read my latest daily blog in full here

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9/11 Researcher Tod Fletcher On the Smoking Gun Evidence for “the New Pearl Harbor”

On the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, Tod Fletcher of joins us for a power packed show, discussing: 

  • Latest PM smash as gold trades down towards $1225 and silver breaks $18.50: did the metals FINALLY bottom overnight Thursday into Friday, or is a capitulation crash coming on the Sunday night Globex session? 
  • First signs of renewed silver shortage appear along with DOZENS of new FIRST TIME SILVER BUYERS contacting SDBullion to enter the market Thursday and into Friday- a sign the 3 year correction is ending? 
  • The smoking gun that 9/11 is a Conspiracy FACT
  • Tod reveals his view on the MOTIVES behind the largest False Flag attack in US history- was it war, the security/surveillance state, gold theft/cover up, OR ALL3? 

Click here for the 9/11 Anniversary Special Edition Metals & Markets with The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Consensus911′s Tod Fletcher on the Smoking Gun Evidence for “the New Pearl Harbor”

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Obama’s ISIS War is Not Only Illegal, it Makes George W. Bush Look Like a Constitutional Scholar

I have spent the past several days outlining my deep concerns about the “ISIS crisis” and Obama’s willingness to employ extreme propaganda in order to once again embark on another poorly thought out military campaign here and here. What I have also come to realize is that his latest war plan is brazenly illegal and unconstitutional.

One very important, and up until recently, overlooked point about Obama’s latest “war on ISIS” is that this is not at all just more of the same. This crosses yet another very important line of shadiness, and if we as as American public allow him to do so, we will suffer grave long-term consequences to our economic future as well as our liberties. This is very serious stuff…

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Max Keiser – Stand Up Rage: Scottish Referendum Special – Part One – YesBar – 11th September 2014

How the Government Deceives us on Inflation, as Rents and Housing Costs Soar

It’s hard these days to worry about inflation amidst a maelstrom of voices claiming that there isn’t enough inflation to begin with, and that the world will end if prices stop rising even for a moment. Whatever inflation we may encounter in daily life, whether for healthcare, tuition, beef, gas, or cars, we’re told not to worry about it because the higher prices are either annulled by an elegant scheme called hedonic regression, or they’re only temporary, or the amounts are too small to impact the overall budget.

But when it comes to rents and housing costs, none of these excuses fly. They make up 30% of the Consumer Price Index. They’re its largest component. They’re soaring in real life. But not in the CPI.

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Brutally honest sportscaster: “600 women have died” since the night Ray Rice tape was made

Marshall Swing on the Latest Raid: Gold & Silver South of the Border!

The latest COT reveals the commercials very involved in this latest price crash.
In gold, we see speculators packing on 16,790 shorts and a huge short covering by the commercial.  That’s some 2.14 Billion in additional shorts by the speculators!
The latest cartel raid continues the long depression in precious metals as gold and silver are still going down, down, down, South of the Border!
It may take a little longer but a price rebound is coming which will bring interest in precious metals into focus again as they need to keep up this façade of a real market for another year into 2015.75.

Click here for more from Marshall Swing on Gold & Silver- South of the Border!

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