[KR872] Keiser Report: ‘Lunatics’ vs ‘Mass Murderers’ in US Pres Elex

We discuss the lunatics and mass murderers the citizens of a decaying empire inevitably choose to lead us not down the road to Rome, but to a volatile priced barrel of oil and a bad self-eating Apple. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Brenda Kelly, head analyst at London Capital Group, about oil prices, negative interest rates and the tapped out consumer unable to take advantage of either. They also discuss currency wars.

209 comments on “[KR872] Keiser Report: ‘Lunatics’ vs ‘Mass Murderers’ in US Pres Elex
  1. Evolutis says:

    Who are you calling a prostitute? Or

    The Incoherent nonsense, of continued, disrespect for the high function of physical reality by way of the fiction of monetary belief.

    * Oil prices …all the more cheap petroleum based coloring for your breakfast cereals …my dear.

    * Some Lawyers Are Now Charging $1,500 Per Hour …It’s the new rate for the legal elite. Imagine that trickle down if u will.

    * Legal Relationship Between Shareholders & CEOs [tickle down legal costs]

    “We can legalize prostitution or the retail sales of alcohol in Sweden and then statistics of crime will look different, not necessarily better.”

    How many ways you can make people wrong by personification of the monetary system? … let me count them.

    Grave diggers …’clowns with spades'(efficacy of capitalism or any other failed monetary ‘ism’ is that even remotely appropriate???]

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