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[KR820] Keiser Report: Global Paradox of Risk

We discuss the fact that, now that the statute of limitations for Global Financial Crisis banking crimes has passed, Ben Bernanke has his Come to Jesus moment. In the second half, Max interviews Charles Hugh Smith of about days of rage, fractal behaviour and the paradox of risk.

Banking Crisis – Bernanke Bust is Here – Mike Maloney

Max Keiser rap about fraud and financial terrorism

Keiser rap

Max Keiser rap about fraud and financial terrorism

Posted by RT Play on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Watch @maxkeiser and @stacyherbert talk about fraud and financial terrorism. Includes Max’s famous rant at 21:07

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[KR819] Keiser report: Money laundering and Bitcoin

We discuss the big banks wanting the blockchain without bitcoin, which they claim is associated with money laundering and yet happily pump big bucks into the property market in the UK, which a senior police officer has identified as the preferred location for dirty money. In the second half, Max talks to Jaromil of about blocksize – why does it matter?

Days of Rage: France

Air France workers storm board meeting as airline cuts 2,900 jobs: Executives have clothes torn off them as staff protest at Charles de Gaulle airport, with one fleeing over a fence half-naked

Days of Rage: France

Days of Rage: France

Angry workers at Air France have attacked and ripped the shirts from the backs of two company executives after the airline announced 2,900 job losses on Monday morning.

Several hundred employees were reported to have stormed the company’s central committee meeting at its headquarters near Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, forcing senior managers to flee.

Let them eat cake.

Let them eat cake.

UPDATE: The shirtless guy up top is the Director of Human Resources.

[KR818] Keiser Report: Suicide Vest of Borrowing

We ask whether or not this truly is the best time in the entire history of mankind to borrow. In the second half, Max talks to Sandeep Jaitly of about negative rates and returning capital on agricultural lands.

UPDATE: Inspired by his conversation with Max, Sandeep wrote this interesting piece (PDF), Stretching Time-Space.

The Truth About Markets – 03 October 2015

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It's Truth About Markets time!

It’s Truth About Markets time!

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[KR817] Keiser Report: A Market Wasteland & QE4

We discuss the TS Eliot like qualities to the global financial markets as big bets (in housing and fracking) fail to pay off and (deeply) negative rates lurk on the wasteland that is our economic horizon.

Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) Breaks Down Russia, China, US, Positions In Syria