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[KR731] Keiser Report: War on terror – self-licking ice cream cone

We discuss the business model of the war on terror in which the droning of wedding parties is nothing personal just business. Same goes for de-dollarization as China builds an alternative to SWIFT – nothing personal, just business. In the second half, Max interviews former CIA agent and open source advocate, Robert David Steele, about false flags and moral hazard.

[KR730] Keiser Report – Destroying the Middle Class

In this episode of the Keiser Report, we discuss the stubborn facts of the disappearing middle class and the rising mortality rates in white women in America. In the second half, Max interviews Harry Cole (Twitter handle: of the Spectator magazine and hit UK right of Centre blog, They discuss crack den economics and general elections.

[KR729] Keiser Report: War is racket, that’s why EU needs an army

We discuss the war racket, the build to war and the successful campaign by Stacy to get the Guardian to change the description under a photo of a ‘far-right’ woman named ‘Anaconda’ in Ukraine. In the second half, Max interviews five-time world snooker champion Ronnie O’Sullivan about the snooker industry, winning property as the only way on to the property ladder (other than inheritance) and much more.

StartJOIN TV – Max Keiser interviews Ronnie O’Sullivan about crowdfunding, the Crucible & Ron’s Big Win

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Why you won’t see me in Terry Jones @PythonJones new film about crash-o-nomics, “BoomBustBoom.”

I’m getting lots of emails from people asking me why I’m not in the new Terry Jones film ‘BoomBustBoom’ about the folly of economic theory and wonky markets. After all, “Keiser Report” is probably the most recognized name in the world for this kind of reporting with over 20 mn. viewers worldwide that we’ve been doing for 5 years on RT and 10 years on various other international outlets. And of course we accurately predicted the crash of 2008 (the centerpiece of the film) in years leading up to that crash.

The answer is: after I agreed to be in the film – after being was invited to do so – I never heard back. The good news is that Steve Keen is in the film – so we know at least one “Keiser Report” regular will be represented.

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[KR728] Keiser Report: Abandoning Free Market Principles

We discuss the publicly-listed companies eating themselves through stock buybacks and what this means for a monetary policy which encourages it in our new financialized era, in which corporations borrow not to invest but to take money out of the company. In the second half, Max interviews precious metals expert Ned Naylor-Leyland about the latest in the gold market – including the various lawsuits against manipulators of the market and the accumulation of reserves and introduction of a price-fix in China.

[KR727] Keiser Report: Financial Faith

We discuss the modern economic, financial and monetary system in which one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. And yet to one without faith, no explanation is possible. And once no explanation is possible – hyperinflation and economic disorder ensues. In the second half, Max continues with his interview of Professor Richard Werner, who, in the early 1990s, coined the phrase ‘quantitative easing.’ Together they take a look at the monster which QE has become.

[KR726] Keiser report: UK’s crackhead economic policies

We discuss the government’s economic policies apparently cooked up in a crack den – literally! Tabloids in the UK claim to have footage of the Chancellor’s top economic adviser smoking crack. We also look at the economic policies this man may have been pushing and at how they cause effects very similar to those of crack cocaine.

In the second half, Max interviews Professor Richard Werner, who, in the early 1990s, coined the phrase ‘quantitative easing.’ Together they take a look at the monster which QE has become.

Crazy Buckingham Palace naked man video!!!

Top adviser to George Osborne filmed smoking crack cocaine, talking about the economy

Top adviser to Chancellor George Osborne filmed smoking crack cocaine in drugs den


One of Chancellor George Osborne’s senior advisers on economic policy has been captured on video smoking crack cocaine in a drugs den.

Prof Douglas McWilliams, who last year ­estimated we would all be £165 a year better off by the election, is seen inhaling it through a glass tube at a flat in North London.

The executive chairman of influential City think-tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research then slumps dazed on a sofa after repeatedly smoking on the makeshift crack pipe involving a miniature Martell Cognac bottle.

[KR725] Keiser Report: Inflation = War

We discuss bankrupting nations through inflation and/or war. We look at the new bond coin in Zimbabwe where the US dollar is preferred and then to central banks where gold is preferred over the US dollar. So many fools, not enough currencies. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Liam Halligan, editor-at-large at and columnist at the Telegraph, about the latest on the unpayable debt crisis in Greece and about which nation will be the first to exit the euro.

Rage in Toronto?

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