The World As We’ve Known It Might End in 2016… Good! Bring on the New Free World!

The dollar is dying, the global economy is collapsing and we’re headed toward World War III.

But I’m in the mood to celebrate …

Why is that? Because I do not respect this cursed system and cannot wait until it topples over of its own weight and crumbles into dust.

No one knows how it will play out exactly. But I am certainly expecting the end of this accursed New World Order.

In fact, people don’t understand how close it is to death. But it is, thanks to people like YOU. All our TDV subscribers, readers, watchers, lurkers and supporters. A universe of at least a million. And of course many more we haven’t reached yet.

This is nothing new, by the way.

It happened after Rome fell when the Dark Ages ushered in a much freer time.

It happened after the printing press was invented that helped end the monopoly of the Roman Catholic Church.

The cancer revived itself during the 20th century and spread like poison, incredibly violent and controlling, centralizing authority everywhere.

Governments, backed by central banks caused hundreds of millions of deaths via false flag violence and genocidal world wars.


But the change came suddenly. DARPA developed the INTERnet and then others developed the personal computer. DARPA meant for the INTERnet to help universities design better killing machines that the Pentagon could use. But suddenly anybody could use this wonderful electronic tool to publish whatever they wanted.

And almost right away the internet turned libertarian. This was a shock to the powers-that-be but not one that was much remarked upon because soon the word went out: The reality of the internet was not to be mentioned. The authoritarian world of the early 21st century firmly maintained that individuals were most comfortable with the boot on their neck and a heel grinding into their face.

If people wanted progress, they would naturally vote for more taxes. If people wanted more jobs, they’d vote for a bigger government that could provide it to them. If people wanted a better life, they’d vote for the man that promised to redistribute the most resources. That was what the media told us to think anyway. And some of us believed it, even some of us who should have known better.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. – George Orwell

The Internet changed all that. Suddenly common sense economics was rediscovered. And 150 years of free-market philosophy, buried under the rubble of human emancipation began to be unearthed. Menger … Mises … Hayek … Rothbard. Their names resounded with the force of sledgehammers and by the time a decade had passed, the Dark Ages of the 20th century had been dismantled.

The evil of narrative of human enslavement had been cleared away and many of us – for the first time in our lives – could see the illumination beyond.

We could see a world without war, without an economic system that ruined most who participated in it, without corporate bigness supported by judicial fiat, without monopoly central banking that allowed a handful of soulless psychopaths to control the world through money power.

Libertarianism began to grow. Countless websites discovered “human action” and the concept of freely circulating private money. They discovered the logical fallacies at the heart of western democracy, fallacies that had been torturously woven into the fabric of society so thoroughly and deviously that without the internet and its electronic voices crying out against tyranny we might never have noticed.

But we have. In fact, we have lived long enough to see “their” counterattack, the demonizing of libertarianism, the smearing of Mises and Rothbard – as if by attacking people one could devalue the ideas they presented.

In fact, people are only human but ideas stand on their own. Free-market thinking has swept the world and in the process has proven its validity and durability.

There are issues with some of its messengers, as there always are. And in hindsight we can see a body of thought determinedly developed by brilliant individuals in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries contained certain logical fallacies that went unnoticed at the time but have become more prominent as more people scrutinize what’s come before.


And thus a third wave in these modern times. We can count perhaps count Ronald Reagan’s lip service to Adam Smith as the beginning of the current trend. Then the internet came along and allowed the presentation of libertarianism buttressed by Austrian, free-market perspectives.

And now anarchism or anarcho-capitalism: The final solution, liberty’s end-game.

It is growing! Ten years ago no one had even heard the word “libertarian”. As Murray Rothbard, the luminary of the modern libertarian and anarcho-capitalist movements, said (“How Murray Rothbard Became an Anarchist“):

“We started off with two or three people and it escalated to about eight people after about ten years… but we figured some day in the not-too-distant future, everyone will be a libertarian and we’ll be trying to figure out why someone isn’t a libertarian.”

We aren’t quite there yet, but it is coming. Today, some CNBC anchors proudly call themselves anarcho-capitalists (they aren’t, in my opinion, but the fact that they say they are is a big change), Fox TV’s Judge Napolitano is an anarcho-capitalist, and now Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos has also stated he is an anarcho-capitalist, and will be speaking at our upcoming Anarchapulco summit.

“End the Fed” type movements continue to rise including most recently in Switzerland and Austrian economics teachings continue to spread while new, decentralized currency like bitcoin have blossomed (CNBC: Bitcoin, A Favorite of Crypto-Anarchists, is One of 2015 Biggest Winners).

Homeschooling and unschooling have become more popular as people realize that government schools are indoctrination camps. People are looking to get back to fresh, organic food, and exercise for their health with things like yoga and meditation. People are cutting the cord to their TVs and looking to the internet for their source of news and information. Slowly, peaceful parenting is becoming more widespread as some realize that violently abusing their children may not be the best way to treat defenseless kids.

This is the reason I started TDV and have stayed it with through all the tough times (and there have been plenty). But I have chosen this hard road because nothing else makes sense to me and when I look at my children’s faces there really is no other option.

I founded a US$240 million company when I was just 22. I could have written my own ticket to any major corporation in the world. As a young internet entrepreneur, I was fending off offers from Fortune 500 companies on a regular basis.

Instead I tried to sail around the world, sank my catamaran in El Salvador, went on to visit nearly 100 countries to self-educate and learned about Austrian economics. And then I founded TDV.

It’s been harder and at the same time more gratifying than I could ever have expected. But when I look at what I’ve chosen to stand for and what I am able to communicate on a daily basis, I wouldn’t change my decisions for anything.

Sure I’ve stumbled and fallen – as all of us do. But the important thing is to get back up again. And the most important thing is to stand for something, SOMETHING, goddammit, and make sure you hold on to your beliefs and continue to contribute to the conversation that you’ve helped create.

I know I’m “preaching to the choir” here, because if you read TDV, you know a great deal of what I’m talking about. But I’m restating it because I want you to join this fight with me.

Just as you’ve made the TDV newsletter one of the largest of its kind, with thousands of new subscribers, so I hope you’ll join us at the Anarchapulco conference and the TDV investment summit preceding it.

The conference should speak for itself – with wonderful speakers presenting informational and inspirational messages in a beautiful setting in one of the most anarchic cities in the world, Acapulco.

This is all part of a massive change going on thanks to the internet and its ability to spread ideas widely.

And we’ve already begun to see it. Rick Falkvinge, an anarcho-capitalist, and founder of the Pirate Party, that has had major success throughout Europe, will be speaking at Anarchapulco. And Vit Jedlicka, an anarcho-capitalist that has claimed the land between Croatia and Serbia as an anarcho-capitalist region will also be at Anarchapulco.

We are on the cusp of great doings. And the best place to be part of it is at Anarchapulco. Check it out at TDV will also be hosting a one-day Internationalization & Investment Summit the day before the conference which you can also find out more about here.

To see what it is all about, just check out this video.

With the kind of massive changes we are verging upon it is better to be ahead of the curve than behind it.

I want you to be there to be a part of history. If you join us – and hundreds did last year – we can show the world increasingly that believing in liberty is not just an idealistic fashion to be discarded once you experience the “real world.”

No, in this day and age the “third wave” – the final wave – is about to swamp the war-mongering authoritarianism that haunts our lives and times like a plague.

Let’s make such a big splash that they’ll have to send out secret memos to the big boy publishers instructing them not to cover what’s going on.

But we’ll know. That’s because we’ve spent three days together building something new, different and promising.

Spend three days with like-minded people who have the guts and determination to try to leave something BETTER to their children.

Sure the food will be good, and it’s held on one of the most beautiful bays in the world in balmy temperatures on the beach. But, the information and camaraderie will be even better. The real issue is your SUPPORT. I’ve done what I can. I’ve thrown every last bit of resources I have into building TDV – and now planning and funding these conferences. It’ll never make me rich – or not the way I could have been if I’d taken some of the Fortune 500 offers. But fuck them.

I want to meet YOU at Anarchapulco. I want to be surrounded by people who care about the future and intend to do something about it.

So PLEASE come join me. Anarchapulco, including all its workshops and summits, will be held from February 17th-23rd in Acapulco – and again, to find out more about it, click here...

“Few evils are greater in these blessed United States, than the officiousness of the law-making powers. They meddle with everything, and derange every thing—from our intercourse with foreign empires, down to the oyster trade… the great mass are gulled in these matters-they have an idea that the learned fathers in legislation can concoct a panacea for all evils. In plain truth, senators and representatives, and assembly men, are no more and no better than other men.”

-Walt Whitman, libertarian poet from his essay,”Reform It Altogether,” March 22, 1842

Originally Appeared At The Dollar Vigilante

28 comments on “The World As We’ve Known It Might End in 2016… Good! Bring on the New Free World!
  1. How will anarcho-capitalism fund sewerage systems or will cholera and typhoid prove more cost effective?

  2. Flopot says:

    The goal is wipe out the useless eaters and then setup their own little states after the chaos. So tis all bollocks. Star Trek eat your heart out 😉

  3. susan says:


  4. Flopot says:

    Is that person shouting, “VALENCIA!”?

  5. FreeWilly says:

    Mr Berwick makes many good points regarding the state of politics and economics on the planet. However, I find his “anarcho-capitalism” rather inclusive in that they all seem to be climate change deniers. In addition, do we really want to privatize everything and will his form of capitalism lead to plutocracy?
    In my mind the achilles heel of libertarianism is that they ignore externalities and any good associated with the commons. For example a community dams a river and provides cooperative power and water. Sorry, the libertarian model says the process must be run by the private sector at a profit. How is this better for people in that community?

  6. Flopot says:

    Maybe that person is shouting “Free Willy!”?

    I suspect a lot of so-called “Libertarians” are just corporatists hiding in the long grass and blowing their duck whistles.

  7. Rand says:

    Libertarians start with the non aggression principle. the initiation of Force, the threat of force and theft are immoral and should be banned in all human interaction. Property rights are also very important. “I own myself and all that I work for”. Cooperation is not banned but recognized as necessary and good but not required. Compulsory cooperation is force. Taxes are force. Taxes are how gov builds tanks and planes then stuffs our children into them so they can kill and be killed. As of late, for pretty poor reasons. Sewage and health care you say? I work for a private university that has over 10,000 students. Sewage, roads, power plant, medical care, police, EDUCATION and dozens of other services are provided for a tuition fee. Most of the things that the statists claim must be provided by gov. All without the use of force. Volintary cooperation avoids the skimming that allows for war and other injustices. Free Willie believes libertarians do not address externalities. Take polution for example; libertarians believe that deliberately poluting is a form of force. Being hit over the head with a bat or breathing in poluted air that gives one cancer are pretty much the same crime. And as for the commons being a good. I concur. If a group of people want to pitch in and buy a large piece of property and hold it in common, that is great. I have a reservation of a few thousand acres close to my house. The local government is intent on building on every square inch without regard to the wishes of the people that own the commons. mini golf eateries zoo ice rink and other crap. And the best part is they financed the project with bonds that my taxes backstop. What if the venture fails? I guess you could say the failure and the debt are “commons” also. I could go on for quite a while. I truly believe if we do not setup a form of social interaction that excludes the initiation of force and theft (think all existing governments) we will not survive. P.S. I would rather see everyone eat before “we” send people to outerspace. I would rather everyone be literate before ‘we” build a football stadium. Unfortunately, “we” do not have much say in developing what “our” commons will be.

  8. Rand says:

    I mentioned this before; Max if you continue to post this kind of stuff, people will think you are turning to the dark side. Liberty = Live and be happy!

  9. John Puma says:

    Re Rand:

    The hallmark of libertarians is the notion that ONLY government can exert “force” on, or steal from, the individual.

    Never are companies, and certainly never large ones, ever included among the entities which exert “force.” So who does the polluting that is considered use of “force”? Crappy, dangerous products?

    The equally senseless corollary is that neither can government-private “partnerships” ever apply the dread “force.”

    Well, the 50% of income tax that goes for the US perpetual war machine PLUS comprehensive domestic spying system ARE exertions of force/theft and ARE the result of government-corporate partnerships.

    The same is true for the proposed destruction of the (probably government funded) land reserve in favor of “mini golf eateries zoo ice rink and other crap.”

    Even private universities get government funds directly ( This is certainly at lower levels that go to public ones, but one needs also to analyze indirect subsidies like income tax rates, property tax breaks, etc.

    And, WHY is tuition NOT a show of force/act of theft?

  10. Flopot says:

    @John Puma

    “Corporations” is just a euphemism for oligarchic psychopaths, in my book.

  11. Rand says:

    Re Puma:
    The initiation of force is never acceptable. Force from gov, corporations or ones neighbor is not OK. You seem to think that libertarians favor free enterprise even if they initiate force. Not true. Liberty above all. The non aggression principal also is a two way street.
    Per Mussolini himself, the dreaded government-private partnership is the very definition of fascism. More force.
    Teh university I work for most likely does receive funds from the gov. I am also pretty sure they are much less then the taxes it must pay. the rest of the tax money subsidizes the much less efficient public university down the road. That is called “government picking winners and losers”.
    And lastly, tuition is not force because the transaction is volintary. If you really think tuition is force, why would you put up with it at a public university. Honestly, I love the majority of the stuff government provides. I feel like we get much more in services and goods then we pay for. Unfortunately we do. 18Trillion in federal debt we will hand to our kids. 7 trillion wasted to kill almost a million in Iraq. I do not like violence and fraud. Fighting for one won liberty is a public good.

  12. Flopot says:

    The first step is to redistribute the wealth of those nasty psychopathic oligarchs like, say, George Soros. It would be an act of self-defense 😉

  13. Rand says:

    How would you go about redistribution? Take his wealth by force? Spoken like a true statist. If it is an act of self defence , should he not be prosecuted for aggressing against you? If he stole his wealth, then he should go to jail. If not, why do you want to take it from him? He did not print it in his basement. He worked and traded value for value to become rich. No guns in the free market. Don’t get me wrong, I truly hate his politics but if he does not deserve the money he worked for, how is it that someone that did not work for it deserve it? I personally do not want anything I did not work for.

  14. Flopot says:

    Lol. I knew Rand would start defending Soros. Spoken like a true corporatist.

  15. Flopot says:

    You need to get rid of the Oligarchs and the Government is you want to sound convincing. Currently you’re just using sophistry to protect the oligarchs but remove any remaining safeguards for the useless eaters.

    Corporatists hiding in the long grass.

  16. Flopot says:


  17. Flopot says:

    You really think Soros earned his money legitimately? You really think an individual should be allowed billions? And what do you think these Oligarchs with their billions would do with that wealth with no state monopoly of violence? Methinks they would be, say, warlords.

  18. Flopot says:

    So call me a statist all you like, but I would mind you decentralized nirvana…but first you gotta deal with the oligarchs. Self-defense, remember 😛

  19. Flopot says:


    Fed up with these circular arguments with anarcho-libertarians.

  20. How about tumbrels?

  21. Rand says:

    Again! Libertarian = The non-aggression principal ( I will not defend anyone that violates it. Soros, Obama, ISIS, Putin Tinkerbell… and anyone else that initiates force and fraud. Please stop saying that I defend people and entities that I do not. I will defend anyone that wishes to live by the non-aggression principal; Not oligarchs, violent governments, violent corporations,violent individuals, and NOTHING THAT INITIATES FORCE OR FRAUD!!! If you think it is acceptable to initiate force or lay down for it, you will get exactly what you pay your taxes for. Karma is a bitch. I am sure you want a better world as do I. I believe that force should be the very last thing used to deal with others (self defence). It appears that you believe that It should be the first (taxes, war, coercion). I hope one day the people of earth decide to live and side with liberty.

  22. Flopot says:


    You did exactly as I predicted you would when you defended Soros and the Oligarchs. It is no coincidence that the Koch brothers funded so-called Libertarian movements aswell.

    You’re waiting in the wings for the destruction of the nationstate but I’m warning you, like all such utopian revolutions, if you get your wish it will lead to genocide and rule by the Oligarchs.

  23. Rand says:

    Oh sorry Flopot,
    You asked me if I believed Soros was an upstanding honest businessman. I don’t know. No government has put him in jail. They must think he is O.K., or he bribes the gov officials really well. My guess is that he is as corrupt as he is rich.
    I think you are using the term oligarchs to refer to very rich people that wield great economic and political power. You said I should endorse getting rid of both gov and the oligarchs to sound convincing. Oligarchy is a form of gov and should also disappear. But if a very rich person made money by providing a honest good or service that a bunch of people bought, he/she should be praised! He made something the whole word wanted. E.g. microsoft Widows, vaccines, AIDS medicine, the transistor. This list could go forever. You want to forcibly take money from the people that create this level of good? Why? Are you angry with them? Serious question.
    The way society protects itself from oligarchy is the same way society protects itself from other forms of government. Do not empower them. Do not buy their products, protest, inform the public of illegal behavior.I believe Soros made his money investing other people’s money. If you are worried about him becoming too powerful, go to another fund manager. better yet, learn and do it yourself. Activist investors try to steer markets towards responsible behavior. They vote with their dollars. Not unlike voting for politicians, except you can punish bad market actors immediately and not wait years for elections.
    BTW, I am a useless eater and I am not defenceless by any stretch. I dont know where you live, but in the U.S. we are allowed to own firearms in order to keep tyranny at bay. If you think that sounds crazy because it would never happen, just ask an American Indian. Oh yeah, sorry the US gov killed them all. Or a black man with the last name like McCann or Smith (I wonder how they got last names like that).
    When the people fear the government there is tyranny.
    When the government fears the people there is liberty.
    Is that what you mean by self defence.

  24. Rand says:

    I just missed your 4:03AM post. Maybe you missed my 2:44AM. please read and get back to me. I think you have me mixed up with a crazy man.

  25. Flopot says:

    I just see another form of control ready to brainwash the masses into handing power to the few. It was Communism then Neoliberalism and, perhaps, the next successful wheeze will be Libertarianism.

    It is no surprise that Soros recently stated that it is national boundaries that are upsetting his plans to flood Europe with migrants. These guys are actively working to end the nationstates. You’d have to be a fool to think it is for the benefit of the people.

    I don’t want to be around when Rand’s philosophy gets its chance in the spotlight. Why don’t we apply the law and arrest these oligarchs and corporatists that have totally captured the Western governments? That would be a rational start.

    Calling for the end of the state and letting the criminal oligarchs roam free is inherently irrational.

  26. Rand says:

    Hi Flopot,
    I completely agree with your latest comments about the oligarchs completely capturing the western governments. That would make the oligarchs the government. Government is force. On a side note, I try to answer all of your questions and comments in an attempt to exchange ideas. I think our exchange would be more edifying if you did the same and not call me a fool.
    You claim to not want to be around when Rand’s philosophy gets the spotlight; I did not invent the philosophy but I do strictly adhere to it (the non-aggression principal). We may not reach reach it but striving for it is a good in itself.

  27. Flopot says:

    I called you out. Get over it.

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