Cabaret star Lili La Scala gets emotional over Nick Cave/ dead cat

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You’ve Heard Of SAAS…

Software As A Service.

How about JAAS…. Judges As A Service?  With the Bitcoin protcol applied to virtual contracts and with Ethereum in particular, enforcement via coercion is a thing of the past.  We’ve moved from a credit model (lending) to a debit model (pay as you go) and finally to a prebit triple entry accounting model for justice where the consideration is prepaid and administered from within the blockchain.

It’s Time to Ditch the Consumer Price Index (CPI)

So why does the government maintain such a transparently inaccurate and misleading metric? For three reasons.

That the official rate of inflation doesn’t reflect reality is obvious to anyone paying college tuition and healthcare out of pocket. The debate over the accuracy of the official consumer price index (CPI) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE–the so-called core rate of inflation) has raged for years, with no resolution in sight.

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Snowden asks Putin LIVE: Does Russia intercept or store comms?

Matt Rosendale’s shoots down a drone in a Campaign Ad

Ukraine Currency Collapses Nearly 70% Against Gold In 4 Months

The charts below gives an indication as to the terrifying magnitude and speed of the recent decline in the value of the currency. Year to date, Ukraine’s national currency has collapsed by 69% against gold in less than four months. This has resulted in the cost of food, fuel and basic staples surging for ordinary people in Ukraine. Read more ›

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Downtrend in Bitcoin major cause of capital flight out of Maxcoin markets

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Interest rates are NOT rising!!!

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Rates are NOT rising!!!

Who Goes To Jail? Matt Taibbi on American Injustice Gap From Wall

How High can Bitcoin Prices Go? Our Scientific Guess… $2,456

I Have Bitcoins How High can Bitcoin Prices Go Our Scientific Guess 2456

56% of Bitcoiners believe the Bitcoin price will reach $10,000 in 2014, according to CoinDesk. Business Insider’s Henry Blodget thinks Bitcoin could hit $1 million. At the end of February, we ran an article that tried to answer….Read More >>>

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