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Jamie Dimon’s latest financial terrorist weapon: “Banks would use customer savings to make bets on derivatives”

Amy Goodman On RT’s Crosstalk. #Hero

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#KeiserReport @maxkeiser We’re going to use crowd funding to upset a few politicians jobs in #GE2015.

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2007: Max & Stacy’s Film Exposes CIA’s Illegal, Global, Extradinary Redition and Torture Programs

Irish Water The Bull McCabe

Keiser Report: Fracking, Fascism & Market Failure

We discuss the motto of the modern financial markets: “my word is my bond, but my bond is your problem.” As the yield-chasers have piled into the junk bond market in the past few years of ZIRP, this could spell big trouble for the fracking sector as oil prices plunge. In the second half Max chats to the CEO of, Stephen Pair. They discuss Foxtrot – a project that hopes to do for networks what bitcoin did for currency – and also about the latest in bitcoin, internet 2.0 and regulations.

New Signs Gold and Silver Are Returning as Monetary Assets

New Signs Gold and Silver Are Returning as Monetary Assets

Stefan Gleason
Posted Dec 8, 2014

Much to the chagrin of the financial elite, gold and silver are reentering the American consciousness and starting to shake the wing nutty image of their recent past. But it’s taken a global financial crisis to get the public’s attention – one that could wipe out our nation at almost any moment.

The U.S. government’s role in the economy is on a seemingly interminable upward trajectory. The government’s official debt balance that just crossed the $18 trillion mark (with additional unfunded liabilities estimated at more than $100 trillion). Half the population now lives in households that receive government payments.

Even as private sector jobs disappear and workforce participation rates languish near generational lows, the corporate sector is seemingly thriving. Corporate profits as a percentage of the economy are at record highs. Fortune 500 corporations are using cash hoards and cheap financing – not so much to invest in capital assets or business expansion, but to buy back their own shares and send their stock prices higher.

All these dangerous excesses and distortions are made possible by our free-wheeling fiat monetary system.

What’s occurring now – endless proliferations of paper flowing into the Treasury and banking sector from the central bank – is precisely the sort of thing our Founding Fathers sought to prevent. (more…)

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Must See Gold Chart: This Unlocks The Mystery

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