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end-collapseIn This Exclusive MUST LISTEN Interview, Jim Willie Warns Crises Are Coming, And Trump Will Be Blamed For Them…


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TRUMP, DEBT COLLAPSE, & GOLD: Jim Willie Asks, Is The End Near?

Jim Willie Joins Us For An Explosive Interview, Discussing:

How Will Trump Affect GOLD
The Italian banking system is on its last leg ►3:07
The media’s lies about Trump ►17:07
Will the Fed sabotage the Trump administration? ►27:53

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[TAM1125] The Truth About Markets – 25 April 2015

Download show here.

One can only laugh when one listens to The Truth About Markets!

One can only laugh when one listens to The Truth About Markets!

For more download & listening options, visit Archive dot org.

Blizzard (Not)

Stacy Summary: We’re in NYC, where we have NOT been snowed in. Alas, so we’ll be heading back to Blighty. We discuss the Greek elections, our trip to Mexico, ice hockey in Canada and much much much more!

Download or listen to show here:

QE as Anal Feeding

Stacy Summary: Well, by now you will all have heard of the CIA Torture Report and the anal feeding as part of that rape/torture. We liken QE to a similar method of taking all the ingredients of a nutritious, well fed market and jamming it into the various orifices of the global financial system. And hoping some good comes of it.

Listen to the podcast here.

War Propaganda and Autumn Budgets

Stacy summary: Chatting about war propaganda, Ron Paul, autumn budgets and all sorts of sordid affairs of the state. No, not the #TortureReport. We may discuss tomorrow, but I’m not sure what can be added to such a horrible reality of how far we have fallen . . . ‘rectal feeding?’ No, we’ll be back tomorrow with conversation about markets booming while the real world economy collapses around it – as seen in the tumbling Baltic Dry Index, oil prices, wages, etc.

Listen to podcast here:

SK: The Red Queen of Junk Bonds

Stacy Summary: With news that “Junk Bonds Funding Shale Boom Face $8.5 Billion of Losses” as oil prices plunge, I thought I would post this interview we conducted just days before the Saudi announcement that precipitated the plunge. Recall that just to maintain output, tight oil fields require an ever increasing number of wells just to keep even – – the Red Queen Syndrome. This is David Hughes, author of Drilling Deeper [PDF], who has a great deal of data on the economics of tight oil (shale) plays.


Listen to the podcast below:

You can also download the video here.

Fracking Wars

Stacy Summary: Many conspiracy theories floating around about the Saudi driven oil price war. The conspiracy presented first by the geopolitically minded mainstream media that it was an elaborate plot concocted by the Saudis and Americans to hurt Russia. This never made sense to me as, of course, Russia’s cost of production are much lower than the high cost, high intensity shale oil fracking in America. Surely, it would hurt American producers more than Russian? And, lo and behold, this is now the Occam’s Razor of simplicity that most financial press is now accepting as the most likely conspiracy behind the oil price plunge. The other matter, of course, being the collapsing real global economy.


Listen to the episode below.

Chalmers on Webb, Hunter S and more

Stacy Summary: In today’s Keiser Report we interviewed Robert Chalmers about the corporate lynching of Gary Webb. In case you haven’t read it, here is his interview with Webb’s widow from 2005. And here we continue on with the Keiser interview for another 13 minutes. Hope you enjoy it.


Listen to podcast here

And to download the video file: click through to the Mega file here.

Tomorrow, I’ll be uploading an interview we did with David Hughes, author of Drilling Deeper.

Privatisation and Foodbank Figures

Stacy Summary: I found this remarkable story about the privatisation of UK public services. Clearly the intent is as a transfer of public ownership to foreign, mostly European, governments who use the income stream to subsidise and improve their own domestic public services. It’s worth reading. As it exposes the major lie at the heart of these past few governments, it will make you angry if you are a UK taxpayer.


Listen to me and Max discuss the article in this podcast here:

Cooper Clarke, Hunter S and Social Media

Stacy Summary: Max interviewed the journalist who profiled him in the Independent. He has interviewed so many interesting characters and legends, it was fascinating to hear his stories. His name is Robert Chalmers and I grabbed an extra interview with him to talk more in depth about the various people he has interviewed, the modern media and more

Listen here:

The Keiser Report interview with him will not air til Saturday. So enjoy this in the meantime!

The Chicago Typewriter

Stacy Summary: Spent the weekend in Kilkenny, Ireland for the Kilkenomics Festival. What a change five years has made to the Irish mood. First of all, you can definitely notice the fact that many young people have emigrated – the audience is, indeed, older. But there was a 30% increase in the turnout this year over last year. Perhaps this is due to the mass protests across Ireland about the water charges being introduced. There’s a sense that the bailouts for bankers has a never-ending cost, which is, of course, what we tried to tell them five years ago when they first decided to make whole the unsecured creditors. Today, even the Wall Street Journal is asking: where did the money go?

In this episode we discuss the material and conversations we heard at Kilkenomics. We also talk Tommy Guns and the end of empire.


Listen to the show here: