Russia and economic warfare: RIP the free market new world order

Stacy Summary: Everyone knows the unipolar party is over; it’s just what comes next that remains to be seen.

Russia and economic warfare: RIP the free market new world order


Although Putin has no alternative ideology to offer, times have changed. This is now a messier, less clearly defined, multipolar world. It is not just that the pre-eminence of the dollar has been challenged by Russia’s announcement that roubles and yuan will be used in the oil deal it has brokered with China. It is not just that we are back to spheres of influence. It is not even that governments have become more interventionist and protectionist. It is that after the convulsions of the past seven years, it is hard to imagine a US president or indeed any western leader saying: “We know what works, the free market works.”

So RIP new world order. Born Berlin 1989. Died with Lehman Brothers September 2008. Laid to rest eastern Ukraine August 2014.

Data protection/big company stupidity & a late word from comic Lewis Schaffer


“I presumed it was a scam, so filled in an online form…” Read my latest daily blog in full here

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YES! An independent Scotland would have the highest GDP per capita in the world. A ‘No’ vote is asinine.

Palladium Breaks Multi-Year High Over $900; Russian SWIFT Payment Ban Proposed By UK

Russia is the world’s largest palladium producer accounting for over 40% of global production. This is mainly through Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest mining company which mines nickel, copper and palladium in the area of Norilsk in Siberia, the world’s most northerly city. Palladium is mined as a by-product of nickel and copper mining.

Diplomatic fallout from the conflict in Ukraine continues to intensify. Amid claims and counter-claims by the Russian and Ukrainian sides concerning the fighting and incursions in Eastern Ukraine, the war of words has stepped up. Russian President Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying last Friday that “I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words.” While visiting EU leaders in Brussels at the weekend, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said “we are very close to the point of no return, which is full scale war.”

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.@Paul_R_Moore speaks with @maxkeiser about #HBOS & dodgy business deals involving advisors to @David_Cameron

Subscription Keiser in a vacation state of mind

Stacy Summary: Back in NYC from an epic journey to various watery points off the east coast of America – from Bald Head Island in North Carolina to Wickford, Rhode ...

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Max & Stacy on the Beach. Last day at the beach. R.I.

Has The Crypto Marathon Hit Its Heartbreak Hill?

An ideal situation for running an economic and monetary policy marathon would be if you were the Winklevoss brothers.  The Winkelvii could split up and one twin could run the first 13 miles and the other could run the second 13 miles and since there’s no blockchain at marathons no one would realize that they’re doing the double-spend.  Are Bitshares and BitsharesX able to pull off just such a feat or will they be gunned down just out of the starting gate by the starter’s own firearms?

Although Patrick Byrne and Preston Byrne were not separated at birth, avoiding being burned in the crypto 2.0 race may require an entirely new set of rules.

Jim Willie: US Plans to Blame Russia for Coming Dollar Collapse!

Jim Willie joined TFMetalsReport this weekend for a special holiday podcast.   In this excellent report from the Hat Trick Letter editor, Willie discusses:

  • This week’s announcement by Gazprom that they will begin accepting payment in rubles and yuan
  • The escalation of US and EU sanctions against Russia and how they are failing/backfiring
  • Willie explains the US’ motives for provoking Russia via Ukraine: To entice Russia to prematurely move to place the Ruble into a reserve currency status, and ultimately, to blame Putin/Russia for the coming US dollar collapse!
  • The growing isolation of the US as a economic superpower
  • The eventual emergence of a new global currency regime & collapse of the dollar

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Let me tell you an Ashley Storrie…

Considering UsingShatnerAsABraRack

“She was offered a chance to appear on the Jay Leno TV chat show in the US, but decided she preferred to go on a school trip to the Lake District.” Read my latest daily blog in full here

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[KR647] Keiser Report: Fast Food Tax Evasion

We discuss Burger King, yet another company fleeing America for yet another ‘free’ healthcare nation, Canada. Meanwhile, back in America naked incidents are on the rise and, in Europe, suicide tourism rises four-fold. In the second half, Max interviews Trace Mayer about bitcoin, central banking and geopolitics.

Max Keiser Joins Russell Brand To Co-Host The Trews For One Week???

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