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.33 #btc gets you a visit on #GetREAL set to meet guests @JamesGRickards & James Turk!

BBC Caught Propagandizing For War Mongers Again

Reagan set up the caper. Clinton cased the joint. Bush robbed it. Obama drove the getaway car

BNP Banker, His Wife And Nephew Murdered In Belgium

Bankers got this commerical banned in Switzerland (too much truth presumably)

Nevada, Ukraine, Crimea, Scotland, Venice, Catalonia – seek right to self-determination – fight fascists in Europe and America

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3 examples of corporatist smear attempts on Max Keiser that didn’t fool anybody



Max Keiser is a new kind of terrorist. He uses the Internet and boycotts to manipulate stock prices. In that way he forces corporations to comply with his brand of radical environmentalism and Sustainable Development. He puts his hands around corporate throats and squeezes until they comply with his demands. Max Keiser and his ilk hate business and they hate free enterprise and are using these tactics to redistribute wealth and cause chaos in the market place.


Russian TV’s Max Keiser: Blaming the Victims of 9/11

Conspiracy theorists have an unfortunate tendency to blame those killed in mass-murders for the attacks that killed them. Nothing about the 9/11 “Truth” movement is more disturbing than when it either says outright or just implies that the victims somehow deserved to die. Disgracefully, Max Keiser, whom RT provides a daily forum, does just this.


RT Propagandist Max Keiser Says Wall Street Has Turned America into Auschwitz

The rhetoric emanating from the propagandists employed by RT seems to have become increasingly frenetic as Russia has grown more isolated. Probably the single most offensive and simultaneously bizarre clip has emerged from that disinformation outlet.

The global Easter egg hunt is on

I’m pretty sure the @KeiserReport is the reason why Russia Today is just so damn popular on YouTube

Victor Mature tells it like it is to the pagans…

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