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Mystery solved: #MH17 Passengers Died For Joe Biden’s Son

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Storms, Sewage, And Maggots: Climate change comes to Chicago

A month ago, #MH17 was predicted by a local: “They wanted to provoke the militia to shoot at the passenger plane. There would be a global catastrophe. Civilians would die.”

Stacy Summary: Please note the upload date for this video: 18 June. One month before MH17. She is referring to an earlier incident of a Ukrainian military jet flying next to a commercial airliner as would seem may have happened on 17 July.

Human Rights Watch: The U.S. Is Breeding Terrorism

Peter Lavelle (Journalist) Talks to Chris Cuomo (Twat).

.@StartJOIN – Announces Daily Payouts (Free Money) For ‘Crypto Projects’

“I have strong evidence from Ukrainian citizen Anatoly Shary that Kiev is caught in a third major lie regarding Buk deployment.”


The Great Tony Benn Calls Out The BBC For Being Israeli Puppets And War Mongers

Unravelling Deutschebank’s $65 tr. Ponzi Scheme


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