Killer Mike on Bernie Sanders

Stacy Summary: Rather powerful speech. I also like the last two or three seconds where Hillary says, “Okay, back to the issues. The issues that I think are important.”

3 comments on “Killer Mike on Bernie Sanders
  1. Flopot says:

    “Why I fuck you with Bernie Sanders”


  2. Andy B says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Great post. Hadn’t seen the footage of the Bern back then protesting, but knew it to be true. Again and again frightened people settle for the “incremental” approach ala corrupt Hillary, and end up with nothing.

    Ted Rall’s work always the best on this

  3. Talcott says:


    In California, Demo’s have an open primary, an Repub’s do not…I’m a libertarian who voted for Barry in the 2008 primary but abstained from the general election, due to his vote for retro telco immunity….

    ….I’m feelin the Burn here in SoCal.

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