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[KR950] Keiser Report: Great Period of Instability

We discuss the ‘Great Period of Instability’ and the $24 trillion rollover risk as interconnected disasters in the global economy. Max then talks to Reggie Middleton in Bryant Park, NY, about there being no such thing as negative interest rates and how the German taxpayer will go broke before Deutsche Bank does. Max talks to Valentin Schmid of the Epoch Times about the trillions of bad debts in the Chinese banking system and what plans the Peoples Bank of China has for dealing with it.

[KR949] Keiser Report: Economics Farce

We discuss the farcical, upside down world that central bank intervention has made in markets – where the safest bets are now the most dangerous. We also discuss the otherwise undiscussed collateral damage to European countries from sanctions friendly fire. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Gerald Celente of about entrepreneurship and the US elections.

Double Down: Bread, Circuses and… Taco Bowls

Of the citizens of the declining Roman empire, it was said: “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.” So true is this of all such citizens of declining empire that every four years American presidential wannabes even promise revolution but know that the voter will ask only for more bread, circuses and… taco bowls. Dr. Michael Hudson joins Double Down to talk about the economic reality behind the Trump voter and about whether or not, as it is claimed, Hillary Clinton is the ‘most progressive’ candidate in Democratic history.


¡Me encanta taco bowls!

¡Me encanta taco bowls!


[KR948] Keiser Report: Myth of Millennial Entrepreneur

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Kingston, NY, we discuss the myth of the Millennial entrepreneur. Business startups have collapsed and the Obama administration says that student debt is great for the US economy; meanwhile, in China, ‘innovation centers’ have popped up all over the country, but will the entrepreneurs ever show up? In the second half, Max interviews Gerald Celente of about entrepreneurship and US elections.

Truth About Markets – 30 July 2016

Max and Stacy in coastal Carolina with our commentary on the political conferences, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and more.

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It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

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[KR947] Keiser Report: Taxation and Comedy

We talk to financial journalist, comedian and presenter, Dominic Frisby about . . . taxation as a source of comedic material for his new stand up show, “Let’s Talk about Tax”. Max and Stacy also interview Anoush Hakimi of about crowdfunding justice.

[KR946] Keiser Report: Global Energy Crisis

We talk to Gregor Macdonald of and the TerraJoule newsletter. We discuss energy transition, San Diego’s 2035 plan, walkable cities, and urban burbs. They also examine Saudi Arabia’s plan to float Saudi Aramco and go solar.

Double Down: Central Banks and the Communist Manifesto

China’s currency, the yuan, has been tumbling, and yet, investors are allegedly ‘unperturbed.’ Are these so-called investors right to put their faith in the new openness of the People’s Bank of China in managing the decline? Whilst financial journalists and the investors who read them may be ‘unperturbed,’ Chinese citizens are preparing for a massive devaluation in the yuan and we can see that in the metals markets. Double Down talks to Valentin Schmid of the Epoch Times about the chances for a big devaluation and about the relationship of central banking to the Communist Manifesto.

Click this image to listen!

Click this image to listen!

[KR945] Keiser Report: Reality of Uncertainty

We talk to Das, author of ‘A Banquet of Consequences: The Reality of Our Unusually Uncertain Economic Future’, about the structural changes needed to halt the decline in real wages. They also discuss financialization, economic apartheid and debt jubilees.

[KR944] Keiser Report: Escaping America

We talk first to Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante about Americans renouncing their citizenship as a solution to bank embargoes and double taxation. In the second half, we chat to Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder of BitNation – the world’s first virtual nation, a blockchain powered jurisdiction – about ending geographical apartheid in the digital and crypto age.

KR943] Keiser Report: Revolving Doors

We talk first to former banker, now author, Nomi Prins, about a solution to the revolving door between Wall Street and DC. We discuss whether or not Hillary Clinton’s highly paid speeches to Goldman Sachs matter and whether or not Wall Street expects anything in return for its contributions to her campaign. In the second half, we talk to UK activist Tina Rothery about fracking being forced upon the people of North Yorkshire, who have overwhelmingly expressed their resistance to the ‘controversial’ natural gas and oil extraction method. We ask what the solution is going forward when elected officials choose corporations over populations.

[KR942] Keiser Report: Crisis of Capitalism

We talk to Dmitry Orlov, author of The Collapse Gap, about a “pathway to a different future.” Orlov suggests that “150 strong” can solve many of the problems present in our economies and societies – smaller communities of 150 who can trust each other and work together as a unit during the crisis of capitalism. We also discuss the drumbeat of war and how war is not the answer to the global economic depression.