Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards Show at Edinburgh Fringe is a potential shambles


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Jamie Dimon’s Big $13 Billion Secret – The Truth Behind the JP Morgan Settlement

Those of us who have been following the outrageous, unaccountable theft and criminality of the banking industry for many years reacted in a similar manner to the announcement of a $13 settlement late last year between JP Morgan and the Department of Justice. The first thought that crossed our minds was “no criminal prosecutions, another settlement of course.” Then, once the reality of the size of the settlement sunk in, we couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that no organization is going to cough up $13 billion unless there is some serious criminality at play.

So with what appears to be obvious fraud on behalf of JP Morgan why did nobody go to jail? Why wasn’t the public ever able to see the details of the bank’s crooked behavior? Why only a settlement?

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The increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards short list is announced at the Edinburgh Fringe


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If fracking’s so great, why is it a state secret?

Don’t Think It Won’t Happen Just Because It Hasn’t Happened Yet: Loss of Faith in the Fed

Much of the supposedly godlike power of central banks is participants’ faith in their powers to control not just finance but the real world that can be leveraged by finance.

The Grand Narrative of the global economy since the 2008 financial meltdown has been: whatever the problem, zero interest rates and more credit will fix it. Too much debt? Zero-interest rates and more credit will fix that. Government spending far exceeds tax revenues? Zero-interest rates and more credit will fix that. Economy sluggish? Zero-interest rates and more credit will fix that. Few jobs being created? Zero-interest rates and more credit will fix that.

Had a bad hair day? Zero-interest rates and more credit will fix it.

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.@startjoin in the news, Chicago

Filmmaker Sean Fahey three weeks ago decided to tell people in Chicago, LA and New York that ”Sean Hannity is an Idiot.” It happened after he watched Hannity refuse to allow a guest to speak on Fox News until the guest answered the question, “Is Hamas a terrorist organization?”

So he set off on another journey, beginning at the crowdsourcing platform, where he describes Hannity as “a mental failure” whose “vapid existence is the shame of our times.”

Palladium Reaches 13-Year High Over $900 oz as Gold Trading Volumes Surge 66%

Platinum fell 1.4% last week, while palladium singularly outperformed, surging 3.8%, its best weekly performance since early March. It’s showing another 0.9% gain this morning, while platinum is down 0.3%. Read more ›

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Subscription Keiser on the American Huckster

Stacy Summary: We’re in Austin, Texas where the blazing sunshine and good food are washing away the black mold of London! Max comes up with a brilliant tale of the ...

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VIDEO: A Brief History of US Money


Looking at the past 100 years of the US dollar’s history, one theme becomes abundantly clear: in times of crisis, the US government has no issue with changing its own rules or breaking its own laws. And those “temporary” emergency measures have a nasty habit of quickly becoming permanent.

As we see the US money supply exponentially accelerating since the 1970s, and the Federal Reserve more than tripling its balance sheet since 2008, it’s only prudent to ask the question: Without constraints, are we in danger of destroying the purchasing power of our currency by making too much of it? 

Watch the 9-min video here

Comedy critic Kate Copstick talks about S&M at the Edinburgh Fringe’s Grouchy Club


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