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The Big Banks Now Admit intimidating & Bullying the public

Have more than 100 @Start_COIN in your account? If so you would have received free coins today. One lucky holder bagged 6808.487

New York City… Bye for now.

WTC7 — This is an Orange

.@startjoin Startjoin mentioned in this article on Coindesk

CEO, co-founder WANT TO INVEST? (A 50% SEIS tax-break available for UK investors). CONTACT: @Brown_McLeod

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 16.12.18

Hey #Ukraine The banksters want your stuff. (Very, very, true…).

NXT Cafe News on StartJoin. Croc burgers?

YES! An independent Scotland would have the highest GDP per capita in the world. A ‘No’ vote is asinine.

.@Paul_R_Moore speaks with @maxkeiser about #HBOS & dodgy business deals involving advisors to @David_Cameron

Max & Stacy on the Beach. Last day at the beach. R.I.

Max Keiser Joins Russell Brand To Co-Host The Trews For One Week???

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