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VIDEO: Demographics – The West’s age distribution is too lopsided to support entitlements


America’s demographic situation is a ticking time bomb. The older generation is already competing more fiercely than ever with younger ones in the job market, as many seniors can’t afford to retire. Youth also has to contend with trends like automation, outsourcing, and high unemployment/underemployment, which further handicap their ability to build capital and, importantly, to afford all the assets (stocks, houses, etc) that the Boomers are counting on selling to them.

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Who’s More Powerful? The Bond King or Johnny Cash

As you trudge your way through the cache  of 47.5 hours of “secret” Goldman Sach/NYFed  tapes and consider why Washington, D.C.’s Beltway persists as The circle… is unbroken… bye and bye… bye and bye.  It may help to keep in mind that moving from overseeing nearly $2 trillion to less than a mere $200 billion does not qualify as “a better place awaiting.”

I was standing by the window
On one cold and cloudy day
When I saw the hearse come rolling
For to carry the Bond King away

What exactly did the official end of the Bill Gross Bond King era and the emergence of “familiar” allegations (WSJ yawn) that the United States is run by Goldman Sachs have to do with each other?  Keep in mind who the customer was that was buying this bill of goods (cough PIMCO) the next time you look at your 401(k) report.

How much of the value of U.S. Treasuries is a proxy for the Too Big To Fail Banks and how much of the value of the S & P rise has been bolstered by float shrink (defloation)?  Which U.S. attorney brokered deals from the Marc Rich pardon to the London Whale and coincidentally resigned simultaneously with “The King”?


[KR659] Keiser Report: Black Hole of Debt

We discuss the supermassive black hole of debt at the center of the UK economy from which nothing escapes: Wealth, jobs, hope are all sucked in and still the hole grows. In the second half, Max interviews Ben Dyson of PositiveMoney.org about the UK deficit and mounting debt and about the monetary ignorance of most Members of Parliament.

Harvey Organ: Shanghai Drained of Silver, Bullion Banks Are About to Attack the COMEX!

Gold & silver expert Harvey Organ joins us this week for an explosive and power packed show discussing:

  •  Criminal collusion by the CFTC officials- how CFTC knew what was going on with gold & silver manipulation, and wanted to keep the price suppression game alive while China corners the market
  • More pain ahead for gold & silver?  Why Harvey believes the whacking will continue until the last ounce of gold and silver are gone
  • Shanghai silver drain accelerating- with stocks down 93% since 2013, Shanghai vaults will be BONE DRY by December!
  • Harvey predicts the bullion banks are about to ATTACK THE COMEX- does the long awaited PM default loom in 2015?

Click here for the SD Weekly Metals & Markets With special guest Harvey Organ on why the Bullion Banks are about to ATTACK the COMEX:

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Ready Or Not… The Unsustainable Status Quo Is Ending


This new article from Chris Martenson pulls the lens back and looking at the macro forces across the Three E’s (Economy, Energy & the Environment) that are bringing the era of status quo to an end, whether we are ready for it or not.

The globe is headed from a population of 7.1 billion to 9 billion over the next 3 decades, while the global economy chokes on too much debt, oil marches upwards in price and downwards in supply, and critical resources like aquifers are drained away at frightening speed.

The key questions we need to be asking ourselves now are: What are the most likely challenges and opportunities that will arise from this? And am I prepared for them?

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Lee Adler ‏@Lee_Adler: Why The Keynsian Money Printers Are Done

What the Global Status Quo Optimizes: Protecting Elites and the Clerisy Class That Serves Them

The incestuous embrace of privilege and power by entrenched, socially isolated Elites characterizes failed states and brittle, doomed regimes throughout history.

Every system is optimized to serve a specific purpose. As noted in my recent essay What Metric Are We Optimizing For?, what the system optimizes is rarely explicitly stated.

Sometimes this results from not understanding the metric that the system is designed to optimize; but in other cases, explicitly describing what the system optimizes would trigger social instability.

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The Status Quo Playbook Beyond 2014: Corporate Regulations, Professional Politicians and the Strip Mining of Sovereign Assets

It’s not often that I come across a blog post that so interests and impresses me that I drop everything else and decide to highlight it. The post I am referring to is by David Malone of the Golem XIV blog. The pieces that caught my attention consist of a three part series titled The Next Crisis – A Manifesto for the Supremacy of the 1%. Two parts have been published thus far, with the third section forthcoming.

The reason I believe his work here is so important, is because I think the scenarios he outlines as the plan the global oligarchy intends to put into place during the next crisis are quite possible, if not probable. Knowing the tactics of those who wish to oppress you and lock you into perpetual serfdom is half the battle. We must get inside of the devious minds of these people so that we are prepared for their next assault, which without question, is coming our way…

Read the rest here.

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This Economic Theory Might Spell The End Of Bitcoin

Ohhh yeah, bitcoin heading East along with all our gold.

[Article By Bitcoinomics.Net Chief Editor, Justin O'Connell]

Originally appeared at Bitcoinomics

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The future of bitcoin trading is in question. Local authorities have had diverse reactions to average people trading bitcoins, from setting up sting operations to outlining lengthy regulatory frameworks. A main question that might be decided over the coming months is whether or not everybody who has sold bitcoins on Local Bitcoins could find themselves in violation of state laws.

All of this could have been predicted by you though, if you knew about one simple economic theory.

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BofA Merrill Lynch: the Four “Canaries in the Coalmine” Died

They indicate “an inflection point,” as they did in 2008 (when they led to a historic crash) and 2011 (when they led to a 19% market swoon that stopped only when the Fed threw another round of QE at it). Even relentlessly exuberant VCs are warning.

Read…. BofA Merrill Lynch: the Four “Canaries in the Coalmine” Died

Death Of ‘Safe Haven’ Gold Greatly Exaggerated




ith escalating conflict in the Middle East, an unresolved conflict in the Ukraine, and various other geo-political risks on the horizon such as the contagion risk of Ebola, it would be expected that the longstanding ‘safe haven’ qualities of gold would come into play as they have done in the past. Today, and the ‘flight to quality’ and ‘financial insurance’ characteristics of gold should in theory be as important now as they were in 1979-1980 given similar invasions and occupations in various countries, not least in the Middle East with ISIS, and the renewed bombing in Syria/Iraq by the US and/or a US coalition.


The contention therefore is that, for now, the death of safe haven gold has been greatly exaggerated. Gold is a hedging instrument and a safe haven asset as seen in history and much academic research in recent years. Download ‘GOLD IS A SAFE HAVEN ASSET’ Here

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