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[KR719] Keiser Report: Plague of Benefit Cheats (ft. George Galloway)

We discuss the plague of benefit cheats occupying positions of power. And whilst they sponge off the benefits of bank bailouts, free money, quantitative easing, zero percent interest rates, secret trade deals, privatisations and peerages, the rest of the population must pay for this free money world with being forced into ever dodgier investments like burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. In the second half, Stacy interviews George Galloway about crowdfunding, peerages, blood money and UK politics. And why it is that Tony Blair will never make it to the House of Lords.

Iceland jails four Kaupthing bankers

Iceland jails former Kaupthing bank bosses


Four former bosses from the Icelandic bank Kaupthing have been sentenced to between four and five and a half years in prison. The Supreme Court of Iceland came to this conclusion today. The four were sentenced to between three and five and a half years in prison in Reykjavik’s district court. The verdict was appealed to the Supreme Court.

[KR718] Keiser Report: Buddhas on Black Market

DOUBLE STACY!! In this episode, we explain that: “if you see the Buddha on the side of the road, try to sell him on the black market.” We compare the US and UK economies to the 200 year old shrivelled up mummy of a former monk which is hailed as nearing a state of nirvana by the experts. We also look at the real world where the Baltic Dry Index is lowest in its history, wages and productivity were divorced in 1971 and where the UK trade deficit is the worst in 300 years.

[KR717] Keiser Report: Too big to jail, officially

“Je Suis Bill Black,” as free speech is not allowed if the conversation turns to banking crimes and financial system insolvency. In the second half, Max interviews Green party candidate for Vauxhall, Gulnar Hasnain. We discuss crowdfunding and cryptocurrency.

MUST WATCH: Gallup CEO: Jobless rate a ‘big lie’ created by White House

Mine Yourself. Convert Your Consumer Profile into a Virtual Currency

The Truth About Markets – 07 February 2015

One can only laugh when one listens to The Truth About Markets!

One can only laugh when one listens to The Truth About Markets!

Download show here

For more download & listening options, visit Archive dot org

George Osborne admits HM.Gov+BOE terrorism on savers (08Feb15)

[KR716] Keiser Report: Greece, Beware Bureaucrats & Bankers Bearing Bailouts

We warn Greece to beware bureaucrats and bankers bearing bailouts. In the second half, Max continues his interview with filmmaker, blogger and author, Kerry-anne Mendoza, about her new top selling book, “Austerity: The demolition of the welfare state and the rise of the zombie economy.”

Our friend in Mexico City Guillermo Barba @memobarba starts up an English video channel

Keiser Rage in Brighton with the Dead Reds – Friday, 6 March 2015

So-called Journalist @cathynewman’s visit to a London #mosque shows her allegiance to war mongering scum bags in Westminster

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