The Death of Politics: Hillary in front of Empty Rooms, Jeb Bush Begging for Applause and at Drive-Thru’s

We’ve been saying for years that not only is politics/government inherently evil… but it is also a complete and total joke.

Perhaps after decades and decades of electing the “lesser of two evils” people are finally starting to wake up to this charade. There is a noticeable shift as the majority of people are turning away from mainstream politics.

This is part-and-parcel with the mainstream turning away from mainstream media. Mainstream television programming, and it’s called programming for a reason, is in terminal decline. Cable-cutting is now a thing. People are finally just turning off the propaganda.

And as that happens, we are witnessing absolute hilarity in the status quo of politics.

The politicians themselves reflect the diminishment. The internet has beamed a bright light on the US political system and revealed the squalor.

Hillary, for instance, should be under indictment but reports circulating widely on the internet indicate that if indicted she will release the 900 FBI files on prominent DC pols and others that she purloined while “First Lady.”

Yes, you read that right. The US’s most prominent politician is likely to be brought up on charges but in order to avoid them is blackmailing most every important “leader” in Washington.

Her husband, Bill Clinton, is on the campaign trail with her but is being pursued by several of the women he apparently raped and thus is not helping much.

It doesn’t really matter though, because almost literally, absolutely no one is showing up to even hear what she has to say. In Texas recently, admittedly not a Democrat stronghold, six people showed up to welcome Killary. Often she is speaking in front of absolutely tiny crowds counted in the dozens, not even hundreds.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Bush/Clinton 2016 ticket, Jeb has been treated like a nobody.

He’s moped and brooded his way through his campaign and recently had to ask his 30-strong audience to applaud on cue.

Jeb Bush Please Clap

Even more recently, Jeb was speaking at a Rotary Club meeting when the organizers asked him to stop. They weren’t kidding either. He didn’t get five minutes or even one more minute. They started the music mid-sentence and basically ran him off stage.

Jeb Bush Gets Cut Off - The Dollar Vigilante

And that is when Jeb isn’t out in the early dusk hours on back street Dunkin Donut’s Drive-Thru’s harassing people to care about him.

Jeb Bush - Dunkin Donuts New Hampshire - The Dollar Vigilante

There are two candidates, however, who have seemed to catch the attention of the public. Fascist, Donald Trump and Communist Bernie Sanders.

But, even with this, it shows a serious change. Neither Trump nor Bernie are promotions of the mainstream media. Yet, they are getting attention… in some cases, a lot. The reason being, in our estimation, is that people are grasping for something… anything… new. They are tired of the old system and know that no matter who they choose they are going to lose.

Sadly, however, instead of grasping for something totally radical in the land of the free: a candidate that at least thinks freedom and liberty are somewhat important, like Rand Paul… and even more so, Ron Paul before him… they are looking to an ultra-fascist or an ultra-communist in their final flailing attempts to try something different!

If they get their wish it will either mean World War III as Trump begins bombing what’s left of the planet yet unbombed by the US empire… or breadlines, if communist Bernie Sanders decides to take top-down control of the economy.

In the end, though, the US is over. This ship is going down no matter which puppet is selected to speak in front of the cameras. The biggest reason to doubt the intelligence and wisdom of any Presidential candidate is that they actually want the job! How many people were clammering to be the Captain of the Titanic after it was already turned near right side up?

We’re not waiting around to see how it all turns out. We’re already preparing for it, and profiting from this ongoing trainwreck including at our upcoming TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit on February 18th in Acapulco, Mexico. And then we will be planning for how we can rebuild the world once this archaic big government and central banking edifice collapses at Anarchapulco from February 19th-21st.

The timing for these events couldn’t be better. When you attend, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people like senior TDV gold analyst Ed Bugos who’s made people a fortune with his stock and option picks these past few months. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve got literally dozens of speakers over the four-day period who can help educate you regarding your portfolio, second residencies/citizenships, offshore banking, precious metals purchases and other critical information.

The entire US financial and political system is in collapse. This video captured this week embodies exactly where the US is headed.

It is of a Bernie Sanders bus, replete with “A Future You Can Believe In” emblazoned on its side. Watch to the end of the short video to see how that story ends.

Bernie Sanders Bus Breaks Down - The Dollar Vigilante 2

3 comments on “The Death of Politics: Hillary in front of Empty Rooms, Jeb Bush Begging for Applause and at Drive-Thru’s
  1. How are we not already in a “top down control” economy right now? What the hell do you call Too Big To Fail, Q.E., and ZIRP?

  2. MrJones says:

    @alex Excellent point.

    And Trump says we wants to work with Putin, not start a war with him. And he wants to end or limit H1 work visas, which if your an engineer who has to compete with 6 of them living in one apartment and sharing one car, and have not seen a raise in 6 years that is music to ones hears. With Trump or Sanders, the way I see it, they will either delivery on their promises or be the catalyst to end this more quickly instead of the slow drip drip drip Chinese torture. That’s a win win.

  3. YoLithos says:

    Whazzat, “Death politics”? It certainly seems like it! Just like sayin’ yer gonna stop the varmints that rob the people blind is interference and communism. And communism is common, which is just plain ornery. That’s just plain common sense. And “they” like to be extraordinary. An’ that’s a fact!

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