Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% of Democratic Party Superdelegates are Lobbyists

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On July 25, these superdelegates will cast votes at the Democratic National Convention for whomever they want, regardless of primary and caucus outcomes. Democrats like to describe superdelegates as mostly elected officials and prominent party members, including President Obama and former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

But this group, which consists of 21 governors, 40 senators and 193 representatives, only makes up about a third of the superdelegates. Many of the remaining 463 convention delegates are establishment insiders who get their status after years of donations and service to the party. Dozens of the 437 delegates in the DNC member category are registered federal and state lobbyists, according to an ABC News analysis.

In fact, when you remove elected officials from the superdelegate pool, at least one in seven of the rest are former or current lobbyists registered on the federal and state level, according to lobbying disclosure records…

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4 comments on “Rigged Democracy – Nearly 10% of Democratic Party Superdelegates are Lobbyists
  1. Very very valuable most recent program on dismantling of the British NHS.
    The media is so quiet abut it!
    I had no idea.
    Its a betrayal of trust. Born 1938!
    So deceitful and crook-ed.

  2. Flopot says:

    I’m placing a bet on Bernie the Bolt being the “chosen one”. If my conspiratorial delusions are correct, then the Trump v Hilary kabuki is…um…kabuki and the world gets Berned.

    If I’m wrong? Nothing changes anyway (all the candidates are oligarchic shills) and at least I can relax a tad with the knowledge that the scripting isn’t so nefarious 😉

  3. Bev says:



    Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s Super Delegate Fraud.

    The AP headline read: Super delegates Help Clinton Expand Her Lead Despite NH Loss.

    It was and is a complete fabrication. Another way of putting it would be fraud.
    Initiated by Clinton and the DNC and unfortunately aided and abetted by two ignorant AP reporters (and others like CNN) who didn’t know ( or maybe didn’t care) that they were being snookered and simply swallowed what was thrown at them. It would help if people who actually think they are reporters would check DNC rules regarding the use of super delegates. Especially since there has only been one time in the history of the Democratic party that super delegates ever cast a vote and that was 32 years ago in 1984. And even then it was to affirm the candidate who won the most pledged delegates in the primaries.


    So why is Hillary Clinton putting out the fiction that she is ahead on delegates even though she isn’t because of super delegates? Because she is being underhanded and so is the DNC run by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Obama’s hand picked chair of the DNC who are trying to build a phony aura of expectation and inevitability and the illusion that she will be the nominee and then if she doesn’t have the actual votes from the primary battles try and steal the nomination by using super delegates with Obama and Wasserman-Schultz driving the getaway car.

    The New York Times acting like the long arm of the law put their arm on Clinton in a recent editorial making it clear that super delegates can have no role in the outcome of the nomination which needs to be decided by whoever wins the most delegates in the primaries.


    Make it clear that if Clinton can’t win honestly she is not going to win at all.


NOTE: CNN is still showing super delegate totals for Clinton included with her pledged delegate totals that don’t actually exist and may never exist and for now and until the convention and they are cast, if ever, are pure fiction. John King is one of the worst offenders but so is Wolf Blitzer. The Sanders campaign needs to hold them and other media outlets accountable.


  4. blindman says:

    sick man.
    just sick.

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