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47 hrs. to go – limited quantity of StartCOIN Hldgs stock for £0.11 p – before price moves to £.0.55 p next month.

StartCOIN Holdings – 48 Hour StartCOIN only Flash Funding Round

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[KR773] Keiser Report: Cloud Money

We discuss relying on insiders and whistleblowers for truth about monetary policy and central bank crimes as mainstream financial media outlets just report what they believe is the position of the central bank that day. In the second half, Max interviews tech pioneer, Halsey Minor, about, cloud money and the crushing of forex and remittance markets by bitcoin and the blockchain.

.@Start_coin | @startjoin makes its move on Kickstarter. Press starting to wake up. We’re creating A MONSTER!


Crowdfunding is one of those trendy, hot words, but the major crowdfunding operations like Kickstarter or GoFundMe will kick you to the curb if you tell them this project is for digital currency. They view Bitcoin in their terms of use similarly to guns and pornography. If you want to go this route, you’ll need to take the road less traveled.

Check out Startcoin, the brainchild of RT’s Max Keiser (“The Keiser Report”). This is crowdfunding targeted directly at the digital currency community, so you can receive funds in Bitcoin, if you like. Get feedback on your idea from Bitcoin users even before you begin working in earnest. Be prepared to bear gifts to those who invest in you.

“StartCOIN And Its Growing Eco-System – A Megalith”

Max Keiser: JP Morgan’s Blythe Masters is the devil incarnate @MaxKeiser @BTC_Capital

[KR772] Keiser Report: Craft beer & crowdfunding

We talk about transabled economies like the UK where economic policy seems intent on disabling growth, innovation and the economy. Or in the US where bankers pretend they’re not able to survive without never-ending infusions of free money. In the second half, Max interviews James Watt of BrewDog about crowdfunding, the craft beer industry and StartCOIN ATMs.

Tech guru @MaxKeiser hails role Ulster’s young people are playing in the thriving start-up scene

[KR771] Keiser Report: Pick a pocket or two

We discuss picking a pocket or two as the UK returns to Dickensian times. In the second half, Max continues his interview with documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield about whether #BlackLivesMatter when NHI (“no humans involved”).

.@Galloway4Mayor I will be there Max. The change is on it’s way. It’s not loose change, it’s crypto-coin! @maxkeiser @TessaJowell @TechCityUK

#FREEDOM from fiat tyrants.

Use the free @start_coin we give away – and you buy equity for free – in a hot, new @siliconrounduk startup

CointelegraphDe: Startcoin versammelt Max Keiser, Simon Dixon, Russell Brand und Kim Dotcom

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