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[KR592] Keiser Report: Zombie Banks, Debt Schools

We discuss how with a university education, one may steal the whole railroad but will also leave the student heavily in debt with tumbling starting salaries. In the second half, Max interviews Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company about China’s gold, international payment systems, bail-ins and Getting REAL.

‘Russia serious about pricing oil in roubles’ – Russian Ambassador to Rickards

Interesting tweet from Jim Rickards.

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Two titans of goldbugdom to debate #bitcoin! Only on #GetREAL

You can help fund this series at StartJOIN. This episode records tomorrow and just .35 bitcoin gets you into the control room to watch the debate LIVE. Meet Rickards, Turk, Skoyles, Herbert and Keiser! If you only have fiat, then that will be £125 . . .

U.S. officials angry: Israel doesn’t back stance on Russia

U.S. officials angry: Israel doesn’t back stance on Russia


Adding more fuel to the flames in Washington were public remarks by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in which they maintained their “neutrality” and failed to back up the United States.

“We have good and trusting relations with the Americans and the Russians, and our experience has been very positive with both sides. So I don’t understand the idea that Israel has to get mired in this,” Lieberman told Israel’s Channel 9 television when asked about the Ukraine crisis.

When White House and State Department officials read these comments, they nearly went crazy. They were particularly incensed by Lieberman’s mentioning Israel’s relations with the United States and with Russia in the same breath, giving them equal weight.

[TaM-1314] The Truth About Markets – 19 April 2014

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"Listen now!"

“Listen now!”

“It is difficult to be that original in the modern era, so kudos to RT.”



[KR590] Keiser Report: Ukraine’s Big Oil & Big Angst

We discuss American injustice in the age of the wealth gap and Weev’s hedge fund trolling. In the second half, Max interviews JP Sottile of about Big Oil and Big Ag in Ukraine. Sottile names the people and corporations hoping to exploit the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

Relevant headlines:

FT: Cargill acquires stake in Ukraine agribusiness (January 2014)

Cargill, the US-based agriculture trading group, has doled out $200m for a stake in UkrLandFarming, Ukraine’s largest agribusiness holding, in a potentially far-reaching deal that sources said would see both groups partner up in future grain exports to China and other growing markets. (more…)

Soylent Green is people. So is QE.


USA vs Iran: Military Spending

“How dare they spend even one dang cent!”

[KR589] Keiser Report: Chained American Dream

We discuss the American Dream as being chained to the booth in the waffle house as cogs in the wheels generating income for Wall Street sharpies and the poverty of this century in which the beggar is a reminder of nothing. In the second half, Max interviews Alasdair Macleod of about the geopolitical situation in Ukraine and its impact on gold and the dollar as the reserve currency. They also talk about the true size of China’s gold reserves.

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