Donald Trump: Ted Cruz was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has threatened Ted Cruz with legal action relative to to the fact that he was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President.

Trump did also say that Cruz is a totally unstable individual, a basket case and unhinged.

Trump doesn’t want that Cruz continues lying with the hopes that his statements will go unchecked until after the election and he will save his failing campaign.

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5 comments on “Donald Trump: Ted Cruz was born in Canada and therefore cannot be President
  1. YoLithos says:

    Donald Trump is from…
    The asteroid belt?

  2. ptah says:

    No matter who is president – the elected member will only be a puppet for corporate interests – so it doesn’t really matter!

  3. YoLithos says:

    Dictators matter. In a terribly bad way. Make them have to really obviously steal the election. It exposes them and their unpopularity even more clearly. It forces their hidden sponsors that little bit further out of the shadows. Their lying about it becomes even more ridiculous. They will lie about it brazenly anyway. But there will be bigger holes and cracks in their masks and facades. It makes sense to support the resistance early on. “They” have been fighting it – and all of us, everybody – for decades. May be for hundreds of years.

    Letting them be is equivalent to endorsement for all the pastiche Mussolini, Hitler, or little scurrying Francos, or any of the other strutting pipsqueak dictator fronts and cutouts the world over vying for attention.

  4. Brad says:

    It is probably safe to assume all the candidates presently running would be corporate shills, all except Trump. Trump is the only who may not succumb to outside manipulation.
    It is possible that he would be the next Jimmy Carter. Well not a nuclear physicist, highly intelligent and devote christian but possibly a man of his word.

  5. YoLithos says:

    LOL, Brad. Since you must have read the post, I’ll congratulate you on your witty irony.

    After all, what would a slumlord bust job enriched construction financier billionaire who praises Lolita Flight passengers have that would allow banks, financial houses, and the surveillance burocracies – “public” and private – to manipulate him? It’s not like he has the same exposure as an Enron, as a Lehman, as a Madoff, now does he? It’s not like he is or ever was heavily invested in cattle futures, for example.

    Nice one, Brad.

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