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Stacy Summary: We’re in Isle of Man for the CryptoValley Summit. It’s been surprisingly good and the government regulators here are so involved and supportive of bitcoin. It’s amazing to ...

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Gold signals . . .

Stacy Summary: Gold (and silver) have turned decidedly negative. Is it telling us that the next big deflationary collapse is about to happen? Markets are hitting all time highs. House prices continue to soar double digits. But something is not right . . .

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Silver Buyers Keep Stacking And Demand Higher Despite Falling Prices

Quoted today in Bloomberg News, Mark O’Byrne, director of GoldCore said that “sentiment remains quite bad in the silver market.” However, we believe both gold and silver remain undervalued and are in the process of bottoming. We remain confident gold and silver will see new record highs in the coming years. Both will continue to act as hedges and safe havens against the considerable risk in the world today. Recent research and charts on silver hereRecent interview – ‘Get REAL: Silver

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Stacy Summary: If you voted, let us know what the polling station was like, what you voted, what the atmosphere is like there today, etc. As most here are probably not voters in today’s Scottish referendum, leave your opinion as outsiders to the vote, etc.


Turkey warns of first bank collapse in a decade

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Turkey faces the prospect of its first bank collapse in at least a decade as Bank Asya (ASYAB) struggles to maintain market confidence amid pressure from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over its ties to exiled preacher Fethullah Gulen.

The Istanbul-based lender has lost 42 percent of its market value since trading resumed on Sept. 15 after a five-week suspension. Asya said yesterday it’s seeking 225 million liras ($102 million) of fresh capital from shareholders after the loss of deposits and government contracts depleted its finances.

Bank Asya is caught in a political battle after Erdogan accused U.S.-based Gulen of starting a corruption probe against members of his government in December. The feud has spilled into business, where companies with links to Gulen such as Asya and mining company Koza Altin Isletmeleri AS (KOZAL) say they’ve been subject to negative regulatory actions and news reports.

UK comedian Chris Dangerfield, the serious heroin problem and a new wonder drug


“When I done that withdrawal in Thailand, I still couldn’t walk after four weeks. I didn’t sleep for nine days – and I only knew that because I kept a calendar because I was going out of my mind.” 
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It’s Not Just the Police – The Feds are Also Militarizing Public Schools with Grenade Launchers, M16s and Tanks

Events last month in Ferguson, Missouri (read my detailed thoughts here) forced Americans to confront the frightening reality that many of of the nation’s police departments have been quietly, but consistently, militarizing over the past couple of decades. It’s one thing to intellectually understand that this has happened, it’s quite another to see cops deploy tanks and point sniper rifles at peacefully protesting U.S. citizens.

With the issue squarely still in the public consciousness, it would behoove us to understand that this program is not only arming police with weapons of war. In fact, public schools are also receiving such items, including grenade launchers, M16s and MRAPs…

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Yellen’s Fed Lays Out Plans to Discontinue Taper: Gold Plunges

  • Yellen lays out Federal Reserve’s plans to “normalize” monetary policy
  • “Normalization” will not necessarily occur immediately 
  • Fed will use an overnight repo facility as needed during normalization process
  • Committee is prepared to adjust its approach if necessary (translation- we’re going to try to pull the punchbowl, but we’ll eventually bring back MOAR QE )
  • Gold & silver smash commences on que as gold sent down a mineshaft below support at $1230

Click here for full FOMC statement:

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A Public Bank Option for Scotland

Scottish voters will go to the polls on September 18th to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country. As video blogger Ian R. Crane colorfully puts the issues and possibilities:

[T]he People of Scotland have an opportunity to extricate themselves from the socio-psychopathic global corporatists and the temple of outrageous and excessive abject materialism. However, it is not going to be an easy ride . . . .

If Alex Salmond and the SNP [Scottish National Party] are serious about keeping the Pound Stirling as the Currency of Scotland, there will be no independence. Likewise if Scotland embraces the Euro, Scotland will rapidly become a vassel state of the Euro-Federalists, who will asset strip the nation in the same way that, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have been stripped of their entire national wealth and much of their national identity.

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CEOs Darken Outlook, Slash Hiring and Cap-Ex Plans – Hope Now Focused on Share Buybacks (which just Plunged)

The word “gloomier” inconveniently showed up to describe how CEOs feel about sales, employment, and capital expenditures. Yet these CEOs run companies that have been spending near record amounts, not on productive uses such as capital expenditures or hiring more people to push revenues to the next level, but on buying back their own shares.

Read….  CEOs Darken Outlook, Slash Hiring and Cap-Ex Plans – Hope Now Focused on Share Buybacks (which just Plunged)

The Dollar May Remain Strong For Longer Than We Think


We analyze the surprisingly likely drivers that may keep the US dollar strengthening over the next few years, especially if another economic/financial crisis arrives. While there are many reasons to fear for the longer term viability of the US dollar given America’s current misguided monetary policy and exponentially increasing debt & liabilities, the next few years could well see it appreciate further by 50-100% relative to the world’s other major fiat currencies.

For those understandably disgusted by the reckless expansion of the US money supply over the past six years, it’s vitally important to remember that the road to our monetary endgame is not a straight line, nor necessarily intuitive. To have the best chance of remaining solvent, understanding the likeliest pathways the route will take is often nearly as important as correctly predicting the final destination.

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