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Max Keiser Joins Russell Brand To Co-Host The Trews For One Week???

Wanna see @maxkeiser cohost the Trews w/ @rustyrockets 4 one week?

Promo artwork 4 @maxkeiser co-hosting the #Trews with @rustyrockets

Rubble Bucket Challenge – #Gaza 2014


Pippa Malmgren’s new book “Signals” looks like a winner

ISIS has found the missing pallet of cash sent over by US to Iraq with the missing $2.3 trillion

.@MadBitcoins: California Dirt Bucket Challenge for Drought Awareness

.@startjoin in the news, Chicago

Filmmaker Sean Fahey three weeks ago decided to tell people in Chicago, LA and New York that ”Sean Hannity is an Idiot.” It happened after he watched Hannity refuse to allow a guest to speak on Fox News until the guest answered the question, “Is Hamas a terrorist organization?”

So he set off on another journey, beginning at the crowdsourcing platform, where he describes Hannity as “a mental failure” whose “vapid existence is the shame of our times.”

Banker Decision Tree

The GOASTT (Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl) at Vintage Vinyl

Scriptonite Daily Report From Jerusalem – A Tale of Two Taxi Drivers

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