Swarmops is a key factor to the Pirate Party’s success

Swarmops will help Bitcoin IHB News
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Citigroup executive found dead in bathtub with his throat slit

Citigroup executive found dead in bathtub with his throat slit

There was no knife recovered at the scene, leading officials to suspect the death was not a suicide, and they were trying to determine who had access to his apartment.

Why Living in a Post-Bubble World Is No Fun

What do we do when the bubble economy cannot be reflated?

It is generally conceded that we are living in an era of Peak Everything: peak central bank omnipotence, peak powerless of the non-elites, peak wealth inequality, peak media-induced delusion, peak market-rigging, peak bogus official statistics, peak propaganda, peak bread and circuses, peak deception, peak distraction, peak sociopathology, peak central statism, peak debt, peak leverage, peak derealization–need I go on?

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It’s Official: Party Now, Apocalypse Later

That’s the new thinking about the markets in a crummy global economy where everything is overvalued.

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Former Landsbanki CEO Sentenced to 12 Months Prison for Market Manipulation

Stacy Summary: Once again, Iceland shows the world how it is done.

Former Landsbanki CEO Sentenced to 12 Months Prison


And the US and UK claim they can’t jail bankers for market manipulation because it’s impossible to prove (despite the brokers’ thousands of emails stating their intent and then their success) and so instead they may possibly, perhaps clawback some of their ill-gotten gains. Just a little though; don’t want to bash banksters.

Gold Rises After Unusual Russian Central Bank Gold Buying Announcement

Gold Rises After Unusual Russian Central Bank Gold Buying Announcement

Russia’s central bank bought about 150 metric tons of the metal this year, announced Governor Elvira Nabiullina yesterday. The pronouncement immediately created buying in the market, prompting gold to rise to a two week high at $1,200 an ounce.

Head of Russian Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina -Jr/Bloomberg

Russia’s central bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina told the lower house of parliament about the significant Russian gold purchases. She is an economist, head of the Central Bank of Russia and was Vladimir Putin’s economic adviser between May 2012 to June 2013.

This announcement is unusual and to our knowledge has not happened before. The announcement by the Russian central bank governor was likely coordinated with Putin and the Kremlin and designed to signal how Russia views their gold reserves as a potential geopolitical and indeed financial and currency war weapon.

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Forget all that guff about the BBC being fiercely independent. It is ‘a state entity’.

Harvey Organ: Paper Silver Open Interest a Whopping 124% of Annual Global Supply!

Silver OI rose sharply by 892  contracts from 172,725 up to 173,617  as silver was down 26 cents yesterday.
It seems that judging from silver’s OI, our banker friends are still very nervous as they try to cover their massive shortfall in silver.
In ounces, this represents a total of 868 million oz or 124.0% of annual global supply!
Let’s head immediately to see the major data points for today:

Click here for more from Harvey Organ on the latest Gold & Silver update from the COMEX:

StartJOIN success stories

Stacy Summary: We’ll be recording some new episodes of Get REAL with Jan Skoyles shortly. This series was first crowdfunded by StartJOIN for a total of six episodes. Not only was a star (Jan!) born with this StartJOIN funded financial news programme about REAL assets, it has now been picked up by a sponsor to make this content on a more regular basis. So anyone else out there who feels inspired to post their own series which may attract either a sponsor, a distributor, a network or, indeed, an ongoing crowd of funders ready to keep the episodes rolling . . . then start with STARTJOIN.COM!

Coming up the first week of December, Max will deliver on the StartJOIN funded Max Keiser Joins Russell Brand To Co-Host The Trews For One Week.


The funds raised actually amounted to £712 thanks to some startcoin and bitcoin appreciation at that time. All went to the charity, Shelter.

Another success story has been the Maxcoin and Startcoin Cryptobullion projects. Both of the 2015 editions (linked to in previous sentence) have hit 100% of funding; and I will order some more myself before the funding window closes. Irish surgeon, Mike Murphy, has delivered some beautiful coins on the 2014 edition of the Maxcoin Cryptobullion. He’ll put the first batches in the most in the next week or two. Send us your photos as you receive them; here’s mine (photo taken on my iPad at Kilkenomics):

For the 2015 editions, Murphy chose to accept only bitcoin and startcoin as payment after a great deal of hassle with PayPal on the 2014 cryptobullion project. So far he says he’s much happier with the process.

Another great project, where you can contribute via paypal, bitcoin or startcoin is CRASH, BOOM, POP Money and Economics Exposed – graphic novel

They’ve reached their funding goal; but are very happy to receive even more! At the moment they are at $2250 and if they reach $2500, Michael Guerra, the graphic artist, will give all contributors a digital download of a full res 8×10 copy of this:


And, finally, for this post anyway, thanks to all who contributed to Hotspots: Hong Kong. We’re heading there for a week over Christmas. We’ll be meeting the protest leaders for the film. And we’ll also make an episode of Keiser Report if we can manage to secure a studio.

I’ll post more success stories soon.

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With the NSA watching it is important to learn to use PGP with Gmail

PGP in under 10 minutes IHB News Featured.002

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CRASH, BOOM, POP! (Graphic Novel)

CRASH, BOOM, POP! is a tongue-in-cheek graphic novel or cartoon book series by Genevieve Tran, Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias, created with the help of economist Steve Keen and IDEAeconomics. We want reading about economics and money to be as easy as reading comic books. We kept all the facts and nuance without any of the jargon.


Full article here CryptosNews.com


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This is Why Rand Paul is Hilary Clinton’s Worst Nightmare

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.44.02 AM

As Hilary Clinton starts to ponder the curtains she wants to hang in the Oval Office, there is only one person who can realistically stand in her way: Rand Paul.

Readers will be well aware that I spend very little time focusing on Presidential politics. There are many reasons for this, but more than anything else, I believe there are two key components to genuine cultural change, and none of them have to do with electing a savior…

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