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[KR685] Keiser Report: Goodbye, Wealth!

We discuss the fact that we are all Jack Johnson now – bankrupted by those we trust or, in the case of the central banks – distrust – all in the name of property speculation and other non-wealth producing speculative pursuits. In the second half Max interviews the founder of Nanex, Eric Hunsader, about high frequency trading, market making and scalping markets.

Everyone is asking about George Osborne

Stacy Summary: Here he is at PMQs today. Cocaine?

#Ferguson protests jibber jabber

Stacy Summary: Long time no jibber jabber. Well, here’s that thread for you as protests continue.

Subscription Chalmers on Webb, Hunter S and more

Stacy Summary: In today’s Keiser Report we interviewed Robert Chalmers about the corporate lynching of Gary Webb. In case you haven’t read it, here is his interview with Webb’s widow ...

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After 46 years, Jim Rogers is bullish on Russia

Stacy Summary: This is an interesting interview with Jim Rogers who has finally gone long Russia. Partly because everyone in the world hates it. Partly because he thinks the Kremlin is finally doing the right thing. And mostly because they have no debt, huge foreign currency reserves and a convertible currency. Of course, we interviewed Liam Halligan last year and he said the same re: the reasons why Russia is a good place to invest. It was, however, at that time, missing the crucial ingredient of deep hate. Emotions are how investors lose money – that’s why psychopaths and sociopaths do so well.


[KR684] Keiser Report: Financial Engineering

We discuss the fact that there are no fundamentals, only financial engineering which is too bad for a real world with a real environment and real people who need to eat. In the second half Max interviews author and journalist, Robert Chalmers, about the corporate lynching of Gary Webb, the journalist who uncovered the CIA’s role in the drugs trade.

Public debt as a percentage of GDP for 54 emerging economies

Stacy Summary: If you only had the FT and the Economist to go by, you’d have thought that this list would have been topped by Russia . . .

[KR683] Keiser Report: Cemented UK Generation

We discuss the heavens being taken by force rather than by consensus as Podemos rises as a political force in Spain and, in the UK, students plead for David Cameron to be gentle with them. In the second half Max interviews John Mill Ackerman, law professor and editor-in-chief of the Mexican Law Review, about the protests in Mexico, the economic ‘reforms’ which partially led to the unrest and the new oil law and what it means for social programmes in Mexico.

Subscription Privatisation and Foodbank Figures

Stacy Summary: I found this remarkable story about the privatisation of UK public services. Clearly the intent is as a transfer of public ownership to foreign, mostly European, governments who ...

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It’s Iraq 2.0! Biden dodges angry mob in Ukraine

Stacy Summary: Another bunch of ungrateful foreigners. We deliver them freedom at the end of a drone strike and all we get in return . . .

ps – I might add a tip of the hat to @ronron for this headline

You did this, too

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You did this

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