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[video] @maxkeiser rips up £ note in front of Hoxton News: “Fiat money is dead. Give me my free @start_coin”

Artist taxi driver with Russell Brand: the TREWS HOXTON NEWS @StartJOIN | @StartCOIN

[KR737] Keiser Report: Deadly Sales

We discuss the hell (of a profit) to be made by killing a man – and his family – as Lockheed Martin assures analysts from Deutsche Bank there is enough fear of war to maintain its deadly sales. In the second half, Max interviews Swiss banker, Egon von Greyerz about QE, gold and the economic and financial disasters wrought by central banks.

Russell Brand: “Come to trew era cafe – ask for StartCOIN scratch cards – then you can fund more trew news banners” @rustyrockets

Russell Brand & Max Keiser: Trews Awning Unveiling at Hoxton News

Support the Trews Awning project. Make the sun set on the Sun!

You can check out the inaugural Trews awning at Hoxton News, 207 Hoxton Street, London N1. Tell the owner, Mo, that the Trews sent you!

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The ART & WAR Show – Episode 1 from @Bach_Peter Thanks to @startjoin and @start_coin

Congratulations to the Trews Awning Takeover project. You just received a free £250 top up. @rustyrockets

5000 @start_coin scratch cards have arrived. We will begin our 1.5 Million Coin giveaway soon! #thefundingrevolution. @rustyrockets @startjoin

[KR736] Keiser Report: Debtism vs Capitalism

We warn against trusting bureaucrats bearing false economy as ‘shocking austerity’ and ‘bed blocking costs more than is allegedly saved. In the second half, Max interviews Daniel Hassan of the Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Cooperative hedge fund which rides the wave of trading whales with the best performance record. Having outperformed the S&P index regularly since its inception, profits are shared between the cooperative members and groups expanding the commons and the public domain.

.@rustyrockets – The S*n fuming about this Trews sign and bullying newsagent. #OccupyMurdoch #JFT96

“The Trews is bigger than the Sun,” says @maxkeiser from launch of @rustyrockets’ Trew Cafe.

The Sun has mobilized this morning sending their goons to the Hoxton News site were a ‘re-BRANDING’ took place last night. They managed to strip away a part of the signage for Trews News but then were stopped dead in their tracks by locals. The media war in London gets into full swing!

The sun about to set on the Sun. #TrewsAwning @StartJOIN @maxkeiser @rustyrockets @start_coin