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Stacy Summary: Mitch Feierstein of came into the studio today for his first ever double-header Keiser Report. As he was on such a roll, we had to have him ...

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Max Keiser wants to ‘kill’ Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Sean Hannity

How The Federal Reserve Is Purposely Attacking Savers


This is a rant against the Federal Reserve, written for those angered by Janet Yellen’s tone-deaf remarks last week. The Fed is silently, but clearly engaged in the process of financial repression — transferring purchasing power from savers to debtors in order to keep our over-leveraged system sputtering along for a bit longer.

This is bad enough; but for the head of the Fed to deliver such a “blame the victim” message is beyond the pale. It may very well prove to be this new century’s “Let them eat cake” moment — one swiftly followed by righteous public ire.

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It’s Not Just Spying – How the NSA Has Turned Into a Giant Profit Center for Corrupt Insiders

Last week, two very important stories came out; one from Reuters and the other from Buzzfeed. They both zero in on how current NSA employees are using their expertise and connections to make big money in the private sector while still working at the NSA. Let’s start with the Reuters story, which covers former NSA-head Keith Alexander’s business relationship with the NSA’s current Chief Technical Officer, Patrick Dowd…

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The Artists’ Road to Serfdom: The Commoditization of Creative Content

This is the net result of commoditization: there’s no premium for commoditized capital, labor, goods, services or content.

As I noted in Our New Robot Overlords & The Third Type of Capital, profits flow to whatever inputs are scarce. Unfortunately for musicians, writers, filmmakers and others producing creative content, creative content is no longer scarce: it’s been commoditized and is now available in unlimited quantities for $10/month.

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Euro Risk Due To Possible Return Of Italy To Lira – Drachmas, Escudos, Pesetas and Punts?

Euro Risk Due To Possible Return of Italy To Lira – Drachmas, Escudos, Pesetas and Punts?

The European status quo and EU elites are becoming increasingly concerned by popular calls in Italy for Italy to leave the European Monetary Union and the euro “as soon as possible” and return to the lira.

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Hannity is intellectual terrorism billboard financed by crowd

The billboard financed by the crowd at has gone up overnight in Chicago!

Here it is in situ:

Here is the original:


No can do: Li unable to meet Ukraine president due to ‘full schedule’


Our New Robot Overlords & The Third Type of Capital

Fortune will instead favor a third group: those who can innovate and create new products, services, and business models.

A recent issue of Foreign Affairs sported a catchy cover teaser: Our New Robot Overlords. This brings to mind various sci-fi scenarios, but the actual article title is academic to the point of obscurity: Labor, Capital and Ideas in the Power Law Economy.

Rather than rehash the usual failed Keynesian Cargo Cult economics, the authors describe three powerful ideas that resonate very strongly with my own work:

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State Asset Sell Off

When the Troika Banksters formally took over our economy in 2010 a small group of Irish people met with Max and Stacy in Dublin. Max asked if Irish people were a state of shock or just suffering from Stockholm Syndrome swallowing blindly the Irish MSM’s compliant line?  ‘The banksters have their eyes on the assets of the Irish people and they want them cheap!’ said Max. Although I had campaigned bitterly against NAMA ( a slush fund for big property developers) and considered myself aware, it was my Sunday Businness Post he was brandishing from the table he was standing on as he roared all this out. The shock tactic worked. Everyone in that room woke up out of the grief that held us immobilized. Now the corporatization of one of our most precious resources is the shock that has awoken the people of Ireland from their collective bankster/MSM induced PTSD. Politicians are running scared as we change our personal and collective narrative of powerlessness.

‘In November 2009, Fine Gael published a document titled New Era, with a plan for “bringing all of Ireland’s water assets under the ownership of one state company, Irish Water”. Read more ›

More QE? These Charts Show the Pauperization of Workers in the UK and America since 2008

These are the designated losers of monetary policy. And there are a lot of them.

Read…   More QE? These Charts Show the Pauperization of Workers in the UK and America since 2008 

Why Nations (and organizations) Fail: Self-Serving Elites

For those who doubt that America is ruled by a narrow elite: three charts.

The book Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty neatly summarizes why nations fail in a few lines:

(A nation) is poor precisely because it has been ruled by a narrow elite that has organized society for their own benefit at the expense of the vast mass of people. Political power has been narrowly concentrated, and has been used to create great wealth for those who possess it.

Sound like any countries you know?Perhaps we should flip this question around and ask: how many nations don’t fit this profile?

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