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UK Foreign Secretary Hammond doesn’t understand RIPA “external” communications

The Artist Taxi Driver? No, It’s an ‘authentic’ Paul Mason @PaulMasonNews on the Ch.4 news youtube channel

Brand Tells LBC He Won’t Run For Mayor’s Role

Is the market system the leading cause of unnecessary death on the planet today?

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 17.40.19

Max Keiser wants to ‘kill’ Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Sean Hannity

2015 edition of #MaxCoin cryptobullion is LIVE!

Media Go to War, Fox Pundit Wants More Dead Civilians

.@GoCoinCEO: Love the momentum of @StartJOIN & @Start_COIN

Today’s Trews “Is David Cameron The Terrorist?” features brilliant guests Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert & Alec Baldwin!

.@rustyrockets – “@maxkeiser: We discuss @start_coin possibly tripling from current levels.”

.@StartJOIN is preparing a $20,000 reward for most-liked project.

Soon you will be able to swap #StartForShares in companies. Swap your @Start_Coin for Stock… This is cool.

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