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Crossing The Young & Rubicam

When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon he didn’t have the world’s largest advertising agency backing him up.  With London’s WPP Group’s Burson-Marstellar taking over the lobbying reins for DATA (Digital Asset Transfer Authority) and the Windhover Transition transfer of power from the Bitcoin Foundation complete, the cryptocurrency’s integration into your bank account is all but guaranteed.  Standby for Bitcoin to enter the mainstream of global consciousness like an Open Mustard Seed that suddenly sprouts into a full grown tree.

Concerns regarding privacy or sovereignty should be viewed through “proportionality” (as in “size matters”) and unless you’re “Systemically Important” you’re not.

Matonis Resigns From Bitcoin Foundation

IHB News™  Matonis-steps-down-from-the-Bitcoin-Foundation-and-Reddit-reacts

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Child Poverty Jumps by 2.6 Million in Developed World Since 2008, While Number of Global Billionaires Doubles

The “Great Recession Scorecard” is out. Two headlines. Two very different realities:

“A report by Unicef says the number of children entering poverty during the recession is 2.6 million greater than the number who have been lifted out of it.”

“The super-rich club has become less exclusive, with the amount of billionaires doubling since the financial crisis, according to a report from global charity Oxfam. There were 1,645 billionaires globally as of March 2014, according to Forbes data cited in the Oxfam report, up from 793 in March 2009.”

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The Wrath of Draghi: German Savers Hit with Negative Interest Rates

“Punishment Interest” it’s lovingly called in Germany, as the ECB intends to flog savers until their mood improves.

Deutsche Skatbank, a division of VR-Bank Altenburger Land, which was founded in 1859, is not the biggest bank in Germany, but it’s the first bank to confirm what German savers have been dreading for a while: the wrath of Draghi.

Read….   The Wrath of Draghi: German Savers Hit with Negative Interest Rates 

Globalization = Permanent Instability

Globalization continually creates imbalances that fuel a perpetual instability that gradually impoverishes every sector other than global capital.

Globalization has two guaranteed consequences: permanent instability and endless boom-and-bust cycles. As noted in Forget “Free Trade”–Focus on Capital Flows, the key engine of globalization is mobile capital: capital that can borrow money for next to nothing in one nation and then move that capital to other nations where yields are higher and opportunities for exploitation riper.

This mobility of capital is an enormous benefit to the owners of the capital, but it creates extraordinary instability for those who are not as mobile. 


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Fed Ends QE? Greenspan Says Gold “Measurably” “Higher” In 5 Years

Fed Ends QE? Greenspan Says Gold “Measurably” “Higher” In 5 Years

Question: “Where will the price of gold be in 5 years?”
Greenspan: “Higher.”
Question: “How much?”
Greenspan: “Measurably.”


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Central bank heroes: Your thoughts?

Stacy Summary: Your thoughts below.

‘Dangerously high’ levels of airborne carcinogens found at US fracking sites

Stacy Summary: I doubt the claim that the UK will have higher standards reducing these carcinogens to negligible levels. But, no doubt, this news ought to boost property values. And while they will only get £50 for drilling under their property, at least the British people will have an NHS to treat them for any cancer they might develop. And, as for Americans, well, I guess they prove Lenin right: “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”


Levels of benzene, formaldehyde and hydrogen sulphide were many times above the US’s air pollution limits and were detected within residential areas near to fracking wells drilled across five different states, the researchers said.

Some levels of benzene – a known carcinogen – were more than 30 times the concentrations that would be found in the air at a petrol station when filling a car with fuel, they said.

“I think we should be very concerned about these findings. Benzene and formaldehyde are both known to be human carcinogens,” said David Carpenter, professor of environmental health science as the University of Albany in New York, who led the study.

Kenya’s Musoni is doing it right. Next up, Bitcoin


Meet the future of banking in Africa. Read More

Harvey Organ: Gold & Silver Whacked as QE Ends!

Gold & silver were whacked by the cartel in the access market today as Janet Yellen and the Fed announced QE will end at the end of the month. 
Expect gold and silver to be under the weather for the remainder of the week.
Let’s head immediately to see the major data points for today:


Click here for Harvey Organ’s take on the end of QE & today’s Gold & Silver Smash:

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20-Year CBS News Veteran, Sharyl Attkisson, Details Massive Censorship and Propaganda in Mainstream Media

Earlier this week, I published a piece titled, Former CBS Reporter Accuses Government of Secretly Planting Classified Docs on Her Computer, which I thought was incredible in its own right, yet the information in that post seems almost trite compared to the flood of information Attkisson has revealed to the New York Post’s Kyle Smith.

These excerpts will confirm all of your worst suspicions about mainstream media…

Read more here.

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Forget “Free Trade”–Focus on Capital Flows

In a world dominated by mobile capital, mobile capital is the comparative advantage.

Defenders and critics of “free trade” and globalization tend to present the issue as either/or: it’s inherently good or bad. In the real world, it’s not that simple. The confusion starts with defining free trade (and by extension, globalization).


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