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Luke Rudkowski: Tear Gas, Long ATM Lines and How Greeks Will Vote Sunday @Lukewearechange

London Candidate Proposes MayorsChain, a Blockchain Created to ‘Throw City Hall’s Books Wide Open’

[KR779] Keiser Report: On the Verge of Despotism

We discuss how it is that Aristotle predicted this day of financial and economic despotism. In the second half, Max interviews Nozomi Hayase about bitcoin and blockchain technologies enabling evolution of the human species which is presently kept enslaved by financial weapons.

Watch: @MaxKeiser goes into trance state onstage in London! @GeorgeGalloway

London Mayoral Candidate George Galloway Calls for City Government to use Block Chain for Public Accountability

Video – London Mayor @GeorgeGalloway: Keiser got ‘City slickers knocking at the knees’ @Start_coin

Press Release: @GeorgeGalloway will use blockchain technology to bring transparency as Mayor of London

This will put @georgegalloway in City Hall next year. No other mayoral candidate even comes close > @georgegalloway

[KR777] Keiser Report: Greece! Start Fresh

We discuss the idea of “nothing to fear but fear itself” as Greece puts an end to sovereign asset forfeiture as capital controls and bank holidays are declared after its government called a referendum. In the second half, Max interviews American defense attorney Craig Brand about civil asset forfeiture.

Entire video: StartCOIN event + full @kimdotcom interview, MEGANET and Bitcoin!

‘Meganet': Kim Dotcom plans crowdfunded replacement to internet (Ft. Max Keiser) @start_coin

The Truth About Bank Holidays

The Truth About Markets for Saturday, 27 June 2015. Max and Stacy talk about the late night call from Alexis Tsipras for a referendum on the ‘bailout deal.’ Capital controls and bank holidays soon followed.

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It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

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