Legendary Bob Moriarty: We’ve seen the Bottom in Gold

3 comments on “Legendary Bob Moriarty: We’ve seen the Bottom in Gold
  1. Flopot says:

    This is possible if you buff up your collection and stand akimbo…oh I see…erm…end precious metals manipulation now! *cough* Is that the time?

  2. bb says:

    I really do figure Bob is pretty smart.
    I like his “guru” comment, that guy is full of himself and if he did understand silver was topping didnt have the integrity to advertise it to anyone, an obscure mention reminds me of the magicians that used to put differant predictions in as many publications as possible, then when the event passed they would produce the “correct” one and claim they predicted it.

    The “guru” was easily as good as some people screaming $500 silver.

    Hugo Salinas-Gold Repriced at End of Contraction Phase, this is a utube, usa watchdog, Mr Price pleads with Mr Hunter “please dont promote bitcoin, people are stupid enough to believe anything”.

    Remember, bitcoin got promoted ffom the $500 silver guy,

  3. I stay out of the prediction game, I just don’t believe in it; my fortune teller told me I would be wrong anyway.

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