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.@TraceMayer ‘Release the Kraken… CME looks shaky as hell’

“Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver” campaign helped reveal this price manipulation scandal

‘This is global insider trading ring, CIA is playing the game’ – Max Keiser on Panama Papers

Greenland ice sheet is melting at record rate for April. Temperatures around 20°C above normal today!

They’ve got fiat that will become worthless. We got crypto that has intrinsic value

The best explanation so far #PanamaPapers

Cameron’s problem with debt traffickers

New app democratizes the arcane arts of mimes through virtual reality

“I made a robot to help me argue on the internet.”

The Pope met a little girl who is going blind and desperately wanted to see him before she lost her sight.

People aren’t upgrading their phones — Apple’s iPhone sales set to decline for 2016 for first time ever