Cray cray conspiracy theories pushed by mainstream whackjobs

If Alex Jones had uttered something this preposterous, the media would be laughing like hyenas at this conspiracy theory. As this conspiracy theory is pushed by none other than Nato, however, the mainstream media prints with reverence:


The elaborate conspiracy goes something like this: Putin is bombing civilian areas of Syria in order to drive refugees toward the EU in order to collapse the EU in order to cause Merkel to be ousted. Such a bizarre, convoluted conspiracy it’s hard to keep track of it, but the fact that half of all refugees are actually from Afghanistan and Iraq seems not to addressed (can’t have contradictory storylines) nor does the conspiracy explain how it is that over a million refugees arrived prior to Russian involvement in Syria. Nor does the Nato conspiracy theory explain Merkel calling for refugees to come – did Putin mind control her? I’m looking forward to them fleshing out their cray cray conspiracy theory.

Also notice that the conspiracy theories mocked by the mainstream media are those that present the population itself as the victim of government and/or corporate conspiracy; whereas the conspiracy theories beloved by the mainstream media are those that present our governments and/or corporations as victims of smaller, weaker, oil rich nations?

5 comments on “Cray cray conspiracy theories pushed by mainstream whackjobs
  1. YoLithos says:

    As @Flopot might observe, their statements seem like a cynically inverted presentation of events, a projection of their own plans onto others. Usually onto their opponents and victims. Possibly as a form of, to them, necessary announcement that places their fingerprints on it. For who knows what reason?

    To call “fore!”, “fire in the hole”, “all together now”? Maybe it’s because Merkel is still up there, somehow? Who would they pull in to substitute her? Maybe someone presently in Ukraine, or Lagarde, maybe Le Pen? It’s not just the “Third World” anymore. World, take note.

    That places it on the same lofty plane as high-school debating team 101 rhetorical trickery. Which, applied as such in the wider more serious world, degrades into general bad faith in a grossly debased, tacky, variety of breach of logic, sanity, and widely documented facts from diverse sources. As @Stacy Herbert did well to point out.

  2. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    Make sure your tinfoil hat is pointed in the right direction for optimum reception. The signal will get louder the closer you get to the truth.


  3. YoLithos says:

    The problem is that the signal is blotting out the spectrum, swamping the sensors with unintelligible squawky gibberish static, and even registering in metallic medical prostheses. Causing no mean volume of sparks, shocks, and involuntary foul language in the process. Later accompanied by a deluge of irate calls to technical massistance, er, assistance (because, Typo – as sparkling bright as usual) and to the Communicaions, er Communications (two Typos in one?) Authorities, who have left the phone off the hook.

  4. YoLithos says:

    There is no direction to be found. Only noise and confusion.

  5. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    True. But mine is equipped with the Galactic Expando Confusion Generator that sends out an untraceable false signal to confuse the confusers.


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