Is Mike Hearn The World’s First Objective Human?

In his video presentation Mike would lead you to believe that he is the first-ever human Turing Machine.  The first human being who ever lived that can be programmed in a completely objective manner where no matter the input, the output conditions are guaranteed to be in accordance with the program.

Computers are designed by humans.  Software is designed by humans.  As much as we would like to take comfort in the fact that a machine can be trusted to be objective, it can only be trusted to the extent that the consensus algorithm operating that machine was never touched by human hands.  So far, we don’t have any such machines.  You wouldn’t know that however if you listen to Mike in this recent presentation just before he “left Bitcoin.”

Mike Hearn – Robots, Humans and Artificial Intelligence

One comment on “Is Mike Hearn The World’s First Objective Human?
  1. mijj says:

    Machines don’t have an agenda .. that’s like saying my pen doesn’t have an agenda. Therefore anything i write is utterly objective.

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