America’s Corrupt Media – How Reporters Took Direct Orders from Hillary Clinton’s Staff

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If you really want to know how weak Hillary Clinton is as a candidate, you merely have to appreciate that the U.S. media essentially acts as her own personal PR firm, yet the public still recognizes her as a dishonest crook. Brace yourself for the following story, it’s huge.

Earlier this week, we learned from Gawker that at least one U.S. reporter traded content in his article for information from Hillary Clinton’s staff while she was Secretary of State. In what is an almost hard to believe exchange, Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic,  agreed to insert specific words and imagery into his article in return for a copy of Hillary’s upcoming speech at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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4 comments on “America’s Corrupt Media – How Reporters Took Direct Orders from Hillary Clinton’s Staff
  1. 7th Avenue Aviator says:

    Moved to the junk folder and deleted.


  2. Flopot says:

    Bernie Sanders is actually telling more lies than Hillary. Mrs Clinton is openly selling herself to the rich and powerful; Bernie is pretending he will take on the rich and powerful.

    Reminder: you cannot be a Zionist and also be for the United States. The Zionists got the US to fight its multi-trillion dollar wars in the Middle-East — where is Bernie gonna get a similar amount of cash for Israel when he gets into the White House?

    Oh yeh, from those same rich and powerful oligarchs. The man is a bigger liar than Obama. Of course, none of this matters because they ALL serve the same elites. But I think a Bernie betrayal might be more educational — so go ahead and feel the Bernie.

  3. Flopot says:

    *feel the Bern. Oops.

  4. poopysnot says:

    Turd Sniffer

    (not you, Flopot)

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