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Sign at ” British Bias Corporation ” march today: sack Nick Robinson the Liar

BBC cutting feed because of Yes Voter

BBC Referendum Bias – Glasgow Rally & Orange Order

Get Max To The Trews!

Max Keiser – Stand Up Rage: Scottish Referendum Special – Part One – YesBar – 11th September 2014

Brutally honest sportscaster: “600 women have died” since the night Ray Rice tape was made

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.@maxkeiser at Yes Bar @Vespbar Glasgow (I’ll be here tomorrow night too)

A yes vote in Scotland would unleash the most dangerous thing of all across the UK – hope.

The Trews on piano! Go & support @maxkeiser joins @rustyrockets on the Trews! @stacyherbert

Max Keiser at YesBar, Glasgow Vespbar Glasgow – Buy Tickets

@VespbarScreen shot 2014-09-08 at 23.24.58

A yr. ago @jamiescottuk and I figured giving away coins creates a virtuous crowdfunding circle. We were right

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