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[KR1013] Keiser Report: Outlook for 2017

We discuss the outlook for 2017: from Trump’s first 100 hours, not days to fake news and a market crash following the biggest rally since Hoover. In the second half Max is joined by Gerald Celente of to discuss the big trends of 2017: Rustbelt 2.0, economic disorder and ‘Sell, Buy China’.

[KR1012] Keiser Report: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

We discuss all the free lunches harming the global economy. In the second half Max interviews Father Nathan Monk, author of ‘Chasing the Mouse’, about homelessness in America and building tiny houses.

[KR1011] Keiser Report: Risk & Reward

Keiser Report advises the audience to check and see whether their hedge fund manager has bought a Ferrari for Christmas. If they did, it may be time to find a new fund manager. In the second half, Max interviews retired counterintelligence officer ‘Eddie Z’ about economic espionage and allegedly hacked elections.

Happy Max-mas!


[KR1010] Keiser Report: ‘We are all in Trump world now’

We review the year that was Donald Trump as markets rally the most since Herbert Hoover in 1928 but is a 1929 like crash in the cards? In the second half, Max interviews Karl Denninger of about whether or not Trump is, indeed, ‘draining the swamp?’ Or is he repopulating it with bigger, more terrifying swamp creatures?

[KR1009] Keiser Report: ‘Foreigners Dumping US Treasurys’

From a pedal trolley in Pensacola, Florida, Max and Stacy ask what ‘foreigners dumping Treasurys’ means for local businesses. We also discuss Trump’s argument that Americans should bulk buy and get a discount on their pharmaceuticals. In the second half Max continues his interview with Paul Craig Roberts about Trump’s economic policies.

[KR1008] Keiser Report: Putin, Hacking & Conspiracy

We discuss the ‘birthering’ of the Democrats as Keith Olbermann turns xenophobe, and conspiracy theories flourish in the media. We also discuss Russia’s latest gold purchases. In the second half, Max interviews former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, about the attempted Electoral College coup on Trump, and the differences between the last Cold War and the new one.

[KR1007] Keiser Report: Comedy in Age of Trump

We discuss how both the Italian bank, Monte dei Paschi, and the American retailer, Sears, survived war, Great Depressions and famine, only to be destroyed by the modern paper derivative. In the second half, Max does some stand up and then interviews comedian Lee Camp about the business of comedy in the age of Trump.

[KR1006] Keiser Report: Healthcare Monster

We discuss the healthcare monster no one wants to tame and the Fukushima meltdown devouring trillions of yen. In the second half Max interviews Adam Curry about the hashtag fake news and the rise of alt-media as a competitive challenge to the mainstream media.

Double Down: Trump Drains the Swamp. Not!

Donald Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’ that is the cesspit called Washington DC, filled with horrid lobbyist beggars and assorted corporate welfare queens. Since winning the election, however, Trump has nominated three Goldman Sachs bankers and (perhaps) a handful of CEOs of major corporations to his administration. Michael Krieger tells Double Down that Steve Mnuchin to Treasury is one of the more terrifying of the swamp creatures to occupy Trump’s D.C. But will Trump’s appointment of the worst of the swamp creatures actually advance his alleged cause of draining this said swamp? Tune into Double Down for some answers.

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[KR1005] Keiser Report: Fake News (E1005, ft. Alex Jones from Infowars)

From Austin, Texas, we discuss the mainstream media pushing their hashtag fake news blacklists as alt-media rejects fake narrative values to eat mainstream media’s naked lunch with acid memes and information liberation. In the second half, Max interviews Alex Jones of about Hillary Clinton signaling him out as a media disinfo agent and now the post-election media jumping on the bandwagon.

[KR1004] Keiser Report: Trump & the Politics of Jobs

We discuss what Trump understands about the politics – not just the economics – of jobs. In the second half, Max continues his interview with political strategist, Michael Carmichael, about what went wrong for Hillary. They suggest that it will be Trump’s first one hundred hours, not his first one hundred days, which will set the agenda.