Trump promotes torture and waterboarding!

America is becoming a worse place.

Donald Trump is now even promoting waterboarding. He will absolutely back it and is ready to do even more: “Torture works!”

Trump loves it. “But we should go much stronger than waterboarding. That’s the way I feel.”

If Trump becomes president of the USA and use torture us, what should we do with Trump? Maybe a big kiss? Don’t make war, don’t torture, make love!

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7 comments on “Trump promotes torture and waterboarding!
  1. YoLithos says:

    For everyone. So that “Stop and frisk”, which quickly went on to become “stop and pepper-spray” and then “stop and taze”, will be enhanced with officiously sanctioned “stop and waterboard”. In addition to the long-standing “stop and shakedown” and “turkey shoot witha badge” (because Typo) that has always done its part to serve everyone. Lest we forget, “they” do not consider themselves to be like “everyone”, only “all that counts”. And maybe marquises, barons, dukes, …

  2. Flopot says:

    So what would be the difference between a Trump Presidency and what has gone before?

    Torture? Check
    Minority Victimization? Check
    Zionist control of…well…frickin’ everything? Check
    Wars galore (see Zionist control)
    Banksters galore 😉

    Lesser of two evils is for the birds 😀

  3. MrJones says:

    @Flopot. I see him as the catalyst that will waken the sleeping zombies. At this point we need a major crash to burn the fraud and corruption out. An outsider with an ego the size of Texas will more likely force or trigger such an event. Let’s get it on, this slow drip drip torture from the status quo is torture in itself.

  4. Flopot says:


    I was trying to point out that Trump meets all the criteria of the previous administrations, i.e. there is no difference. But I conveyed the opposite meaning, doh.

    Anyway, I agree completely — vote Trump and end the kabuki. Sanders would just be that long, drawn out torture you envisage. We’d have more Zionist Wars wrapped up in self-righteous, democratic-socialist sophistry, “we just gotta kill more people — it saddens my soul, but we got no choice”.

    Hillary is also overtly barmy enough to do the job just aswell as Trump 😀

  5. Flopot says:

    Even better. Destroy your vote…or don’t bother voting at all and instead organize local bonfires to burn effigies of the Presidential Puppets.

  6. Flopot says:

    Distribute cupcakes during the lighting up ceremony.

    PS I did check out the Greens but they seem very, very suspect.

  7. MrJones says:

    I voted green in 2012. But otherwise I write in FU. In the last state election that pretty much what I did. One exception was the “Legalize Marijuana” party for state attorney general. I had to vote for them. I checked afterwards, they got like 4% of the vote.

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