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Max Keiser rap about fraud and financial terrorism

Keiser rap

Max Keiser rap about fraud and financial terrorism

Posted by RT Play on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

One True Measure of Stagnation: Not in the Labor Force

Heroic efforts are being made to cloak the stagnation of the U.S. economy. One of these is to shift the unemployed work force from the negative-sounding jobless category to the benign-sounding Not in the Labor Force (NILF) category.

But re-labeling stagnation does not magically transform a stagnant economy.To get a sense of long-term stagnation, let’s look at the data going back 38 years, to 1977.


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Gold as Independent Money Versus Central Banks Paper Ponzi

Submitted by David Bryan

The future direction of the planet is a choice between independent money and the central bankers counter-party paper Ponzi. Gold is independent monetary wealth with incredible wealth value that cannot go broke and over time will progress in value.

GoldCore: Gold Bars

Independent monetary wealth is when the money we use has proven wealth value with no counter-party liability.

Independence is freedom from the influence of others, when we make a choice that we will not acquiesce to be counter-party to the fraud of central bankers and governments.

Gold is independent monetary wealth.

Gold is mined from ore and has incredible value as refined natural physical wealth;

Gold does not have a national currency and has wealth value beyond national boundaries. It has monetary wealth for people everywhere in the world;

Gold is the mortal enemy of central bankers. It is an independent monetary asset that would prevent central bankers from using their Ponzi counter-party paper to exclusively manage, control and centrally plan the economy;

Gold cannot be printed into existence. It does not have or need the artificial risks from using the central banker’s Ponzi of counter-party liability finance;

Gold or silver have been used over several thousand years as wealth assets by very country in the world to guarantee the independence and monetary value of their currencies.

Gold is independent money with incredible wealth value that cannot go broke and will over time progress in value;

Gold is the peoples’ completely independent money that has no issuer’s counter-party liability. It protects their wealth from the actions of corrupt governments and financial institutions;

Gold is independent monetary wealth that has increased 5000% since the Federal Reserve Bank was formed in 1913. The people of the United States of America were tricked in 1913 and lost their monetary independence to this privately owned central banking institution. Since that date the Ponzi of the Federal Reserve’s counterparty paper dollar has devalued by an astronomical 97% to 3% of its original purchasing power;

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Today’s Gold Prices:   USD 1147.90, EUR 1021.45 and GBP 750.43 per ounce.
Yesterday’s Gold Prices: USD 1136.90, EUR 1014.55 and GBP 749.19 per ounce.


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Watch @maxkeiser and @stacyherbert talk about fraud and financial terrorism. Includes Max’s famous rant at 21:07

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U.S. Bombing of a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Afghanistan Was No Accident – “It Was the Target”

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.26.44 AM

By now, all of you will have read about the U.S. military’s recent bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. What you may not be aware of, is how much the official story has changed in the days since this inexcusable act of barbarism became public.

Doctors Without Borders has been calling the attack a “war crime,” which to the average American sounds outlandish and impossible. The justification for this claim is simple — that the airstrike wasn’t an accident at all, and that the U.S. military intentionally targeted the hospital. As the days go by, it becomes increasingly clear that this is indeed the case, and the Pentagon is now scrambling to justify the intentional targeting of a hospital.

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Lionsgate has partnered with GoCoin to accept Bitcoin

Lionsgate does $2.6 billion in revenue and they now accept Bitcoin: IHB News™

“Whether they pay in dollars, francs or bitcoins, people are spending more money to watch content across more distribution platforms than ever before, and our goal is to offer them greater choice..”

Lionsgate is based in Santa Monica and they now accept Bitcoin ….Read More

[KR819] Keiser report: Money laundering and Bitcoin

We discuss the big banks wanting the blockchain without bitcoin, which they claim is associated with money laundering and yet happily pump big bucks into the property market in the UK, which a senior police officer has identified as the preferred location for dirty money. In the second half, Max talks to Jaromil of about blocksize – why does it matter?

Bag for life by Sketchaganda

RSPB canvas shopping bag

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Gold to “double in price and surpass its inflation-adjusted high of $2,500 per ounce in the next 3 to 5 years”

The bullish outlook for gold prices was covered by Dow Jones Marketwatch by yesterday.

“Gold prices may be ready to make a significant move higher as holdings of the precious metal in the SPDR Gold Trust exchange-traded fund climb to their highest level in more than two months.”

2 Year Gold

GoldCore believes that gold may have “bottomed in the summer,” and could climb to as high as $1,300 an ounce by the end of this year.

And longer term, O’Byrne expects gold to “double in price and surpass its inflation-adjusted high of $2,500 per ounce in the next 3 to 5 years.”

The metal “remains undervalued when compared to assets such as stocks, bonds and property—all of which have surged in recent years,” he said.

The full article from Marketwatch can be read here – Gold may be on verge of ‘breakout’ higher as ETF holdings rise

Today’s Gold Prices: USD 1136.90, EUR 1014.55 and GBP 749.19 per ounce.
Yesterday’s Gold Prices: USD 1114.20, EUR 998.66 and GBP 735.69 per ounce.

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Gold may be on verge of ‘breakout’ higher as ETF holdings rise – MarketWatch
Gold Trading Slightly Higher in Asia – Wall Street Journal
Gold futures extend gains to a second straight session – MarketWatch
Gold edges up on weaker dollar, soft U.S. jobs data – Reuters
U.S. service sector growth ebbs in September – Reuters


This is a new opportunity to buy gold: Technician – CNBC
The Silver Market Disconnect Continues: 2 Must See Charts –
China’s President Confirms Practice Of Moving Official Reserve Assets To Other Entities In China – ZeroHedge
UK economy seen slowing after slide in services activity – Reuters
UK economic growth has slowed dramatically, latest survey suggests – The Guardian

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Welcome to the Future: Downward Mobility and Social Depression

The mainstream is finally waking up to the future of the American Dream: downward mobility for all but the top 10% of households. A recent Atlantic article fleshed out the zeitgeist with survey data that suggests the Great Middle Class/Nouveau Proletariat is also waking up to a future of downward mobility: The Downsizing of the American Dream: People used to believe they would someday move on up in the world. Now they’re more concerned with just holding on to what they have.


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California Mayor Forced to Hand Over Electronics and Passwords at Airport – Compares U.S. to Nazi Germany

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.03.23 AM

“I think the American people should be extremely concerned about their personal rights and privacy. As I was being searched at the airport, there was a Latino couple to my left, and an Asian couple to my right also being aggressively searched. I briefly had to remind myself that this was not North Korea or Nazi Germany. This is the land of the Free.

– Anthony Silva, Mayor of Stockton, California

Just in case you’re still under the infantile illusion that you reside in a free country.

Read more here.

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