[TaM-500] The Truth About Markets – 19 March 2016

9 comments on “[TaM-500] The Truth About Markets – 19 March 2016
  1. swell says:

    “Algorithm: A procedure for solving a problem, usually by repeated steps that are enormously boring unless a computer is doing them for you. You are applying algorithms when you multiply two big numbers, balance your checkbook, wash dishes, or mow the lawn.” ~~Martin Gardner.Mathematical Magic Show.The Mathematical Association of America, updated and revised from the 1977 edition published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York.1989.p11

    Capitalism: a system whereby one no longer works in the sense of labor, rather, one’s capital works for one.

    The notion that Donald Trump would be checked by the Second Amendment ignores how hard it was to kill try and kill Hitler. That notion overlooks the paranoia that escalates in such an individual threatened by the specter of such an assault. The notion that Trump is overall a symptomatic product of a system which has grossly failed is probably quite accurate, and drilling down into his rhetoric with a modicum rationality is still possible. Trumps’ pledge to vastly increase the size of the military, for instance, to so large that no country will ever challenge us, does not say how to pay for that. It ignores the triggers of the historic “arms race”. Does he still plan to keep bases in other countries around the world? Such a military only for show, not to use, is like strategic nuclear weapons. And we already have that.

  2. swell says:

    algo, pain + arithmos, number

  3. Flopot says:

    Dammit. I hate praising anything these days but great analyses.


  4. @Flopot – you hate praising anything?

  5. Flopot says:

    Yes. I’m a skeptical s**t these days. Mostly.

    I need to ward off the hopium.

  6. Flopot says:

    I’ll congratulate TPTB on their successful kabuki — does that count as praise? 😛

  7. @Flopot – I’ve been doing a lot of yoga these days, the hot one, Bikram; it’s been causing me to sleep so deep though . . . asleep by 11.30pm and up at 9am! So I missed your comment last night. Anyway, I understand these are days for skepticism, not only because politicians are lying and the media is lying and the corporations are lying but the only way to get ahead is lying . . . like on liar loan applications to get on the fake property ladder, etc. And, oh, all those fake news sites, subpar Onions who think it’s hysterically funny to publish a fake news item which is entirely possible or plausible and without any indication that it is ‘satire’ (sic); I have a recurring nightmare that I accidentally fall for one of those headlines and report on it!

  8. Flopot says:


    I think the Onion is now regarded as suspect given the new ownership (same old crowd), but I’ve never followed it so I’m not sure. Yes; I would think that some so-called satire is put out there to mislead and embarrass — so your fears are your spider-sense in cyber-space.

    Glad the Yoga is working. My ex-landlady used to engage in’t. She said she worked on her eyeballs as-well — I’m still not sure if she was taking the mickey or not! I’m trying to use creative work to stop the rot of hopelessness (see Lord Mhoram :P) but swimming beckons for this aquatic ape.

    “politicians are lying and the media is lying and the corporations are lying but the only way to get ahead is lying”

    The Inauthentic Age — don’t forget the fake videos, recordings and images to create the fake thoughts in our heads. Nor the fake ideologies to create a destructive consciousness like neo-liberalism or Wahhabism.

    Rent-a-rant off!

  9. Flopot says:

    Courtesy of Vonda…more tech for the inauthentic age…


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