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Nope, no inflation here…

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WATCH: RT newsroom Moscow live on Periscope

RT International News Channel behind the scenes studio broadcast- live from Moscow!

Posted by RT on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Guess which country has highest % of women in top management?

Europe banning exchange-siphoning algo bots


China Crash Deepens

Nancy Reagan was dead wrong about ‘War on Drugs’ and now we have the proof

Best technical analyst in Gold who called top 4 yrs. ago, just went positive

Check it out…

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Bitcoin/Crypto/Blockchain Winning War on Banksters. Industry set to shrink 45%.

Banksters are pointing blockchains to their heads and blowing their brains out! #excellent #DieMofoDie

China continues flight from US Dollar

Smoking Gun: Central Banks Gapped Inequality (Resulting In Social Violence) to Historic Highs

Victoria Nuland Brings Cookies to the Refugees She Screwed?

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