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Alasdair Macleod: There Will Be a NEW WORLD Monday Morning!

collapseWith Greece on the Brink, Alasdair Macleod Joined the Show to Provide an Inside Look at the Crisis, Discussing:

  • What is the Greek Referendum REALLY ABOUT? Will the Greek debt be written down?
  • The Contagion Will Happen– Expect Banks to Remain Closed on a No Vote!
  • There Will Be a NEW WORLD Come Monday Morning! 
  • Is Gold Still in a Bear Market, or Has a New Bull Leg Begun With a Massive Consolidation?
  • Retail Physical Shortage Developing in the US- Market Changing Flow of Demand Has Hit the Market
  • The Lid is Going to Come Off the Gold Market!

Click here for Alasdair Macleod’s Break Down The Greek & Chinese Crisis on SD Metals & Markets:

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Max Keiser Interviews GoldCore’s Mark O’Byrne

- Gold price has been flat but interesting developments bubble under the surface
- Emergence of new tech is undermining existing banking cartel and will make owning and trading gold easier
- Gold price my rise if current shortages cause COMEX to fail to deliver physical gold
- Texas gold “repatriation” is highly significant development being ignored by mainstream
- Financial illiterates driving NATO and IMF policy











Goldcore Research Director, Mark O’Byrne was recently interviewed by Max Kaiser in London. Although gold prices have been flat for a number of years there have been some very interesting developments in that time. (more…)

Prostitutes are now teaching each other about Bitcoin

Bitcoin for Backpage: IHB News™

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has probably hurt women more than he his helping them, but this could be the best thing for bitcoin yet.

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London Candidate Proposes MayorsChain, a Blockchain Created to ‘Throw City Hall’s Books Wide Open’

[KR779] Keiser Report: On the Verge of Despotism

We discuss how it is that Aristotle predicted this day of financial and economic despotism. In the second half, Max interviews Nozomi Hayase about bitcoin and blockchain technologies enabling evolution of the human species which is presently kept enslaved by financial weapons.

Watch: @MaxKeiser goes into trance state onstage in London! @GeorgeGalloway



London Mayoral Candidate George Galloway Calls for City Government to use Block Chain for Public Accountability

Video – London Mayor @GeorgeGalloway: Keiser got ‘City slickers knocking at the knees’ @Start_coin

Study Shows U.S. Police Far More Concerned About “Anti-Government” Domestic Extremists than Al-Qaeda

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.43.11 PM

Since September 11, 2001, the frightened and emotionally pliable American public has gullibly relinquished its civil liberties and free heritage in order to allow the U.S. government to wage unaccountable and unconstitutional war again Al-Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorism across the world.

Many of us have warned for years, that preemptively giving up freedoms to protect freedom could only make sense to a propagandized, ignorant public completely clueless of human history. We warned that any totalitarian apparatus implemented to fight an outside enemy, would ultimately be turned around and used upon the public domestically. We already know this is happening with the NSA’s bulk spying and data collection, and we are starting to see a proliferation of the meme that “domestic extremists are more dangerous than Al-Qaeda,” spreading from the mouths of a corrupt and paranoid political class. I’ve covered this topic on several occasions, for example…

Read the rest here.

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Press Release: @GeorgeGalloway will use blockchain technology to bring transparency as Mayor of London

Jim Willie: GUARANTEE Dollar Death Dynamics

The current system is destined to failure. Time is running out. The only assets to thrive in the coming climax will be precious metals, property containing commodity resources, and certain commercial property, surely farmlands, maybe some collectibles.
The year 2015 will not end with any basic resemblance to the beginning of 2015.
The USDollar is on a collision course with imminent death.

Click here for Jim Willie’s MUST READ GUARANTEE Dollar Death Dynamics:

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