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Unravelling Deutschebank’s $65 tr. Ponzi Scheme

Breaching the monetary Matrix

For those who have time for a long read, here’s a piece on understanding money. This isn’t a personal finance advice article. Rather, it’s about breaking down monetary mysteries, exploring what gives money value, delving into the operations of the commercial fractional reserve banking system, getting to grips with Adam Smith’s take on gold, and cracking the commodity illusion of credit money. Enjoy


Virgin Bitcoins

I Have Bitcoins Virgin Bitcoins

Bitcoin mining provides a way to secure new, clean coins. We term them “virgins”. Take a look at the chart below showing virgin bitcoins still available to be mined as of June 9, 2014.

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Matt Lee gets US govt to admit that all their evidence is a pile of tweets and anonymous YouTube videos

The Rot Within, Part I: Our Ponzi Economy

Depending on blowing the next bubble to temporarily prop up the economy is the height of foolhardy shortsightedness.

All the conventional policy fixes proposed by Demopublican politicos, technocrats and the vast army of academic/think-tank apparatchiks are the equivalent of slapping a coat of paint on a fragile facade riddled with dryrot. All these fake-fixes share a few key characteristics:


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Gaza And Ukraine: Pawns In A Deadly, Grotesque Geopolitical Game

Ukraine, Gaza, Iran, Isis, Syria and Turkey are all just pawns in a grotesque geopolitical game. All sides have their narratives. But in all cases, innocents must die …Today we  highlight David McWilliams, Global Macro 360° author, broadcaster and economist who shares his unique perspective on the global economy.


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How to publicise a new comedy club and write an effective Edinburgh Fringe press release

Lewis Ed 14 flyer

“My last press release was “nothing short of genius” according to the Independent on Sunday.”Read my latest daily blog in full here

• SO IT GOES – John Fleming’s Blog



The World Today

I wrote this poem in 2003. Sadly, it’s still relevant…

So, here we travel through the year 2003
But still it seems like the last thing that we’re aiming for is peace
From a global scale
To the violence on the streets
There’s still fighting in the cities
There’s still war in the Middle-East
Darwin claimed that we’re evolved
But we’re still acting like beasts
Protecting just our own
Eating everyone else’s feast
We get fed crime’s getting lower
But it’s clearly on the increase
Are we gonna keep killing eachother
Until we’re all deceased?
Last week, 2 girls got shot in Birmingham
And on the news, any excuse to link Iraq and Afghanistan
As if war’s an accident
And not part of a corporate plan
Cuz arms deals speak money
And money speaks louder than man
Though the dealers are “good people”
Cuz they follow Christianity
Religion’s just a socially accepted form of insanity
No wonder there’s so much racial hatred in the land
Why does it matter if your skin’s white, black or slightly tanned?
We’re the biggest threat to our future
Not Bin Laden or Saddam
The answer isn’t to change world leaders
We need to change our attitude
For this food that we’re about to receive
Won’t be received in gratitude
I know we’re all aware
But still it doesn’t seem to matter to you
Until things get too close to ignore
When someone you know becomes someone you knew
When the stories you hear and the pictures you see become true
And not just an oblivious pain
That someone else is going through.

By @mother_shipton < thinking of the people of Gaza.

The Ambitious Plan to Break California into 6 States – A Model for the Future?

The more I’ve thought about potential solutions to the gigantic mess we have found ourselves in as a species, the more I have come to believe we need to break apart into a vast multitude of city-states. The revolutionary concept of America in the first place was this idea of “self-governance,” something we do not posses an iota of in this day and age. As was noted recently in an academic paper published by Princeton and Northwestern, these United States have mutated into nothing short of an oligarchy. In fact, the study demonstrated that the will of the people has essentially zero impact on legislation whatsoever.

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A Transparent Bitcoin Vs. A Diamond Mirage

I Have Bitcoins A Transparent Bitcoin Vs A Diamond Mirage

Transparency within a market is essential to assessing the true value of an asset. The diamond market has been controlled by a cartel of companies named De Beers for over a century. In controlling the diamond, diamond mining, diamond shops, diamond trading and diamond manufacturing, De Beers created a complete monopoly and implemented an artificial supply.

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