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Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange): Why Is No One Talking About The Political Assassinations In Ukraine

Photos by @SaffySnaps of last night’s Hope & Anchor gig with @maxkeiser

How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

Russell Brand: New Era 4 All (Merry Christmas) @rustyrockets

The victory of New Era over Westbrook is a big deal. Yes, it shows that lazy politicians and corrupt businessmen can be overcome by dedication and passion. It also shows that ‘new media’ can overcome old media. And this is revolutionary. No UK MSM outlet gave Russell Brand and the New Era Estate campaign a snowball’s chance in hell, yet they triumphed. Fact is; Russell’s ‘The Trews’ has a bigger “media footprint” than Murdoch’s Sun newspaper when you add up the total reach including social media, etc. So the dawn of a new era has arrived. Britain is no longer bound (and gagged) by a media monopoly that merely parrots the dictates of Big Business including Big Banks. Revolutionary.

Russell Brand: New Era 4 All

The 93 families of the New Era estate have achieved an incredible victory against greedy corporations and lazy politicians and I believe, and the name of the estate suggests, this is the start of something that will change our country forever.

When I first clattered into Lindsey, Lynsay and Danielle in Hoxton market, East London, bantering, smashing out flyers and hassling shoppers into supporting the campaign to keep their homes, I had no idea that I had inadvertently wandered into the heart of a truly accessible and exciting movement to oppose pointless government and tyrannical big business.

As I stood and listened to the hollering trio, their kids wove in and out of their legs like titchy Agueros. The women have one child each; “The Lindsays” are both working single mums. I was captivated by their abundant spirit, the clear validity of their cause (greedy landlords jacking up rents, inefficient authorities doing F.A) but also by an eerily resonant pang, a ghostly memory of something lost to me, or perhaps stolen. (more…)

The Terror Of How Banks Use Our Money: Russell Brand The Trews With Max Keiser (E216)

Xmas special @KeiserReport/ Russell Brand preview: Crowdfunding And Crypto Revolution!!!

Jamie Dimon’s latest financial terrorist weapon: “Banks would use customer savings to make bets on derivatives”

Amy Goodman On RT’s Crosstalk. #Hero

“I predict a 10x increase in @StartJOIN users and @start_coin holders in the next quarter. Watch this space ! #bitcoin”

#KeiserReport @maxkeiser We’re going to use crowd funding to upset a few politicians jobs in #GE2015.

#FlashFund Reward : @StartJOIN

2007: Max & Stacy’s Film Exposes CIA’s Illegal, Global, Extradinary Redition and Torture Programs