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[KR760] Keiser Report: The Dream Thieves & Sick Economies

We discuss the national economic patient with a diagnosis our central banks can’t understand and why it is the economy will never return to ‘normal.’ In the second half, Max interviews John Aziz (Twitter: @Azizonomics) about Keynesianism and what it could do for our sick economies.

[KR759] Keiser Report: Great Apes with Human Rights

We discuss the demand for human rights for great apes as humans themselves agree to give up their own so that one bad guy might not enjoy them, too. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Harry Cole (Twitter: @MrHarryCole) about the EU referendum, the TTIP trade deal and Scottish independence.

Truth About Markets – 16 May 2015

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It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

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[KR758] Keiser Report: 26 Most Terrifying Words

We discuss the 26 most terrifying words in the English language. They also discuss vigilante governments and bond vigilantes. In the second half, Max interviews Harry Cole (Twitter: @MrHarryCole) about the Conservative party victory in General Election 2015. They also discuss Scotland, the EU referendum and the TTIP trade deal.

Bob Moriarty: BitGold Explained

BitGold Explained

Bob Moriarty
May 15, 2015

BitGold Inc. went public a couple of days ago on May 13, 2015. BitGold is their only product. BitGold is a Canadian company based in Toronto. You can sign up for an account here.

Here are some answers you need to know to understand BitGold.

BitGold is a financial platform where your money is denominated in gold. It’s like any other bank account in that you can deposit money that is converted at the current rate for gold and you can spend it in any currency or transfer it as gold.

BitGold is not a pseudo currency or cloud currency. It is real gold stored in insured Brink’s depositories located in Zurich, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto or Dubai. It is 100% insured.

The gold belongs to you. BitGold does not rehypothecate or otherwise pledge your gold for any reason at any time. BitGold does not hedge. It’s your gold.

Think of BitGold as PayPal but denominated in grams of gold. You can transfer or receive BitGold with any other BitGold user. You can spend it anywhere.

Due to American financial regulations, BitGold is not currently available to US residents. (more…)

Newsweek: Max Keiser the TV Maverick and ex-Wall St. Trader Talks Bitcoin and Russell Brand

Max Keiser interview: ‘Britain is the epicentre of financial fraud

Bitcoin Capital Attracts Over 300 Investors and $500,000 in First Week After

Max Keiser TV: talks to @GeorgeGalloway about #GE2015 results

[KR757] Keiser Report: Modern Slave Masters

We discuss Obama’s ignorance which is his strength as he pushes for TPP – a trade deal about which he knows remarkably little if one uses his speech to Nike as a guide. In the second half, Max interviews Tina Louise Rothery, who was a candidate for the Green Party in the General Election. They discuss the Conservative win, fracking and TTIP.

[KR576] Keiser Report: Don’t Stop ‘Banker Bashing’!

We discuss the calls from Conservative MPs that there be an end to “banker bashing.” We look at the continuing economic disasters wrought upon the world by bankers and their economy-bashing ways. In the second half, Max interviews Professor Steve Keen about banker bashing, austerity and debt.

Russell Brand and the Currency of Revolution

Recently, the news hit social media that comedian and actor Russell Brand is embracing cryptocurrency Well known for his political activism, Brand has now teamed up with Max Keiser, host of a popular financial program on RT to help fund his ideas for changing the world. Keiser, together with UK based entrepreneur Jamie Scott, co-founded StartJOIN, a crowdfunding website that combines the platform with its own unique currency called StartCOIN. Calling it a “currency of revolution”, he predicted that “cryptocoins such as Bitcoin or StartCOIN will put all central banks out of business” and help ordinary people create their own economy outside of the existing debt-based extractive capitalism. Keiser gave away free crypto scratch cards and described how StartJOIN specifically encourages the idea of “it pays to share” and how with it they are “monetizing altruism”.

This crowdfunding technology was the perfect app to carry Brand’s vision that he articulated in his latest book Revolution, namely to help people transit from “a paradigm of competition and domination to one of symbiosis and cooperation, from greed to altruism”. His digital literacy project aimed to give away 1000 laptops to bring digital access to disadvantaged communities in East London. (more…)

[KR755] Keiser Report: UK Election Aftermath

We discuss the aftermath of the UK general election as the Scottish National Party sweeps Scotland and the Lib Dems are almost wiped off the map. We ask if, as the Spectator argues, Russell Brand is the biggest loser of the election and what happens when David Cameron’s housing bubble promises meet the arrival of the ‘Bondpocalypse’ as the 30-year bull market ends as witnessed in German bund investors losing 25 years of yield in 14 days.