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Ebola in America

The UK’s Conservative Party Declares War on YouTube, Twitter, Free Speech and Common Sense

One thing we know from history is that people in power tend to become very paranoid about losing it. People who hold power based on fraud and deceit, and who start to lose the support of the masses, are particularly vulnerable to extreme paranoia. This is exactly what I think is happening to people in power throughout the world.  From Hong Kong to Scotland. From Catalonia to the Middle East. All across the globe, young people are uniting in protest to achieve the same goal. They see a status quo in power that has destroyed their futures. They see centralized power far from where they live primarily being used by the super rich to become super richer. They are sick of it and they want something else. In fact, they are now beginning to demand something else.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Islamic extremists or Neo-Nazis. In fact, attacks by such groups only serve to further expand the power of the entrenched ruling class. Nothing would be more useful to these people than violent attacks by extremist groups. No, what really scares them is thoughtful, rebellious, free-thinking citizens speaking their minds; and now they are trying to ban that…

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Proof-Of-Strip: Naked Bitcoin News… Featuring @maxkeiser

Junk Bond Bubble Cracks, Destroys Stocks One at a Time

Junk-bond default rates have been low; as long as old debt can be replaced easily and more cheaply with new debt, and as long as losses can be funded with new debt, default isn’t necessary. Investors cling to this notion by their fingernails to rationalize the record low yields they’re accepting. But the party is turning into a bloodbath. It’s happening right now beneath the surface of the S&P 500.

Read…   Junk Bond Bubble Cracks, Destroys Stocks One at a Time 

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Singapore Becoming Global Gold Hub – Launches Kilo Bar Contract And Gold ATMs

Some analysts have said that the protests in Hong Kong and the uncertain political outlook in Hong Kong may give Singapore an advantage in terms of becoming Asia and possibly the world’s global gold hub.  Separately, the first gold-dispensing automated teller machine in Asia have been launched in Singapore. The two ATMs are in Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa hotels. The world’s largest bullion buyer, China imported more gold in September than in the previous month due to demand from retailers stocking up for the upcoming National Day holiday.


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Nat Rothschild enters Lions’ den to win over cabbies with Maaxi taxi app

Will Senators Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren Unite to Finally “Audit the Fed”?

What becomes crystal clear from the “Goldman Tapes” is that Federal Reserve employees are people who are long on talk, and extraordinarily short on action. If the Fed was led by someone like Carmen Segarra, our financial system would be much more stable and ethical, not due to its own nature, but out of fear.

Instead, the financial system is run by psychopaths; juggling with and making spreads off of an endless and always expanding arsenal of financial nuclear weapons, trading and manipulating civil society into oblivion with absolutely zero concern of ever being held accountable for anything.  Ms. Segarra tried to inject some real accountability into the banking system, and for her efforts she was fired…

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The Tax Justice Network Podcast

”Unpatriotic corporate deserters’? In the September 2014 Taxcast we ask why so many US companies are relocating and what we can do about it. Also, we look at the less reported side of the Scottish vote on independence, and we put the OECD’s latest ‘action’ plan to tackle international tax avoidance under our microscope. And much, much more. Click the logo to listen:


Featuring: Tax Justice Network Director John Christensen, economist Jim Henry, tax justice accountant Richard Murphy with a brief appearance from US President Obama and OECD head Pascal Saint-Amans. Produced and presented by @Naomi_Fowler for the Tax Justice Network.

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Russia’s Gokhran Buying Gold Bullion In 2014 and Will Buy Palladium In 2015

Gokhran, the Russian precious metals and gems repository, said it has been buying gold bullion in 2014 and will likely to start buying palladium bullion in 2015, Interfax news agency reported this morning, citing the head of Gokhran, Andrey Yurin. Receive Award Winning Updates Here


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Admission That Financial Terrorism Took Place In Ireland

The amount of abuse that commentators like Max and Stacy received for calling a spade a spade when it came to the act of financial terrorism that was/is the cost to the  sovereign people of Ireland of the bond holder bailout of the the Irish banks was vicious. The reparations the Irish people continue to pay to their ilk continues into perpetuity without a murmur from so called democratic nations and partners.

Even talking about it on political chat rooms garnered derision and ‘moderation’(banning).

Honohan: ECB officials agreed to threaten Ireland with bankruptcy if the government tried to burn bondholders -

‘Hands up, don’t shoot!’ – Hong Kong

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