Little Big Short

Risk by Janet Tavakoli This Bloomberg TV interview became unintentionally funny at the end. The anchor rushed me off camera just as I brought up a sensitive topic about how banks use total return swaps to transfer hidden risks to notes sold to unwary investors. It wasn’t censorship, the segment’s time was up.

At least I think so….

Earlier, Yahoo Finance interviewed me about global systemic risks.

Risk has just arrived!

Learn how to identify risk and opportunities: identify a bank’s biggest risks, manage the risk of short positions, a new (little) big short and how to find the next big short, the huge hole in the Efficient Market Hypothesis, the most important analysis to reduce portfolio risk, red flags for fraud, the paramount concept omitted from texts on risk, the major myth in Modern Portfolio Theory, a “fixed income” analysis that is as important for stocks as it is for bonds, the leverage paradox, and how to fix the global banking system.


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