Sióga Éireannacha ag Imirt Poc Fada le Méadair Uisce


An  Poc Fada is a variation of a game played by Irish Hurlers (Gaelic Game). The objective is to hit a ball as far as you can over a number of mountains. Whoever hits it furthest and thus the least times, crossing the finish line first, is declared the winner. Mischievous Irish  fairies are playing a variation of the game countrywide, ‘An Poc Fada le méadar uisce’. It’s the same game played with misappropriated water meters. Irish Water personnel, Gardai and householders alike are dumbfounded. Only the evidence of their shenanigans is left behind. Unlike the GAA it appears na Sióga (the fairies) are not in talks with Sky over exclusive TV rights.

London Real estate and Bitcoin

Real estate and Bitcoin: RE/MAX gets feet wet with block chain technology • IHB News™

Real estate and Bitcoin: RE/MAX gets feet wet with block chain technology • IHB News™

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A Brief Recent History Of Precious Metals Manipulation Investigations


Originally appeared at GoldSilverBitcoin

Although terms like “free market” are often used to describe modern life,  evidence of command-and-control markets  keeps finding its way into headlines, most notably with Libor – the rigging of global interest rates (or the price of money) – shocking the world

What fewer know is the consistent investigation by national authorities into the rigging of precious metals prices by major banks.  There have been more than a few. The Department of Justice antitrust division prosecutors investigation into the price-setting process, which was announced yesterday, is merely the most recent. Read more ›

Breaking – Bank of England Admits Large Portion of Austria’s GOLD IS GONE

A remarkable report on The Austrian State Gold from the Austrian Federal Court (ÖBRH) has apparently just revealed that as of 2009, 56% of Austria’s gold reserves “held” at the Bank of England DID NOT PHYSICALLY EXIST!!!
No wonder that Germany & The Netherlands among others began scrambling shortly thereafter to repatriate what was left of their own reserves at the BOE & The Fed!

Click here for more on the STUNNING report from the ÖBRH:

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12 Reasons Why Ritholtz and Many Experts Are Mistaken On Gold

12 Reasons Why Ritholtz and Many Experts Are Mistaken On Gold

 Being involved in the fairly niche business of an international gold brokerage for nearly 12 years now, we find ourselves continuously engaged in conversation with people who demonstrate an incredible lack of understanding of the function of gold and the importance of gold as a DIVERSIFICATION and as a SAFE HAVENasset.

Barry Ritholtz

This lack of understanding is not confined to the public but also prevalent with some financial experts. One example of this is one of the more vocal anti gold experts in recent months – leading Bloomberg columnist Barry Ritholtz.

This lack of understanding results in many investors being very exposed and at risk of financial losses due to their significant over exposure to paper assets and fiat digital currencies and complete lack of any allocation to gold whatsoever. Read more ›

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Amazing Chart: Stock Exchange And Bank Fraud vs. Real Economy

Emma Thompson ‘won’t pay a penny of tax until those evil HSBC b******s go to prison’

The Police States of America – Elderly New Jersey Man Faces 10 Years in Jail for Possession of 18th Century Pistol

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.53.46 PM

You just can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t. Another day, another elderly American peasant pursued by a “justice” system in which real crooks receive taxpayer bailouts to pay themselves bonuses, while perfectly normal citizen behavior is criminalized.

The victim this time is a 72-year-old New Jersey man named Gordon Van Gilder, a retired school teacher, who faces 10 years in jail for possessing a unloaded antique 225-year-old flintlock pistol.

Read more here.

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Interview With Ed Bugos About How He Became Interested In Gold & His Current Outlook

The following interview is by GoldSilverBitcoin with The Dollar Vigilante’s Ed Bugos. 

GSB: Ed, thank you for taking time to do this! 

Ed Bugos: Justin, thank you for having me.

GSB: When did you become a gold bug and why? 

ED: Justin, I first became bullish on gold in the late nineties, about a decade into my career as a stockbroker, as the “cult of equity,” as Bill Gross called it, reached a fever pitch.  Thanks to the Greenspan Put, you could not go wrong.  By the time 1999 came around nobody remembered the last serious decline in stock prices, at least in the US. Read more ›

Financial Wisdom Begins With This

Confucius gets credit for a saying that has been on men’s lips since the first lie was told: “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”

Fraud, malfeasance, systemic risk, and even fundamentalist Islamic terrorism have been all but scrubbed from Washington’s lexicon, courtesy of the Ministry of Truth.

Today’s Wall Street Journal published a short op-ed by Robert Rubin. His commentary is fine as far as it goes, but in what seems to be a bid for a post in the next Democratic administration, he omits his role in the financial crisis. In Decisions, I jog your memory.

Decisions: Live and Death on Wall StreetBook blurb: In New York, the Federal Reserve Bank hides damaging information about too-big-too-fail banks from the public eye. A prominent bank CEO seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

In Washington D.C., a former Wall Street regulator checks into a hotel using the name of a hedge fund manager for an illicit meeting with a prostitute. In a D.C. suburb, the CFO of a beleaguered mortgage giant chooses a drastic personal end to “relentless pressure”.

In a picturesque suburb of Zug, Switzerland, the CFO of a major insurance company decides to end his life. In London, a financier kills himself in a way he once said he never would.

Janet Tavakoli shines a bright light on the money-driven culture of Wall Street and Washington, and the life and death consequences of our decisions that put profit above all.

Release date: April 4, 2015. Approximately 14,000 words of text (not including front and back matter and references)

Is The Internet Of Money The Internet Of You: IOU?

You’ve heard of the IOT – the Internet Of Things.  How about the Internet of Money?  Who needs U.S. dollars or Bitcoin or Ripple or even gold for that matter, when the new money global standard ledger being offered up is YOU – monetized.


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