Deutsche Bank on the Verge of Failure? Stock Price Collapses

On September 28, 2015, we wrote, “Will Deutsche Bank Be This Cycle’s Lehman Bros?

At the time, Deutsche Bank was trading at $26.

Will Deutsche Bank Be This Cycles Lehman Bros - The Dollar Vigilante

Five months later and Deutsche Bank has since announced a $6.6 billion loss for 2015 and has fallen to $15. It is now down 36% on the year.

Looking at the longer term chart, Deutsche Bank fell from $120 to below $20 during the last financial crisis in 2008. It never recovered, hitting a peak of just above $70 in 2009 and has been on a downward slope ever since… a slope that has escalated into a stunning collapse in the last few weeks.

A Deutsche Bank collapse would set off a worldwide banking contagion that would make Lehman Bros. look tame.

And gold is reacting as you would expect it might during times of crisis. It has now risen for seven-days-straight, averaging a gain of about $10/day and currently sits just below $1,200.

The gold mining stocks have performed even better. We recommended to TDV Premium subscribers to buy/hold NUGT on January 19th when it was near $18. It is now at $46, up 150% in three weeks.

NUGT - The Dollar Vigilante 2

Our gains there were added to last week when TDV’s Senior Analyst issued a trade alert to purchase call options on the Euro and Japanese Yen. One of those trades is already up 120% in a week!

And that’s in addition to the gain on our overall gold stock portfolio of 25% in the last month, averaging between 8% and 105% in the last three months.

While most people are panicking we are partying!

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It is going to be a year full of volatility and risk. But managed properly, it can be a year of fabulous profits at a time when most people are taking tremendous losses or getting out altogether.

We’ve been at the forefront of warning of this crisis just before it began last summer and our subscriber profits keep heading higher.

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2 comments on “Deutsche Bank on the Verge of Failure? Stock Price Collapses
  1. Talcott says:

    Amusing bit of flip the issue….

    “Bush is hoping that history will say he took on the forces of populism honestly and angrily and won….”

    “…makin the flag switch replacing the devil with the witch….”

    -Hazy Shade of Criminal/Public Enemy

  2. Bev says:

    If reports I read years ago are correct, this might not be a bad idea for Deutsche Bank to fail as someone or many someones at Deutsche Bank may have received wire transfers to launder 100s of billions/several trillions from the bank robbery that was the 9/11 targets-the billions from the biggest bank in the world and trillions from the Pentagon gone missing and which accounting personnel, computers, and trails were destroyed with that missile strike. Perhaps, if the story is correct, records could be obtained from Deutsche Bank.

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