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‘Voice of America’ begged me to stage a ‘defection’ on-air on RT 2 yrs. before the Liz Wahl did.

[TAM1125] The Truth About Markets – 25 April 2015

Download show here.

One can only laugh when one listens to The Truth About Markets!

One can only laugh when one listens to The Truth About Markets!

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[KR750] Keiser Report: Bankers’ marathon

We discuss central bankers running marathons…perhaps not quite fast enough for a QE-induced revolution. We also discuss wars for oil market share in a zero-interest-rate world in which supply and demand no longer matter. In the second half, Max interviews crypto and crowdfunding expert Simon Dixon about his move to Hong Kong, regulatory issues on the crypto environment and his latest equity crowdfunding effort for Bitcoin Capital.

[KR749] Keiser Report: Age of False Profits

With a double-header, we reveal the pale riders of the rigged market apocalypse – from the patsy from the hell that is Hounslow to the ‘short of a lifetime’ guaranteed to deliver Armageddon in a wasteland of declining McWages.

Banking giant HSBC considers moving headquarters out of London (ft. Max Keiser)

Looking forward to be back on @realalexjones Tues. 28th!!! Don’s Miss This Video – Max Keiser & Alex Jones Masonic Handshake

[KR748] Keiser Report: Power of alternative media

We discuss how it is that the cultists, conspiracy theorists and crackpots as unemployed journalists refer to bloggers and alternative media have been ages ahead of bootlicking, war-pushing, no-talking about TTIPing mainstream media. In the second half, Max interviews Tom Coughlin of about the company’s gold trading platform, the fate of the LBMA and more.

[KR747] Keiser Report: Gyrocopters & Glitter Bombs

We discuss gyrocopters and glitter bombs as a solitary acts of Global Insurrection Against Bankster Occupation (GIABO) in a day of gulags when organising collective actions can be extremely dangerous. We also discuss Kim Dotcom’s plans for an equity crowd funding campaign for MegaNet and the ‘inconceivable’ negative interest rates on some mortgages in Spain. In the second half, Max interviews Professor John Mill Ackerman about protest parties in Mexico, including Morena, and the economic crisis driving them.

The ‘Trew Boycott Hedge Fund’ @trewboycotthf effectively gives Russell Brand @rustyrockets keys to Wall St. and City of London to drain away unlimited amounts of cash to fund good.

[KR746] Keiser Report: Private Finance or Public Swindle?

We discuss the public swindle that is the Private Finance Initiatives which have left the UK £222 billion deeper in debt In the second half, Max continues with his interview of Sandeep Jaitly about negative yielding bonds. They also discuss GOFO and gold.

June, 2014 @rustyrockets sends Wonga into crash mode. … @trewboycotthf @rustyrockets

New Trew Boycott Hedge Fund @trewboycottHF has incredible potential to destroy crap companies doing bad things.

“Austerity for the rich is decapitalization.” – Max (Robespierre) Keiser