World Stock Markets Crash To Start 2016 – Trading Suspended In China on First Day of Year

The Dollar Vigilante began in 2009 as response to the 2008 financial crisis. It was during that extreme crash that we decided we were now entering into the final end-game of this financial and monetary system.

However, when we officially started in 2010, we did not predict impending collapse. I stated that we had 5-10 years before the final collapse.

According to that time window, the collapse could begin as early as 2015. And it wasn’t until July, 2015, that we made a very public prediction that the collapse would begin in the fall of 2015.

In the third quarter of 2015, world stock markets had their biggest implosion since the 2008 crisis.

Our identification of the Shemitah seven year cycle was part of our reasoning, but only just a part. All indicators were pointing to a collapse coming soon, with or without the Shemitah.

As it turned out, the call was prescient, garnering us worldwide attention and numerous subscribers.

Shemitah Dow

The US stock markets had a rebound in October but we said that it would not regain all its losses from the summer and that the remainder of the fall, and certainly 2016, will see much lower lows and quite possible a complete crash/collapse scenario. I’ve even been quoted recently as saying, “2016 will be a bloodbath“.

Well, on the very first day of 2016, markets worldwide plummeted.

China crash halted - The Dollar VigilanteIt began in China with the Shanghai Index. The Index plummeted 5% by 1:10pm local time and trading was halted for 15 minutes. It then re-opened at 1:25pm and fell to a 7% loss before the entire exchange was closed for the day five minutes later in fear of further losses!

Then, European stock markets opened and immediately moved down. Germany’s leading stock index, which includes steel maker ThyssenKrupp, Deutsche Bank and BMW, fell 4 percent by closing at 10,314 points, marking its worst one-day drop since August and the worst start to the year in 25 years.

By the time US markets were about to open, futures were heavily in the red and the Dow was down more than 450 points before midday. If it had stayed at that level it would have recorded its largest percent decline on the first trading day of the year since the Great Depression, in 1932.

It rebounded somewhat but still closed down 276 points, or 1.58%, which made it the worst opening day of the year since the financial crisis in 2008.

That is quite the start to 2016… and very ominous for the rest of the year.

In the summer our two main trades were to short the S&P via far out-of-the-money put options and to buy bitcoin. In a span of only three days, in late August, the put options we recommended rose from $0.06 to over $2.50 for a gain of over 4,500%. And bitcoin has since more than doubled.

In retrospect, what happened in August and September of this year, only portends what is yet to come. In our next issue of the TDV newsletter coming out in the next few days we’ll be issuing another trade which has similar potential for astronomical gains if we are right.

Due to demand we’ll be raising our rates for the newsletter at midnight on January 31st, but if you subscribe now you can keep the current price as long as you continue to renew (and current subscribers, of course, will retain the current rate also). I suggest you act now. As a subscriber you’ll have access to all our money-making recommendations.

We will be in for a wild year… the first day has already been a wild one. Take advantage of our current low rate while you can and get the best market analysis around by subscribing here.

And, our upcoming TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit to be held in Acapulco, Mexico, will give you ahead-of-the-curve advice and analysis from many of the people who are on record as predicting the current crisis. It may be the most well-spent few days for your and your family’s financial future.

We receive mail from around the world, daily, from people telling us that they think we are right on what is to come… but their spouse (both male and female) don’t. They find it very frustrating as their spouse or significant other remains glued to CNBC with the belief he or she is getting good information. Not so.

They are being fed propaganda designed to reel them in before the collapse. For those with this problem, we highly recommend suggesting to your significant other that he or she come down to Acapulco, Mexico, for a beautiful winter holiday. There, they can spend a day with attendees and experts who can likely help them understand YOUR concerns. They will soon see that you are not alone and that your concerns are well founded.

The first day of 2016 has already been a wild one and it’s just the beginning.

Now, let’s see what day two of 2016 has in store! It’s going to be a long year for many… and possibly a fantastically profitable year for those who are ahead of the curve.

Originally Appeared At The Dollar Vigilante

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