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[KR944] Keiser Report: Escaping America

We talk first to Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante about Americans renouncing their citizenship as a solution to bank embargoes and double taxation. In the second half, we chat to Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder of BitNation – the world’s first virtual nation, a blockchain powered jurisdiction – about ending geographical apartheid in the digital and crypto age.

KR943] Keiser Report: Revolving Doors

We talk first to former banker, now author, Nomi Prins, about a solution to the revolving door between Wall Street and DC. We discuss whether or not Hillary Clinton’s highly paid speeches to Goldman Sachs matter and whether or not Wall Street expects anything in return for its contributions to her campaign. In the second half, we talk to UK activist Tina Rothery about fracking being forced upon the people of North Yorkshire, who have overwhelmingly expressed their resistance to the ‘controversial’ natural gas and oil extraction method. We ask what the solution is going forward when elected officials choose corporations over populations.

[KR942] Keiser Report: Crisis of Capitalism

We talk to Dmitry Orlov, author of The Collapse Gap, about a “pathway to a different future.” Orlov suggests that “150 strong” can solve many of the problems present in our economies and societies – smaller communities of 150 who can trust each other and work together as a unit during the crisis of capitalism. We also discuss the drumbeat of war and how war is not the answer to the global economic depression.

[KR941] Keiser Report: Preventing Debt Parasites

We talk to Dr. Michael Hudson about a solution to prevent the debt parasites from sucking the life force from the productive economy. We highlight the fact that the most productive period in US economic history was during the 1950s and 1960s, when household debt levels barely registered, and yet incomes and wealth were booming. Finally, we talk about how “creditor colonialism” damages the global economy and discuss what can be done about it.

Truth About Markets – 16 July 2016

We talk about #TurkeyCoup, #28pages and #Brexit

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[KR940] Keiser Report: Gold & World’s Debt Problems

We talk to Jim Rickards, author of The New Case for Gold, about gold as a solution to the world’s debt problems. We also discuss the solution that the leading global powers will present: rolling up the world’s bad debt into the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), which is why China has been buying SDRs on the market.

Keiser on Barroso

Double Down: A Great Empire, Like a Great Cake

The ‘First American’ and Founding Father, Ben Franklin said: “A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.” America sure likes it cake, even if that cake is a not so great GMO-corn-syrup ladened sugary concoction of gloop, but is America so easily diminishing at the edges? Double Down talks to Abby Martin, creator and presenter of The Empire Files to find out. They examine Hillary Clinton’s imperial record — from Honduras to Libya — and find that, if Ben Franklin were the ‘First American,’ she could be the last as the empire diminishes rapidly.

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[KR939] Keiser Report: US, Mexico & walls

We talk to John Ackerman, professor, columnist and the Mexican Law Review’s editor-in-chief, about the economic relationship between Mexico and the United States. He has a plan to cut off the flow of funds from America to the Mexican government and he also responds to Donald Trump’s wall. Like Trump, however, Ackerman believes Nafta has been devastating… both to the American worker and to the population in Mexico. We conclude with solutions to the consequences of neoliberal capitalism and dodgy trade deals.

[KR938] Keiser Report: Summer Solutions

We discuss the biggest topics needing a ‘solution’. As the world looks on with fear at the prospect of a Trump presidency, they propose solutions to ‘make America great again’. Maybe better media? Better infrastructure? More political parties and less of the lesser of two evils? In the second half they talk to Professor Steve Keen about his ideas on how to make America great again. They discuss the role of ‘trade deals’ such as Nafta and the TTIP as well as the role of rising debt in the decline of living standards.

[KR937] Keiser Report: Jumping Brexit Ship

In this episode of the Keiser Report from Washington DC, Max and Stacy discuss the threats to the global financial system posed by Deutsche Bank and all Italian banks. In the second half, Max interviews Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics about Deutsche Bank’s massive derivatives book.

Boom, Bust: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, turmoil in in post-Brexit markets