When You See THIS…The World Will WAKE UP to Gold & Silver!

thisWith Gold and Silver Hammered Ahead of the Holiday Weekend, Harvey Organ Joined the Show to Break Down All the Action, Discussing:

  • Why A Raid HAD To Come!  
  • On the GLD: Someone’s Buying 2 Tons of Gold & the Price Gets Slaughtered!?!
  • “How This Game Ends”: END GAME Will Happen “This Year” 
  • China Threatens US Gov’t With MASSIVE Yuan Devaluation
  • Is the Cartel About to Roll Back Gold & Silver’s Entire 2016 Bull Move?

Click Here For the SD Weekly Metals and Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, and Harvey Organ:

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2 comments on “When You See THIS…The World Will WAKE UP to Gold & Silver!
  1. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    (Yawn). Eyes wide shut.

    Doc. Wake me up when something real happens.

    Crash Isis. Buy Daesh.



  2. Stuarto Sensei says:

    In this podcast I heard for the hundredth time that safes are being sold-out across Japan and people are having problems getting them. Well that’s not happening in my part of Japan. I live in the south of Japan, Kyushu Island. I have dropped into 1/2 dozen or so hardware stores over the last couple of weeks and found them to be fully stocked with safes.
    I have also heard that possibly this story about sold-out safes came out of Tokyo awhile back and then soon became blown out of proportion.

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