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[KR872] Keiser Report: ‘Lunatics’ vs ‘Mass Murderers’ in US Pres Elex

We discuss the lunatics and mass murderers the citizens of a decaying empire inevitably choose to lead us not down the road to Rome, but to a volatile priced barrel of oil and a bad self-eating Apple. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Brenda Kelly, head analyst at London Capital Group, about oil prices, negative interest rates and the tapped out consumer unable to take advantage of either. They also discuss currency wars.

Jon Matonis: Private blockchains are still a distraction. Bitcoin’s sole purpose is to remove the State from the production of money.


[KR871] Keiser Report: Stupid people & stupid policies

We get the popcorn and the potato chips out to discuss the symbolism of negative interest rates, yield curves and intraday oil price swings. In the second half, Max interviews Brenda Kelly, head analyst at London Capital Group, about negative interest rates, US durable goods orders and fraud booms.

Want your own #special ЯUSSIAИ art-postcard direct from artist in Volgograd?

[KR870] Keiser Report: Russian New Culinary Movement

We discuss sweethearts, strippers and 666 as Valentine’s Day comes early for the devils at the UK’s tax office. We also play a video clip from an interview with Boris Akimov of LavkaLavka restaurant ( in Moscow discussing sanctions, GMOs and hipsters. In the second half, Max interviews Kerry-Anne Mendoza of about Osborne’s Britain, where austerity-induced suicides are up double digit percentages and the taxpayer is losing billions on stealthly but massive privatizations of state assets.

Legendary Bob Moriarty: We’ve seen the Bottom in Gold

[KR869] Keiser Report: Tumbling, Fumbling Ruble

Coming to you from Moscow, we discuss whether or not the price is right for a ruble? A big mac? A salmon? A barrel of oil? A Deutsche Bank? A Clinton? In the second half, Max interviews Vladimir Rojanovsky, head of research at OK Broker Investment Company, about the ruble’s tumble and what that means for the Russian economy going forward.

[KR868] Keiser Report: Sanctions (special Moscow series)

We are joined by Ben Aris of to discuss the latest from the Russian economy as it confronts a falling ruble, trade wars and self-imposed sanctions. We look on the bright side of these sanctions which has seen a renaissance in the Russian food scene and they examine accusations from a leading British commentator that Russia can never develop a Google . . . uh, despite having a Yandex, the biggest tech company in Europe. We also look at asset stripping banks in Russia to buy property in London and the reserve fund being used for precisely what it was accumulated to do.

[KR867] Keiser Report: Deflating oil market

We discuss that there is no story that is not true and what is good among one group of people is often an abomination with others. We look at negative oil prices and energy sector job cuts in the days of high leverage and low investment. In the second half Max interviews author and former investment banker Nomi Prins of the Strategic Intelligence newsletter about the global economic depression, as central banks attempt to taper a ponzi.

[KR866] Keiser Report: Fine Print Reality vs Big Print Dreams

We discuss all the small print taking away the big print hopes and dreams. In the second half, Max interviews Dr. Chris Day of and his lawyer, Tim Johnson, about the recent strike by junior doctors and the war against whistleblowers paving the way for privatisation.

[KR865] Keiser Report: Whiny Ragequitting

we discuss whiny ragequitting in order to join a banking system with life-or-death power but where no real auditing is possible. In the second half, Max interviews investor Stephen Kendal and his terrifying derivatives model which shows the debt bubble growing larger and larger before each of the last two financial crises, whilst the markets stay the same size.

Putin Kicked Out Russian Oligarchs On Rothschild Payroll?