French Fight Terrorism With Nicotine

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3 comments on “French Fight Terrorism With Nicotine
  1. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    This article brings back memories of a cigarette ad for Lucky Strikes from a bygone era when I was a young teen just starting to notice the opposite sex.

    Their slogan: Lucky Strikes – (LSMFT) – Lucky Strikes Means Fine Tobacco.

    And all the guys on the block would snicker and say;

    (LSMFT) – Loose Straps Means Flabby Tits.

    Ah. The joys of youth.


  2. Wahrheit says:

    Smokers are skanks.

  3. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    I must confess. I’m still a smoker. I just haven’t smoked a cigarette in 40 years.


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