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[KR662] Keiser Report: Financial Ebola

We discuss life imitating art as markets, economies and populations transforming into Kafkaesque giant vermin unrecognisable to the men and women we once were. Whether the man zombified by his iPad or the income distribution pie chart grotesquely distorted, some have grown used to this new ugly reality; whilst others wish the system will die so progress can return. In the second half, Max interviews John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, about ‘peak bankster.’ They also discuss IMF debt swiftly following on coups around the world.

Subscription Shapeshifting with Descartes

Stacy Summary: So in our Keiser Report episode airing today, we talk to former ‘economic hit man,’ John Perkins. These days he lectures on ‘shape shifting’ which made me think ...

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[KR661] Keiser Report: SpaghettiOs of Terror

We discuss the story of a woman locked up in Gainesville, Georgia for three months after being found with dried pasta sauce on a spoon which was mistaken for meth – until tests finally proved otherwise. We also realize that the Khorasan Group must be the SpaghettiOs of terror, and so its recently killed leader must have been Chef Boyardee. Or, perhaps, he was actually a grain silo? In the second half, Max interviews Amir Taaki of DarkWallet about bitcoin, the blockchain, mainstream media and the men and women in beige.

David Cameron: “This is who we resent.”

Ebola in America

Subscription Keiser with the Amir

Stacy Summary: Hey there y’all. An update for today, we’re hoping to visit Hong Kong to see what’s happening with the ‘Umbrella Revolution,’ as the media is calling it. While ...

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[KR660] Keiser Report: Minsky Moment in Global Economy

We discuss the house price riots in Hong Kong which could be the trigger for the next Minsky moment in the global financial ponzi scheme. We also discuss the Conservative Party in the UK pushing young people into the debt pyramid by offering a 20% ‘discount’ on property and penalizing young people who don’t go into debt in order to go to university but who choose to work instead. In the second half, Max interviews Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder and CEO of BitNation (where the motto is ‘Blockchains, Not Borders)’ about sovereignty, love and divorce on the blockchain.

‘Hands up, don’t shoot!’ – Hong Kong

[KR659] Keiser Report: Black Hole of Debt

We discuss the supermassive black hole of debt at the center of the UK economy from which nothing escapes: Wealth, jobs, hope are all sucked in and still the hole grows. In the second half, Max interviews Ben Dyson of about the UK deficit and mounting debt and about the monetary ignorance of most Members of Parliament.

[KR658] Keiser Report: Devastating Drive-by Doctoring

We discuss the trend of drive by doctoring devastating the net worth of comatose and vulnerable patients. Meanwhile, Canadian television is warning citizens to avoid driving in the USA because “on an American roadway with a full wallet, in the eyes of thousands of cash-hungry cops you’re a rolling ATM.” In the second half, Max interviews Steve Beauregard of The interview was completed before PayPal announced its deal with the company, but they discuss the platform which enables the use of altcoins for payments.

When a surge isn’t a surge

Stacy Summary: I do appreciate a little context.

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[KR657] Keiser Report: Price Propaganda

We discuss the price propaganda of markets that convinces voters and investors to vote and bet against their own self-interest. Meanwhile, banking crooks seldom pay their high-profile fines and French farmers have just set the tax office on fire in protest at sanctions driving down the price of their goods. In the second half, Max interviews Mitch Feierstein of about the latest in ponzi economics: average weekly earnings, median household income, house prices and Alibaba’s valuation.

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