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[KR1020] Keiser Report: Health Care Plan for Trump Voters

We discuss the health care plan that Trump voters really want… and it’s not the one the Republicans in Congress plan on delivering. In the second half, Max interviews Obi Egbuna, the first US Correspondent to the Herald – Zimbabwe’s National Newspaper – and Co- Executive Producer of the BattleCry For Cuba and Zimbabwe. They discuss the embargo on Cuba and the sanctions on Zimbabwe and why he’s calling for a complete end to them.

[KR1019] Keiser Report: Trumptopia

We discuss whether or not the Democratic party could ever again become the party of freedom. In the second half, Max interviews James Howard Kunstler of about the wheels coming off Trumptopia.

[KR1018] Keiser Report: Bull Market in Corruption

We discuss the bull market in corruption. In the second half Max continues his interview with Tyson Slocum, Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, about Rex Tillerson, Trump’s pick for Secretary of State and what Trump’s domestic and foreign policy might look like.

[KR1017] Keiser Report: Trump Tweetstorm

The tweetings will continue until morale improves! We discuss the latest in the ongoing Trump tweetstorm driving corporations to announce new jobs and billions of dollars in investments – anything to stop Trump from tweeting about them. In the second half Max interviews Tyson Slocum, Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, about Rex Tillerson, Trump’s pick for Secretary of State.

[KR1016] Keiser Report: Unhappy Outlook for Chinese New Year

We discuss the unhappy outlook for the Chinese New Year as liquidity and currency fears loom. We also discuss fake bonds and short selling. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Constantin Gurdgiev of about the global macroeconomic picture in 2017.

ps – sorry for the delay posting, was traveling and then got caught in snowstorm. :D

[KR1015] Keiser Report: Consumer Confidence

We discuss consumer confidence for young people collapsing and Max Keiser’s dancing. We also discuss the fact that Americans are now more in debt than at the beginning of the financial crisis, according to the NY Federal Reserve and US Census data. What does this mean for 2017? In the second half, Max interviews Constantin Gurdgiev of to discuss the root of the 2007-1010 financial crisis being back with a vengeance and what Trump should do in response to the next inevitable credit collapse.

[KR1014] Keiser Report: Predatory Promises

We discuss the run up in bitcoin prices and the runs on pension funds in Dallas, Texas. The two are related by predatory promises made by politicians and officials to various groups of voters throughout the years – usually tied to an election cycle. They also discuss how the biggest pension in the world, Calpers, is cutting benefits to some retirees by up to 60 percent.

[KR1013] Keiser Report: Outlook for 2017

We discuss the outlook for 2017: from Trump’s first 100 hours, not days to fake news and a market crash following the biggest rally since Hoover. In the second half Max is joined by Gerald Celente of to discuss the big trends of 2017: Rustbelt 2.0, economic disorder and ‘Sell, Buy China’.

[KR1012] Keiser Report: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

We discuss all the free lunches harming the global economy. In the second half Max interviews Father Nathan Monk, author of ‘Chasing the Mouse’, about homelessness in America and building tiny houses.

[KR1011] Keiser Report: Risk & Reward

Keiser Report advises the audience to check and see whether their hedge fund manager has bought a Ferrari for Christmas. If they did, it may be time to find a new fund manager. In the second half, Max interviews retired counterintelligence officer ‘Eddie Z’ about economic espionage and allegedly hacked elections.

Happy Max-mas!


[KR1010] Keiser Report: ‘We are all in Trump world now’

We review the year that was Donald Trump as markets rally the most since Herbert Hoover in 1928 but is a 1929 like crash in the cards? In the second half, Max interviews Karl Denninger of about whether or not Trump is, indeed, ‘draining the swamp?’ Or is he repopulating it with bigger, more terrifying swamp creatures?