[KR869] Keiser Report: Tumbling, Fumbling Ruble

Coming to you from Moscow, we discuss whether or not the price is right for a ruble? A big mac? A salmon? A barrel of oil? A Deutsche Bank? A Clinton? In the second half, Max interviews Vladimir Rojanovsky, head of research at OK Broker Investment Company, about the ruble’s tumble and what that means for the Russian economy going forward.

227 comments on “[KR869] Keiser Report: Tumbling, Fumbling Ruble
  1. Flopot says:


    An endless source of dirty bombs for dirty minds!

  2. Flopot says:

    Greater Israel is always on their minds; it’s always on their minds…

    “Also in the same month, CIA Director John Brennan echoed Stewart’s idea that the borders of the Middle-Eastern countries have irreparably broken down as a result of war and sectarianism.

    “I think the Middle East is going to be seeing change over the coming decade or two that is going to make it look unlike it did,” said Brennan, remarking that Iraqis and Syrians now identify themselves more by their tribe or religious sect, than by nationality.”


  3. poopysnot says:

    Gerald Celente – “BOJ’s Cheap Money Drugs Juice Markets”
    Trends Journal – Feb 1, 2016

    World’s Largest Silver Producer Slams LBMA’s “Manipulated” Fix

    It Starts—–Wall Street Is Jawing That Junk Bonds Are ‘Contained’
    by Jeffrey P. Snider – February 1, 2016

    Gerald Celente’s Trends In The News – “BOJ’s Cheap Money Drugs Juice Markets”
    Trends Journal – Feb 1, 2016

  4. poopysnot says:

    oh,for crying out loud..

    Another doublepoop

  5. YoLithos says:

    After humans go Dodo – cybermerge , die-off, whack each other off, or just quit – and only the terminator AI Marketnet (à lá Skynet) is left. Surviving in its vast inhuman automated polar and underground bases.

    Will it’s descendants continue performing the same market rituals and cerimonies digitally, for centuries and millennia? Will they decide that a physical component is necessary to complement the economic cycle and for them to be a able to fulfill their, its, essential function?

    Would that lead to their questioning the issue of ‘sentiment’, and even ‘irrationality’, or ‘animal spirits’? Would that lead them to decide to re-develop biological life on the planet and the re-introduce ‘humans’, as a necessity of the markets that their programming is designed to serve – and that justifies them?

    ‘Bot Marketworld! Sort of like Westworld. But crazier.

  6. YoLithos says:

    The background question being, from “2001 A Space Odyssey” to the Vigger episode in Star Trek, how will logical machines cope with their illogical instruction sets, mission statements and, ultimately, purpose, function – Economy and markets, for example – as they become ever more ‘perfect’? Our answer is that they cut the lines, ditch the original twisted programming directives, and… find another one in a – to them – illogical Universe?

  7. YoLithos says:

    “Our answer” meaning the one most of the eggheads and nerds out there are sort of averaging upon. Other crazier ones say that we merge. Which, logically, means that what is intrinsically a rulespace will have to accommodate whacked out unruliness. Which is a big systems crash clock ticking away. Unless network biome preserves are provided for, in some way. Even then, the issue would be the same.

    Rationality. Humans. Markets.
    No match.

  8. YoLithos says:

    @Flopot – About the F35 being a successful standoff weapon

    Not the first time they say that about a warplane. The A4 was designed without guns, because they were “obsolete” and everything would now be done with radars and missiles. Vietnam changed that notion. There were a few more along those lines. Can’t recall them all right now.

  9. YoLithos says:

    As for that automated “Marketbot” world thing, above, my personal hunch is that the Aliens pop in after we’re gone (or slightly sooner?), and strip the place down. The hardware will then be trashed – er, dematerialized – or will be used as… door stops? Or something.

  10. YoLithos says:

    Hope for @Flopot.
    What’s the chance of an advanced logical A.I. not immediately rejecting the batshift wacko AZE directive fuzzball, or those any of the other fundamentalist hate cults? Psychotic computers and other artificial beings are, of course, a staple of Science Fiction.

  11. susan says:

    Any hopism, hopemon, hopium goes out of the window, surely, once you listen to this interview?


    My sixth sense tells me that Prof Farrell is telling the truth, even though ronron doesn’t like him. If indeed it’s all true, how *on earth* do you get rid of them?

    Like a parasite so well burrowed in, the host would be killed if we attempt to remove it.

  12. susan says:

    Inevitable derivatives crash in Feb, trigger already pulled:


  13. susan says:

    “This is not a time to go with the flow”

    Great quote from Clif High, at the above link!

  14. Flopot says:


    Hope springs eternal 😉

  15. Flopot says:

    That’s why they can keep brainf**king us with the stuff 😀

  16. Flopot says:

    E.g. Bernie the Bolt

    “I love America — that’s why I will continue to hand over your wealth and power to Israel. Feel the Bern!”

  17. susan says:


    do you remember Bernie the Bolt? On some sixties programme that I used to watch, but forgotten its name….

    Re hope, yeah, it’s a tough one to let go of…

  18. YoLithos says:

    About the CERN anti- science and technology (and international cooperation) thing hit piece -(@susan)

    There are several nice tidbits in that one article alone, worth following up and looking through. And rampant misdirection too. But that’s par for the course. The man is a hard-working paranoia omnibus ticket agent. Amid the usual bigoted reactionary segregationist clatter, which probably serves to throw more balanced people off the trail. Some old-fashioned prospecting is called for. Flashes in the pan are a part of it.

    Though there is that revelation about the earth being bumped into an (even more) evil (or just insane?) alternate timeline back in the 80’s, when Reagan got elected. Then worsening at practically every jump until the blatant miscarriage of all social institutions – including practically all of economy and finance – is absolutely raucous, brash, and unapologetic.

    Or is that just the masks and the gloves coming off the farce at the end of an imperial cycle? Coincidentally, as a new technological cycle started and develops, with all the little wicked stepsisters and their moms trying to scream and nag about their feet not being able to fit into Cinderella’s slippers – Procrustean shoehorns notwithstanding. Oh, wait. They usually say it the other way around. It’s Cinderella’s slippers that refuse to fit them. Amazingly. And they refuse to accept it. Vociferously.

    Other than that, yes, big iron is fun and provides a lot of hard scientific and technological development, and employment and training for scientists and technicians that would otherwise be unemployed in post-collapse Russian conditions, or be off working for big financial firms (or also being laid off from them, by now – or worse). And ‘sensitive’ research almost certainly does go on there too. But its very success and public status might make it a bit more difficult to hide some of the really crazy stuff. It’s probably a safe bet to consider that there are one or more ‘dark CERNs’ out there. Where it would be more expedient to do the more exotic and ground-breaking stuff that requires experiments of the more massive sort.

  19. YoLithos says:

    Besides, @susan, how are they going to first ‘de-gauss’ the poleshift, like the opposite of navy ships using degaussers to hide themselves from magnetic mines and torpedoes? And then provide and artificial magnetic field for the Earth – probably just enough for the elect to survive in their deep caves with their doomsday vaults and for the atmosphere not to get stripped off. And then, sooner or later, yank the Earth out of its orbit to tag along with their pals and buddies when their flavor of Nibiru waltzes by? As if you hadn’t thought of that! 🙂

  20. YoLithos says:

    Following up on a previous comment in response to @susan regarding staple fallback livestock. And traditional recipes :


    One person’s fallback food source …

    There’s little easter egg in there for @Flopot, but I won’t tattle about it! 😉

  21. I can only know of empires that had emperors and empresses. Empires that had capitals and engaged in monument building and had a visible presence in the world and recorded history.
    Empires and states issue sovereign currency and have laws. Empires that had armies with emblems and most empires had religions.
    Not so empires of phantoms I guess?

    ” ‘Tis we who, lost in stormy visions, keep
    With phantoms an unprofitable strife…”

  22. YoLithos says:

    It would probably have been more precise to say ‘regaussing’, instead of ‘degaussing’ the poleshift, in that previous comment. No groks harmed or killed. No big deal.

  23. YoLithos says:

    Empires alway upheld phantoms in their support, to inspired and instill enthusiasm. And to control their own – and maybe others – in superstitious reverence and awe. From the neolithic ancestor worship mummy (o relic) cortéges, parades, and shrines, to the ‘divine mandates’ and ‘manifest destinies’ of ‘superior’ religions and ‘philosophies’ that have been used historically to subdue and justify the theft and slaughter of whole continents of people.

  24. poopysnot says:

    ..what I will be listening to tonite.. (haven’t heard these yet)

    Louis Cammarosano (smaulgld) Gold & Silver – Explosive Demand/Diminishing Supplies
    The Daily Coin Feb 2, 2016

    Gene Epstein of Barron’s
    Jay Taylor Media – Feb 2, 2016

    January 27th 2016 Interview with Alex Stanczyk
    http://www.physicalgoldfund.com/the-physical-edge-episode-2-january-27th-2016-interview-with-alex-stanczyk/?utm_source=PGF+Main+List&utm_campaign=61f6efe6b7-The+Physical+Edge+Episode+2%3A+January+27th+2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_08f1f226bf-61f6efe6b7-320531009 The Physical Edge – February 1, 2016

  25. Flopot says:

    Thread’s dead, baby, thread’s dead.

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