Saudi Arabia Sentences Journalist to Five Years in Prison for Insulting the Kingdom’s Rulers

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Over the weekend, I published a post titled Al Jazeeza Presenter to Saudi Ambassador – “Why Support Democracy in Syria but Not Saudi Arabia? in which the Saudi Ambassador claimed subjects of Saudi Arabia don’t want or need elections because they are so enamored with the absolute monarchy’s management of society. Yes, and I just had lunch with the Easter Bunny.

Not that you need additional evidence demonstrating the ridiculousness of his answer, but I’ll provide some anyway…

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27 comments on “Saudi Arabia Sentences Journalist to Five Years in Prison for Insulting the Kingdom’s Rulers
  1. Flopot says:


    There are more links to Israel than the Kingdom, regarding 9/11 — especially if you disregard the “19 Arabs with boxcutters” gibberish…

    So this is Liberty Blitzberg turning up the alternative media propaganda on the Saudis at the ULTIMATE PATSY.

    By all means enact regime change in that AZE vassal, but don’t pretend you’re not protecting the real global terrorists.

  2. Flopot says:


  3. general moaners says:

    @Flopot. you don’t seem to understand startcoin. 😉

  4. Flopot says:

    I think the following are all linked…

    4th Reich bollocks

    Femen Bollocks

    Bitcoin Bollocks


  5. Flopot says:

    PS And I did have skin in that particular game 😛

  6. general moaners says:

    @Flopot. you put your skin in a Femen? 🙂

  7. Flopot says:

    Don’t be so literal. I’m talking about wasting s**t on startjoin’s s****y projects.

    Btw, Femen is 3rd Wave Feminism getting lost up its own vagina.

  8. general moaners says:

    @Flopot. do you have enough startcoin to purchase the release of the 20 pages?

  9. Flopot says:

    I thought twas 28 pages of bullshit…I mean patsy-setup script…I mean da truth 😉

  10. Flopot says:


    Seriously; do they really think we’re not aware that the redacted crap is just another ace/joker in the greater israel project…

  11. general moaners says:

    my bad. 20 pages of shit is enough for me. 🙂 don’t worry Max is working hard with krieger in the dark. startcoin is there cover. like an NGO.

  12. Flopot says:


    Well, you were right in your own way — Stacy and Max do play both sides of the fence. I just didn’t imagine direct…”intellectual” links with Sorosian propaganda.

    So you did warn us.

  13. RR says:

    how did you know? 😉

  14. Flopot says:

    Well, in this game, you cannot know anything for sure. But you do get…a whiff 😀

  15. RR says:

    @Flopot. you are a great thinker but we will both be on the wrong side of the history written. nn

  16. Flopot says:


    Thanks; but you guys just beat me over the head enough times to make me think.

    You should make up with Vonda 😛

  17. Flopot says:

    “of the history written”

    I agree. This…internet window on possible truths…will soon close and we’ll be traumatized with another 100 years of guff about the Righteous. I’ve witnessed multiple alternative sites get “on message”…or so I think.

    I hope I’m wrong 😛


  18. RR says:

    @Flopot. not up to me on Vonda. i reached out and was told to fuck off. she pissed me off by blaming me for jagador. she does not understand the pork chop pride and sense of humour.

  19. Flopot says:


  20. Flopot says:

    Speaking of Liberty and Israel…

    “In other words, when will the Zionist media tell the truth about Israel’s history of terrorism?[4] When will they tell the masses that Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty? We have interviewed Merlin Miller several times, and he is a graduate of West Point, one of the most prestigious military schools in the U.S. He admits: “Strangely, as a military academy graduate, I had never heard of it [the bombing of the USS Liberty]…”[5]”

    How much Zionist claptrap do we have to put up with 😀

  21. MrJones says:

    The USS Liberty was deliberately attacked by Israeli fighter jets. I wouldn’t say bombed. And my nephew is a graduate of West Point, class of 2002. He knows this story very well. Merlin Miller must be a mouth piece or an idiot. There are two ways to get into West Point. One is on merit, being very smart and athletic and with a letter of endorsement from US senator or congressman. The other way is from family legacy and/or connections. I’d venture to say Merlin got in by means of the later.

  22. MrJones says:

    OK, this is really silly.

    “If you want something to do, just grab a microphone and start interviewing anyone you meet in the streets and ask him/her a simple question: “Have you ever heard of the bombing of the USS Liberty?” The answer may surprise you.”

    Shit… while your at it, ask them who bombed Pearl Harbor, ask them to name 5 state capitals. Ask them who to name two countries boarding the USA. Ask them what fiat currency is. I’d be surprised if 2% got them right.

    I’m thinking the question to ask if they were raised on well water or fluoridated city water. There might be some merit to the conspiracy theory that fluoride in the water compromises ones BS detector in your brain. Could explain the increasing degree of sheep mentality of the masses.

  23. Flopot says:


    Lol. The US is f**ked if you’re an example of an anti-Zionist. Divided and conquered, methinks.

  24. MrJones says:

    Being anti-Zionist covers a huge net. The banks, the deep state, the media, the CIA, the NSA, the think tanks, the military, the dollar. Its a cancer that has metastasized with fingers everywhere.

  25. Flopot says:

    ..and the intellectual world, including academia from Marxism to Neo-liberalism — all undermine the existing social and cultural order, and in that chaos the Zionists thrive.

    Cultural Marxism is a primary weapon in the Zionists war on the West.

    So fairenoughski; I read you wrong. I’m just puzzled by your nit-picking over the Liberty quote — Israel deliberately tried to destroy that ship! That’s the so-called righteous regime for ya.

  26. MrJones says:

    I was nit-picking on that because it doesn’t get any traction, never really did and mostly likely never will. Just like the atrocities and genocide that is happing in Palestine. And the list can go on. It’s like kicking a dead horse. Time to try something different. I’m trying to stop playing in their reindeer games, like I pulled out of the stock market, no longing doing 401k. Living on less and buying locally as much as possible. These websites like the veterans today seem to just bitch about it, preaching to the choir. They don’t ever come up with some plan of action which is what I find annoying, more so. It wouldn’t take much to push the top heavy house of cards over.

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