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You can’t corrupt math where as you can corrupt JPMorgan

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[KR646] Keiser Report: Bitcoin Independence!

We discuss the high cost of helping politicians with low rates . . . from the increase in the cost of raising a child to the Greater Depression in Europe. And yet, it is the voter who reelects the politicians based on cheap money induced house price rises. In the second half, Max interviews filmmaker and bitcoin enthusiast, Julia Tourianski, about her online video, The Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence.

Jamie Joins Twitter

France: Out with the Lefties, in with the Rothschilds

Another banker to run yet another European economy into the ground for bailouts and bonuses.

[KR645] Keiser Report: ‘Les Misérables’ (#Ferguson)

We discuss how some looters are more equal than others as Jamie Dimon gets to keep his mortgage fraud deal with the Department of Justice secret while others get gunned down in broad daylight for lifting a cigarette. In the second half, Max interviews journalist and author, Matt Taibbi about the injustice that follows the wealth divide and how Ferguson, Missouri plays into that.

Subscription Keiser visits Bitcoin Center NY

Stacy Summary: While we were filming the opening title sequence down near Wall Street, we came across the Bitcoin Center NY and popped in for a visit. Here is Max ...

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[KR644] Keiser Report: Skynet Robotic Future

We discuss a future in which most jobs are obsolesced away by robots and mechanization. Just as human invention lost the horse many jobs it used to perform, so, too, for millions of workers – and it’s happening right now. In the second half, Max interviews Perianne Boring of the Chamber of Digital Commerce about the chamber’s role in advocating for bitcoin and where she sees the future of regulation heading.

[KR643] Keiser Report: Economy Crapification

We imagine a 3-D printed lawyer glut and bankers having their way with subprime mortgage bonds and then dumping them on unsuspecting pension funds. In the second half, Max interviews Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars and the Death of Money, about the financial environment looking a whole lot like 1987 when markets tumbled by 22% in a day. They also discuss whether San Diego leveraging up on risk or Japan running out of steam could be the trigger for the big sell-off.

Subscription Keiser on Gaming

Stacy Summary: Met a StartJOIN project owner – the Bankster Game. I had a chance to grab an interview with him to discuss various aspects of the gaming and app ...

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[KR642] Keiser Report: Saudi America

We ask why, if fracking is so great, is it a state secret? A UK government report looking at the economic consequences in rural Britain is so heavily redacted that none are allowed to know the third “major social impact” the fracking process may cause. We also discuss one energy analyst’s call for fracking as the ‘dotcom bubble’ of our age. In the second half, Max interviews an activist from Germany, Lars Maehrholz, who has seen tens of thousands across Germany attend his weekly Stop the Fed rallies.

If fracking’s so great, why is it a state secret?

Subscription Keiser on the American Huckster

Stacy Summary: We’re in Austin, Texas where the blazing sunshine and good food are washing away the black mold of London! Max comes up with a brilliant tale of the ...

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