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Truth About Markets – 28 May 2016

[KR920] Keiser Report: Right Price for Surrender

We discuss the declaration of fracking war in North Yorkshire and yet without a prime minister vowing the defend the island, no matter the cost. In the second half Max interviews financial analyst, Rick Ackerman, about bonds, gold and pensions.

[KR919] Keiser Report: Pensions Going Bankrupt

In this episode of the Keiser Report, we discuss retirement: the ugliest word in the English language, which, nevertheless, many Americans will no longer have to encounter. In the second half, Max interviews Constantin Gurdgiev, Professor of Finance at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, about the debt situation in Europe and the Irish water fiasco.

[KR918] Keiser Report: Bill Clinton’s ‘Economic Miracle’

We discuss the role that Alan Greenspan played in the so-called miracle economy of Bill Clinton’s reign. In the second half Max interviews author, Nomi Prins of, a former Goldman Sachs banker, about what she saw during her recent visit to Brazil. They discuss the role of private versus public banks and US versus Chinese banks.

Is the Next Soros-Backed ‘Color Revolution’ Red or Golden?

On today’s episode of Double Down, hosts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by market analyst, Stephen Kendal, to discuss billionaire investor George Soros’ double down on his bet against the S&P500 and long gold.

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[KR917] Keiser Report: The Return of Bubba

We discuss ‘the return of ‘Bubba’ – aka President Bill Clinton – as Hillary’s ‘coal gaffe’ loses her votes in Appalachia. In the second half Max interviews Independent journalist, Teri Buhl of about the Bear Stearns emails from 2007-2008 that she managed to successfully sue to have disclosed. The emails show clearly that senior executives at Bear Stearns knew the bank was on the verge of collapse despite their public assertions to the contrary.

[KR916] Keiser Report: Hegemony, control and Russian bonds

We discuss how regarding everything beyond their control, central banks have created a financial and economic system not free for its participants. We look at the end of hegemony spotted in the price of Russian bonds and at the Bank of Japan failing, yet again, to get any sign of life from the Japanese economy. In the second half, Max interviews the ‘Silver Guru’, David Morgan of, about the latest in the gold, silver and bond markets.

[DD08] Drip, Drop, the Whole World is Leaking

On today’s episode of Double Down, hosts Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are joined by independent journalist, Steve Topple, to discuss the latest in a long line of leaks: TTIP-leaks. Drip, drop, drip, drop.

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[KR915] Keiser Report: Bond Market Revolutions

We discuss fomenting bond revolutions in Russia and staving off Bernie Sanders’ revolution in America by offering ‘free’ healthcare for all. In the second half Max interviews author and blogger, James Howard Kunstler of about the economic catastrophe that brought us the clown show that is the US presidential elections.

[TaM510] Truth About Markets – 14 May 2016

We talk about the anti-corruption conference in London and the Gary Busey syndrome amongst politicians like David Cameron.

For audio options, visit Archive dot org here or download show directly here

[KR914] Keiser Report: World Economy Manias

We discuss the world economy going from mania to mania hoping it all pays off, as it did for fantasy and sci-fi writer, Ray Bradbury. In the second half Max continues his interview with Professor Steve Keen on Donald Trump’s debt plans and the UK’s shrinking manufacturing.

[KR913] Keiser Report: The End Game

We discuss ‘the end game’ as central banks run out of bullets just in time for the debt apocalypse. In the second half Max interviews Professor Steve Keen (@ProfSteveKeen) about Donald Trump’s plans to default on US debt.