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[KR906] Keiser Report: Debt Slavery

We discuss debt slaves who are under constant surveillance, facing the threat of being thrown into the prison-industrial complex. In the second half, Max interviews Andy Johnson of about encryption and authentication in a post-Snowden world. They discuss the half-trillion dollars ‘stolen’ from companies annually through hacking, and how his service is among those that can stop that.

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[KR907] Keiser Report: Sinkholes of Big-Oil Debt

We discuss the dark side to fantasy math and sinkholes of big-oil debt. In the second half Max interviews Federico Ast of about a judicial system for the internet era.

[DD05] Double Down: The Toxic Book Cooking Legacy of Private Finance Initiatives

LISTEN to the latest Double Down podcast from Max and Stacy. Today’s topic:

The wacky idea proposed by Private Finance Initiatives was that we could magically offload risk onto the private sector for all our vital public services like schools, hospitals, transport and more… and save money doing so! With the government being paid to borrow, however, the notion that we could save money has turned out to be pure fantasy. Double Down asks Joel Benjamin to explain the dodgy history of how PFI provided New Labour with a bridge to the City of London, which has been paid back many times over via lucrative offshore harboured PFI contracts which have been ‘flipped’ many times for great profit.

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[TaM507] Truth About Markets – 23 April 2016

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It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

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[KR905] Keiser Report: Secrets of TTIP & TPP

We discuss that if man is what he hides, as André Malraux said, then the EU is a corporatist, monopolist loving intellectual land-grabber, for the EU hides secret trade deals. We also discuss Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan instructing his coalition not to ‘forcibly’ proceed with ratifying the TPP (another secret trade deal) until after elections this summer as voters are against it. In the second half, Max interviews independent Irish politician and MEP, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, about the top secret TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

[KR904] Keiser Report: Marquis de Sade & Modern Bankers

We discuss how the Marquis de Sade would approve the modern banker for their joy of making off with the substance of others. We also look at Deutsche Bank turning on their co-conspirators in gold and silver rigging and they also cover the New York pension funds telling hedge funds to ‘shove it’. In the second half Max interviews Arthur Hayes of about making leveraged bets on China with bitcoin without being Zhou Tonged.

It’s time to Double Down with Max & Stacy!

Banks in the United Kingdom have been ordered to declare their links to the law firm whose hacked files became the #PanamaPapers. But is the financial scandal here really about this one small law firm in the midst of a giant offshore market in which the UK plays a leading part? Double Down asks Ian Fraser for some insight into the financial services London is offering to those who have looted their own nations.

London banks are burning down . . . the looted wealth of nations!

London banks are burning down . . . the looted wealth of nations!

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[KR903] Keiser Report: Systemic Nature of Corruption

We discuss royal scum threatening to dump US Treasuries and the evaporation of 315 billion petrodollars without much impact on credit markets. In the second half Max and Stacy continue their interview with Steve Topple about what two weeks of #PanamaPapers leaks have told us about the systemic nature of corruption.

[KR902] Keiser Report: Spy vs. spy

We discuss disintermediation of the meatspace, onshore services by offshore property sites such as Uber and AirBnB, and what the inevitable collapse in tax revenue will mean for the onshore citizen. We also discuss Goldman Sachs’ alleged $5-billion fine for mortgage securities fraud actually only being half that thanks to the systemic corruption of our so-called justice system. In the second half, we interview independent journalist Steve Topple about what two weeks of #PanamaPapers leaks have told us about the systemic nature of corruption.

[TaM506] The Truth About Markets – 16 April 2016

It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

[TaM505] Truth About Markets – 09 April 2016

Last week’s Truth About Markets. Enjoy.


[KR901] Keiser Report: Most Destructive Force in the Universe

We take a physicist’s view on global financial and economic news as central bankers play dice with the financial universe and Schroedinger’s bank has assets, both there and not there, living and dead at the same time, depending on who (if any) is observing said ‘asset’. In the second half Max, interviews Michael Krieger of about the significance of Bill Black joining the Bernie Sanders campaign. They also discuss insane central bank policies driving a rush into derivatives.