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Plants love carbon dioxide

Chained to a table at Waffle House; or America is new Auschwitz thanks to Goldman Sachs

[KR588] Keiser Report: Bliss of Ignorance

We discuss how ignorance could, indeed, be bliss for all of us if the ignorant would just STFU. From geopolitics to cryptocurrencies, those who know least are the most likely to seek the use of force. In the second half, Max interviews crypto whale, Karl Gray, about the future of crypto and his plans to crowdfund the $300 million Statue of Responsibility, a companion to the Statue of Liberty to be built off the West coast of America.

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Mike Ruppert, RIP

Stacy Summary: Mike Ruppert has committed suicide (by self-inflicted gunshot wound).

Listen to the last podcast he recorded a few hours before he killed himself; from about 17.00 he asks his two co-hosts how they deal with the darkness and how they can carry on with all the news:

Here is the recent VICE documentary about Mike called Apocalypse, Man:

Here is the documentary Collapse based on his book:

And here is one of the more recent interviews we did with him:

His Facebook page where people are leaving condolences, etc.

RIP Mike Ruppert February 3, 1951–April 13, 2014

Meth! Number 1 religion in America

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False flags & imperial facades: “Almost nothing we are told is true.”

Stacy Summary: An interesting piece about the recent Sy Hersh revelations of a false flag chemical attack by Turkey in Syria. A story that, apparently, no mainstream media in America will cover. The same media which howled like hyenas when Liz Wahl quit RT claiming to be outraged by pro-war, pro-Putin propaganda. And yet, not even a bark from all the howlers regarding Sy Hersh’s claims in his latest reports on Syria.

False flags and imperial facades: tales of ‘progressives’ in power


But in the end, we can’t say for sure what caused the reversal. There may have been other factors we have no inkling of. And that’s another valuable aspect of the Hersh story: it shows, once again, how the world is really run — in almost total secrecy, behind thin facades of hype, hypocrisy and auto-hypnosis that have little or no connection to the reality of power’s operations. Almost nothing we are told is true; yet billions of words are poured out every year in earnest disquisitions on the meaning and import of the dumb shows and distractions our betters put on for us while they pick our pockets and set our world on fire.

UPDATE: Reports of a new alleged gas attack.

“I want to be Max Keiser.”

I should have her stand in for Max one day on the Keiser Report . . .

The band is called Manflu and they are performing next Saturday, 17 April at the Lexington in north London.

(p.s., if you can figure out the lyrics, post them for me)!

Compare this to #BundyRanch

Stacy Summary: This is fascinating to watch. So, according to my Russian speaking Twitter friends, this is a pro-Russian crowd in Ukraine stopping a Ukrainian military vehicle. The pro-Russian guys tell the soldiers they will not allow their trucks to pass unless they turn over their weapons and ammunition. The soldiers comply! Notice how peaceful it all is, no threats or gun pointing, just, it appears, a polite(ish) demand.

And here is confrontation at Bundy Ranch:

You don’t need to know much about either situation; just compare the images. With that, it appears that the BLM has ‘backed off’ in the Bundy case. For the moment.

Max Keiser by Manflu

A new song by the band, Manflu – considered one of the most terrifying live performances in London! You can catch them April 19 at the Lexington.

Listen to the song here:


Direct link to audio at Archive dot org.

[KR587] Keiser Report: Petrodollar vs Petroyuan

We discuss the dollar at the bottom of the shampoo bottle and JPMorgan about to have a very cold winter. In the second half, Max interviews investor and businessman, Jerome Booth, about emerging markets in an upside-down world in which most investors have core-periphery disease.

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