This Silver Investor is “Hell Bent on Taking the Precious Metals Battle Back to the Banksters”

This barbarian is hell bent on taking the battle back to the banksters.
Silver and gold will be his PERSONAL WAR CHEST in this coming battle…


I see a connection to what happened during the 85 cent silver flash crash and NIRP.  It’s tenuous but there are linkages to any flash crash.

The formalization of negative interest rates evolved in Europe for several reasons, and just migrated to Japan. I’m certain it’ll come to the US once NIRP’s wrecked its toll in these GDP heavy economies. The EU project with it’s failing currency,  bank debt,  leverage, business disabling socialist friction, crushingly high taxes, and thuggish control polices were quite predictable 5 years ago.  Even before that time the issues of uncontrolled borders and infiltration of migrants began to press on the movement of people and currency as the situation grew slowly to critical mass.

The Eurocrats are frightened that their experiment of social and economic control is failing. Europe is so far beyond the tipping point only ultra aggressive goon tactics will stall a complete  crash, beating into submission. That action will stay the tide only so long, before the people revolt but bureaucrats always resort to violence when their policies fail to work as the people refuse to be cowed.

The ECB, IMF and EU have declared war on cash and any other sort of transaction external to their DIGIFIAT  paradigm now that the death blow damage done during the Beta test bail in of Cyprus and Greece produced the desired results; cash confiscation and an economically brutalized populace.   The situations in the EU worsen by the day;  the Eurocrats grow more desperate and fearful by the hour. Their means to control the populace; their strident attempts to access the lifeblood of hard currency, even the simple Euro notes, speaks of their desperation.

There’s a very real war on currency; a real war on the precious metals that represent a counter balance form of currency. The war is fully engaged, complete with limitations even on how much a person can carry, subject to prosecution and confiscation if the amount is excessive. Cash withdrawals are limited in many areas. Payments by cash are heartily criticized.  Everyone is encouraged to use DIGIFIAT. People in Europe have yet to see the worst that is rapidly befalling them but harsh realities will soon come to their front doors.

This creates the perfect storm of total financial fear control. The controlling fear factor, coupled with armored police, tear gas and water cannons, is see as the only means to save the union from its inevitable demise. These moist soft Eurocrats always resort to violence when other means of control fail.  Total control, whether at the end days of the Roman Empire or East Germany, always involves a form of FINANCIAL RING FENCING and goon squads. The only thing that really chnanges is the formatting of order and the control everyone’s  access to their cash. Cash and precious metals represent freedom, bulwarks against statist thuggery

DIGIFIAT has a 100% counter party risk. There is no escape from this paradigm without a total break from the system.  Once the people’s capital, whether bank accounts, bond holdings, stock ownership or currency deposits of any type, are forced into the pig pen of electronic DIGIFIAT surveillance, the banks, central banks and governments can pick and chose the winners and losers in the race to save the Union, at the cost of any form of savings.

Once ring fenced by edict or convention, all forms of digital currency can be taken in first strike bail ins such as inflicted on Cyprus and Greece,  direct theft of bonds income, confiscation of bonds, forced bail ins by bond holders, direct and immediate confiscation of cash, property and pensions (10 separate instances of that in the EU since the crisis began in 2008) OR Negative Interest Rates. All are a direct attack against the people’s wealth.

The Eurozone is completely in the thrall of the Belgium ghouls who issue edicts to sovereigns, ordering them take anything of value. Failure to obey orders results in arrest, prosecution, fines, imprisonment, loss of jobs, benefits and retirement plans.  Even migrants see their cash taken, confiscated by the Danish government if value exceeds $1000.  No person in the Eurozone any longer owns their funds, whatever form that takes. The state is bankrupt, broke, insolvent and desperate.  Now that the ring fence is nearly 100% complete, the sheep are in the pens.

When they’re all penned up, the sheeple are sheared of their wool by the small subtle effects of the NIRP NIRP NIRPING of the Loomenmench’s shears removing their wool by the numbers.

Nibble, nibble, nibble, the demand deposits and bank accounts are steadily and stealthily drained.  It doesn’t seem like much does it-50 Basis points ?But if your account is being drained at negative 50 basis points, your account bleeds FIAT daily, right into the coffers of the central banks and central governments like a tapeworm’s lunch or a leech sucking your blood.  At first it doesn’t seem like much.  You can always eat more. Maybe you can get a blood transfusion. Maybe you can hold out longer than anyone else, thinking they will stop. Central Banks, like tapeworms, never stop eating. No matter where NIRP invaders hit the beaches, the tax increases, declining wages and pernicious inflation found all most consumer level make the 50 BPS leeching of your substance build quickly into a real wear and tear on your wealthy and capital accounts.

The ring fencing began in its worldwide efforts in earnest around 5 years, formalized by the central bankers bail in provisions signed 3 years ago; a story broken by Silver Doctors. Actions that stated FDIC and their like insurance coverage would not protect against bank and central bank confiscation if a serious banking crisis hit laid down the first dramatic marker of  the banker’s war against their account holders. FACTA and FBAR made all American bank accounts held abroad persona non grata.

When the G20 nations signed an agreement last year, formalizing policies that made your bank accounts the property of the bank, treated as nothing  that a bank liability; nothing more than any other unsecured creditor, subject to seizure by some super collateralized creditor at any time of their convenience, overnight the depositors found themselves thrust into ground zero of that second salvo in the banker war against us.

The third salvo is the now institutionalized policy of silent, stealthy theft of these deposits by Negative Interest Rates.  Now that your accounts are largely uninsured,  treated as unsecured creditors of a failing bank; (IMO 90% plus of all major banks are on death’s doorstep), you have very few places to protect your cash, deposits, currency and investments. Who ya gonna call?  Bank Busters?

We are all in the gun sights of the banksters who’re just biding their time to launch a major attack on their customers as well as the stock and bond holders in world wide brokerage houses and bourses.   No one’s safe and no one can escape these assaults. The bankers have declared war against us. If you leave yourself in the gun sights of the banksters, the total counterparty risk you run of having bank accounts taken falls on directly on you. Just because you decide to ignore the war does not mean the war will ignore you. Ask the Italian pensioneers how they’re faring after their pensions were stolen in recent weeks.

If you are stuck in the DIGIFIAT paradigm your counter party risk is total. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when; when  the American TBTF banks will implement NIRP. All banks are always connected all the time. The rot will cross the ocean in short order.  Japan just started down that road with a 10 year government bond that yields 10 BPS.  A year ago it yielded 40 BPS. 2 years ago it was 80 BPS.  The BOJ worm eats its tail.  How do you say WTF in Japanese? The Japanese are nothing more than a proxy in the US-inspired and enforced currency wars, with little control over their currency, banking system, economy and future.  As an island nation they are in a death spiral from which there is no escape.  Fukushima is just the radioactive cherry on top of this Wagashi cookie crap cake.

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