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[KR710] Keiser Report: Markets Mind Carnage

We discuss mind carnage in the markets as price discovery goes astray due to market intervention, and the rise of vigilante groups around the world looking for Rolex watch and Gucci belt wearing politicians. In the second half, Max interviews businessman, radio show host and anarchist, Jeff Berwick, about becoming a taxpayer, living in Mexico as a tourist and the ending of the drug wars.


The hypocrisy is full blown today on death of King Abdullah, being hailed today by our elected and unelected leaders as some sort of great man:

And, on the same day, US regulators claim it is RT a mouthpiece for ISIS and Boko Haram. This is jump the shark territory, but the numskull audience in the US hardly knows where Russia is on a map, heck they don’t even know where their own country is on the map, but whatever.

New director of Broadcasting Board of Governors says this:

“We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram, “ he said. “But I firmly believe that this agency has a role to play in facing those challenges.”

[KR709] Keiser Report: US vs China. Battle for Latin America

We discuss China’s $250 billion for Latin America forcing America’s ‘positive’ hand in the region. Meanwhile, back in China, ‘amateur hour’ reigns as the small cap index soars as dilettante investors believe lower stock prices mean less risk. In the second half, Max interviews financial journalist, publisher and presenter, Sergio Sarmiento, about the Mexican economy, corruption and the failed state.

[KR708] Keiser Report: Mexico – Land of Opportunity

We discuss Aristotle trending, lands of opportunity and GM hiring. In the second half, Max interviews philosopher and television presenter, Pablo Boullosa, about the state of the Mexican economy and society and how to solve the ever-increasing drug violence.

[R707] Keiser Report: Banksterism

Coming to you from Mexico City where we find the so-called “failed state” looks a whole lot better in many regards than certain Western countries. We look at the role of the US drug war in creating the ultra-violence which has led to the headlines that caused the perception of a failed state in Mexico. In the second half, Max interviews economist and journalist Guillermo Barba about Mexico’s unallocated gold reserves at the Bank of England, the failed state question and the future of the Mexican economy.

David K. Lifschultz: Russia Is Preparing for Nuclear War with the US and Its Allies

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[KR706] Keiser report: Ali-Baba Revolution (ft. Paul Schulte)

We are joined by Paul Schulte for a double header. In the first half, we discuss the economic catastrophe that is the European corporate and banking sector heading into 2015 – especially for Spain, France, Italy and then Germany. In the second half, we discuss the McFarlane effect as the new chairman of Barclays could begin dismantling the behemoth. We also discuss the number one territory for fintech being . . . China!

[KR705] Keiser Report: Siberian Camembert (ft. Ben Aris)

We discuss the ‘new world order,’ same as the old world order as China resumes its place at the top of the economic heap of nations. We also ‘follow the yellow brick road’ to Weimar where the road to a so-called ‘stronger economy’ in the UK is backed by a mountain of debt. In the second half, Max interviews Ben Aris of about misperceptions of Russia in the Western media, the true state of the economy and the thriving industry of… Siberian camembert?

[KR704] Keiser Report: China Mainland MSM Myths

We back in the London studio, have brought Paul Schulte back with them from Hong Kong. Paul is an author, analyst and professor, who debunks the myths in the Western media about mainland China and how it is that Chris Patten, the former governor of Hong Kong, set in motion the problems we see today in the streets of the former British dependent territory. In the second half, Max speaks to WilliamBanzai7, the artist for the financial apocalypse now, who features on They discuss the Umbrella Revolution and what inspires his art.

[KR703] Keiser Report: ‘Shoebox’ Housing & ‘Dim Sum’ Bonds

Reporting from Hong Kong, we discuss the ‘social tragedy’ of subdivided flats and the booming market for ‘dim sum’ bonds. In the second half, Max speaks to Dr Fernando Cheung Vice Chairman of the Labour Party and one of the prominent figures of.the Umbrella Movement about the protests in Hong Kong, the capital from the Mainland and the comparison to protests in America, especially places like Oakland, where Dr. Cheung, was politically active.

[KR702] Keiser Report: (Dis-)harmony with Cash

We visit Hong Kong for this episode in which they discuss disharmony in the capital markets as London properties are turned into buy to leave safe deposit boxes while Americans extract alleged equity from their subprime used cars. In the second half, Max speaks to Ken Lo, CEO of the ANX exchange about their bitcoin debit card and plans on expanding into StartCOIN and other alt-coins. They compare the regulatory situation in Hong Kong versus New York in terms of financial technology being allowed to prosper. Or not.

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[KR701] Keiser Report: Deglobalization & Internet 2.0

We celebrate the second day of 2015 with some regular guests who attempt to predict the big themes of the new year. First up, we talk to Alasdair Macleod of about a printing press for wage earners and whether or not we are in a period of deglobalisation. Next they speak to Mark McGowan – aka ‘The Artist Taxi Driver’ about General Election 2015, which political party is not in the pocket of the corporations and whether or not the Met Police working with RBS on financial crime will lead to more or less in the new year. In the second half, they talk to Chris Powell of about the CME’s letter to the CFTC exposing the fact that the central banks have ‘volume discounts’ for their trading accounts. And, finally, they talk to Reggie Middleton of and UltraCoin about the upcoming year as the one in which the blockchain technology is finally recognised as Internet 2.0 and whether or not IBM, and other share buybacking corporations like it, will just one day evaporate.

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