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Truth About Markets – 24 October 2015 – Crossing the Rubicon

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It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

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[KR827] Keiser Report: Fraud Futures From the Past

We discuss the Keiser Report theory of quantum financial fraud: an odd world, formed by a fabric of toxic derivatives, where wealth does not take form until it has been stolen from a pension fund via particles of sub-debt existing in hundreds of tranches of CDOs simultaneously. In the second half, Max and Stacy interview Joel Benjamin of Debt Resistance UK about the role of housing speculation, and the consequent exploding mortgage debts, in destabilizing the economy.

The Headlines So Far Today – 24 October 2015

TruthOutHersh Vindicated? Turkish Whistleblowers Corroborate Story on False Flag Sarin Attack in Syria[SH: Crazy if true. Crazy because not only have I not seen this story covered by any MSM, but the vitriol lodged at the likes of Sy Hersh for reporting on this possibility at the time was so massive]. – Under Pressure, City Council in Louisiana Rejects Plan to Create Misdemeanor Jail[SH: This model of shaking down and criminalizing the poor in America is something which ought to be more discussed; but, alas, we can only hate the things our ‘enemies’ do].

Telegraph – Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugal’s anti-euro Left banned from power[SH: yet another event which has failed to gain any interest in MSM; remarkable story; shocking quotes from president of Portugal. Methinks if we didn’t have such a brilliantly engineered right vs left ‘culture,’ more would be outraged on the basis of principle].

Bitcoin Capital Fights Blythe Masters’ And her ‘Blockchain Terrorism’

Bitcoin Capital Fights Blythe

MUST WATCH > Luke Rudkowski: U.S Gives Up Against ISIS, Makes You The New Enemy

The Headlines So Far Today – 22 October 2015

BloombergHas It Become Impossible to Prosecute White-Collar Crime?[SH: Bwahahahaha! The widdle peeple are too dumb dumb to understand all the complex fraud]?

ReaderSupportedNewsObama Administration Urges No Bankruptcy Relief for Student Debt[SH: one can’t let the plebs write off debts if one is to maintain a system in which wealth trickles up].

ZerohedgeCEO Of Europe’s Largest Zinc Producer Hints At Default: Bonds Hit Record Lows, Stock Plunges Most Ever[SH: As Mitch and Max warned last week on Keiser Report -> GLENRON is coming, so can a new WorldCom be far behind?]

SalonDonald Trump lashes out at Iowa after new poll shows him losing: “Too much Monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain”[SH: LOL. You have to admit, a buffoon he may be, but he does get to play the fool in a very Shakespearean manner – that is, as the truth teller in a time when doing so can otherwise be dangerous. Monsanto].

CNBC – Bitcoin now tax-free in Europe after court ruling[SH: Remarkable. This is good news for European companies against American competitors as in the US half a dozen regulators (and the IRS) are treating bitcoin as wildly different asset classes].

[KR826] Keiser Report: Empire of debt

We discuss the past which is the future for the empire of debt that is America where financial engineering is to its rule as road engineering was to the Roman one. As financial engineering fails, however, from QE to share buybacks, the imperial power erodes. In the second half, Max interviews Dmitry Orlov of about where he and Colonel Wilkerson agree about the signs of collapse of the silliest empire.

Read Dmitry’s original essay here: Collapse Gap.

[KR825] Keiser Report: Those Confused Investors!

We discuss confused investors, confused voters and confused central bankers, all who hope that credit will save the GDP day one day. In the second half, Max interviews Egon von Greyerz of about negative interest rates and the hoard of gold heading to China.

The Headlines So Far Today – 20 October 2015

MarketwatchNew ‘Twitter ETF’ sounds crazy, but it’s actually dangerous – [SH: I would bet that this ETF technology references Max Keiser’s ‘virtual specialist’ patent. Monetising emotion. Would you invest in this ETF?] – ObamaCare’s Neoliberal Marketplace: Failing. And Fraud-Enabling?[SH: I had no idea that ‘health’ insurance companies had been granted a waiver from fraud laws; i.e., any of the exchange policies can claim they have your favourite doctors and hospitals in their network without actually having to deliver said promises. Why on earth would any insurance company NOT lie about what is on offer? Not to lie would put them at a competitive disadvantage.]

NYTimes.comFor Offenders Who Can’t Pay, It’s a Pint of Blood or Jail Time[SH: Trickle down vampirism. Parasite or be parasited upon].

McDonald’s Censoring Bitcoin, EFF, Greenpeace, Financial Times & Others

The Truth About Markets – 17 October 2015 – The Truth about crying Tory voters

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It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

For more download & listening options, visit Archive dot org

[KR824] Keiser Report: Economic Insurgents

We discuss economic insurgents and fiscal charters leaving the economy to monetary policy. In the second half, Max interviews Fran Boait of Positive Money UK about Osborne’s ‘fiscal charter,’ the rise of inequality and its causes.