What the UK chancellor is doing is as bad as Trump

7 comments on “What the UK chancellor is doing is as bad as Trump
  1. MrJones says:

    Never heard Trump say anything about “throwing disabled people into the streets”. Post the link to the video where he said that. I do hear and see him talking about trade and real unemployment is really 25%. I did hear him say on CNN phone interview the the reported 5% unemployment rate is wrong. Didn’t mention disabled people. So please post the link to the video where he said that about disabled people.

  2. Flopot says:

    And don’t forget about what Bernie the Bolt has DONE,e.g. voting for Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinians.

    Yet we’re supposed to see Bernie as a Saint. He’s not. He’s a Zaint 😉

  3. swell says:

    “as bad as Trump”.

    Donald Trump assures us he will be the best president, excepting Lincoln. Trump likes to invoke Lincoln, even as he courts the KKK.

    Given Trump’s wild penchant for inciting violence, then on a macro scale, does that mean, like Lincoln, civil war?

  4. Flopot says:

    “Given Trump’s wild penchant for inciting violence”

    Lol! What about all the other candidates supporting Israeli violence and Zionist warmongering — including Bernie.

  5. MrJones says:

    @Flopot. Haven’t ya figured it out. That is not counted as violence, when its over there. Nooo that’s not violence. That’s mmmmmm restoring democratic. Hey that’s it. A few provocateurs picking fights at a Trump rally, now that’s violence. Thousands getting murdered in Iraq, Syria and through the middle east, that’s nothing.

  6. Flopot says:

    Exactly. Highly likely the violence was planned for….shock and horror…headlines! By whomever for whomever. Just don’t forget that Trump is as bad as Sanders is as bad as Clinton is as bad as whatever puppet you care to select.

    There is no lesser of two evils…only the impresser of evil — who can promise more violence for TPTB.

    So if you accept that analysis, then Trump’s as good…sorry I mean as bad as Sanders.

  7. MaxcoinMan says:

    Yeah I have to say I am really starting to question the validity of Max and Stacy these days. Trump has never said or presented anything about leaving people in the street and dumping them. If anything he has said the opposite.

    It’s even more funny that for some reason Max and Stacy seem to be all in for Bernie who is anti Capitalism. Trump is everything Max and Stacy used to stand for. Having followed Max for atleast a decade, I’ve watched this change and I think they are saying the things they are to try to attract viewership from Bernie supporters. When it was the Ron Paul revolution who really started the modern trend of going after the banks, Max was all in support of Paul.

    Max and Stacy you cannot be a Libertarian and a Commie at the same time!

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