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4 comments on “MUST LISTEN > Bitcoin Macroeconomics with Trace Mayer
  1. Randy says:

    Oh man, just how much BitCONJOB Kool-Aid have these buffoons drunk so far? The nasal droning on and on without saying a single thing of any value or importance just got to be too much for me, and I finally couldn’t listen to another word.
    Here’s all that anybody needs to know about fiat currencies, if they are outside of the loop as regards how far they will go up or down in the next several minutes. If you are not a team player and do not know that data, you are on the victim side of the ledger and are going to get your ass handed to you!!
    Over the last 350 years or so, EVERY fiat paper currency that has been tried has failed, and failed massively, I might add. In fact, if you make a roster of them, you will exceed 600 of them before you even get out of the letter B of our alphabet!! So now how is BitCONJOB going to fare any better, especially when it requires incredible amounts of electricity to run the computer systems than not only create crypto-currencies out of thin air, but is needed to store and access it as well? How are you going to open up your electronic wallet when you don’t have any electricity to charge up your devices that your pseudo wallet is sitting in?? Are you going to plug your device directly into another one each time you need to make an exchange when there is no network for them to communicate over? What do you do when your electronic device of choice is lost, stolen, wears out or is fried by an EMP of any kind? now lists 701 crypto-currencies. Number 688 really caught my eye. Not only do I have a knack for spotting typos in texts, irony also leaps off of the written page as well. It is named PurePOS. How appropriate for not only this one CC in particular, but the whole field in general!!


  2. 7th Avenue Aviator says:


    Yep! Or if you take life a little slower, Yup!


  3. g says:

    @Randy Bitcoin isn’t a fiat currency by definition. You kinda need to be able to think critically to get your head around this.

  4. g says:

    @Randy oh and everyone is gonna forget how to make electricity. yeah. especially when you get incentivised to do this (securing the network) – by being rewarded with bitcoin, which is worth money by the way.

    i suggest you need to read SOMETHING about Bitcoin before going on a diatribe which makes you sound like an idiot.

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