Economic collapse: Saudi Arabia

Whilst all mainstream media eyes are on Russia and wishing and hoping for an economic collapse and default (a very laughable notion), over in Saudi Arabia the nation is in a genuine economic meltdown. Not that you would know it if your only source of news was the likes of the BBC or Washington Post. With the Saudi government having to borrowing 13% of GDP just to keep basic services running to prevent complete overthrow and with them refusing to unpeg their currency to the dollar (perhaps they’re not allowed to based on whatever secret deal they did at Bitter Lake?), workers are going unpaid for months on end. The result:

The BBC will not call your attention to this story as they would were the scenes in the above video to have happened in Moscow and not Mecca. They will not sneer in hysterics hoping the Saudi economy collapses (that would, of course, harm UK weapons industry), nor will they cheer for the regime to be overthrown; nevertheless, the fall of the House of Saud is nearer every day. I think, in fact, they may collapse before even the fracking industry.

5 comments on “Economic collapse: Saudi Arabia
  1. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    Mecca, the shithole of the religious universe.
    Let them eat cake.
    The sooner the scourge of Islam is wiped of the face of this rock, the better for mankind.


  2. J says:

    Let them go down for supporting terrorism and genocidal wahhabis!

  3. Isaac says:

    @ Stacy – I am currently in the kingdom and have been for several years. I am interested and willing to provide an insiders view if you are looking for a correspondent here.

  4. Flopot says:

    We can also get updates at DebkaFile 😉

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