Fund Manager Warns: Something Just Blow A Hole In The Fed’s Balance Sheet!

While all eyes seem to be fixated on Deutsche Bank’s stock, it would seem to me that we should be focused on the financial meltdown occurring behind the Fed’s “curtain” that is clearly going on in the U.S. banking system based on the sudden plunge both in the credit quality of the Fed’s balance sheet and the recent cliff-dive in bank stocks.  
I would suggest the possibility that the fraudulent silver price fix on the LBMA last week was a last gasp attempt by the big bullion banks to grab as much physical silver as they can, as cheaply as possible, before the price of gold and silver are reset by the market.  

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2 comments on “Fund Manager Warns: Something Just Blow A Hole In The Fed’s Balance Sheet!
  1. susan says:

    From Bix Wier, on FB:

    We are in a very scary time in the process of taking down the Bad Guys as it involves taking down the entire Global Monetary System. It’s the only way to level the playing field. The only way to make sure that the Bad Guys are dead and gone.

    It’s the only way.

    But there is a plan to restart the system and includes returning to a gold/silver standard in the US. The US Minted gold and silver coins are all ready to be distributed to the public based on a “fair” allocation methodology invented by Alan Greenspan. This allocation system is based mainly off your Social Security balances but factors in other important variables so everyone will get enough to “start again.”

    Just look at the pictures in this Federal Reserve Bank of Boston publication and you will see for yourself what they have planned (watch for gold coins!).
    Banking Basics – Boston Fed
    This publication provides an overview of the banking system for young people. Topics include checks clearing, currency circulation, methods of payment, electronic banking and the role of the Federal Reserve. Designed for students with an understanding of the U.S. banking system. (Revised in 2011)

  2. MrJones says:

    “… invented by Alan Greenspan”. Isn’t he like way over the hill now and hasn’t he be out of the picture for long long time?

    I’ll believe this when it happens. Which will be never. This goes against the grain of the PTB.

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