Max Keiser is the CEO, co-founder StartJOIN.com. He is the producer/presenter of Keiser Report on RT. He is a virtual currency and crowdfunding inventor. He is the creator of HSX.com.

He started his career on Wall Street after graduating from NYU.



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  1. Gilbert says:

    Dear Max,

    I’ve been following your coverage of the current economic situation ardently. I m from Malaysia and naturally concerned about the effect of the impending collapse in EU, US and Japan on my country.

    Here are some of my questions that I hope you can find time to answer (I understand that you are constantly under a tight schedule)

    1. How will this effect the Asian countries, specifically the South East Asia Region and will it also undermine our currencies and trade?

    2. What can we do to protect ourselves, apart from owning gold and silver?

    Thanks for your attention and I look forward to your reply.


  2. Skinny says:

    Myself and the other members of the local Max & Stacy Admiration Society are curious to know why you think the NSA doesn’t already have or can’t access the computing power it needs to challange Bitcoin? Some would consider this a naive assumption coming from you, who are the least naive people we know, and think it curious. Response? Thank you for all the good work you do. Many blessings.


  3. Rose Blue says:

    Tell Max to slow down and explain bitcoin, what it is, how it is used, what is its usefulness, and any other information that can be given for a better understanding of bitcoin.

  4. Rob Ferguson says:


    I need your advice. Please give me your take on the London property market. Why is it going up while Ireland, US, Spain are all going down. Should I buy a flat in London?

  5. Adam Taggart says:

    Max & Stacy –

    Here’s a new report by Chris Martenson exposing four clearly blinking red lights on the global economic dashboard that indicate asset prices have reached a very dangerous altitude. Typically, destructive asset bubbles occur once in a generation, as it takes that long for the collective consciousness to ‘forget’ the excesses that led up to them. Now, we have had three major asset bubbles within the past 15 years – we have become a populace willfully blind to risk and repercussion. Reality’s re-expression is coming soon (mathematically) and it will not be gentle:


    Sending for consideration for posting on MaxKeiser.com


  6. David says:

    Dear Max Keiser of the Keiser Report,

    Looks like Apple, Google, and a gaggle of multinationals are fighting back. They want the corporate tax lowered to zero for 10 years to spur the economy.

    WSJ Argues For Reducing Historically Low Corporate Tax Burden

    Apple and the Idiocy of Taxing Profits
    Want Apple to stop dodging taxes? Then scrap the foolish corporate income tax.

    A Populist Argument For Eliminating The Corporate Tax

    So they want to zero out the historically low corporate tax at a time of historically high profit taking. Does this make sense?



  7. Jon says:

    Wanted: an audio-only version of __all__ Max Keiser shows (not just TAM) and an RSS (or ATOM) feed for them on your website. I’d really love to listen to you on the go, but video stinks on cell phones in terms of the bandwidth, jerkiness, storage, and battery.

    Ok, I *could* work around this for myself by writing a on a linux server… but what about all those other Keiser-deprived listeners out there?

    Now even the TAM audio RSS feed is gone. Oh the humanity! Please help!

  8. Randyrocker says:

    You’re new headings per each article are way too big a type size for each article. They look 36pt when at best they should be no more than 18pt or 24pt bold, or at least two/thirds of the size you’re now going with.
    Why? Because I’m an advertising pro and know that because of the larger size you’re using, you’re indirectly stealing attention away from the text that follows and the other articles and stories on the page. Plus because they’re so large they appear as if they’re all shouting at the same time, which is distracting to say the least. FIX IT for your sake, or you will end up losing your readership, and that’s no joke. Your type imprint is that important, so don’t make the mistake you’re now making by trying to make everything scream out at you!

  9. Tigerclaw says:

    Max, Liberty Reserve digital currency has been shut down indefinitely and reports of investors losing up to $62 million due to US govt, Costa Rica, Spain collaboration.https://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/05/reports-liberty-reserve-founder-arrested-site-shuttered. This would not have happened in Bitcoin and you should exploit it in a major article. Hail Bitcoin!

  10. Silver Bars says:

    Hello Max and Stacy,

    Could you please personally contact Eric Sprott and ask him to have Sprottmoney.com use secure connections for the following locations:
    create an account – login to an account – the precious metals store – the view your basket page – and all other pages having to do with purchasing or any of the account information.
    Check it out yourself, first. I called to point this problem out, and the person I spoke with didn’t seem to understand the meaning of the issue, but said they would pass it on to the IT person, who ‘wasn’t in at the moment’ (there is only one?) Possibly a third-party does the phone work, and I don’t want to give info to a third party to purchase, either. This conversation was last week.
    Can anyone really be purchasing on-line from them if they know it isn’t secure? No attempt is even made to use a secure address, except at the bottom of a page in one small-print item (Buy Now), and even that doesn’t end up with a secure address (even though the source html shows an https address). I tried three different browsers, too.
    And they have a Norton Secured logo on the main page, but that only states, “This website can secure your private information using a SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission.” “Can,” not “does.”
    The prices are good right now, but I can’t buy from them if they aren’t secure. I’m missing out because I don’t want to buy from some of the other ‘big’ sellers because of their policies. And I want the Canadian Mint bars.
    I’ve been watching your site for years, really great stuff. I thought I was listening to myself the first time I saw your show. Keep at it. Never stop.
    All the best. -R.

  11. jimmy says:

    Max, if we enter a world of hyper-inflation then isn’t the best hedge not gold but agricultural land? if so, why aren’t land prices going thru the roof? Thanks Kimmy

  12. Jimmy Rage says:

    ‘One Day At Time’ Silver Rounds. I will not shop today.
    We all complain yet we keep purchasing, and continue to feed this monster. Don’t the people have this peaceful power? Each day we don’t purchase non essentials is a point closer to dropping the blood sucking machine that enslaves us. Although selfishness is a hard thing to get around, we want our product…we don’t understand cause & effect. Freedom? Free from what? Militias don’t need camo and guns, they can be everyday people who refuse to to use any form of credit. I think the rest would happen naturally. I know,the number of people would need to be significant. Am I getting an orange jumpsuit for saying this?

  13. bikegata says:

    Will you have the podcast again, so I can listen/watch on mobile devices? Am missing too many episodes because of not enough time to sit in front of a computer uninterrupted. Please, don’t make me beg!

  14. JimH says:

    Love to see Alex Jones on the Keiser report.
    Short calls going into the Garage…

    Keiser show is good as Gold !!! Dr. Doom is dumping his gold.
    I hope he buys some Bonds, everything is rated AAA, maybe he can put his life savings in GM. The taxpayers were forced to buy this junk.

  15. Mike Powell says:

    Greetings Max and Stacy.

    Since the devaluation of JPY begun a few months ago, the value of JPY of course, is down and I heard news of price inflation in Japan’s local grocery stores and supermarkets has run amok (considerably I guess). And I sincerely hope that my relatives in Japan is doing well even with this inflation though I did see some hope in Japan which the smart peoples are buying up golds and silvers to protect themselves.

    But there’s also a recent news which I say in my local newspaper said that Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is planning to have a special economy zone or technically a free trade zone, something that China and my own country Malaysia got. So my question is, will this special economy policy revive Japan’s economy for good? Or will it nothing but a empty political rhetoric or something even worse?


  16. John Fraser says:

    Max and Stacey
    I just watched Mort Sahl on today’s program. He was great! How about making him a regular guest?

  17. john says:

    Max can you post your RT episodes imediatly to youtube RT is unable or unwilling to do what is necessary to insure that a resonable dowload service is avaliable.

  18. Mike DeLozier says:

    Your show is great. I have always appreciated you and Stacey; you both have done a great job of exposing the crooks on wall street, in our corporations and in our government (US). But I thinks you have met your match in Mark McGowan (Artist Taxi Driver). What a great show. Please try to have him on again.
    I’m not sure he can repeat that perfomance on RT (Tues. 6/11/2013). Thank you Max and Stacey for all that you do for the common people.

  19. jack stuart says:

    dear max
    we find your show on tv very useful. we have just finished a book which includes a section on the crisis were in and have some new perspectives, would you like a copy, if so please send an address to send the book to
    keep up the good work
    best wishes jack stuart

  20. Rick says:

    RE: Gold price and demand,

    I live in Saudi Arabia, I bought some gold here in November last year then again in February this year, shops had plenty of “biscuits” (one ounce slabs) lying all over the counters then, since the price drop, there isnt a single biscuit in sight, not even half ounce ones, I went back to my favourite dealer who had to go scrounge some to sell to me. Also I could get nowhere near the spot price + margin. When I haggled about the price he said “I dont care what the price is on TV /internet / Bloomberg etc this is how much you will pay, take it or leave it”, wow,…. in other words the price quotes out of New York arent even realistic because of the demand here as he would not let me have it for the fair going rate. Also silver here best price is around double the spot price, and you need to buy a brick of the sh*t at a time DOUBLE!!!! These guys know what they are selling and its real value thats for sure

  21. putaipan says:

    max- the continuing news re: jpm’s shorts/longs/holdings/sellings
    have left you in the dust. are you a journalist or a wannna be stand-up giabo messiah? choose one. frankly you are better at the former and you are missing the news cycle completely. just cause they outfoxed your messianic inclanations doesn’t mean your journalistic hunches weren’t correct. get on it news boy.

  22. A. Brik says:

    Do you think you could mention the Snowden Petition on your website? It is going to be very close. People are scared to sign the White House petition and it seems warning bells should be ringing if this is the case- do people choose the so called freedom of a starbucks rubbish overpriced coffee over their civil liberties?
    We are living in reign of terror and are seeing something akin to the Stalin purges beginning.

  23. wilf says:

    hi max and tracey, I have only recently discovered your show, great work in exposing the banksters and the their scams, brilliant show, keep up the good work